Caves and everything you need to know about them

Caves of the World

Vardzija – a legendary cave city in Javakhetia, carved in the bowels of the picturesque rock, towering above the river Kura. Cave.

New Athos Cave is one of the largest caves in Abkhazia. It is located under the slope of Iversky mountain. It represents a huge karst.

Bonito is a uniquely beautiful place, located in Brazil. There are more than 30 available tours of the area, most of them.

The Basilica Cistern is an amazing monument of ancient Byzantine architecture in the historic center of Istanbul. In this huge underground.

Moravian Kras, or as it is also called, Karst, is a system of caves in the Czech Republic with a total length of about 25 km, one of the largest in Europe.

Marble Cave in the Crimea is a unique underground labyrinth, formed as a result of karst processes in the lower part of the mountain.

Altamira Cave is a unique cave in Spain which has preserved colorful wall paintings from the late Paleolithic period. The cave is located.

Catacombs of Paris – a must for thrill seekers and those who have already had enough of the romantic atmosphere of Montmartre and.

The Red Caves (Kizil-Koba) – the largest complex of partially flooded caves in the Crimea, located in the vicinity of Simferopol, in.

Kungur ice cave is one of the most famous sights in Perm region and all of Siberia. Unique in all.

Mamontova Cave is a national park with the longest cave system in the world – about 482.80 km of explored passages. Mammoth Cave as.

Syany Caves – a system of artificial caves-camenolomens from the group of Novlensky caves near Moscow. Syany are located 40 km south of Moscow.

The Wieliczka salt mine was exploited for 700 years; its passages go down to the depth of 327 m. The mine is located on the southeastern outskirts.

Uplistsikhe is the oldest fortified settlement in the Caucasus, one of the brightest archeological and architectural sights of Georgia. It is.

Blue Grotto is a sea cave washed by sea water in the rocky shores of the island of Capri in southern Italy.

Orda Cave is the longest underwater cave in Russia and simultaneously one of the largest gypsum caves in the world.

Vietnam’s Shondong Cave, discovered only at the end of the twentieth century, has become the largest cave in the world. Access to it is strictly limited, but tourists are willing to.

The Batu Caves are giant caves that are located 45 minutes by car north of Kuala Lumpur, just off the road to Ipoh, in.

Carlsbad Caverns is a popular national park located in southeastern New Mexico, North America. Its name.

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The Beldibi Caves are located in the Olympos – Bedaglar National Park, 16 km from Kemer and 25 km from Antalya. The cave complex is surrounded by.

The Kuca Tunnels are a relatively modern man-made structure, but they are world famous. The tunnels are an outstanding symbol of perseverance and.

In the south of Argentina, in the province of Santa Cruz is the amazing Cueva de las Manos, if translated, “Cave of Hands.” The name is very.

The cave town of Cufut Qale is a real treasure house for archaeologists and tourists who find themselves in the Crimea. It is a medieval fortress city.

The Skelskaya Cave is located in the southwest Crimea, on the south slope of the Ai-Petri massif’s spur separating Skelskaya and Baydarskaya.

The Buda Labyrinth is one of the unique sights of the Hungarian capital, located directly below the Royal Palace of Budapest.

Goa Gaja or Elephant Cave is located near Ubud, in Bedulu, it is carved in the thickness of a hill near the road to Teges and dates back to the 10th century AD.

Goa Lavah or flying cave, and the temple attached to it is literally occupied by souvenir shops, merchants, ATMs, collectors.

Diana’s Grotto is a picturesque artificial cave on the slope of Goryachaya Mountain in Pyatigorsk. Landscape monument bearing the name of the ancient Roman goddess.

Lunmen Grottoes – the third largest complex of temple caves in China (after ensembles in Dunhuang and Datong) dating back to V century.

Viking Cave – one of the main attractions of the Thai island of Phi Phi Lei. The picturesque cave is located in the limestone.

Magura Cave is a Bulgarian cave known for its beautiful underground corridors and many expressive rock paintings. About seven.

Postojna Cave is the most visited cave in Europe, and you will definitely visit it. The cave is located near Postojna

Emine-Bair-Khosar cave is located in the Crimea. It is known for the fact that mammoth skeleton was found here. The cave was discovered at the beginning.

The Ajanta Cave Temples, carved in the granite mountains of Vindhya in the northwest of the Deccan Plateau, are one of the greatest wonders of India.

