Copies of famous places and sights

Houses are better: a falling tower and 9 more Russian equivalents of foreign sights

Home is better: a falling tower and 9 more Russian equivalents of foreign sights

While China builds copies of famous places and sights so that you don’t have to travel far and have everything at your fingertips, nature and a few architects have taken care of the Russians. Without striving to plagiarize, they were able to create analogues of famous places on the territory of our country.

Big Bogdo.

In some places on the planet, mountains and hills have such fanciful coloring, as if an artist has worked on them. The most famous colorful mountains of Gansu are in China, but few people know that in Astrakhan there is a significant place for Buddhists – the Big Bogdo Mountain in the Akhtubinsk district. Not only does it have a striped color, but it can even “sing” thanks to the winds walking through the caves and grottos.

Big Bogdo on the left and the Gansu Mountains on the right

On the left is Bolshoye Bogdo and on the right are the Gansu mountains.

Lake Elton

The mineral lakes are full of salt, and when the weather is clear, the water in them shimmers like a huge liquid crystal. The most famous is the Great Salt Lake in Utah, USA, but Russia also has its own such gimmick – this is Elton, in Volgograd Oblast. In the spring, it is more than a meter deep, but in the summer, it is less than a centimeter deep, so you can literally walk on the lake surface.

Elton on the left and the Great Salt Lake on the right

Elton on the left and Big Salt Lake on the right

Lena Pillars

To visit the famous mountain pillars of Wulingyuan in China, which seem to float in the air, it is not necessary to cross the border of the Celestial Empire. A similar natural wonder is located in Yakutia, and it is even more spectacular, because the Lena River flows nearby and the pillars look even more beautiful against its background. You can read about how these bizarre mountains appeared in this article.

Left - Lena Mountains, right - Wulingyuan

On the left are the Lena Mountains, and on the right are the Wulingyuan

A tower in Nevyansk

Dreaming of a picture where you will hold the Tower of Pisa? Don’t rush to book your tickets to Italy – not far from Yekaterinburg there is a tower of its own, which has also been falling for several centuries.

Left: Nevyansk Tower, right: Tower of Pisa

On the left is the Nevyansk Tower, on the right is the Tower of Pisa.

Kola Bay

Thinking about Scandinavian fjords like Geiranger in Norway, but various kinds of restrictions get in the way? Consider a budget option – Kola Bay, which is framed by steep, mossy shores.

Kola Bay, left, Norwegian fjords, right

Kola Bay on the left, Norwegian fjords on the right

Fish village

Are you a fan of ancient European cities with brightly colored houses, but are wary of traveling abroad during outbreaks of disease? Then Kaliningrad is at your service. It strongly resembles German towns like Quedlinburg, with colorful houses, beams on the walls, and tiny windows.

Left - Fish Village, right - Kvedlinburg

On the left is Fish Village, on the right is Kvedlinburg

Kungur ice cave

Is a trip to the Icelandic glaciers and the fabulous Skaftafell Cave the limit of your wishes? Do not hurry to put your dream in a drawer because of lack of time, money and passport. There is also Kungurskaya cave in the Perm region, where it is no less beautiful. By the way, this grotto is included in the list of 7 most beautiful places of Russia.

Kungurskaya Cave, left, Skaftafell, right

The Kungurskaya Cave on the left and Skaftafell on the right

Bell tower of St. Nicholas Cathedral

When a settlement floods, only the tall towers of temples or castles remain above the surface of the water. This is what happened to the Italian village of Graun: during the construction of the dam, Lake Reshene rose and flooded the village, leaving only the church tower standing. The view is a bit sad, but fascinating. There are many such places in Russia, because hydropower plants were built in many regions, for example, in the Tver region. The town of Kalyazin was submerged in the 1930s, leaving only the church bell tower in its memory.

Thailand, Koh Samui

Left - Bell Tower of St. Nicholas Cathedral, right - tower from the church in Graun

The bell tower of St. Nicholas Cathedral is on the left, the tower from the church in Graun is on the right

Cypress Lake

Caddo Lake in Texas has an unimaginable forest of swamp cypress trees. Trees with large trunks grow right out of the water and create a spectacular view, especially in the fall when the foliage changes color. We also have such a miracle. In the southern village of Sukko 32 cypresses grow in the water, and on the shore there is usually a queue of tourists wanting to take an unusual photo with them, as here .

