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Castelldefels is a town and municipality in the province of Barcelona, Autonomous Community of Catalonia. It is part of the Bajo Llobregat region (comarca). Its population is slightly more than 60 thousand people.


It is believed that the name the area got from the Castle Castrum Felix built in this area during the Roman conquest, literally translated as “Castle Felix”. As to the name Felix, however, the opinions of scholars differ. One group believes that most likely Felix was the name of the owner of the fortress. Another group of historians and linguists point out that the Romans used the word felix not only as a proper name, but also as an adjective, meaning the same as the Spanish “fertile” (fertil), that is, fertile. So the name of the castle, and later of the town, may refer to the agriculturally superior lands that yielded rich crops.

Paleontologists, based on the analysis of the stone tools found, claim that man made the first steps on the Catalan land as early as a million years before our era. As for the place with traces of primitive man, the closest to Castelldefels, it is the Cova del Gegant (Cova del Gegant) near Sitges, where the remains of Neanderthal man, who lived about 100 thousand years ago, have been discovered.

It is known that on the site of the current city there was a settlement of Iberians a few centuries BC. Then they were replaced by the Romans, but there is almost no more detailed information about that distant period.


The earliest information on the specific history of Castelldefels dates back to the 10th century, when the construction of the extant fortress complex began on a hill dominating the southern part of the Llobregat delta. Its first element was the church of Santa Maria, erected, according to scholars, in 967. In the XII century it was reconstructed and in the XIV-XV it was fortified and the protected area was extended, so that it became a dual-use object, not only a religious temple but also a safe haven in case of enemy attack. In those days, the Mediterranean Sea was the scene of rampant piracy and Spanish shores were often attacked by corsairs who plundered towns and led people into slavery.

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During its long life, the complex has undergone several restorations, the last of which was carried out in 2001.


The climatic conditions for the city are favorable. The average winter temperature fluctuates around plus 10 ° C, its summer average is located at 26 ° C. The minimum temperature of the sea is in February (plus12.7°C), the maximum is in July (25.7°C).

The main part of the economy of Castelldefels today is tourism and related services (hotels, restaurants, stores). In 2007, there were 18 hotels in the city.

Tourism also feeds the city’s construction industry – many foreigners who come here for holidays, later decide to buy their own homes. This Catalan municipal center has an excellent system of communications and transport: it is connected to the main city of the autonomy by railroad with suburban trains, as well as bus lines and a network of roads. The fact that Castelldefels is home to many famous not only nationally but also internationally actors, musicians, journalists and sportsmen may prove the prestigiousness of the place.


In 1992, Castelldefels was one of the arenas of the Barcelona Olympics – a specially built rowing channel, where the competitions of rowers were held.

The local beaches are very popular among holidaymakers and citizens, the total length of about 5 kilometers. Fans of rock climbing enjoy climbing the massifs of Penya Ginesta, Roca Negra and Dona Morta.

Castelldefels is connected by sister-cities relations with French Lormont, located in Aquitaine region, Gironde department, and La Habana Vieja – one of the suburbs of the Cuban capital.

Castelldefels is an excellent place for those who are planning to move to Spain with their family. In this town there are two prestigious high quality educational institutions for children: the British school of Barcelona and the Tennis Academy Sánchez-Casal.

This Catalan town is one of the privileged places in Catalonia, real estate is usually bought here by people of high income.

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This Spanish town is located in the community of Catalonia. There are about 70 thousand people living here. To reach the administrative center of the community, you have to overcome 18 kilometers. It is a small city on the Mediterranean Sea. The city is famous for its long beach and a short distance to the Garraf Nature Reserve. There is a variety of activities that will appeal to travelers of all ages.

Castelldefels, Spain.

It is only 15 kilometers from Barcelona Airport. There is a bus service to the resort, and you can also take a cab for about 20 euros. You can also take a train to the stop of the same name. If you rent a car, take route C-31.

Map of Castelldefels


The resort has a characteristic Mediterranean climate. In the spring months it rains, and in the autumn months there are even storms. Sometimes in the course of an hour there is about 50 mm of rainfall. The summer period is characterized by humidity and heat, and in winter the resort is clearly marked by anticyclones.

