Cooking courses in Georgia

Cooking courses in Georgia

Reliable recipes | Feedback | Convenient schedule


Want to learn how to properly cook your favorite Georgian dishes at home and receive compliments from loved ones?

Family Georgian recipes | recorded video lessons | practice | round the clock access

Over 700 satisfied students

Then quickly choose a program to suit your taste and:

Bring delicious variety to your usual home menu and make sure that Georgian cuisine is not only simple and delicious, but also healthy ! Yes, yes, Georgian food and healthy food are more than compatible! And I will prove it to you in my lessons;)

You need to gain very important skill of combining elementary ingredients in order to spread the aromas of your favorite Georgian dishes in your kitchen. And this is not at the expense of spices;). Yes, I will teach you everything!

Gather your friends and family around a beautifully set table and have a hearty Georgian dinner.

And, of course, make new acquaintances with interesting people! There are never many good people in our life, don’t you agree?)

Well, are you ready to let the flavors of Georgia into your home and find out that cooking Georgian dishes is easy and fast? Then skip the text next and hurry up and click on

It’s all great, but what if:

I can’t find the right products? You’ll probably need some special ingredients to make a real Georgian dish?

Not at all! There are no complicated ingredients on any of my programs! You can buy them all at the most common grocery stores and markets.

But, if you have trouble with any ingredient, in the lessons I give substitutions that are acceptable in the recipe and don’t distort the true flavor of the dish.

Also, if you are my student, you have a mentor in my person and you can always ask me questions. I’ll be happy to tell you everything! That way, you don’t just get access to authentic recipes, but you also get help from the course author with everything.

I don’t have a lot of free time…

That’s the beauty of my course that all the lessons are in the recording and you can cook on them at any time, convenient for you, and when the mood is there! Access around the clock.

And in general, according to the experience of students, who were just as worried that they will not have time, I say that my course is very comfortably fit into everyday life – because you, as usual, continue to cook for yourself and your family, just by including a lesson)

It’s not you adjusting your usual schedule to the course, it’s my course adjusting comfortably to you.

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I live in another country and I’m afraid we don’t sell those ingredients. And I have a different time zone.

I have many students from different countries, even from Brazil and Ecuador. And India) And they successfully cook all the dishes;). Again, there are no complicated ingredients in the dishes we make;).

All you need is the Internet, a kitchen and the desire to dive into the world of Georgian cuisine!

Lessons are available for any time zone – you will watch the lessons and cook from them when it’s convenient for you.

And I am in direct communication with each student and individually suggest replacements, based on the range of stores in one country or another.

Let me remind you that in my course you are not left alone with recipes!)

I can’t eat spicy or fatty foods for health reasons.

It’s a big misconception that all Georgian dishes are very spicy and greasy;) This is not true at all! In the course you will get acquainted with these dishes and learn culinary solutions to make the dish even less greasy. And you can always adjust the spiciness to your taste;)

You’re probably wondering, “So who’s the educator?”

Let me tell you a little bit about myself;)

My name is Tamta Pulariani.

I am the organizer of a popular annual festival of Georgian culture “Tbilisoba in Moscow”.

And I am very sensitive to the culture and traditions of my country. It saddens me to see that a huge number of people are learning to cook dishes that are far from Georgian.

That’s why I opened Gemrieli, an online Georgian cooking school. So that everyone has the opportunity to learn how to cook authentic Georgian food with a real Georgian flavor.

Gemrieli means “tasty” in Georgian.

And I mean not only food. I want to convey the Georgian mood to you: the warmth of company, the atmosphere of hospitality, the coziness of a family. So that it is delicious to live!

I will share with you everything that I’ve been learning since my childhood. You will learn all the details and secrets that have been passed down in our family from generation to generation.

All the recipes and knowledge will stay with you forever. No matter where you live: I invite you to my kitchen, and together we will pamper your loved ones with delicious Georgian dishes!

Over 500 students are already doing it, join us!

Before you learn how to cook authentic Georgian food under my tutelage, there is only one step left – choose a program that suits you:

The program includes all of the most popular Georgian dishes that you usually go to a restaurant for or order delivery;) Now you can make all these dishes right at home, and they will taste even better! You will learn many nuances and you will understand if the dish was brought to you in a restaurant or it only has a name from Georgian;).

  • 11 step-by-step video tutorials and 24 courses
  • Long access.
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If you want to cook Georgian food the way we Georgians do at home, then take a place in the group right now. I don’t take many students as I give feedback personally.