Cypresses in Sukko, on the left, and Cypresses in Lake Caddo, on the right

On the left are the cypresses in Sukko, on the right are the cypresses at Kaddo Lake

Alley of Chiefs

The underwater world more and more entices people. One of the entertainments is visiting underwater museums, where people can not only dive, but also develop culturally. One of the most famous museums on the seabed is located in Cancun, Mexico, but to get such a vivid impression and similar spooky pictures, you do not need to fly to Mexico. Crimea is enough, where at the bottom of the Black Sea in Tarkhankut you can find more than 50 statues of Lenin, Krupskaya, Dzerzhinsky and other ardent politicians. In the 90s, Russia began to change, and the leaders had no place in the cities. They were dumped at the bottom of the sea, thinking that such a museum would attract tourists.

Chiefs Alley on the left and the Museum in Cancun on the right

On the left – the Alley of Leaders, on the right – Museum in Cancun.

By the way, our vast country has quite a few mystical places for those who want an unusual travel experience.

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Top 10: The most incredible replicas of historical landmarks

This list will tell you about several extraordinary feats of architecture and technology. Some of these accomplishments took years to create and took a lot of resources to make them a reality. Some are stunning and enthralling, while others may elicit a smirk, but all are sure to leave connoisseurs of history and the art of semblance. These replicas impress with the painstaking work of their creators, who sought to recreate history and popular subjects as accurately as possible. Some of the enthusiasts have spent entire family fortunes to create a copy of another country in their own!

Top 10: The most incredible replicas of historical sites

10. Paris in Tianducheng, China

If you’re visiting China, but you prefer European culture and you love Paris and its luxury, you should definitely visit the town of Tianducheng. There you will definitely feel yourself in the middle of the iconic capital of fashion and culture. This Chinese replica of the French metropolis is ranked as a ghost town, and almost no one lives here, but not to admire the incredible work of the creators of this place is very difficult. The city strikingly replicates the area of Paris, consisting of buildings surrounding a 108-meter copy of the Eiffel Tower and the fountain from the Champs Elysees.

This replica is worth a look, even though it is not made life-size, but only half or even closer to a third of Paris’ iconic streets. The metropolis is considered practically dead, although the Chinese Eiffel Tower area has a residential zone, a fenced-off area that is guarded by almost no one. The area is designed for 10,000 residents, but far fewer people have settled there so far. The travel time from the neighboring city, where you can find a job, to these sleeping areas by public transport is at least an hour, and that’s not counting the traffic within the settlements. Perhaps this is the reason why people are in no hurry to move to little Chinese Paris, despite the originality of this place in the eyes of tourists and interest among a number of investors.

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Top 10: The most incredible replicas of historical sites

9. London Tower Bridge in Suzhou, China Photo:

If an Englishman finds his trip to China a culture shock, he can always find solace and an outlet in Suzhou, where connoisseurs of British traditions can find an exact replica of the famous English bridge. Although the imitation is not one hundred percent, because the Chinese version in Suzhou does not have a lifting mechanism like the one in London. In addition the original bridge has two towers, and the Chinese replica has four, and they are all connected with each other by bridges and elevators. One of the towers awaits visitors in a cafe, where you can order not only the traditional English tea, but also more familiar to locals Chinese menu.

The Chinese are quite proud of their architectural creations, the construction of which was spent about 11 million dollars. It is 40 meters high and overlooks the busy Huayuan Road and the river. The local press even claimed that their Tower Bridge is much more majestic and massive than the British prototype. The Chinese replica has a wider foundation, and the bridge has room on both sides for pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles (bicycles, rollerblades, scooters). Despite the ambitious and promising nature of the project, there is still a public debate about the appropriateness of such a structure within Suzhou. According to the opposition to the complex, the Chinese Tower brings too many foreign themes to the overall plan of the Chinese city. The head of an architectural firm from Beijing said that the Suzhou bridge is not an enviable copy, but a plagiarism in a city that already boasts its own rich culture and traditions.

Top 10: The most incredible replicas of historical sites

8. Florence in Tianjin, China

Florentia Village is a great place if you are a connoisseur of Italian cuisine and are planning to go shopping in Tianjin at the same time. This original shopping center is undoubtedly a replica of the famous Italian city of Florence. Although the fact that the complex is a fake doesn’t mean that you won’t be charged quite real money for all the pleasures and services provided by the “Florentine” staff.

The owners of the center have invested in this place about 220 million dollars. Thanks to this no-nonsense investment the Chinese no longer need to fly abroad, sitting for hours on a plane, to spend their money in trendy Italian stores. Riding in a gondola is now possible not only in the homeland of the Renaissance.

Tianjin Florence has even attracted the attention of such prestigious brands as Armani, Prada, Versace, and many other established brands, which have opened their own branded boutiques here. Who would have thought that global brands would be interested in collaborating with a copy of the Italian city, another Chinese knockoff in its essence. But if you take a photo from the right angle, it’s almost impossible to guess that this is not the real Florence.

