Chennai: Where to go first

Chennai sights – what to see in 2022. A complete guide to iconic places.

Five Raths

The city is first and foremost a major industrial center, attracting hundreds of businessmen from all over the world today. In India, Chennai is called the automotive capital of the country. In addition to Indian companies, Mitsubishi, Ford, Hyundai have their plants here. There is also the largest plant in the country, producing military equipment.

In addition to viewing historical monuments, visitors to the city can devote their leisure time to a variety of entertainment, a suitable place to stay in Chennai will be able to choose anyone. Every day is open to … Discover

However, the city also provides some great opportunities for tourism. The large number of attractions makes it an interesting and educational experience. The unique music of Indian architecture is quite common. Very interesting, for example, a courthouse with beautiful domes, which housed the lighthouse. The Victory Memorial is built in the Indian style. History itself lives on in Fort St. George, where today the museum complex of the East India Company is located. The temples of the city are very interesting. Parthasarathy Temple was built by members of the Pallava dynasty around the seventieth year. There is still debate about the age of the beautiful Kapaleeswarar temple, which does not prevent it from being the most beautiful temple and the most important landmark of the city. The church of Luz, built by the Portuguese, also dates back to the twelfth century. A visit to the Government Museum is a great way to learn about the age-old history of India.

In the immediate vicinity of the city is the Airavateshwara Temple, it is considered one of the most majestic monuments of architecture in the region. The temple was built in the 12th century by order of Emperor Rajaraj Chawla, it has never undergone a major reconstruction in hundreds of years. At present, the temple is partially destroyed, but it still does not detract from its greatness and pristine beauty. Many interesting legends are connected with the ancient temple. Copyright

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Equally impressive is the Arunachaleshwarara Temple, located in an incredibly beautiful natural setting at the foot of Mount Arunachal. The ancient temple, the construction of which began in the 16th century, is dedicated to the god Shiva and today is considered one of the most mystical in India. The temple is a large-scale complex of buildings, its area is about 10 hectares. Currently, the temple is still visited by a huge number of pilgrims, according to one of the rituals, to find divine enlightenment, they have to walk around the mountain barefoot.

Chennai: Beach Temple

In the immediate vicinity of Chennai there is another sacred place, the Chidambaram temple city. It is a large temple complex, the oldest structures of which date back to the 6th century. This complex is also dedicated to the god Shiva, as many years ago, today the temple complex is used for important Buddhist rituals and festivals. The most interesting time to visit the temple complex is in June or December, at which time the most interesting dance festivals are traditionally held.

In addition to the many Buddhist attractions Chennai is also famous for Christian, a great example is the Catholic Cathedral of St. Thomas. If legends are to be believed, St. Thomas was the first Christian to set foot on Indian soil. Construction of the cathedral in his honor began in 1504, and at the end of the 19th century it underwent its first major reconstruction. Today the cathedral is a magnificent architectural monument in the neo-Gothic style, and within its walls there are many unique Christian treasures.

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Kapaleeswarer Temple A walk through the historic district of Georgetown can turn into an interesting excursion; there are many interesting sights preserved on its territory. Here is an old lighthouse, which is 38 meters high, and you can also see the old houses that once housed the local craftsmen.

Cultural attractions in Chennai

Ramakrishna Math

Chennai is packed with architectural and historical attractions, and this beautiful city with a long history offers a varied program of sightseeing opportunities. The Swami Vivekananda House Museum, the renowned Indian philosopher and social activist, remains the landmark of the city. He visited Chennai in 1897 and lived in a beautiful house located on Marina Beach. The beautiful building, which is among the prominent architectural structures of the city, was renamed after the philosopher in 1962 and a museum dedicated to the life and works of Swami Vivekananda was opened within its walls.

Fort St. George is an equally important historic site. This is the first fortification on the territory of India, which was built by the British colonialists. Construction of the fort took place in the middle of the 17th century, and the last large-scale reconstruction took place in 1749; since then the majestic fort remains in the same condition.

