Children’s vacation at sea and in Finland

Beach holidays in Finland

Finland beach vacations

Beach holidays in Finland is beautiful. This statement is not subject to doubt. Beautiful landscapes, clean air, mild climate, a quiet and comfortable atmosphere, and friendly people. This is just a part of what can be said about this wonderful country. Its atmosphere and comfort seems to be able to conquer everyone. This article tells about the best time for summer holidays in Finland, the bathing season, outdoor activities, where to stay, eat, what you need to know to avoid confusion.

What is suitable for beach lovers

Finland beach vacations

Undoubtedly, on vacation most of us want to lie on the sand, enjoy the sun and the water. And in Finland, where to relax.

Unambiguous leaders of beach relaxation are cities such as:

  • Helsinki;
  • Tampere;
  • Lappeenranta;
  • Beaches near the town of Pori;
  • Lovers of the unusual, will suit the rocky places of the Alanian Islands;
  • active tourists will be interested in the sand dunes of Hanko.

Helsinki conquers variety and quantity of beaches, 29 of 300 in the country, located only in this city. The flow of tourists here is the largest. This is not surprising, as Helsinki is beautiful in itself, and with excellent places to visit – is very popular.

Tampere attracts a lot of lakes, and there are quite a few, about 200, many banks of which are surrounded by beautiful forests. The city is perfect for families with children, beautiful scenery, clear water lakes, with a shallow entrance and shallow depth, is an excellent choice for family vacations.

Finland beach vacations

In Lappeenranta, perhaps the most famous is Millusaari, overlooking the pristine Lake Saimaa.

The beaches of Finland near the town of Pori, as well as in Tempera will be a great choice for families with children. Even the smallest children will be happy to swim in the warm water, which warms up quickly enough due to the gentle inlets.

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And of course, for fans of the unusual, there are several places to choose from. For example, the beaches of Hanko and Alan Islands.

The best months for water recreation

Moderately warm summer climate of the country, will please many. Excellent time for beach relaxation is July and August.

In June, the temperature ranges from 21 degrees. In July and August it rises to 25. Some parts of the country, more precisely the southeastern ones, are hotter. In them the air heats up to +30 degrees Celsius due to tropical winds from the Atlantic.

Bathing season in Finland.

Finland beach vacations

Based on the overall temperature of the summer period, we can identify the best time for the bathing season. Namely, from July to mid-August. During this time the average water temperature ranges from 20 degrees.

In the second half of August the rains become heavy and prolonged. In the northern regions frosts are possible.

Active Recreation

If lying on the beach will bore you, you can say with confidence that you will find active leisure options, based on your preferences. The number of options is impressive.

Here are a few examples:

  • sap surfing;
  • geocaching;
  • canoeing, kayaking, catamarans;
  • cycling;
  • Rope park and flying over the canyon;
  • floating.

Finland is famous not only for the Santa Claus village and the northern lights. There are plenty of activities in this country, where everyone can find something for themselves.


Sap surfing, or sap yoga, is standing up paddle boarding. When it’s windless, you’ll float down the river and enjoy the gorgeous scenery. In the wind, you can feel like a real surfer and catch a wave.

Who as a kid hasn’t wanted to find a treasure? Why not carry that childhood dream into adulthood? Geocaching will interest not only treasure hunters, but also lovers of hiking forest trails. The team will be given a phone with a map to hike to the goal.

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Kayaks and canoes are suitable for lovers of difficulties. Of course there are enough safe rafting routes. Do not forget that underwater rocks and boulders are quite a lot. For adrenaline lovers is the perfect solution. Perhaps the best route would be Lake Saima, as well as easy trails in the parks Koli and Repovesi.

Cycling is very loved by Finns and tourists alike. Here also, as in the previous points, there are easy trails and routes for professionals. If you want to enjoy a bit of cycling choose a 5km route and for those who have a lot of stamina choose tracks which are 250km long!

For the more adventurous, even for the more adventurous hikers, there are exciting activities such as jumping over the canyon and rope park. If you want to get a powerful adrenaline charge, jumping over the rocks and waterfall, the ideal solution. And the height differences up to 22 meters rope park Lappeenranta, will not leave indifferent.

Finland beach vacations

In Imatra, where there are rock canyons, there is an opportunity to do the so-called Floating. Wearing a wetsuit, dive into the lake and float over the water for about an hour. The speed of such “floating” reaches 25 km / hr.