The Mogao Caves – 492 caves known for statues and paintings on the walls, are located in Gansu Province and are remarkable for what they contain.

Caves and everything you need to know about them

Caves are underground tunnels with one or more entrances to the surface.

The largest caves have complicated systems of passages and halls, created by weathering of the rocks. Often their total length reaches several tens of kilometers.

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3. Many caves have formed amazingly beautiful underground lakes.

4. Caves are undoubtedly some of the most unusual and mysterious geological objects on our planet.

5. Caves have long been and remain today the most explored objects of our time.

6.Since ancient times, people have considered caves mystical and mysterious.


7.Modern scientists are satisfied with the fact that all the time there are more and more interesting facts about these unusual natural formations.

8. Thanks to the monotonous climatic conditions, which are inside the cave, preserved various evidence of life long ago.

9.Amazing facts collected by scientists from around the world show that each cave has its own history.

10. The scientific study of caves and their environment is called speleology.

11. Primitive people used caves around the world as dwellings.

12. even more often, animals settled in caves. Many animals have died in trap caves starting from steep wells.

13. The maximum depth of the cave system can reach the underground before the pressure of the overlying rocks becomes too great, it is estimated to be about 3,000 meters.

14. The extremely slow evolution of the caves, their constant climate, and their protection from the outside world have preserved a great number of archaeological finds before us.


15. These are pollen of fossil plants, bones of long-extinct animals (cave bear, cave hyena, mammoth, woolly rhinoceros), rock paintings of ancient people.

16.Although the living world of caves, as a rule, is not very rich (excluding the near-entrance part, where the sunlight enters), nevertheless, some animals live exactly in caves or even only in caves.

17.First of all, these are bats, many of their species use caves as a daily shelter or for wintering. Moreover, bats sometimes fly into very distant and hard-to-reach corners, navigating the narrow labyrinthine passages perfectly.


18. Nam Lod Limestone Cave is one of the oldest caves in Thailand. It is very popular with archaeologists. Here was found the human skeleton, which is more than 20,000 years old. Visitors to the cave can see the dwelling of primitive people.

19.Inside this cave the walls are covered with massive formations over 20 meters high, which make us feel very insignificant in this world. There is no artificial light in the cave, so you have to move inside with a flashlight. And the name of the cave – Nam Lod, in Thai means “water passing through” – speaks volumes about its essence.

20. Scientists divide caves according to their origin into five groups: tectonic, erosion, ice, volcanic and, finally, the largest group – karst. These caves are the majority.

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21. It is the karst caves that have the greatest length and depth. Karst caves are formed by the dissolution of rocks by water, so they are found only in places where there are soluble rocks: limestone, marble, dolomite, chalk, as well as gypsum and salt.


22. Mammoth Cave in the United States is the Flint Ridge karst cave system. Located in the U.S. state of Kentucky in a mountain park, it is currently the longest cave known to man. This amazing system of passages and underground chambers in the western foothills of the Appalachian Mountains was formed about 10 million years ago, and today its explored portion stretches 527 kilometers.

23.Through one of its openings runs a river, which in some places is up to 60 meters wide. There are also 20 deep shafts in the huge cave, which is the meaning of the adjective “Mammoth”. They are still little explored, and the longest cave in the world is still waiting for its explorers.

24. Caves have been used throughout human history as refuges, burials, and religious sites.

25.Many archaeological treasures and ancient paintings have been discovered in caves around the world.


26. Ice Kungur Cave, already hundreds of years exists in the Perm land. Its large size holds a hundred beautiful grottoes, 36 mirror-like lakes, including the largest lake, whose size reaches 200 square meters. The unearthly beauty of this cave has made it one of the rarest in the world. There is a version that this cave stretches all the way to the Caspian Sea.

27. In most caves air is suitable for breathing due to the natural circulation, although there are caves in which you can be only in gas masks. For example, the air can be poisoned by guano deposits. However, in the vast majority of natural caves air exchange with the surface is quite intense.

28. Troglobites are a type of animal that live only in cave ecosystems; they often have some unique characteristics such as loss of pigment coloration and no vision or eyes that have evolved due to extreme darkness.


29. In the category of the most ancient caves rightfully belongs to the wonderful and unique Mexican Sac-Actun. To view its beauty does not allow the water, as most of its passages and galleries are flooded with underground water. But this fact makes it both amazing and one of the most beautiful caves in the world, as in the light of the lanterns on the vaults play all the colors of the rainbow reflections from the water surface.

