Capital of CNN, Coca-Cola and REP: all about Atlanta, USA

US cities. Atlanta

Located in the southern US, Atlanta is the capital of Georgia and its largest city. Now, it has a reputation as one of the international business centers of the continent, possessing a stable economy and perfectly developed infrastructure. Each year, the city welcomes thousands of visitors from all over the world, coming here for different purposes and complementing its multicultural composition.


Atlanta is known for its enormous skyscrapers, numerous shopping complexes, entertainment venues and expensive boutiques. It’s also home to the headquarters of major reputable companies like Coca-Cola, United Parcel Service, Georgia-Pasific and CNN. In total, the state capital includes 242 districts, which are formed by a variety of similar buildings and architecture in the “high-tech” style. In general, the appearance of Atlanta is very modern, and the city itself is extremely convenient in terms of functional use, including transportation and high-tech urban communications. In addition, there are picturesque parks, museums, theaters, and a number of other interesting attractions.

The city authorities pay great attention to the development of culture and sports. Prior to its dissolution in 2011, the local ice hockey club has hosted a number of prominent Russian ice hockey players, while the professional soccer and basketball teams have been regular participants in the major leagues of the US championship in their respective disciplines. The hotel industry is represented by a variety of comfortable hotels for all tastes and budgets. The racial composition of the city is more than 50% African American, with whites making up about 33% of the population, of which a few tens of thousands are Russian-speaking residents. The main religious denomination is Protestantism, although there are also quite a few adherents of Catholicism and Judaism.

General Information

Atlanta covers an area of 343 square kilometers, with a population of more than 500,000 people. Local time is 8 hours behind Moscow time in winter and 7 hours in summer. Time zone is UTC-5 and UTC-4 in summer time. The telephone code is (+1) 404. Official website

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Atlanta, USA

Atlanta, USA.

A brief history.

In the Middle Ages the land was inhabited by the North American Indian tribes of the Creeks and Cherokees. The first of them “became famous” because in 1813 they banded with Englishmen and organized a massacre at Fort Mims which was situated in the state of Alabama. Ten years after those events, European settlers were given the right to reside in the territories adjacent to today’s city, thus forming the future agglomeration of Atlanta. A short time later, the region decided to build a railroad, and by 1847, the city’s population had reached 2,500, more than tripling in 13 years.

During the Civil War the city was almost completely destroyed after the invasion of the North under General William Sherman. Atlanta, however, did not stay in a state of ruin for long, but after a while it fully recovered and became the business center of the American South and the capital of the entire state. At the beginning of the XX century, in 1906, within a few days, the city was gripped by race riots, which killed dozens of people. After World War II, during which the state capital served as a major entrepot for sending soldiers from the southeast to the front lines, the era of peace finally came and Atlanta gained a reputation as one of the most progressive and prosperous cities in the southern United States.


The city has a humid subtropical climate with hot summers and warm, snowy winters. The average temperature from December to February is about +7 degrees, and from June to September the thermometer regularly rises above +26, occasionally going above +30. Precipitation falls throughout the year and is not divided into distinct seasons. You can visit Georgia’s capital anytime.

How to get there

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, 16 kilometers from the city center, serves both domestic and international flights. There are bus and rail services between it and the main areas of the state capital.

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Atlanta has a subway system with both underground and surface route sections. There are miles of freeways throughout the metropolitan area.

Attractions and Entertainment

Atlanta’s modern architectural expression is its skyscrapers. The Westin-Pitchtree Plaza Hotel, rising 220 meters, the 265-meter SunTrust Plaza, the 191-Pitchtree Tower, consisting of 50 levels, and the 312-meter-high Bank of America Plaza stand out among them. The Centennial Park neighborhood is home to some of the city’s major museums, including the World of Coca-Cola Museum, where drink lovers can learn a lot about the history of the global brand. Not far from the museum is the largest aquarium on the planet, where visitors can swim with the fish. On the same block is CNN Studios, which also offers guided tours. The National History Museum in Sweet Auburn and the Fernbank Museum of Natural History deserve special attention.

See the city from the Westin Peachtree or the Hyatt Regency Hotel’s observation deck. Centennial Olympic Park, Piedmont Park, and Grant Park, with its zoo, are great places to explore. Evening and night entertainment is rich and diverse. Among the most famous and frequented nightclubs and bars, stand out such places as Andrews cafe, Aiko Lounge, Masquerade, MJQ Concourse and Beluga Martini Bar. The Middletown area is preferred by young people and foreigners. It is also home to several clubs for non-traditional sexual orientations. The city’s festivities include the Jazz Festival in May, the traditional film festival in June, St. Patrick’s Day in March, and the colorful Georgia Renaissance Festival, commemorating the era of King Arthur.


The city’s culinary establishments can satisfy the tastes of the most diverse cuisine, and restaurants like Pittypat’s Porch, styled after Gone With the Wind, The Sun Dial with its circular panorama or Shakespeare’s Tavern, make for a truly unforgettable dining experience.


For shopping enthusiasts, Atlanta is also quite interesting, with plenty of boutiques, gift shops, stores and malls.

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With all its pros and cons, Atlanta is a classic American city. Travelling here is a great way to experience the South of the USA, its culture, history, and traditions, and to get a lot of impressions from your stay in Georgia’s capital.

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