Finnish summer entertainment

In a hospitable country a lot of interesting places to visit. Each of them is entertaining, and some are unique in Europe.

Lovers of active leisure, as mentioned above, will love Lake Saimaa. However, rafting is not all that this area has to offer tourists. The lake boasts a fortress Olavinlinna, which is open to visitors all year round. And Lake Inari will charm you with the beauty of 3000 islands, whose bays are filled with emerald and soft blue water.

In Imatra and Aland Islands, avid fishermen will feel the wilderness.

Almost all cities are equipped with water parks, while children enjoy going down the slides, adults can treat themselves to spa treatments. After that you can go on a cruise on the Saimaa Canal.

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Finland beach vacations

Other places worth visiting are:

  • Design Museum, which presents unusual and even strange things, which are collected and transferred to it from all corners. What is interesting, the museum was created before the concept of design;
  • A zoo with an unusual set of inhabitants;
  • Open-air museum on the island of Seurasaari, the whole family will love it, there is an incredible number of hand squirrels, which you will definitely want to feed;
  • The Rotating Theatre in Pyunikki Park, which offers a beautiful view of the surrounding area;
  • In Naantali, the park Mumi Land is worth a visit. From interacting with the troll characters, children are sure to be pleased;
  • 3.6 square meters restaurant in Iisalmi. However, to get into this miracle is possible only by appointment.

Without leaving Helsinki, it is worthwhile to walk around the architectural sights, which is the Senate Square with the magnificent Cathedral. Sveaborg Fortress, once a defensive frontier. Sibelius pipes, a magnificent abstraction of 600 pipes. And of course souvenir shopping at the Kauppatori market.

Be sure to visit the festivals taking place in large numbers. In general, there is a lot to see.

Where to stay

Finland beach holidays camping

When making a request in your browser, Finland beach vacations, you’ve probably thought about where to stay during your vacation.

There are several options for every budget:

  • The most economical place would be a campsite. Its cost ranges from 5 to 20 euros;
  • Hostel in Helsinki is on average 20-30;
  • A little more expensive than a hostel will cost a personal house on the camping site. Its cost is 22-45 euros;
  • Rent a cottage will cost from 300 to 700;
  • A standard room in a three-star hotel will cost about 60 euros.

Choosing a route and time of rest, take care in advance to book seats, in the high season it can be problematic. Do not forget about the early booking service, it will help to save money.

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Rent a car

If you are not ready to cross the country by bike, it is worth thinking about renting a car.

For this you will need:

  • A credit card with which the deposit will be paid;
  • an open-category driver’s license, international standard;
  • driving experience of at least one year;

Finland beach vacations

There are plenty of car rental companies in Finland. You will not have any problems with car rental.

You may rent a car for a period of one day or more. Even if the car is returned in a few hours, the deposit is paid in full.

The cost of rent depends on a car class. A sedan on the average will cost ~75 euros. And an executive Mercedes from 100 euros.

Where to have breakfast, dinner, lunch

All tourists wonder where to eat tasty and inexpensive.

  • Have breakfast in Helsinki, you can at Roberts Coffee, a coffee and croissant costs 6 euros;
  • a set lunch in self-service canteens UniCafe network costs 7 euros. It includes a hot meal, main course and salad. Bread and sauce are free;
  • In Lappeenranta, prices are lower. For 7 euros you can have a plate of sausage/chicken/steak with salad. For a cup of aromatic coffee and a pastry, you’ll pay 3.50;
  • The best choice for dinner would be any café on Kauppatori Square (Helsinki), a hearty soup will cost 8 euro cents.

Finland beach vacations

Experience, pricing policy in Helsinki is average in the country. And it’s worthwhile to be guided by it. For tourist destinations, prices are higher.

Peculiarities of vacations: How to avoid problems

To remain a law-abiding tourist, it is important to know some rules.

Import and export regulations:

  • 50 cigars or 200 cigarettes. The rule applies in both directions;
  • 3 liters of alcohol for those over the age of 21 to export, and up to 16 liters of beer plus 1 liter of spirits to import;
  • Up to 1,500 euros can be imported without a declaration;
  • antiques must have a certificate;
  • make sure you have a visa and travel medical insurance and are in order.
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The value of purchases does not exceed 1500 dollars, otherwise you will have to pay a duty of 30% of the value.

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