Costa Blanca – the best places of the Spanish coast

Costa Blanca – the best places of the Spanish coast

The Costa Blanca is a coveted tourist destination: a wonderful Mediterranean climate, snow-white beaches and beautiful coastal towns preserving centuries-old monuments and buried in blooming greenery. Today we will talk about the most beautiful cities in Spain on the Costa Blanca and why they are definitely worth visiting.

The Costa Blanca: South and North

Conventionally, the Costa Blanca coast can be divided into the northern part and the southern part. The northern part is located above Alicante and is characterized by a variety of natural landscapes: exciting mountain scenery, picturesque rocky bays, pebbly and sandy beaches, an abundance of flowering shrubs, fruit and coniferous trees.

Here are a lot of high-end and upscale housing for those who above all value comfort, measured life, beautiful surroundings and a passion for sports.

Southern Costa Blanca offers wide beaches framed by palm-lined avenues, healing salt lakes with a unique microclimate and a rich architectural heritage – watchtowers, castles, forts and museums. You can also find a wide range of housing for all tastes and budgets.

Consider some of the most beautiful Spanish cities on the Costa Blanca.

The most beautiful cities on Spain’s Costa Blanca: Altea – the captivating Spanish city with a Russian soul


  • Distance to the airport: 71 km.
  • Average property price: 2099 €/m2 (portal idealista, December 2019).

Altea – the first Spanish beauty among other towns in the Costa Blanca. Wonderful ornate streets almost all lead to the sea, snow-white houses twined with flowers and greenery, observation decks offer delightful views of the turquoise sea and bays, the spacious promenade is refreshed by a light breeze. But the main feature of this unique town is the presence of the first Christian Orthodox Church dedicated to the Archangel Michael.

Who is suitable for Altea?

For those who want to enjoy the beautiful panoramas of an atmospheric Spanish town: narrow stone-paved streets, grouping of picturesque houses, viewpoints, and blossoming vegetation!

For those attracted by the charm of ancient churches: Catholic churches, monasteries, and chapels are all available to visit and delight in their care and elegance.

Of course, the Russian Orthodox Church is a must-see, preferably with the whole family: on the territory of the most beautiful temple it is so good to sit in a cozy cafe, contemplate the local scenery and think about eternal and bright things.

Art and creativity lovers: there are many galleries, exhibitions and museums in the city. Even on the street you can see the work of young artists, hear a musical performance or buy a special handmade souvenir.

Altea on the map:

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Spain’s most beautiful cities on the Costa Blanca: Alicante: beaches, attractions, and cheap real estate

  • Distance to the airport: is located in the city.
  • Average property price: 1513 €/m2 (portal idealista, December 2019)

Alicante is a beautiful and favorite city of our compatriots, has many regular flights to and from Russia, offers a wide range of budget accommodation for purchase and rest, has good beaches and a rich cultural heritage.

Who is suited to Alicante?

This city will suit those who are interested in history and architecture: the amazing medieval fortress of Santa Barbara, the fortress of San Fernando, the archaeological museum, the cathedral – that’s just a few of the extensive list of attractions of this city.

  • For beach lovers: the city has several well-equipped beaches, some offering water sports, many hotels, a beautiful promenade with a scattering of cafes and beautiful sea views.
  • Those who want to buy property on the Mediterranean coast, but have a limited budget. Alicante is one of the most affordable cities on the Costa Blanca. In addition, it is quite a large city and it is easier to find a job here than in other coastal towns.
  • For those who are able to travel to neighboring towns of the Costa Blanca. Alicante is a major transportation hub and is connected by regular bus routes, trains, highways and air links to other cities.

Alicante on a map:

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Spain’s most beautiful cities on the Costa Blanca: Benidorm – skyscrapers and entertainment

The most beautiful cities in Spain on the Costa Blanca

  • Distance to the airport: about 60 km.
  • Average property price: 2101 €/m2 (portal idealista, December 2019).

Benidorm is a unique, modernly beautiful city of the Costa Blanca. It is distinguished by its atypical for these places – high-rise apartment buildings, thanks to which it has received the title of “Spanish Manhattan”, “Spanish Las Vegas” and “Mediterranean New York”.

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Who is suited to Benidorm?

  • Nightlife aficionados: many bars, pubs and discos are open all night and won’t let you get bored even for a minute!
  • Gamblers: the bright lights of casinos everywhere are begging to try your luck!
  • For sporty and active people: water sports like surfing, diving, parasailing and many others.
  • Families with children. Benidorm offers three beautiful landscaped beaches, awarded with the Blue Flag; water park, zoo and attractions; green parks with playgrounds and a spacious promenade for walking.

