China’s Exquisite and Sophisticated Cuisine

Chinese cuisine

Spicy, flavorful Chinese-style chicken cooks very quickly. The secret is the stir-fry technique, where finely and evenly sliced pieces are constantly stirred in a red-hot deep wok. Added:

Peking chicken in sweet and sour sauce 5.0

Recently, Asian cuisine has become widespread and popular thanks to the opening of Chinese restaurants, and we will try to prepare something delicious at home … more

Peking meat 4.0.

Do you like Chinese food? Here’s a selection of Peking meat – juicy pork with eggplants in a spicy hot sauce. Be sure to try making this dish at home, it is worth it. Added:

Sichuan chicken 4.5

Greatest Chinese recipe ever! This chicken is sure to please all lovers of exotic dishes and spicy, and we make it easily and fairly quickly. Added:

Chinese Fish 4.0

Chinese cuisine is one of the most popular in the world. At the same time, many people do not know that it is also rich in fish delicacies. This simple recipe for chinese fish is proof of that… more

Colorful chinese fish in sweet and sour sauce 4.0.

This recipe for Chinese fish in sweet and sour sauce appeals to all fans of colorful and exotic Asian dishes. The dish is suitable for both everyday and festive table. Added: Kurzyupa 28.10.2013

Sichuan fish 4.6

Sichuan cuisine is considered one of the four major culinary schools of China. This simple recipe for Sichuan fish will give you a taste of the gastronomic traditions of this city! Added by: Kurzyupa 03.11.2013

Ancient Chinese Pork 4.5

To try something really exotic you do not need to go to the restaurant, because with some, such as Chinese pork, you can easily do yourself … more

Chinese Pork in Sweet and Sour Sauce 4.6

This recipe I offer especially for those who lack exoticism in life, and who want to diversify their daily diet, a very easy-to-make dish with an unusual taste and flavor. Added:

Chinese pork spicy 4.6

Delicious, juicy, bright and flavorful. With this recipe for Chinese spicy pork, you will have an explosion of emotions and incredible taste sensations, bring a little exotic and oriental flavor into your life. Added:

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Sichuan pork 4.3

Sometimes you want to try something unusual and exotic. How about ordinary pork cooked in an unusual way! An incredibly bright, juicy and spicy dish just for you. Added:

Shanghai-style rice 4.3

Shanghai-style rice can be the perfect hearty meal. It’s made with sausage, green peas and other vegetables. Try it, you will love Shanghai-style rice from the first spoonful. Added:

Fu Yang Omelet 4.0

The Fu Yang Omelet is a Chinese omelet. It is made with boiled chicken and cabbage. Preferably with peanut oil, but you can also use regular oil. Served with a special sauce. I share the recipe!

Chinese style kebab 4.9

To cook Chinese-style kebab, you need to add sesame seeds to the meat and marinate the meat with soy sauce. The meat marinates briefly and roasts quickly, so cut it into small pieces. Added:

Rice and Chinese Eggs 4.7

A hearty, very tasty complete Chinese-style dish that can be a great side dish or a stand-alone dish for the whole family. Take note of this recipe! Added:

Chinese Style Squid 4.9

Anyone who frequents Asian restaurants is sure to have tried the indescribably delicious Chinese-style calamari. Cooking them at home is quite easy – I’ll tell you how … more

Chinese-style Shrimp 4.0

Chinese dishes are usually very simple and fast. Chinese-style shrimp – a clear proof of that. You can make an unbelievably tasty hot dish on the go. Here is the recipe! Added by: Denys on January 24, 2014

Eggplant with potatoes in Chinese style 4.5

Decided to treat the family with an unusual dish? Chinese cuisine is a treasure trove of unique recipes. Learn how to make Chinese-style eggplant with potatoes – one of China’s most popular dishes… more

Chinese eggplant and meat 4.4.

