Chicago, USA: history, sights and attractions.

Chicago, USA: history, sights and attractions.

On the very shore of Lake Michigan stretches the picturesque Museum Campus Park, combining 3 of Chicago’s largest museums. One of them is a neoclassical octagonal building made of white marble and terra cotta.

Buckingham Fountain.

The Buckingham Memorial Fountain in Grant Park has nothing to do with the story of the Queen’s pendants and the exploits of the Three Musketeers. It was paid for in 1927 by one Kate Buckingham, wishing to memorialize her beloved brother Clarence, a wealthy Chicago businessman and philanthropist.

Chicago’s Magnificent Mile

The Magnificent Mile of Chicago is the skyscraper-built portion of Michigan Avenue from the DuSable Bridge to Oak Street. In fact, its length is only 1.23 km, this short stretch is home to about 50 hotels, 300 restaurants and 500 stores.

Chicago Navy Pier

The Navy Pier, a Chicago landmark with a rather unremarkable name, turns out to be attractive to tourists in absolutely every way. Even as you approach it, interesting installations, monuments, and unusual chips catch your eye.

Ernest Hemingway House Museum in Chicago

You don’t have to be a literary scholar or a book geek to fit into your busy schedule and take a few hours to visit Oak Park, the birthplace of the legendary Ernest Hemingway. This picturesque and verdant suburban Chicago neighborhood has long been home to Chicago’s local elite.

Art Institute of Chicago

Before you take a tour of the Art Institute of Chicago, make sure you have room on your camera’s memory card! A visit to the museum promises to be very fulfilling, and the number of photos is record-breaking.

Lincoln Park in Chicago.

Along the shore of picturesque Lake Michigan stretches 11 kilometers of Abraham Lincoln Public Park. It is incredibly popular with locals and visitors to the city, because if statistics are to be believed, about 20 million people come here every year.

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Marina City in Chicago.

“Two Corn” is a popular nickname for the skyscrapers of the Marina City complex in Chicago, from the side really resembling maize cobs. This shape is architect Bertrand Goldberg’s deliberate response to the standard construction of megacities with rectangular buildings.

Millennium Park in Chicago

Millennium Park, a modern public park, is a relatively recent addition to Chicago’s Grant Park, which sprawls on the shores of Lake Michigan. It took a full six years to turn the industrial area into an oasis, combining unique natural and architectural displays.

McDonald’s Museum in Chicago

You can criticize fast food in general and McDonald’s Corporation in particular all you want, but it’s impossible not to admit that it’s truly an iconic company that has spread its influence around the world over several decades.

Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago

“10 Places in America Every Tourist Should See,” “5 Most Visited Sights in Chicago,” “7 Most Interesting Technical Museums” – you can be sure that each of these and other ratings that Americans are so fond of compiling will definitely include the Museum of Science and Industry.

Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago

The Chicago Museum of Modern Art is a bold medley of original shows, prestigious exhibitions, themed programs, and performances. Admiration, bewilderment, adoration, approval, recognition, amazement, condemnation, disbelief, amazement, delight – the spectrum of emotions and impressions after visiting the museum.

Adler Planetarium and Chicago Astronomy Museum

Even if you’re completely far from science and can only reliably identify the moon in the night sky, it’s still worth paying attention to the Adler Planetarium in Chicago. If only to see what they are – today’s high-tech museums dedicated to space.

Fields Museum of Natural History

The Museum Campus on the shores of Lake Michigan brings together some of Chicago’s best museums devoted to the natural sciences. They include the world-famous Fields Museum of Natural History, housed in a neoclassical building similar to the Shedd Aquarium next door.

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Chicago Cultural Center.

In the commercial district of Chicago Loop, at the intersection of Washington Street and Michigan Avenue rises a spectacular neoclassical building with Renaissance elements. It is the famous Chicago Cultural Center, one of the city’s most popular attractions and an important cultural leisure center.

University of Chicago

Not far from the Museum of Science and Industry in shady Hyde Park sits the campus of the University of Chicago, one of the United States’ most prestigious institutions of higher learning. It opened in 1890 on John Rockefeller’s money. There are 27,000 students on its faculties, about a quarter of them are foreigners.

Chicago doesn’t need to be introduced twice. When mentioning this American metropolis a chain of images and associations with the ruthless mafia and gangster brawls, the soaring skyscrapers and the opulence of theaters and cabarets appears in the mind. Modern Chicago is also an intriguing blend of architectural styles that are beautifully integrated into the cityscape, where trendy business districts rub shoulders with ancient structures, and enormous department stores and monumental skyscrapers look out over endless parks. In Chicago, you’ll find the Great Lake Michigan and the fast-flowing Chicago River, the Willis Tower (which held the world height record for a quarter of a century!), the John Hancock Observatory, sculptures by Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró, the Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, the Bahai Temple in Wilmette, the Museum of Science and Industry and the Fields Museum of Natural History.

Prepare for not enough time to do all the attractions, so it’s best to prepare your Chicago sightseeing plan in advance.

Prepare for not enough time to do all the attractions, so it’s best to prepare your Chicago sightseeing plan in advance.

Chicago Museums

There are countless museums in Chicago. There are serious museums that are thoughtful and ready to absorb new information, there are interactive and entertainment museums, where you can go with your whole family, there are art museums, which keep in their storerooms the masterpieces of the world. There are also highly specialized centers such as the DuSable Museum of African-American History or the National Museum of Art of Mexico, and there are record-breakers in attendance – the ultramodern Adler Planetarium and the Shedd Aquarium.

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The top five most popular Chicago museums recommended by almost every guidebook are invariably the Field Museum of Natural History, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Science and Industry, and the Shedd Aquarium. Even if you don’t have a lot of free time, a visit to at least one of the museums listed is a must. You can get an impression of the organization of museums in the United States and, of course, gather a lot of observations about Chicago itself, its culture and people.

Active travelers who try to visit the city’s full range of museums can save a decent amount of U.S. dollars if they purchase a CityPass travel card.

Chicago Parks

Chicago’s parks are well-kept landscaped areas, each designed with ambitious intentions to be the best, the biggest, the most interesting, the most-worthwhile. Chicago’s parks enhance the city’s natural and cultural features, making it more welcoming to its residents and appealing as a tourist metropolis. The largest public park in Chicago is Lincoln Park. It stretches 11 kilometers along Lake Michigan and has seven well-kept beaches, several sports fields, soccer and basketball fields, secluded corners and modern concert venues.

One of Lincoln Park’s highlights is the free zoo, familiar to all Chicago kids and their parents.

Millennium Park is nearly a century and a half younger, but thanks to the creativity of local architects and sculptors, it’s already just as famous and visited. The park is full of amazing installations and sculptures, the main one being the mirrored “cloud gate” or simply “bean”.

New parks and recreation areas pop up every year, adding to the charm and livability of Chicago. Recent developments include Maggie Daley Parks, the 606, and North Island.

Other Attractions

A true symbol of the city have become its grandiose skyscrapers with an observation deck as an indispensable attribute on some 115th floor. The skyscrapers on the waterfront, Willis Tower, Aqua Tower, Tribune Tower, Marina City, John Hancock Center… it’s easy to become a virtual “collector” and create a collection of pictures of Chicago skyscrapers. The city is also full of all kinds of monuments and monuments, bars with history and grand fountains. In short, there’s definitely something for the tourist to do in Chicago!

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