Climate in Venice, Italy

Weather in Venice by month

The climate varies greatly from season to season and you need to choose your travel time. The weather in Venice varies by month, as it is very far from the equator. The comfortable annual average temperature during the day +19.5 ° C, and at night +13.6 ° C. It is a popular city for traveling in Italy. Below is information about the climate and weather in Venice in winter and summer.


The best months to visit

The high season in Venice in June, July, August with excellent weather of +26.5°C. +29.2°C. During this period, this popular city has the least amount of rain, about 3 days a month, with 57.8 to 62.3 mm of precipitation. The number of clear days is from 21 to 26 days. The climate by month and temperature in Venice are calculated based on recent years.

Air temperature in Venice by month

The warmest weather in Venice by month and in general in Italy is in July, August and June up to 29.2°C. The lowest temperatures are in December, January and February, reaching 9.2°C. For nightlife lovers, the figures range from 7°C to 19.2°C.

Water Temperature in Venice

Number of rainy days and precipitation

The rainiest periods are November, October and September, when the weather is bad for 8 days with up to 112.3 mm of precipitation. For those who hate the humidity, we recommend December, March and April, when the average rainfall is just 2 days a month with a monthly rainfall of 47.8 mm.

Recreation comfort rating

The climate and weather rating for Venice is calculated by month, taking into account the average air temperature, rainfall and other indicators. For the year in Venice, the rating ranges from 2.9 in March to 4.9 in August, out of a possible five.

Climate summaries

Month Air temperature during daytime Water temperature Sunny days Rainy days (precipitation)
January +10.6°C +9.9°C 15 5 days (60.3 mm)
February +12°C +10°C 9 4 days (80.8mm)
March +15.3°C +12.1°C 16 3 days (89.0mm)
April +20°C +15.3°C 16 3 days (53.7mm)
May +23.5°C +19.1°C 20 6 days (82.7mm)
June +29.2°C +23.6°C 21 5 days (62.3mm)
July +26.5°C +25.2°C 25 4 days (57.8mm)
August +26.5°C +25.4°C 26 3 days (61.6mm)
September +24.6°C +22°C 19 8 days (70.2 mm)
October +20.4°C +19.2°C 17 7 days (91.7mm)
November +16.2°C +14.8°C 14 6 days (112.3mm)
December +9.2°C +12.2°C 17 2 days (47.8mm)
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Number of sunny days

The greatest number of sunny days is noted in June, July, August when there are 26 clear days. During these months the weather in Venice is excellent for walks and excursions. The least amount of sunshine is in February, November, January when the minimum number of clear days: 9.

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