Benidorm on the map:

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Spain’s most beautiful cities on the Costa Blanca: Villajoyosa – chocolate and fabulous scenery

The most beautiful cities in Spain on the Costa Blanca

  • Distance to the airport: about 50 km.
  • Average property price: 1627 €/m2 (portal idealista, December 2019).

Villajoyosa is beautiful and fabulous, as if taken from the pages of a children’s book. It is a small town that strikes the imagination with its colorful houses on the sea side, mesmerizing views of the mountains and the sea and, of course, beckons with its chocolate products – there are several chocolate factories in this small town!

We work on the entire Costa Blanca and Valencia. We will offer properties according to your criteria and fully accompany the purchase process.

Who is right for Villajoyosa?

Families with children, both for traveling and staying. When traveling, you can visit a chocolate museum, a fair with a huge selection of sweets – the kids will love it! And staying here, you can count on a high level of safety and peace of mind, plus every morning – a cup of hot chocolate with the most delicious churros on the entire coast!

  • For those who like a leisurely pace of life surrounded by ancient history: the remains of watchtowers and thermal baths, an old church and colorful traditional houses fill the soul with pleasant tranquility.
  • For those who like a beach holiday: several landscaped sand and pebble beaches, picturesque bays, embankments and cafes – the rest here is sure to please you.

Villajoyosa on the map:

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The most beautiful cities in Spain on the Costa Blanca: Guardamar del Segura – endless beaches and eucalyptus park

  • Distance to the airport: about 35 km.
  • Average property price: 1521 €/m2 (portal idealista, December 2019).

Guardamar del Segura is a beautiful town surrounded by fragrant eucalyptus, pine trees and agaves, located in wonderful parks and alleys. Excellent ecology, clean beaches and remarkable architecture of the city center attract the well-deserved attention of those who visit this town.

Who is suitable for Guardamar del Segura?

Lovers of beautiful structures and fine architecture: the Guardamar Castle, the Archaeological Museum, the majestic City Hall, the cozy central square and the active temple are all worth a walk in this city!

  • For those who appreciate the excellent ecology and the abundance of natural fruits and vegetables in the local market.
  • Beach lovers: here you will find wide sandy beaches, well equipped and very comfortable.

Guardamar del Segura on the map:

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Spain’s most beautiful cities on the Costa Blanca: Calpe – protected areas and picturesque bays

  • Distance to the airport: about 64 km.
  • Average property price: 2113 €/m2 (portal idealista, December 2019).

Calpe has an amazingly beautiful natural landscape, because it is located in a unique natural area with rare animals and relict plants, and the majestic cliff Peñón de Ifach divides the city in half and gives fantastic views to those who dare to conquer it.

Who is the right person for Calpe?

  • Landscape lovers, first and foremost: stunning views of the coves, cliffs, sea and the ancient center of the city.
  • Those who are fond of archeological finds and architecture: ancient baths, ancient frescos, a church and a watchtower can all be found on a stroll through the Old Town.
  • Diving lovers: in the picturesque bays of Calpe you can find an amazing and colorful underwater world.
  • Those who are passionate about nature conservation: rare species of birds, animals and plants can all be found in the protected natural surroundings of the city.

Calpe on the map:

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The most beautiful cities of Spain on the Costa Blanca: La Nusia – a picturesque city for those who enjoy a healthy lifestyle

The most beautiful cities in Spain on the Costa Blanca

  • Distance to the nearest airport: about 65 km.
  • Property price: €1409 €/m2 (idealista, December 2019).
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La Nucia is not only a beautiful and green city, perched on a hill and offering captivating views of the sea coast and mountains. This town offers its visitors and residents an excellent modern infrastructure and excellent opportunities to maintain a healthy spirit in a healthy body.

Here you will find playgrounds and sports grounds, tennis courts, soccer fields and swimming pools, many sports clubs. At the same time, the city surprises with the amount of greenery everywhere, beautiful parks with waterfalls and recreation areas.

Who is suitable for La Nusia?

Those who are committed to a healthy lifestyle and want to raise physically developed, strong and happy children. There is everything for sports and for all ages.

