Canadian Attractions

Canadian Attractions

The towers of the Notre Dame de Montreal Basilica, a neo-Gothic style, served as a landmark for Old Montreal. Today, the building, built in the first third of the 19th century, attracts attention with its gilded sculptures and leaf-gilt fleur-de-lis in the interior. Music connoisseurs note that this is where one of the largest pipe organs in the world is located.


Gastown is Vancouver’s oldest, most legendary neighbourhood. Many people think that if the city is not more than three hundred years old, you can hardly find antiquity there. Of course, on the American continent, the notion of old and new is not the same as on the European continent.

National Gallery of Canada

One of Ottawa’s most famous museums is the National Gallery of Canada. Its glass and granite building with octagonal towers was built in 1988.

Banff National Park

Banff National Park is Canada’s oldest park. It sprawls on the border of the province of Alberta and British Columbia. Since 1885, the park has attracted the attention of tourists and climbers. First of all, he surprises with beautiful landscapes of the Rocky Mountains, lakes, glaciers and pine forests, where there are wild animals. The park is also home to ski resorts, the most famous of which is near the town of Banff.

Niagara Falls, Canada

The Niagara Falls are a “thundering waterfall” falling from a height of 50 m, a natural wonder and one of the main tourist attractions in two countries, Canada and the USA. Each year millions of tourists come to see this embodiment of the power and might of nature. Niagara can be seen and heard long before it appears: there is a cloud of water vapor in the air and the sound of crashing water can be heard.

St. Joseph’s Oratory.

One of Montreal’s most famous churches is the Oratory of St. Joseph. Every year it is visited by 2 million people. Some pilgrims claim that God will hear their prayers if they climb the oratory steps on their knees. The brass dome of the oratory is the second largest in the world, second only to the dome of St. Peter’s Cathedral.

Vancouver Island

Vancouver itself is located in the province of British Columbia, exactly across the strait from it is the island of the same name, the capital of which bears the proud name of Victoria. The beauty of the island has since ancient times amazed and amazed all travelers who managed to get to these places.

Old Montreal

Old Montreal is one of those neighbourhoods that always attracts a lot of tourists. It is the historical center of the city with museums, restaurants, and stores. The houses here are built mostly of gray stone and the streets are narrow cobblestone sidewalks.

Bernard Avenue

Bernard’s Avenue is little known among tourists, but it is loved by locals. It is quite a bustling street – wide, tree-lined, in true Montreal style. Here you can relax in a cozy cafe or have a drink in a bar without the touristy glamour of showing off. A must on a visit to the Avenue is lunch at Café Romolo or La Piazetta – order a roast or mussels, you won’t regret it!

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Avenue Lurie

Avenue Lurie is one of the most fashionable streets in French-speaking Montreal. It is famous for its classic local architecture: the area’s beautiful stone buildings are decorated with many curly staircases and countless flower pots.

Montcland Avenue

Montcland Avenue is one of Montreal’s largest streets, the Mockland Village Shopping Centre: a collection of popular stores, trendy restaurants, outdoor cafes and cozy pubs. The Montcland Tavern, with its excellent cuisine, and the Old Orchard Pub, a truly tourist spot, are the most notable places to stay.

Mac Gill University Avenue

The avenue that bears the name of Mc Gill University houses much of Montreal’s modern skyscrapers. It is home to the English-speaking university founded in 1821 with money from local fur trader James Mc Gill.

Vancouver Aquarium

The Aquarium was opened in 1956, hence it is the oldest aquarium in Canada. Its structure is interesting and varied, with many exhibits devoted to the underwater landscapes of America’s northwest coast, and there are also corners given over to tropical rivers and seas.

Upper Canada Village

Traveling through Upper Canada Village is a journey through time, all the way back to the 1860s. Here you’ll see the original buildings from that period and their inhabitants going about their daily business and creating an atmosphere of antiquity.

Our Lady of Ottawa Basilica

The Cathedral of Our Lady of Ottawa was built on the site of the wooden church of St. James. The cathedral, located in Lower Town, is the oldest and largest church in Ottawa. The first design for the neoclassical cathedral was created in 1841, and the lower tier of the church was built in three years.

Van Dusen Botanical Gardens

The Van Dusen Botanical Garden is a 22-hectare oasis in the heart of Vancouver. More than 7,500 plant species from around the planet grow here. You can get lost in the hedge maze, relax in the serenity of one of the benches, and dine in the exquisite cafes and restaurants.

