Countries with the most favorable climate

The best and most favorable climate in the world.

Many travel agencies around the world offer their services and talk about the best conditions for their customers. When you come to one of these countries, and spend a weekend there, it will seem like heaven on earth – great weather, sea, entertainment, and more. But would you want to go there for six months or for the winter? Unlikely, because the weather in many tourist countries varies, and the places that have the best climate, only a few.

Favorable places for humans are determined by the temperature index, researchers at the University of Notre Dame, and take into account the position of the continents and oceans. We will try today to reveal to you the whole truth and identify where the best climate in the world.

Where is the best climate to live in? What is the best climate in the world? Top 10 countries and regions with the best climate to live and rest.

Let’s first find out where the best climate is? For some people, it’s snow and cold, an opportunity to ski, explore the area in snowshoes, and for others, enjoy the scorching sun and the sea. Everything has to be balanced and the best climate to live in is the one where temperatures do not fluctuate between each other and do not change, and if they do, then very smoothly . In such cities and countries usually exclude wind gusts, hurricanes, tsunamis, very dry weather or vice versa humid.

There are many places to relax on the planet – it’s sunny Spain and vibrant Brazil, dizzying Mexico and the magnificent France, but most of all people like to go where the weather is pleasant all year round. No need to worry about what to take – snowshoes or swimsuit, when to book tickets, and you know – the trip will be successful.

Many people immediately think of the Caribbean, but in fact the weather is not at all conducive to health, and the summer months are often rainy and stormy. Nevertheless, it is the island parts of the planet that most often have a favorable climate. It is all about the concentration near certain countries, the presence of trade winds, providing a moderate humidity and several other factors, which scientists know about, deriving special formulas and indices.

It is the countries surrounded by seas and oceans, more often than others receive the title “The best climate on earth. There are such places in Russia, the Crimea, but read about it in our special rating.

About where the best climate on earth for recreation and accommodation says the ratings developed by the International Living campaign. From 192 countries we chose 25 best places. Among them we have identified the countries and cities with the most pleasant conditions for life and made a top list, and at the end you will find out what country has the best climate on the planet.

The best climate on earth – ranking of countries and cities

10 Okinawa and Ryukyu, Japan

Everyone knows that Japan’s islands are prone to earthquakes, and they each have different climatic conditions, but we chose among them the best conditions for living and two islands with excellent temperatures. These are the islands located in the East China Sea, Okinawa and Ryukyu, which have the best climate for humans in Asia.

The average annual air temperature is within +21 degrees, and the winter is very short and snowless. Snow-white sandy beaches, entertainment, historical monuments, and stunning nature – that’s what awaits vacationers and all who come to this paradise place.

9 Hawaii, USA

The most breathtakingly beautiful vistas can be found in Hawaii. It is the best climate you can experience in the U.S. . Hawaii is a part of America and a state at the same time. To avoid confusion, most Americans refer to the islands as the “Big Island.

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On the Big Island, the temperature rarely rises above +32 and falls below +18. And if you’re looking for a global cold snap, you definitely won’t find it here, it rarely gets +15 in the winter.

Hurricanes rarely occur in paradisiacal places, and if they do, the Pacific expanse does not allow the hurricane to “hit” the islands. Prevail trade winds, subtropical climate, but the tsunami here sometimes, but beware of the northern part of the island, particularly the city of Hilo, where the rest is not advised.

8 Greece

Next is a stunning place on the planet – Greece. Here are the cities with the best climate. The mainland has presentable conditions for life, especially the capital – Athens, where two climates (temperate and Mediterranean), but let’s talk about the Greek islands, where the temperature is the best and most pleasant. Rhodes, Crete, Santorini, Corfu … are the warmest places of our planet, including Greece, the temperature in winter does not fall below +12 degrees, and summer is not too hot up to 28 degrees.

This is due to its geographical position and the influence of the ocean on the climatic conditions of the island. If you want to improve your health, go to Greece, not for nothing, because there are a record number of long-livers, who, though they are 100 years old, remain sane and in good memory.

7 State of California, USA

Santa Barbara, California.

Do you know which city has the best climate? The seventh place with the best climate goes to the American Riviera (as the sunny city of Santa Barbara is called otherwise). It is dominated by a subtropical Mediterranean climate, and the weather is almost unchanged with the arrival of the autumn and winter months. The average temperature is 16-18 degrees Celsius, and in winter the thermometer never drops below 11 degrees.

Santa Barbara, California.

It would seem that a coastal city like Santa Barbara should be exposed to Pacific winds, but it is protected by a mountain range along the coast.