The Italian management of the mall, the RDM company, has high hopes for the Chinese replica and believes that the place will attract both local businesses and foreign brands. The replica of Florence is built close to Kwai Hing subway station, other major transport routes and the airport, so the new mall is expected to become a popular destination for Chinese and foreign tourists alike soon. RDM experts expect half a million visitors a year.

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Top 10: The most incredible replicas of historical sites

7. The Pyramids of Giza in 3D.

Great minds at Harvard University, software company Dassault Systemes and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston teamed up to create an impressive 3D replica of the ancient Egyptian world.

Professor Peter Der Manuelian has been using 3D technology in his teaching practice for the last ten years. The 3D recreation of the Egyptian heritage includes a virtual tour of the major Giza monuments – the 3 pyramids, the famous sphinx, the 15 tombs and the throne of Queen Khepheres I (mother of Cheops).

Dassault Systemes Corporation and Harvard’s Semitic Museum collaborated for six years to create digital analogues of the legendary tombs and pyramids. The duo joined forces specifically to bring 3D models into the educational process to study Giza remotely. High-tech projectors and a wide curved screen create a fully interactive tour for students exploring the historic buildings of ancient Egypt.

The project is based on verified archaeological data to ensure that virtual tour participants are historically accurate. The 3D replicas of the pyramids, sphinx and tombs are the result of representatives from 11 different universities located in the United States, Egypt, Austria, Germany and Italy.

The pyramids of Giza in 3D contain 150,000 files with information mined by scientists since the first serious archaeological investigations of the 1800s, when the scientific world first turned its attention seriously to Egyptian artifacts. 3D technology displays Giza in 3 different time periods simultaneously. The authors developed projections of the pyramids as they were in 2,400 B.C., their condition in 1912, and the current appearance of these ancient Egyptian structures.

Top 10: The most incredible replicas of historical sites

6. Greek Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee Photo: Mayur Phadtare

You can now admire the Greek Parthenon in Tennessee, USA, although it will cost you money. Yes, it’s a fake historical monument thousands of miles away from the true Parthenon, but its composition still used the original marble statues, dating back to 438 BC. Most of the complex is made of plaster, but it is still hard to deny the fact that this American full-scale replica of the Greek Parthenon looks impressive.

The Parthenon was recreated for the 1897 Centennial Exposition, although the key idea of the event was originally to showcase Native American culture and art. For some reason the organizers of the Exposition decided that it would be more appropriate to honor Native American history with a replica of a Greek monument of ancient architecture that had nothing to do with Native American culture. Since then, Nashville has also been proud of the 13-meter tall ancient Greek sculpture of Athena Parthenos (Athena the Virgin).

A copy of the Parthenon was erected for temporary display in 1895 as part of the Tennessee Centennial Exposition – 1897, but later in 1920 authorities decided to recognize the structure as a permanent architectural complex not to be demolished.

The statue of Athena Parthenos is the largest indoor statue in the West. The sculpture was completely white for 12 years until it was gilded. The painting process took almost four months of painstaking work.

Pheidias is the Greek sculptor of the real Athena Parthenos, and he was also the creator of the statue of Zeus at Olympia, recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Alan LeQuire was commissioned to recreate the sculpture of Athena Parthenos in 1982 and the work took about 8 years.

Castel del Ovo in Naples

Top 10: The most incredible replicas of historical sites

5. Falling Tower in Niles, Illinois Photo:

In the 1920s, Robert Ilg (Robert Ilg) had the idea to build a park with two swimming pools of 90,000 square meters in Illinois. In the beginning the industrialist faced the problem of unsightliness of water towers, which provided water for the pools. The technical devices were spoiling the overall appearance of the park.

Then the entrepreneur had a great idea – to make the necessary infrastructure structures into something more attractive, he recreated an exact replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. This helped not only to disguise the technical water tanks, but also to complement the park with an unusual landmark. Nyle’s Leaning Tower rises 29 meters, and this exact replica is half the height of the original in Pisa, Italy.

Robert Ilg donated part of the park along with the replica Italian tower to the local branch of the international Christian YMCA with the condition that the religious society provide maintenance to the tower’s infrastructure until 2059, allocating $500 a year for various repairs. The structure is still in the process of being refurbished and needs funds to maintain its functionality.

Top 10: The most incredible replicas of historical sites

4. Statue of Liberty in Japan Photo:

It is no longer so easy for modern man to trust his eyes when it comes to navigating around some distinctive landmarks. For example, if you see the Statue of Liberty in front of you, it does not mean that you are in the famous American metropolis, New York. Moreover, this architectural monument has at least 3 pretty good copies and all of them are located in Japanese cities – in Odaiba, Shimoda and Osaka.

