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EMERCOM search and rescue operation on Klyuchevskoy volcano

Tasting of rare varieties of watermelon was held at the festival. The flesh of “Moon” is yellow and sweet, with exotic notes. The “Orange King” tastes like a pumpkin. And not by chance – during its breeding breeders used this plant.

Watermelon Festival in Astrakhan

Tasting of rare varieties of watermelon was held at the festival. The flesh of “Moon” is yellow and sweet, with exotic notes. The “Orange King” tastes like a pumpkin. And not by chance – during its breeding breeders used this plant.

Watermelon Festival in Astrakhan

There were many other treats as well. Slices of ripe watermelon under chocolate and peanuts, canapés with the berry and cream cheese for dessert. Lemonades to refresh – Astrakhan greeted the guests warmly: it was 36 degrees of heat outside.

Watermelon Festival in Astrakhan

Snacks were also with watermelon. In one of them, for example, we mixed shrimps, gourds, pineapple and mango-chili sauce. Berry and pepper – bold and very tasty!

Watermelon Festival in Astrakhan

One of the attractions was the smoothie generator. You had to pedal on a special bike to make the drink!


Not bull’s-eye, but pulp – at the festival the guests did not play simple darts, but watermelon darts.

Watermelon Festival

The guests of the festival were the winners of a competition held by S7 and Aviasails, as well as journalists and bloggers. They came to Astrakhan by a private flight from Domodedovo airport.


The most courageous of them learnt how to cut flowers on the thick skin of gourds. The master class was difficult, but interesting.

Watermelon Festival

The main event of the festival was already on board the plane when the guests returned from Astrakhan to Moscow. For the first time at an altitude of 11600 meters 108 people tasted the Astrakhan pumpkin (yes, that is the correct name for it). The record was fixed by the representative of the museum “Russian watermelon”.

A woman looks at jellyfishes on the Azov Sea coast in the Crimea

There is also a winery in the village of Gai-Kodzor

Project Opening Russia

Holidaymakers on the salt lake of Baskunchak

A view of the World Ocean Museum in Kaliningrad

The Chuisky highway in the Altai Republic. The Severo-Chuysky ridge in the background

Susaninskaya Square in Kostroma

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Republic of Altai, stone mushrooms

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Feeding Oryx in Al Wadi Desert Reserve, UAE

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Pavel Volya

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Russian singer Anastasia Slanevskaya (Slava)

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Chukotka. Arctic Circle

Group Mirage

Ice Cream in Home Conditions

Basket with red apples

Chefs and guests of the program

Traditional cold beet soup


Tourists in a hotel in Bodrum, Turkey

Passports and a model plane

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Zakarpattya resorts

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