6 Southeast France.

Paloma Beach, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France

In the French Riviera, or as they call the area – Cote d’Azur, the same – there are mountains more than 3,000 meters high, which create a favorable climate – warm summer and mild winter. It is an analogy of California’s Santa Barbara – the same climate and the same natural conditions that create it, balancing each other.

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5 Madeira, Portugal.

The archipelago, consisting of many islands, including uninhabited ones, occupies the honorable place of the ranking. The main and largest island of the archipelago Madeira is an incredibly beautiful and warm place. And the temperature is almost the same every day, the difference between summer and winter is only 7 degrees.

The concept of hot sweltering air in the summer does not exist here, as well as the word “cold” here does not know in principle. The average temperature is 15 – 18 degrees Celsius, occasionally reaching 27.

However, there are some climate zones in Madeira. For example, if you prefer a humid climate, you should rest in the northwestern part of the island archipelago, if you want a dryer – the center, and if you want to live in a semi-arid place with sandy beaches – go to the neighboring small island of Porto Santo. Rainfall on this island is less than 360 mm. a year, and the climate is very pleasant to live in.

4 São Paulo region, Brazil

District of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

This country with a tropical humid climate, it is always warm and rainy. But not all area has moderate temperatures favorable to life, in some areas closer to the equator the temperature is too hot sometimes reaching 38 degrees, but the region of Sao Paulo is an ideal place and climate zone, where the best climate on earth. Temperatures are around 30 degrees in the summer and do not drop below 16 degrees in the winter.

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Also in the southeast of Brazil the average temperature is +15 degrees Celsius, it doesn’t rain so often, and there are no temperature extremes.

3 Canary Islands, Spain

Canary Islands, Spain.

The Canary Islands are also called “islands of eternal spring, it has the best climate in Spain. Tropical trade winds climate of the islands is largely determined by the geographical location of the Canary Islands.

Here almost all year round it is dry, warm, and there are no temperature variations as such, although a few thousand meters from the coast, you can see snow and mountainous terrain. But speaking today about the temperature in general and the climate most pleasant to live in, let’s take the coastal areas with temperatures not below 20 degrees Celsius even in winter.

Surprisingly, the forces of nature together affect the temperature regime and precipitation. First of all, it is the anticyclones over the Azores, which soften the impact of the cold Canary Current. Therefore, the coastal areas receive little precipitation, and it is not very hot in summer. Secondly, the heat and sand from Africa are mitigated by the trade winds that bring moisture to the islands. Thus, in natural conditions, and forms the best climate for human life.

2 Malta

If you’re looking for information on where the best climate on the planet is, the island nation of Malta is the best option to move there for permanent residence. Malta is a unique state in its own way, where the Mediterranean climate prevails, located in the center between Europe, Asia and Africa.

Naturally, the influence of all weather conditions has a beneficial effect on the Maltese territory. At the same time, it is the only country in Europe without natural rivers and lakes.

Temperatures are stable here, summers are dry and warm, while in winter it rains instead of snow. The average temperature is +20-25 degrees in summer and 15-20 degrees in winter. In 2011, the magazine International Living defined Malta as the country with the best climate on the planet and awarded it first place. But this year highlighted another country with the best temperatures and it is Ecuador.

1 Ecuador – the country with the best climate

Quito, Ecuador – the country with the best climate

The best climate to live in in the world is definitely Ecuador, a country in South America where the temperature readings do not change at all. It’s warm and sometimes even hot 25-27 degrees all year round, but the country also gets enough rainfall to balance out the heat and humidify the air.

The country is located on the equator and is washed from the north by the Pacific Ocean, which brings coolness and moisture. The equatorial climate is pleasant and the flora and fauna are varied. Conventionally the entire area can be divided into a coastal zone, mountainous terrain, the Amazon with the jungle and the Galapagos Islands. Andes pass just in the central part of the country, the Amazon is located in the east, and in the west there are beautiful beaches on the shores, washed by the Pacific Ocean.

But the climatic conditions are the same everywhere, the hottest time is from December to May, when the thermometers could rise to 31 degrees. Only the eastern slopes of the Andes Mountains receive record precipitation, so it’s too humid and a little cooler there.

Wherever you go, and no matter what area you prefer – Ecuador will always surprise you, it is the country leader in the number of national parks with unique vegetation and rare animal species, it is endless colorful beaches, excursions, jungle and the opportunity to view the active and extinct volcanoes. Once you get to such a stunning place will not be bored, but the flight to this country is quite expensive and time consuming, but if you can afford such a holiday – go ahead, you can go to Ecuador at any time of year.