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30. Its length of 317 kilometers makes it one of the longest caves in the world. At a depth of 43 meters the skulls of the Upper Paleolithic people and traces of their life activities were found in the cave.

31. In addition to caves with access to the surface and accessible to direct human study, there are closed underground cavities in the Earth’s crust. The deepest underground cavity (2,952 meters) was discovered by drilling on the coast of Cuba.


32. When they talk about the scariest caves, they remember that among the forests of Southern Siberia, not far from the city of Abakan, hides a unique Kashkulak Cave, recognized as the most terrifying. What is so frightening about this natural object, where the realm of cold and darkness?

33.All who have visited the mysterious halls with soot-covered vaults, talk about inexplicable phenomena, and most importantly, inside its halls and grottoes change the worldview. Since ancient times, the cave was visited by shamans, and witches held in its womb conspiratorial rites and rituals. Not for nothing the locals nicknamed it the Dungeon of the Black Devil.

34. Exploring the Kashkulak cave, scientists conducted an unusual experiment. The people who were in it felt an incredible urge to draw. But what is interesting, the drawings they wrote were exactly repeated by people who were thousands of kilometers away from the cave.

35.The ancient images found in caves today are not so primitive and clumsy, but even the opposite.

36.For example, in Spain in Altamira cave were found polychrome drawings, which are more than 10 thousand years – the era of the Upper Paleolithic. Basically, the cave walls were painted with drawings of animals – horses, boars, etc., the most interesting thing is that they were painted in several shades at once, and the convexities of the walls were used by the artists of antiquity to create a three-dimensional effect.


37. Lubang Nasib Bagus Cave in Malaysia is an amazing geological formation on the island of Kalimantan. Translated from the Indonesian language, it is called the “cave of good luck. Its uniqueness is that it is the largest grotto. In its grotto, with a total volume of 163 thousand cubic meters, can accommodate up to 50 largest aircraft. So, by right, it is the largest cave.

38.Three British explorers of this cave through a kilometer-long gallery, through which the underground river flows, got into the volumetric space. No matter how hard they tried to illuminate its vaults, the available lighting equipment did not allow them to do so.

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39. Crimea itself is very beautiful and wonderful place on the planet, and the mountain ranges with unique cave systems make it unusually interesting for speleologists and tourists.


40.Among the unusual sights of the peninsula undoubtedly belongs and Red Cave, the length of which is 16 kilometers. Kyzyl-Koba, as they are called in the local language, were discovered and explored during expeditions in 1963. In addition to geological interest, it is also of interest to archaeologists, because in its depths were found the most ancient traces of human habitation.

41. The Batu Caves are a complex of cave hills and Hindu shrines in the Gombak district, 13 kilometers from the center of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

42.Batu Caves were created by nature more than 400 million years ago. In the 19th century, a merchant from India built a temple to the god Muruga in this secluded spot.

43. Sea caves (or littoral caves) are located on the coast and are created by the continuous wave and tidal action that destroys or weakens the sea cliffs.


44. Stalactites in caves are created by the continuous dripping of mineral-rich water which gradually settles on the ceiling as the mineral deposits harden.

45.Stalagmites, on the other hand, are created as mineral-rich water droplets fall to the cave floor, leaving mineral deposits that grow and become pillar-like formations.

46.Stalactites and stalagmites may eventually join from the floor to the ceiling, but they grow very slowly, about an inch every 100 years.

47. Shondong Cave in Vietnam has grown stalagmites in its majestic halls, reaching up to 70 meters in height and resembling giant stone cacti.


Crystal Cave is located in Iceland. This cave can be entered from the shore, through a seven-meter hole. The tunnel gradually narrows, and at the end its height is no more than 1.2 meters. Ice caves in general are unstable and can collapse at any moment. They are safe to visit only in winter, when cold temperatures severely freeze the ice.

49. Crackling sounds are constantly heard in this cave. They are heard not because the cave is about to collapse, but because the cave moves with the glacier itself. Every time the glacier moves a millimeter, you hear loud noises.

50. Caves are truly amazing places on the planet, where tunnels and majestic vaulted grottoes, unusual and mysterious geological objects spread out. They are different in formation and form, but certainly all of them are very beautiful caves of the world, attracting not only scientists, but also tourists.

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