  • 11 step-by-step video tutorials and 24 courses
  • Long access.

If you want to cook Georgian food exactly the way we Georgians do it at home, then take a place in the group now. I don’t take many students as I give feedback personally.

If you do not eat animal products and would like to diversify your diet with new, tasty and hearty meals, then you’re here;).

Georgian cuisine is called a vegetarian paradise for a reason! There is a huge variety of dishes based on vegetable ingredients.

And it is not for nothing that I placed the photo of khinkali here – and now they will appear on your table;).

  • 8 lessons and 16 dishes
  • Access for 6 months
  • All lessons are open as soon as you pay.
  • Choose any dish and cook today;)

  • 8 lessons and 16 dishes
  • Access for 6 months
  • All lessons are open as soon as you pay.
  • Choose any dish and cook today;)

Just one lesson and your holiday treats are ready!

  • The program includes 5 dishes, without which no holiday table in Georgia can do.
  • Rock out as soon as you pay.
  • Access for 6 months.

  • The program includes 5 dishes, without which no holiday table in Georgia can do.
  • Rock out as soon as you pay.
  • Access for 6 months.

There is also an advanced course, but it is only for students who have completed the basic program.

There we go through more complex, multi-ingredient Georgian dishes.

What do the graduates of my programs say?

There are many more reviews, and you’re unlikely to read them all;) But if you want to read more, I carefully keep all the reviews up to date on my blog @gemrielischool on instagram

Tamta!!! Cooking with your recipes is really the fastest cooking I’ve ever done (well, maybe except for pkhali. But that’s not an every day dish either) 1. Very easy recipes 2. Minimal amount of ingredients. 3. Very clearly written, and the video review gives the most complete picture. 4. Many dishes I now make on automatic: shkmeruli (twice a week, because that is the only way my chicken is eaten whole), khachapuri Oajarian (because I leave the dough for tomorrow and the kids themselves! make it during the day), etc. And my husband praised lobio yesterday so much like no other dish I’ve made before. I only make new lessons on Saturday, since I work and take the kids to the sections in the evenings. And dishes from past lessons are on weekdays in the evenings. They are part of our routine. So there’s certainly no extra time needed for that!

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a student in the 10th grade.

I had big doubts about going to Georgian cooking classes or not! I was afraid that I wouldn’t find the products I needed and that it was complicated and time-consuming! I have a small child and time is very difficult! But Tamta’s charisma won out and I decided to take the risk! And what was my surprise! You can buy everything in regular stores or order groceries! The lessons are so detailed and easy to explain and show all the intricacies of cooking. The whole family is looking forward to Sundays, because now it’s our little tradition to get together in the evening and try new dishes of Georgian cuisine, not rushing anywhere and enjoying the food. My husband says that we go to the restaurant on weekends. He constantly praises it and says it’s very delicious. And as for the time, I have time to cook everything when the baby sleeps! I am very happy with my decision to take Tamta’s course.

a student in the 10th grade.

I had no doubts, it was always my dream to learn Georgian cuisine, and this dream has come true in Tamta and her online courses @gemrielischool. They send the assignments to me on Mondays and I have a whole week to learn and cook everything!

I liked the online course very much, it was very convenient, not spending a lot of time and finances, you can learn to cook Georgian food at home, under Tamta’s responsive guidance! I liked the friendly atmosphere on the course! I liked everything, I think every lesson was useful for me, I learned almost everything from scratch.

Comparing myself before and after, I think I grew in a culinary sense! I learned a lot about Georgia about traditional Georgian dishes! Georgia condiments, that’s a separate song that I learned in this course! I especially enjoyed making cheese and baking bread at home. It’s magic at all.

From me, my best wishes to anyone who is still thinking about signing up. You really learned how to cook delicious meals and your friends and relatives will be delighted with your efforts! I took this course and I am happy I had Tamta in my life.

a student in the 10th grade.

Tamta!!! I am happy that I was able to learn the finer points of Georgian cuisine just from you!

My husband and I used to go to restaurants for Georgian food and now I can make any dish in my kitchen with little effort because (to my surprise) it is so easy to do!

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I always thought it was complicated and time consuming, it’s just the opposite!

At first there were doubts about how I would manage with three children, and why I need it all, but now I do not regret that I decided to buy the course and “pump up” their skills in the kitchen!

Anyone who still doubts and thinks, I want to say just go for it!

Your dinners will never be the same as before! And I get compliments from my husband and kids every time there is something of your dishes on the table! And it inspires me even more!