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The most favorable climate for a man

Planning a trip to different parts of the world, people are interested in their climatic conditions. Staying on vacation, you want to enjoy not only the sights, but also warm weather, comfortable environment. In these cases, expectations do not always match reality. In seaside regions there can be strong winds and storms, and in the mountains – unpredictable, changeable weather. To this we should add that the most favorable climate on Earth for a person depends on the individual. Some people like scorching heat, while others dream of slightly cool weather without the sweltering heat. There is such an indicator as comfortable weather conditions in which people feel good. Human-friendly regions of the world are determined by comparing average monthly and annual temperatures. It also takes into account factors such as the proximity of the sea, the presence of mountains that protect the land from the wind, the likelihood of precipitation. Based on these data is compiled ranking of countries with the most comfortable conditions. It is desirable that the air temperature changes smoothly enough, without sudden jumps, and the other factors were balanced with each other. Then the rest will be nice and leave a lot of good impressions.

Top 10 countries with the most favorable climate for humans

  1. Ecuador – the most stable weather.
  2. Malta – a paradise place.
  3. The Canary Islands – a tourist’s dream.
  4. Brazil – the alluring exotic.
  5. Madeira is a beautiful Portuguese island.
  6. Southern France – the best conditions for recreation.
  7. California is the sunniest state in America.
  8. Greece is an amazing European country.
  9. Hawaii – the best beaches in the United States.
  10. Okinawa – the resorts of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Ecuador – the country with the most favorable climate.

The Republic of Ecuador is located in the northern part of South America. It is washed by the Pacific Ocean. This state also owns the Galapagos Islands. Ecuador is a very popular tourist destination in the world, because it has all conditions to create a great vacation. In this land there are a lot of protected areas, national parks where you can observe wildlife and exotic animals. Ecuador belongs to the equatorial belt, so it is very warm and comfortable weather. This country has been recognized as the most favorable for human habitation because the temperature is always stable, there are no abrupt fluctuations. Ecuador is the best country on Earth for tourists who want to enjoy the warm sea, sun and clean air. Here all year round there is only one season of the year – summer. The temperature in January is the same as in July +24-25 degrees. There are small rises and falls, but in general the weather is very comfortable for humans.

The nature of Ecuador is beautiful. There are tropical forests in the valleys and foothills, and the center of the country is occupied by mountain ranges. Among mountains there are active and extinct volcanoes. There are many hiking trails, both on foot and by car. The local climate is very favorable for rest on the beaches. There are also hot springs in the lands of Ecuador. The resort of Salinas is one of the best places on earth. Tourists can go surfing, diving, and other water sports.

Malta is one of the best places on earth.

Malta is a magnificent country located in the Maltese archipelago. It is located in the Mediterranean Sea, close to Sicily and Tunisia. The state occupies the second line in the ranking of countries, which are the most favorable for human life. The nature of Malta is extremely picturesque. The country occupies rocky islands, which look great against the sea. In addition to wonderful beaches, the state has a rich cultural heritage. Here are a lot of monuments of architecture belonging to different periods of history. Therefore, there is always a huge number of tourists.

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Three main islands make the Maltese archipelago:

There are also several other tiny islands, mostly uninhabited by people. The largest of the islands – Malta – has dimensions: 27*15 km. The length of the island of Comino is only 2 km. The climate of the state belongs to the Mediterranean type. It has very mild winters with little precipitation. The air temperature during the winter period reaches +20 degrees. In summer it ranges from 28 to 35 degrees, while at night it drops to 24 degrees. This is a very favorable and comfortable weather for humans. A few years ago, Malta was voted the state with the best climate in the world to live. On Malta there are many interesting places: caves, waterfalls, parks, aquariums. Tourists can see exotic species of sea animals, reptiles, watch a show with dolphins. There are health resorts with curative sea water, some of the best in the world.

Canary Islands – the best beach vacation

The Canary Islands can certainly be called a dream of any tourist. Beautiful scenery, a variety of natural resources, great weather – all this makes the Canaries one of the best places in the world for a beach holiday. This magnificent land with a favorable climate for travelers is an archipelago, which includes seven islands located in the Atlantic Ocean. They are part of Spain and are an autonomous region with two capitals: Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The largest island is Tenerife. It is also the most populous land of the archipelago.