The statue first appeared in Japan in 1998, when the French authorities lent it on loan in honor of strengthening diplomatic ties with the country of the “rising sun. A year later the sculpture returned home to France, but the Japanese authorities got so used to the installation that they made their own copy of the Statue of Liberty as early as 2000.

Top 10: The most incredible replicas of historical sites

3. Falconcity Of Wonders in Dubai Photo:

The Seven Wonders of the World will soon be assembled in one place and become part of an ambitious new project of the Arabian sheikhs. This richest eastern city is already home to exact replicas of the Egyptian pyramids, the Taj Arabia (the Arabian Taj Mahal), the Tower of Pisa, the Hanging Gardens of Semiramis, the Eiffel Tower, and the Great Wall of China. And ahead is the erection of all the Wonders of the World on the famous list.

The project managers put special emphasis on modern conveniences and the use of replicas of legendary structures as fully functional spaces. For example, the Hanging Gardens of Semiramis in Dubai offers guests luxurious eco-friendly apartments, outdoor restaurants and, of course, a chic garden.

Despite the enormous effort to recreate these legendary structures, the main priority of the complex managers is not the historical authenticity of the replicas, but their aesthetic appearance and the possibility of their use for commercial purposes.

Many of the exact replicas have features that you definitely won’t find during excursions to real pyramids or towers from Egypt, Italy or France. Builders are supplementing the architectural plans with restaurants, fountains and parks so that visitors to Falconsity can spend as much time as possible here and relax well surrounded by an unusual collection of replica historical objects, and for some this place could even become a real home. Work on the project is still unfinished, as construction has been frequently suspended in the past.

Top 10: The most incredible replicas of historical sites

2. House of Fred Flintstone Photo:

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Who would have thought that the idea of living in a house based on sketches of the popular cartoon about the cave family Flintstone would become in demand. However, the theme park dedicated to Fred and the Stone Age way of life described in the old comic book already stretches to 24 thousand square meters. The site is located 48 kilometers from the southern part of the Grand Canyon in the United States.

Flintstones’ Bedrock City Park and Campground is one of several such theme parks in America, each boasting its own unique attractions. For instance, at Flintstones’ Bedrock City Park you can treat yourself to a cup of coffee for only 5 cents and admire a prop volcano named after the cartoon character, the angry Wilma.

There’s also a dental clinic, post office, jail, police station and gift store. And if you want to be totally immersed in the comic book atmosphere, the local cafe offers a menu with dishes from the cartoon story – Fishasaurus fish sandwiches, Chickasaurus chicken dish, Bronto burgers and Gravelberry pies, which Fred himself loved so much.

For many years, the park was home to Linda Speckels, her 5 daughters and her late husband Francis. But it was time for a change, and now she was looking for someone to take the reins of the Flintstone world. Linda has raised her children here, but it’s time for them to make a change because the girls are ready for a new adult life.

Speckels hopes that the new owner of the property will keep the theme of the Flintstone story park, but she is also prepared for the fact that people will settle here who will not be close to maintaining a “caveman” lifestyle. On top of that, there are some formalities… The new owner of the park will not be able to get full ownership rights to the complex, because American animation studio Hanna-Barbera, a representative of the Flintstone brand, will only issue a license with the wording “use” of the place.

But the new owner will have options to convert the property into a mall or casino. In return, for $2 million, the new tenants will be able to roll off the artificial brontosaurus every day.

Top 10: The most incredible replicas of historical sites

1. an exact replica of the Titanic Photo:

Titanic II is an ambitious project by Australian billionaire Clive Palmer. Titanic II’s interior design and furnishings will be completely in keeping with its predecessor’s era in style. An exact replica of the iconic ship will also be equipped with replicas of the lifeboats that once were on the first Titanic.

The hull was recently completed after nearly 2 years of delays. Blueprints of the giant liner first appeared in 2012, and then it was planned that the ship will be launched for its maiden voyage already in 2016. However, as of today, it is known that commissioning has been delayed until 2018.

Designed to accommodate 2,435 passengers, the new ship will be outfitted with reliable lifeboats in sufficient numbers and state-of-the-art navigation technology. Titanic II is designed to accommodate 840 staterooms and nine decks. Despite such impressive numbers, it will still be smaller than other modern cruise ships.

Experts estimate the construction of a replica of the infamous ship allocated 435 million dollars, which is about 10 times more expensive than the original Titanic. The new liner will make voyages to the resort, which is scheduled to open already in 2017. The ship’s route will not repeat the first and last sea route of the sunken Titanic, instead, a replica of the floating giant will run between Dubai and the Chinese city of Jiangsu.

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