  • Those who like a high level of comfort: the city pays great attention to the development of technological infrastructure in conjunction with the preservation of natural oases.
  • For those who want to enjoy the Mediterranean views and scenery: the city’s elevated location offers advantages. For those who cannot get enough of beauty from their terrace, there are mountain routes that allow you to find your own breathtaking view of the surroundings.

La Nucia on a map:

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The most beautiful cities in Spain on the Costa Blanca: Torrevieja – sea and pink lagoons

  • Distance to the nearest airport: about 52 km.
  • Property price: €1369 €/m2 (portal idealista, December 2019).

Torrevieja is beautiful above all for its unique salt lagoons – Parque natural de las Lagunas de La Mata y Torrevieja. Lagoons of amazing pink color are home to many relict plants and rare species of birds. Torrevieja has a long history of salt mining and even has its own Sea and Salt Museum. You can also stroll along the long promenade, admiring the stunning seascapes, and visit one of the many beaches.

Who is suitable for Torrevieja?

  • Retirees who want to enjoy the views of the unique lagoons, and at the same time improve their health. The main attraction and natural health resort of Torrevieja are pink salt lagoons, close in composition and healing properties of their mud and water to the famous Dead Sea. Amazing air lagoons, saturated with useful minerals, also has healing properties and a beneficial effect on the entire body.
  • Families with children for whom it has everything you need: a water park, playgrounds, a beautiful Park of Nations for walks, public and private educational institutions, children’s developmental and entertainment centers, etc.
  • Those who would like to feel “at home”. Torrevieja is rightly called the “Russian capital”: there are a lot of our compatriots and there are no problems with communication, no matter where in the city you are.

Torrevieja on the map:

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The most beautiful cities on the Spanish Costa Blanca: Polop – a beautiful corner surrounded by mountains and forests

The most beautiful cities in Spain on the Costa Blanca

  • Distance to the airport: about 65 km.
  • Average property price: 1720 €/m2 (portal idealista, December 2019).

Polop is beautiful, first of all, with its pine and oak groves, which are not often found near coastal towns. Nestled at the foot of the mountains, Polop offers you to enjoy its sea views and unhurried flow of life.

Who is Polop for?

  • For those who were looking for their island of solitude in a comfortable, but not heavily promoted tourist spot, away from the noise and crowds.
  • Tourism lovers: the town offers hiking and climbing routes in the mountains and gorges, and a half-hour drive away you can find picturesque waterfalls.

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The most beautiful cities of Spain on the Costa Blanca: Finestrat – great infrastructure and stunning views

The most beautiful cities in Spain on the Costa Blanca

  • Distance to the airport: about 55 km.
  • Average property price: 2032 €/m2 (portal idealista, December 2019).

Finestrat is a beautiful and atmospheric corner of the Costa Blanca. Its features are the charming white-washed houses with red tiles in the historic center of the town, the modern high-rise buildings on the coast, the captivating views of the mountain and sea scenery. The town center is located in the distance from the sea, and the area of Cala de Finestrat, located on the coast, is adjacent to Benidorm, which is another advantage of Finestrat.

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Who is suitable for Finestrat?

  • The connoisseurs of a measured way of life amidst the natural beauty, traditional small houses and villas immersed in the greenery.
  • For those who love history and architecture: old churches, narrow paved streets and picturesque buildings immerse you in an atmosphere of magic, as if you are transported back to a good old time.
  • For those who like to combine 2-in-1: the silence and tranquility of these places is easy to change quickly and briefly plunge into the bustling life, thanks to the neighborhood and the good transport links to Benidorm.

Finestrat on the map:

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The most beautiful cities on the Spanish Costa Blanca: El Campello, with its beautiful beaches and its own fish market

The most beautiful cities in Spain on the Costa Blanca

  • Distance to the airport: about 13 km.
  • Average property price: 1782 €/m2 (portal idealista, December 2019).

Beautiful and cozy El Campello charms at first sight: everywhere is green, clean and well maintained. Strolling leisurely along the spacious promenade, you can stop by one of the cozy cafes and taste local cuisine from fresh catches. Or you can go to the famous “fish market” and get the fish you like for your own culinary delights. There are different beaches, both sandy and pebbly, perfectly equipped with everything for comfortable rest.

Who is El Campello for?

Lovers of archeological finds: El Campello hosts the ruins of the Arab royal baths and the ancient Iberian settlements.

  • Families with children: the beaches are beautiful, quiet and not crowded, the slopes are comfortable, it is pleasant and safe to spend time with children.
  • For those who are fond of diving: in one of the picturesque bays of El Campello you can discover the diversity of the underwater world and join the mysteries of the sea depths.