The climate of the Canary Islands is tropical, moderately hot. Winds blowing from the Atlantic Ocean bring coolness, which softens the heat. Therefore, the climate on the beaches is very favorable. The temperatures are stable and do not fluctuate. The average air temperature here is 20-25 degrees plus. The water is warm, from strong waves and storms, the coast is protected by mountains. Tenerife beaches are famous for their golden sand and blue shade of ocean waters. They are some of the best in Spain. These places are favorable not only for beach holidays, but also for outdoor activities. In the lands of the archipelago you can do rock climbing, basejumping, visit the biosphere reserve, look at the volcanoes.

Brazil – the biggest beaches

Brazil is a beautiful exotic country, with a huge coastline, washed by the Atlantic Ocean. Here is a large number of beaches, which stretch for more than one kilometer. The country has a lot of resort towns that lie on the shores of the Atlantic.

Tourists flock here from all over the world who want to sunbathe on the beautiful beaches of Brazil and see its famous carnivals. Near the coast, the climate is tropical, hot and humid, pleasant for humans. This is the best weather for lovers of sea entertainment. The air temperature is quite favorable for swimming – 25-29 degrees Celsius. The water temperature is steadily warm. In addition to the beaches, there are many historical sites, national parks, cultural activities.

Madeira – a beautiful Portuguese land

Madeira is an amazingly beautiful and warm place, very favorable for recreation. It is a region of Portugal, located in the archipelago with the same name. Many travelers consider it the best place on earth. The main island is Madeira, and there are other islands, among which there are uninhabited. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations.

The climate of this wonderful land is one of the best in Europe. It is very mild, without the annoying heat and sharp fluctuations, which is important for anyone who has decided to relax. The weather is always warm all year round (from 16 to 25 degrees Celsius). The biggest fireworks in the world during the New Year celebrations were registered here. The climate is so favorable for humans that the flow of tourists never fails. In the coldest month of the year the temperature rarely drops below +20.

Apia, a paradise in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

The French Riviera – the fabulous Cote d’Azur

The French Riviera is the name given to the region of France, which is located on the southeastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is also called the Cote d’Azur. It is the best place in France for a resort vacation. Everyone who comes here for a vacation, finds the climate of the Riviera favorable and comfortable.

This is one of the most popular tourist regions of Europe. It has mild winters and warm summers without the exhausting heat. Also the French Riviera is one of the most expensive holiday destinations in the world. The length of the Cote d’Azur is 300 km. There are a very large number of sunny days a year – about 300. On the land of the Riviera a lot of holidays, festivals are held. It offers tourists a variety of water parks, oceanariums, amusement parks, casinos.

California – the best place in America

California is a sunny American state, lying on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. It is the most densely populated region of the United States. Its popularity is due to the most favorable climatic conditions for humans. Many tourists come here from all over the world to visit Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento.

California has a fairly large coastline, along which the best resort cities are located. The land of California is earthquake-prone. There are several famous volcanoes. On the coast, the climate is Mediterranean, with warm summers and humid winters. There is little variation in temperature. The California coast is the best place in America for a seaside vacation.

Greece – wonderful island scenery

Greece is a beautiful country with amazing scenery, one of the best in Europe for a human vacation. It is washed by several seas:

Greece owns part of the Balkan Peninsula and many islands with resort towns. The territory of the islands accounts for 20% of the state’s territory. They occupy about 25,000 square kilometers. The largest of them: Peloponnesus, Crete, Euboea. The best resorts in Greece are located on the islands. It is here where thousands of tourists from all over the world come to sunbathe and swim in the gentle, warm waters. The coastal area is dominated by the Mediterranean type of climate, the most human-friendly of all types of Greek climate. Greece is one of the 10 most popular tourist destinations in the world. The island of Rhodes was voted the best resort, according to the reviews of European tourists.

Hawaiian Islands – a fantastic vacation

Hawaiian Islands – this name has long been synonymous with a great vacation, a paradise place with the most favorable climate. It is an archipelago of 24 islands belonging to the United States.

Many people in the world associate Hawaii with palm trees, warm sea, golden sand and endless relaxation. The temperature on the islands is quite stable. It stays between +29 to +32 degrees. Tourist areas are located in the leeward lagoons, protected by mountains from storms. Holidays here are a pleasure.

Okinawa – a rest in a Japanese way

Okinawa is a Japanese island, the largest in the Ryukyu archipelago. Its climate is recognized as the best in Japan. It is located in the south of the country. Okinawa is located in an area of evergreen tropical forests, making it very picturesque. Here you can see the mangrove forests, and on the coast there are coral reefs.

Many plant species are endemic. Okinawa’s climate is classified as moderately humid, with winds blowing from the sea. The air temperature in summer stays at +32 degrees.

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