Chinese cuisine has always been able to surprise and delight. Chinese-style eggplants with meat is a refined and delicious dish for your table! Added:

Danhutan 5.0

The recipe for making danhuatan, a traditional healthy Chinese soup, came to us from old times. But such a soup is treated and to this day – from spring avitaminosis, say, no tastier medicine. Added:

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Sweet and sour sauce for meat 4.0

In Chinese cuisine, this sauce is most often served with meat, but I’ll tell you honestly, it’s so delicious that you can eat it with anything. Let’s make it ourselves, because it’s not that difficult. Added:

Sweet and sour sauce for chicken 3.6

Masters of Chinese cuisine have always known how to emphasize and improve the taste of chicken meat, and for this they used a special sauce, well, we can make it at home, because it is so easy. Added:

Sweet and Sour Soup 4.2

This kind of soup is most often found in Chinese national cuisine. The unusual taste of this soup, easily conquers even the most demanding gourmets. In addition, the dish is prepared really fast. Added:

Dough for Chinese dumplings 4.2

These unusual Chinese dumplings, made of transparent dough, fascinate us with their appearance. If you wish, such a miracle can also be prepared at home, you only need to find a good dough recipe. Added:

Scones with meat 4.6

This original but very simple recipe for scones with meat came to us from China, which is even surprising. Meat, onions, and flour are all found in every home, no matter the country, right? Try it! added:

Beef with celery 5.0

A wonderful dish that comes from the Chinese national cuisine. Prepared all elementary: beef stew with celery and carrots. it turns out very fragrant and delicious. Cook it and you will not regret it! Added:

Chinese flatbread 4.6

I would like to offer you a recipe for extremely tasty Chinese flatbread. The products here are absolutely ordinary and always available in every home, and the tortillas turn out so delicious! Real Chinese food! Added by: Sauliute on 06/14/2014

Shanghai-style Eggplant 4.3

A great appetizer option for the holiday table. A simple recipe for Shanghai-style eggplant will help you surprise your guests with a savory dish. Added:

Pork in pan sauce 4.4

Pork in pan sauce is a wonderful Chinese dish. It is a cuisine characterized by unusual combinations, spiciness and wonderful appearance. Today we are going to try cooking Chinese-style pork … more

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Ribs and vegetables stewed 3.9

Here is an interesting and simple recipe for braised ribs and vegetables. I tried it in a Chinese restaurant, and I repeated it at home. The experiment was a success, you should try it too! Very tasty and spicy! Added:

Hot Beef 4.3

Hot beef is a dish that is prepared in the style of Chinese cuisine. The meat is fried with vegetables and served in soy sauce. It is very spicy, tasty and appetizing!

Chinese salad with beef 4.3

This Chinese Beef Salad can be made by anyone at home. It only seems complicated, in fact the ingredients are available and the mechanism of action. So surprise your guests and family!

Stew Stew of Beef in a Multicooker 4.3

Beef lagman cooked in a multicooker, all in all it will take you an hour. Central Asian national dish will please you with its rich taste and wonderful flavor. Suitable for lunch or dinner. Added:

Udon with beef and vegetables 4.7

If you’re lucky enough to buy authentic Chinese udon noodles, you have to use them right! That’s what this simple udon noodle recipe with beef and vegetables is for! Try it! added:

Beef with Buckwheat Noodles 3.7

Beef with buckwheat noodles is a Chinese dish that literally takes 15 minutes to prepare. This dish is best cooked in a wok – a pan with a thin bottom. It is delicious, hearty and very appetizing. Added by: TomaB 27.10.2014

Chinese veal 5.0

Tender veal stewed in a pan with onions and aromatic sauce. It turns out a very tasty dish with unparalleled flavor. As a side dish, potatoes, rice or pasta will do. Added:

Sichuan beef 4.5

Sichuan beef is a spicy Asian dish. So, we can say that this dish is for fans of spicy. it is cooked as all Chinese dishes very quickly, on a high heat. Added:

Chinese pork with pineapple 3.8

In Chinese cuisine you can often find an unusual combination of products. For a European person it may be unacceptable, but even a discerning gourmet will appreciate the quality of this dish … more

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Beef goulash with vegetables 4.3

Beef goulash with vegetables is a very tasty and hearty dish cooked in the Chinese style. Spicy and tasty, it’s perfect as a light dinner or a quick lunch.