El Campello on the map:

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Search our real estate in El Campello.

If you are interested in one of these beautiful Costa Blanca towns, you can find properties in our catalog or contact our real estate experts who will be happy to help you choose the best place to live and relax.

Costa Blanca: all the charms of the coast

Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca, the coast of the province of Alicante in the south of the Valencian Community, is one of the most popular tourist regions of Europe. Every year the coast becomes a holiday destination for millions of people from all over the world. Many of them, appreciating the mild climate and high quality of life, have their own homes here. Some choose major cities – the center of the province of Alicante or “Mediterranean Miami” Benidorm, others prefer the suburban residential complexes of Torrevieja and Denia, others settle in the quiet mountain villages. A place in the Spanish sun there is for everyone!

On the Costa Blanca there is no bad weather.

Although Alexander Pushkin neither on the Costa Blanca, nor in general in Spain, but he was close to the truth, saying that “our northern summer is a caricature of southern winters. The average annual temperature in the province of Alicante exceeds 17 degrees: summers here are sparingly hot, and winters pleasantly cool. The sun over the Costa Blanca 320 days a year, and the sea water, warming up to 28-30 degrees in summer, even in winter is suitable for swimming. In the mountainous, remote from the coast a little harsher climate, it rains more often and sometimes it snows. But in general, rare places in Europe can boast such climatic conditions, which nature has gifted the Costa Blanca.

From the “Lady of Elche” to the skyscraper hotels

Costa BlancaCosta BlancaCosta Blanca

The history of this region goes back more than a dozen centuries. Stands of ancient people were found in the territory of Alicante, dating back to the III millennium BC. The first city – Tossal de Manises – was founded in the IV century BC by the ancient inhabitants of Spain, who gave the peninsula its name – the mysterious Iberians. By the way, the main treasure of the few surviving heritage of the Iberian culture was found on the Costa Blanca near the city of Elche. It is a female bust of white limestone, now world-famous as the “Lady of Elche”. Other nations that have been here at one time or another in the history of the land have also left their footprints: the ancient Greeks and Romans, the Phoenicians, the Visigoths and the Moors. In the XIII century, King Alfonso X the Wise of Castile, finally wrested Alicante from the Muslims, and 50 years later King Jaime II of Aragon annexed the land to the Kingdom of Valencia. Since the end of the century before last, the province became a popular resort area for residents of the central and northern regions of the country. After half a century later, followed by them are beginning to arrive here en masse and foreign tourists. One of the symbols of the tourist boom was built in 2002 in Benidorm hotel Bali – the highest in Europe.

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Do not be bored

Costa Blanca

Holidays on the Costa Blanca is always a combination of pleasure with pleasure. History lovers will certainly visit the Archaeological Museum of Alicante, which received in 2004 an honorary title of the European Museum of the Year. Romantics will enjoy the shady and exotic-scented Elche Palm Park, the largest in the Old World, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Music lovers will enjoy the jazz festival in Alicante and habaneros in Torrevieja, film buffs – the festivals in Elche and Alfas del Pi. And of course, everyone from small to large will enjoy the fun in the Benidorm theme park Terra Mitica (“Land of legends”) and in several water parks in the province, as well as the numerous and colorful local festivals.

You will always be understood

The inhabitants of the Costa Blanca speak two languages, Spanish and Valencian. In the territory of the Community of Valencia, both languages have the status of official languages. There are several hypotheses of the origin of the Valencian language: some scholars believe that Valencian was formed on the basis of lower dialects of Vulgar Latin, others tend to see it as one of the dialects of the Catalan language, which received grammatical independence. Anyway, the first literary monuments in Valencian appeared in the XV century, and a century or more later the language of the Costa Blanca was described by the great Cervantes: “Valencian is a fine language, to which only Portuguese can compete in softness and euphony”.

Almond blossoms and pink flamingos

Costa BlancaCosta Blanca

The province of Alicante delights the eye with a surprising variety of Mediterranean landscapes for such a small area. Long beaches alternate with secluded rocky bays, palm groves with pine forests, sand dunes compete with the whimsy of mountain peaks, which separate the arid coastal plains from the evergreen fertile valleys. Man has also contributed to this natural wealth through centuries of labor: there are many fields and orchards on the territory of the province. In early spring, orange, lemon and peach trees fill the air with the fragrance of their flowers, but especially good at this time is the blossoming almond, covering the mountainsides with a delicate pink “snow”. To the south of Alicante there are salt marshes, which add charm to the landscape and attract many flocks of migratory birds, including the legendary pink flamingos, as well as a source of unique therapeutic mud.