The beach here is long for a small resort and stretches for 5 kilometers. It stretches from the Llobregat river to the reserve. The beach provides conditions for a different kind of recreation. You can just swim and sunbathe, or you can actively spend time doing water sports.


It’s easy to get all the equipment you need, so you should visit one of the clubs: Club Nautic or Club Maritim de Castelldefels. There is also a windsurfing school where professionals will teach you how to sail. The name of the school is Garbi, you can also go to Port Ginesta.

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The beach has excellent infrastructure, in addition to the schools and clubs listed there are showers and toilets, there are playgrounds for children. To move around comfortably, special bridges are made of wood. In addition, there is a lifeguard on duty and a tower installed.


Garraf is a natural park, the heart of which is considered Palacio Novea. This palace is the first Buddhist monastery to be built in the province. The palace houses Tibetan art and culture. There is also a Buddhist community here that organizes courses to teach meditation, and it also holds lectures that teach about Buddhist history and philosophy. The community teaches yoga, tai chi, and relaxation techniques.

Garraf Natural ParkGarraf Natural Park

The resort has a castle town that stands on a hill. It works 4 days a week, starting Tuesday and ending Friday, the castle opens at 5 p.m. and closes at 9. Note that this mode of operation is only valid for July and August. Then every month on the first Sunday anyone can get here. There is also the church of St. Mary, which keeps the work of the Spanish painter Serrasanta. It is also possible to visit the theater, where almost all the activities of the resort are held.

Castle ChurchCastle

In general, it is worth noting that there is a special route for travelers, which is called the Orange Path. This route will show all the local attractions, which include the palace and the castle, as well as the twelve towers. In addition, the tour includes the country houses of Can Vinader, Cal Ganxo, Can Gomar; the Plaza de les Palmeres, Plaza de Lestazio, Plaza de L’Esglesia, and the Dunes Park.

Entertainment and nightlife

Throughout the year, there are many events taking place in the city. For example, February is famous for the marathon and carnival. The month of March is the month that marks International Women’s Day. April is Holy Week, and spring ends with the Monologue performances in May. There is also a festival in May at Barrio Vista Alegre and at Castel Poble Vel.

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Holiday fireworksWinter FestivalWinter Festival

June is the most important month, with a commercial fair, jazz festival, Barrio Can Bow, Barrio de Cañares, and various concerts and performances. There are also many festivals in July. For example, there is a dance festival, Barrio Luminetes, Barrio Can Roca, Barrio Bellamar and the “pirate feast”. September is rally month for retro cars, and the month of October is famous for the Chestnut Festival. The last month of the year is the time of the Winter Festival, and December is also the traditional Christmas fair for many European countries.

FairStreet decorationsFair

Active Recreation

Already mentioned the excellent conditions at the local beach, which is ideal not only for lying in the sun, but also for sports. Here you can visit a windsurfing school or port, where you will be taught how to stand under the sail. You can also choose the right sports equipment in the beach clubs.

KitesurfingAn example of active water recreationCastelldefelsBeach parties go on day and nightBeach parties

Rent a car and accommodation

Renting a car is a great way to see not only this resort, but to travel throughout the province. A huge plus is the ability to book a car online, so you will order the right brand, at a reasonable price for you, in addition, in some cases, you can get even more discount. At the moment of renting a car the driver should be not younger than 21 years old, and also have at least one year of driving experience. It is most convenient to rent a car at the airport in Barcelona. The cost starts from 340 rubles per day.

You can rent a houseThere is a good choice of hotels on the island

If necessary, you can make necessary changes to the reservation or cancel it. At the place of rental must present a passport, a driver’s license international standard and a credit card, as well as a printed voucher, if you booked a car online.

In addition, you can rent an apartment, apartment or house. For example, a large house with five bedrooms about two kilometers from the sea will cost from 770 euros per week. Such a house is designed for 12 people.

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Shopping .

Since this is a small town, then it will not be possible to unload the soul for shopping here. Yes, you can buy souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones, as well as everything you need on vacation. In addition, the local stores you can choose clothes. But a full-fledged shopping is better to plan for Barcelona, where there are a huge number of stores and shopping centers. In Barcelona you can definitely find brand-name things, and in July and August and January you’ll find great sales. Just remember that prices in Barcelona are higher than in many smaller cities in Spain.

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