Beef Udon 4.4

Udon with beef is a delicious oriental dish and not too difficult to make. For this dish, we need udon noodles and as many fresh vegetables as possible. Added by: TomaB 11.11.2014

What is the national cuisine, traditional dishes and food in China?

China is rich in attractions. And delicious food is an essential part of a good trip. With a long history, unique characteristics, countless cooking methods and exquisite taste, Chinese food is an important part of Chinese culture. Chinese dishes are famous for their color, aroma, flavor, special meaning and appearance.

Below are eight of the most popular dishes among foreigners and Chinese. For convenience, we will also indicate the names in Chinese and give a transcription. These dishes are: pork (chicken) in sweet and sour sauce, gongbao chicken, mapo tofu, wontons, dumplings, chunquan, chow mein, and Peking duck.

Since China is very attractive for tourists and Chinese dishes are incredibly delicious, a trip to the world of Chinese cuisine will certainly offer you a wide range of exquisite delicacies and allow you to enjoy the best sights of China.

Pork in sweet and sour sauce

Pork in sweet and sour sauce has a bright red-orange color and a delightful sweet and sour flavor.

At first there was only pork in sour-sweet sauce, but to meet the requirements, some changes were made to the dish. Now pork can be replaced with other ingredients, such as chicken, beef or pork ribs. You can find a recipe on how to make pork ribs in sweet and sour sauce.

Gongbao chicken.

This is a famous Sichuan specialty that is popular with Chinese and foreigners alike. The main ingredients are diced chicken, dried chili peppers, and roasted peanuts.

Westerners have come up with their own version of this dish: chicken is dipped in cornstarch, vegetables, sweet and sour sauce and crushed garlic are added.

Mapo tofu

Mapo tofu is one of the most famous Sichuan dishes. It has a history of more than 100 years. “Ma” (?) refers to the spicy and tangy flavor of ground pepper, a spice often used in Sichuan cuisine.

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Brownish-red ground beef and chopped onions are added to the milk tofu. It’s a really tasty treat. You can also make it yourself.


Since the Tang Dynasty (618-907), it has been customary to make wontons during the winter solstice.

They are usually cooked in the shape of a rectangular triangle, similar to Italian tortellini. Wontons are boiled and served with broth, and sometimes they are deep-fried. Ground pork or diced shrimp are used as toppings.

Chinese Dumplings

With a history of more than 1800 years, dumplings are a traditional dish popular in northern China. Dumplings are made from minced meat and chopped vegetables wrapped in a thin layer of dough.

Usually minced pork, beef or chicken, diced shrimp and vegetables are used as toppings. They can be boiled, steamed or fried. Dumplings are a traditional Chinese New Year dish.

Chow mein – fried noodles

“Chow mein is the Cantonese pronunciation of the dish’s name, which means “fried noodles”. In general, this fried dish is made from noodles, meat (chicken, beef, shrimp, or pork), onions, and celery.

To make chow mein, the noodles need to be boiled for a while. Once cooled, you can move on to stir-frying.

Peking duck

Peking duck is a famous dish from Beijing that is already known all over the world. It is considered as one of China’s national dishes.

The exquisite taste of this dish is given by a thin crispy crust. Sliced duck is often eaten with pancakes, sweet bean or soy sauce with garlic. You simply must try this dish in Beijing!


Chunquan is a cylindrical dish similar to Cantonese dim sum appetizers. The filling can be vegetables or meat, and it can taste sweet or spicy. After the filling is wrapped in a tube of chunjuan, it can be fried. The dish gradually turns golden yellow in color.

This dish is very popular in Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Fujian, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, etc.

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