Not far from the fort is the oldest English church in India, St. Mary’s Church. It was built in the second half of the 17th century and over the years has held many solemn ceremonies with the participation of dignitaries. Lovers of excursions should definitely visit the Government Museum, which is considered one of the largest and most interesting in India. Its variety of collections is simply amazing. You can see unique geological, anthropological, numismatic and zoological exhibits, as well as admire a luxurious collection of sculptures.

Continue your exploration of local culture at the National Art Gallery. Besides beautiful paintings, its walls hold an interesting collection of handicrafts and old ornaments made of bronze, more than a thousand years old. Chennai has several beautiful and astonishingly preserved temples, without a tour of which a vacation would not be complete. More on cultural attractions

Mysteries hidden in architecture

Chennai Entertainment

Side view of National shrine of St.Thomas Basilica, Mylapore, Chennai

In addition to viewing historical monuments, visitors to the city can devote their leisure time to a wide variety of entertainment, a suitable place to stay in Chennai for everyone. The large-scale Escape Cinemas shopping and entertainment center is open to the public every day, with a host of interesting stores and restaurants in addition to a state-of-the-art movie theater. Chennai also has a magnificent zoological garden, Arignar Anna, which occupies a vast and incredibly beautiful area. The zoo is home to many rare animals and birds, with a large collection of parrots remaining one of its main features.

Fans of sports entertainment can be recommended to visit the golf center AKDR Golf Village, which is also located in a very beautiful natural area. On the territory of the sports complex there are all conditions for training and comfortable rest, customers have access to sport equipment rental and comfortable recreation area.

Chennai, train station

Travelers who want to bring back from vacation a lot of interesting souvenirs, be sure to visit the area Storytrails, whose main attraction is still a colorful market. Here you can spend hours strolling through the winding alleys and gazing at the colourful stalls and enjoying the typical atmosphere of Indian markets. The Storytrails market offers not only interesting souvenirs but also a variety of national foods as well as spices, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Those who are on vacation with children should pay attention to the amusement park Queens Land. This is a large and well maintained park with a decent selection of attractions, and on its territory there is a Ferris wheel, and carousels, and swimming pools, and a variety of playgrounds. Both children and their parents will enjoy their time at Dizzee World Amusement Park. A large part of the rides presented here are oriented to thrill seekers, but there are also quite relaxing rides that will suit even the youngest visitors. More on attractions

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Chennai attractions for families with kids

The Second Chennai Photowalk

Holidays in Chennai, an Indian city that is aptly located on the coast of the Bay of Bengal, will appeal to every visitor. Children will especially enjoy their time here as the city has a number of fun things to do, parks with playgrounds, swimming holes, and theme parks. In addition, it is worth taking young tourists and on a tour with sightseeing and visiting museums.

Chad will be extraordinarily delighted to visit the huge zoo Arignar Anna, where you can look at the lions, giraffes, tigers, crocodiles, hippos, kangaroos. To visit the zoo you can spend a day – so vast area, and you should be prepared for the fact that the kids will refuse to leave. It is recommended to rent a bike or a small car to have time to see all the animals in a day. The park’s well-maintained grounds amaze all visitors, and many of the animals can be photographed (and some pose like models), as well as fed or cared for.

Saint Thomas Mount

The VGP Universal Kingdom, a theme park with many possibilities, is an excellent place where every member of the family will enjoy. For example, there is a water park with several slides, a “lazy river”, a sunbathing area and a huge wave pool. Located right by the ocean and stylized in the ocean theme – everywhere you can see figures with the inhabitants of underwater fauna. In the amusement park there are even more opportunities: here the little travelers can ride on perfectly designed trains, extreme (and not very) rides, merry-go-rounds, shoot with an arrow. There is a great water show with dancers and a special place for fans of dinosaurs, where kids are happy figurines with their image.

On the territory of the theme park you can find VGP Snow Kingdom, just what you need to hide from the all-consuming heat in sunny India. The park lives up to its name: it really does conjure up associations with the snowy kingdom and it is hard to believe at first that the place is in India. Here you can wander through the snowy expanses, play in the snow, go sledging and swinging, go downhill, take pictures with polar bear figurines, deer or snowmen. Also in the theme park there is a mini zoo with ostriches, chickens, pigeons, and Click Art Museum – a place dedicated to 3D art, where you can get great pictures. More children’s attractions

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