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All about vacations in Cavtat

Cavtat is a small resort town not far from Dubrovnik. The city is immersed in the greenery between two peninsulas. Massifs of mountains prevent cold air masses from penetrating the city. Thanks to this location, Cavtat has a mild climate with warm winters and hot summers. The peak season is from June to August, during which time the beaches are filled to capacity. Lovers of peace and privacy can plan a vacation in May or in September-October.

The fabulous resort of Cavtat and its historical monuments

From Dubrovnik airport to Cavtat you can take a shuttle bus, the ticket price is about 9 to 11 euros, depending on the class of the bus. The travel time is 30 minutes. You can make a reservation, reserving a seat in advance. You can also take a cab, the cost is about 30 euros.

Cavtat is an ancient city, rich in history. In the 7th century BC the Greeks founded the colony of Epidaurus. Then the Romans ruled here. In the 4th century as a result of an earthquake the settlement went under water. The territory left on the surface was taken over by the Ostgoths. The new town was built in the 15th century under Byzantine domination. Cavtat was at the center of trade routes and played an important role in the state.

Now Cavtat is a popular resort with a developed tourist infrastructure. It is a surprisingly beautiful, quiet town. Ancient buildings climb up into the mountains. On a narrow stone street with stairs you can go up by walking through the town. For fans of the Middle Ages this way is a real pleasure. Reach out and there they are: stone walls that are hundreds of centuries old. Below, wide embankments surrounded by palm trees, cypresses. Light sea breeze, blazing sun, the infinity of the seascape – all this before the eyes of the tourist, sitting in a cafe near the beach. What more do you need to feel happy?

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You can take a walk and see the local attractions. On the embankment, next to the Princely Palace, there is the Church of St. Nicholas of the 15th century and a bell tower with a clock. The church houses a 15th-century icon of St. Nicholas. In the Princely Palace you can visit the museum of Balthazar Bogisic – a scientist, historian, ethnographer. Of interest is the collection of coins and the scientist’s library. At the foot of the mountain is the Franciscan monastery of Our Lady of the Snow. The building is made of white stone, the walls are painted on the outside and inside bas-reliefs depicting the saints.

The building of the monastery is buried in the greenery of flowering bushes, the walls and columns are twisted with ivy and from the windows there is a magnificent view of the embankment. There is an outdoor cafe next to the monastery. Among the recommended sites is the mausoleum of the Racic family, to which the old stone staircase mentioned above leads. It is located in the territory of the cemetery. Therefore, the traveler himself will decide whether he should visit such a place during the vacation or not.

How to rest at the resort?

In the village of Chilipi you can attend events with local dances, rituals. They are held on Sundays in the main square of the village. Tourists are offered to visit the famous restaurant Kanovolski Dvori, located in the old mill. In summer numerous musical performances and festivals take place in the town. The famous musical “Epidaurus” gathers famous artists from all over the world.

For vacationers you can find different kinds of entertainment. You can take a boat to the nearby islands or go fishing. Near the town there is an amusement park Prevlaka, where in addition to the proposed active sports, you can just stroll around the old fort. In the evening, the hotels have nightclubs, discos and even a casino.

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Near Cavtat is located resort Mlini. To answer the question: “What is better Cavtat or Mlini?”, there is no clear answer. In Mlini, locals like to relax, there are fewer attractions and entertainment. You can stay in Mlini in the private sector and drive to the beaches of Cavtat.

The main advantage of the resort

The main reason to go on vacation to Croatia is the cleanest Adriatic Sea. The water is so clear that the boat is tied to the pier, it seems to float in the air. Beaches in Cavtat, as in most Croatian resorts, are equipped with concrete terraces. But do not let this scare a potential tourist. Descend into the water is equipped with comfortable stairs, and the surrounding beach breathtaking beauty, overrides all the negative aspects. The disadvantages of such beaches do not exist. The bottom is stony, so you need to take care of special slippers. By the way, you can buy them on the spot.

There are also beaches covered with fine pebbles, for example, near the hotel Albatros. Therefore, going to vacation in Cavtat in 2022, specify in advance the information about the beach. The beach offers a variety of entertainment. Those who wish can go scuba diving and try to find something of the remains of the ancient city that went underwater.

Restaurants, Hotels

In Cavtat there is a vast playground for gourmets. There are plenty of taverns, restaurants, small cafes and bars. Try the local dishes of lamb, fish and seafood. Prschut – the equivalent of the Spanish ham, served as an appetizer to the local wine. All very tasty, plentiful. Meat or fish course costs from 7 euros. Coffee from 1 to 1.5 euros.

In Cavtat you can find accommodation for all needs. Tourists with children must clarify how far from the beach a hotel or apartment is located. They can be upstairs, so climbs and descents can be a problem for children. The price for an apartment starts from 45 euros, a room in a villa from 50 euros. In a hotel a room for two from 80 euros. By planning a vacation in advance, you can book a room and save money.

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