Sea, sea.

Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca is 150 kilometers of beaches with soft light golden sand, which caress the warm waves of the Mediterranean Sea. The color of the sand and led to the name of the coast: Costa Blanca in Spanish means “white coast. The best, most famous, attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists annually from all over Europe are considered the beaches of Benidorm, San Juan and La Mata, but in all in the province of about fifty beaches. All of them in 2004 were awarded the Blue Flags – the European mark of beach quality. And the matter is not only in the impeccable purity of sea water and sand, but also in the high level of service. Each beach is equipped with wooden walkways, ecological showers, children’s and sports grounds, hire of umbrellas, deckchairs and sun beds.

Only mountains, only air

Traditional beach holiday on the Costa Blanca can be combined with other types of tourism – rural and ecological, which each year are gaining more and more fans all over Europe. Just a dozen or so kilometers west of the coast the road begins to climb up and soon serpentine, taking the rider or traveler into the mountains. At the first pass, time leaves the bustle of the resort behind and it begins to tiptoe through the pine forests and cool gorges, through ancient castles on the peaks and tiny towns on the slopes. There are campsites, cozy country inns, or secluded homesteads available for weekend rentals for connoisseurs of peace, quiet, and fresh mountain air.

Elephant Holidays

Fiesta with fire

Holidays on the Costa BlancaHolidays on the Costa Blanca

“El trabajo sin reposo, convierte al hombre en un soso,” says a Spanish proverb. This is probably why there are so many holidays in Spain – national, regional and local. The inhabitants of the province of Alicante always hold their fiestas with fireworks – both figuratively and literally: the indispensable attribute of the “red days of the calendar” here are the colorful fireworks and noisy firecrackers. The most famous of the holidays of the Costa Blanca – “Fires of Ivan Kupala” in Alicante, “Moors and Christians” in Alcoa and “Mysteria” in Elche – annually gather thousands of tourists. Interestingly enough, bright, noisy and fun festivals with theatrical performances and folk festivals are held here in every town, village or even city block.

Land of souvenirs

Souvenirs on the Costa Blanca

Every corner of the province of Alicante offers always welcome unique souvenirs. Biar and Agost, for example, are famous for pottery, Novelda and Guadaleste – embroidery and lace, Gata de Gorgos – products of straw. All these beautiful products are created by the hands of craftsmen, carefully preserving the centuries-old traditions of their crafts. The whole range of artistic crafts of the province can be seen at a special fair held every summer in the town of Altea.

One Hundred and One Paella

The inhabitants of the Costa Blanca are justly proud of their cuisine, which incorporates the best gastronomic traditions of the Mediterranean. Its secret is the variety and excellent quality of ingredients. Visitors of the numerous restaurants and bars on the coast will be offered dishes with fish and seafood, and in the mountains – with meat and game, cooked in extra virgin olive oil. You can spice up your meal with local white or red wine. And do not forget to try the famous paella, there are more than 100 varieties. And also try the no less famous turrón and orchata. A hearty lunch or a full dinner should end with a glass of local Cantueso, a tincture of spicy mountain herbs.

After a hearty meal

Food on the Costa BlancaActivities on the Costa Blanca

You don’t have to leave the province to shed those extra pounds you gained from tasting the gastronomic treasures of the Costa Blanca. Swimming, beach volleyball, sailing, footing, cycling, windsurfing and tennis are just a short list of sports that can help you stay in shape. In addition, the Costa Blanca is famous for its excellent golf courses, which are open all year round to fans of this noble sport. In the mountains of the province you can go climbing, rafting, paragliding and hang-gliding. And for those who enjoy contemplative sports there are, of course, numerous soccer matches of the national and various European leagues and competitions in the Valencian pelota.

By land, sea and air

The province of Alicante has an excellent transport infrastructure. In five minutes from Alicante is an international airport, which each week receives hundreds of flights from all over Spain and Europe. Passenger seaports of Alicante and Denia connect the province with the Balearic Islands and North Africa. The railroad station in Alicante offers connections to Murcia, Madrid and Barcelona. The A-7 Mediterranean Motorway (South of Spain – France) runs through the province, as well as an extensive network of national, local and toll roads.

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