Thank you so much! You continue to keep recording video tutorials for us! You are a natural talent!

3 Days of Culinary Training

Georgian cuisine is known for its abundance of spices and spices, the preparation of many dishes over fire and charcoal, the use of various sauces, which are fundamentally different from the European, both in composition and cooking techniques. We offer you a three-day training course in Georgian cuisine at New Wawe College.

6 days/5 nights.

day 1 – Batumi. Kobuleti

Arrival in Batumi. Meeting at airport and transfer to hotel. Accommodation in rooms.

Lunch and dinner at the hotel restaurant/culinary college.

day 2 – Kobuleti

Breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

Free time in town. From 15:00 to 18:00 – Day 1 classes at New Wawe College. Theory + master class.

Lunch and dinner at the hotel restaurant/culinary college.

Day 3 – Mountain Adjara. Keda

Breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

Sightseeing tour in the mountainous part of Adjara – Keda. We will visit the 50-meter waterfall of Makhuntseti, on the way you will see the stone arch bridges, which were built in the 12th century by Tsarina Tamara, which are preserved to this day. In the valleys of the rivers Chorokhi and Adzharistskhalia, high in the mountains, there are many villages where centuries-old ways of life and living are still preserved, and where the customs of ancestors are highly respected and followed.

Visit Adjara Wine House, located in the mountainous part of Adjara. It is a small winery established in 2010 where they make wine “Porto-Franko” from grapes “Chhaveri”. If you wish, you can buy wine and taste chacha – Georgian grape vodka.

Then we will visit family winery “Sher vashidzeebis Marani”, where you will taste three kinds of genuine Georgian home wines – “Chkhaveri” , “Ojaleshi” and “Tsolikouri”. Georgian wine “Chkhaveri” – unique and you can try it only here, because the grape variety “Chkhaveri” grows only in this region. Owner of the family-run cellar will gladly treat you to dishes of national Georgian cuisine. You will visit a real Georgian feast, led by a toastmaster, you will learn the intricacies of the process of making Georgian wine, and you should definitely drink wine from the horn, which, according to tradition, should be emptied to the bottom!

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For the harmonious perception of Georgian culture and traditions we will invite Georgian national ensemble for you to hear Georgian polyphonic singing and watch fiery Georgian dancing.

Return back to hotel.

day 4 – Kobuleti

Breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

Free time in the city. From 15:00 to 18:00 – Day 2 of New Wawe College. Theory + workshop.

Lunch and dinner at the hotel restaurant/culinary college.

day 5 – Kobuleti

Breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

Free time in the city. From 15:00 to 18:00 – Day 3 classes at New Wawe College. Theory + master class. Presentation of certificates of completion of culinary studies at New Wawe College.

Lunch and dinner at the hotel restaurant/culinary college.

Day 6 – Departure.

Breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

Transfer to Batumi airport.

Types of accommodation:

Cost of the tour per person (double room accommodation):

Accommodation options/ number of tourists

Single supplement for single room / night

Hotel New Wawe 3* (Kobuleti)

Hotel Georgia Palace 5* (Kobuleti)

The price of the tour includes :

Airport-hotel-airport transfer

Accommodation in a hotel of the chosen category

Full board – full board

Tasting of Georgian wines – day 3 of the program – mountain Ajara. Keda (500g per person)

All transfers according to the program in a comfortable transport (car/bus)

Accompanying by a Russian speaking guide

The price does not include:

Extra charge for single occupancy

Everything that is not mentioned in the paragraph “The tour price includes

For extra charge

1. Georgian wines (over 500 gr/person on the 3rd day of the tour and further according to the program), chacha, beer and other alcoholic beverages of local and non-local origin.

3. Insurance (for Ukrainian citizens)

College New Wawe (New Wave)

Additional Information :

1. Day 3 of the tour – dinner is not listed, as the program involves a long feast. Upon request, dinner will be fixed at the hotel at no extra charge.

2. The college organizes training with a group of 4 or more people. College instructors are Russian-speaking. Training and workshops will be held individually for our clients. Classes (3 hours) can be moved to any part of the day. Training at the college from 1 to 7 days, at the end of training the college gives a certificate. With long-term training – 10 months (8 months of theory and 2 months of practice) college gives a diploma.

3. Any program changes are possible, including its continuation at the request of customers.

Payment terms of the tour: 10% prepayment of the tour.

Terms of booking the tour: the tour must be booked no later than 15 days before arrival.

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