Capilano Hanging Bridge

Getting to know Vancouver usually begins with the Capilano Hanging Bridge, and for good reason. The Capilano was built in 1889 and was designed by Scottish engineer George Grand McCain. In its early days, however, it looked nothing like this.

Wood Buffalo

As there are no roads in the park, a herd of buffalo lives here and safely breeds in the wild, for the conservation of which Wood Buffalo Park was founded in 1922. The herd currently numbers more than 2,500.

Dare Dare Gallery

Another gallery, the Dare Dare Gallery, is dedicated to emerging artists. The concept of the gallery: to give young creative people the opportunity to realize their most daring ideas. You could say that here they present those works that perhaps other galleries would not dare to take.

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Reproduction Art Gallery

This gallery showcases reproductions of the world’s most famous paintings. They are strikingly similar to the originals, painted in oil and are an amazing collection of masterpieces of world art, displayed in one place and only just a little short of the most unique collection.

We could speak about the sights of Canada endlessly. Of course, the main feature of this country is its nature. Canada is like a wonderful planet, which combines civilization and primitive. National parks of the country are known all over the world, and in the mountains there are such places, where no man has ever set a foot.

The cities of Canada are no less interesting, full of modern skyscrapers and houses, many of which are several centuries old. The amazing architectural structures attract the attention of millions of tourists. Old quarters and streets serve as a part of this country’s history, reminiscent of the times when Canada was just becoming a big and strong state.

The provinces of Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island make up what is known as Atlantic Canada, home to a unique Acadian culture and a place known for its scenic beauty and historic Halifax attractions.

Quebec is one of Canada’s most unique regions, a great way to see the Old World without having to leave North America. Many cultural events are held here, Quebec is famous for its cuisine and classic Montreal architecture.

Ontario is Canada’s largest province by population: it is home to the country’s largest metropolis, Toronto, the national bilingual capital of Ottawa, as well as Niagara Falls, the Great Lakes, and even a vast desert.

The Canadian Prairies are picturesque hills and rapeseed fields, lakes, forests, and unique cliffs. Here are the popular ski resorts of Banff and Canmore.

The province of British Columbia is one of the most beautiful in Canada. And the city of Vancouver, located here, is the cultural center and liberal capital of North America.

And finally, the Northwest Territories of Nunavut and the Yukon are some of the wildest areas of the northern hemisphere, with minimal human intervention in pristine nature.

Canada’s Best Attractions

Canada is a state that is located in North America and is the second largest country in the world after Russia. Canada is home to interesting attractions that will appeal to any traveler who wants to explore these lands.

Futuristic cities with modern architecture, natural parks and national parks, historic sites, great food and beaches.

The country is famous for its beautiful landscapes that take your breath away. The moderately warm climate in the south of the country changes to harsh frosts in the north. Travelers come to Canada to explore national parks, admire waterfalls, conquer glaciers, swim in mountain lakes and watch whales in their natural habitat.

Canada’s most beautiful places

There are few places in the country that are more beautiful than their counterparts in the world. Every tourist coming to Canada should definitely visit them.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is probably the most famous waterfall in the world. Each year it is visited by about 30 million tourists from all over the world. It is located on the border of two countries: Canada and the United States. The Niagara Falls complex includes three waterfalls: American Falls, Horseshoe Falls and the Wedding Veil (Iris). The Horseshoe Falls is located in Canada and is 50.9 m high. It is one of the most impressive natural attractions in the country.

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Lake Louise (Banff National Park)

Lake Louise (Banff National Park)

You haven’t been to Canada if you haven’t seen Lake Louise. A glacial lake with amazing turquoise water stands surrounded by an emerald forest. And the rocky massifs of the mountains rise above it. This place is ideal not only for contemplating the beauty, but also for outdoor activities. There are hiking and bicycle trails around the lake. Here you can also go ice fishing or rock climbing. There is a major ski area near the lake.

Wood Buffalo National Park

Wood Buffalo National Park

Wood Buffalo National Park covers a huge area of 44,000 square kilometers. It’s hard to imagine all the splendor of this place until you see it with your own eyes. Most of the park is occupied by rivers, lakes, and marshes. There is also the most picturesque river delta here, formed by the Athabasca and the Pees River. There are hiking and biking trails and only one road through Wood Buffalo. This is done to preserve the park’s unique ecosystem. The park’s flora and fauna are rich in diversity. The main inhabitants of Wood Buffalo are a large herd of wild American bison. For the sake of preservation of their stock and the national park was created.

Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains cross North America from north to south. Some of them are in Canada and some are on U.S. soil. The Canadian Rocky Mountains consist mainly of limestone and shale rock. Their height reaches 4,000 meters above sea level. Most of the mountains belong to the territory of national parks and reserves. Taiga forests, alpine meadows, snowy peaks, mountain lakes and rushing rivers make up the typical picture of these places. The Rocky Mountains are home to foxes, deer, coyotes and the region’s most dangerous predator, the grizzly.

What to see in Canada

Canada’s attractions are not just limited to natural beauty and national parks, there are also architectural wonders and historical sites.


The building was designed by architect Bruce Price in the late nineteenth century. Its distinctive features are the presence of round towers, high decorated chimneys, many dormer windows and the presence of a balustrade. In the building of the castle there is a luxury hotel. Colonial architecture in the Renaissance style is striking, and the quality and service of hotel will impress the most demanding guests. The upper rooms offer a magical panorama of the St. Lawrence River.

Royal Tyrrell Paleontological Museum

The Royal Tyrrell Paleontological Museum

The town of Drumheller, known as the dinosaur capital, is located in the heart of barren land. In the late 1800s, a dinosaur skull was discovered in a coal mine. Such finds have occurred regularly since then. The Royal Museum houses about 80,000 exhibits, including 40 complete dinosaur skeletons. You can watch paleontologists work on the bones of ancient lizards in the museum.

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Butchart Gardens.

In the early twentieth century, the Butchart family was mining on Vancouver Island. When the deposits were depleted, a quarry was left. The Butcharts decided to ennoble it and turn it into a blooming garden. In 2004, the gardens were recognized as a national historical monument. Every year, up to a million tourists come here to admire the flowering plants. The gardens are still run by the Butchart family.

Notre Dame de Bon Secours (Montreal)

Notre Dame was the first cathedral built in North America. Originally there was a chapel on the site of the cathedral. And at the end of the seventeenth century there was a stone building. During its long history Notre Dame has undergone many changes and rebuildings. In the eighteenth century the cathedral was destroyed by fire, and then rebuilt. Today Notre Dame de Bon Secours in Montreal is protected by UNESCO.

The Parliament of Canada

The Parliament of Canada

The Parliament building in Ottawa is one of the most beautiful in the country. It was built in 1860 and destroyed in a major fire 50 years later. The building was rebuilt in 1922. It was built in the Neo-Gothic style with traditional elements in the form of towers, arched windows, and a sloping roof. You can take a tour of the parliament building to explore its interior.

Canada’s best city attractions

Going to Canada, it is worth thinking about the route of your trip in advance. The country has a huge number of attractions that deserve attention.


Toronto is one of the most popular places in the country among tourists. The city is not uncommonly called the “second New York City.” Toronto is a multifaceted metropolis where everyone can find something to their liking. You can explore the many museums and exhibits, go to the theater, have fun with your kids at the zoo or aquarium. And at night, the metropolis turns into a huge dance floor of parties, bars, live music and carnival. Of the must-see programs in the city, visit the CN Tower. First of all, it is the tallest building on the entire continent. Secondly, you get to the top in a high-speed glass-floored elevator – a thrill guaranteed.

Selkirk, Manitoba

Canada is called the land of lakes and rivers. And you’ve got a good reason for that. On its territory there is the greatest concentration of water objects of all countries in the world. Not surprisingly, with so many rivers and lakes, the country has a well developed fishing system. It is a whole direction in tourism. The best place for fishing is in the town of Selkirk on the Red River. And the main trophy of the fisherman is the catfish. There are excellent conditions for outdoor recreation. After fishing, you can visit the Manitoba Maritime Museum.

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On the west coast of the country near the U.S. border is Vancouver. It is one of the popular tourist destinations in Canada. Here you can go skiing, see orcas, hike in the Rocky Mountains, and possibly meet a bear. Vancouver is a major metropolis with a population of more than 600,000 people. And it’s the perfect place to explore the country’s natural beauty. Hundreds of parks, campgrounds, thousands of hiking trails, a giant sea dam, and countless rivers and lakes make the city a center for active sports and tourism.


It is both the oldest settlement on the continent and a frontier fortress. It concentrates the history of the first settlers and the history of American exploration. The first inhabitants erected the Fortress of Quebec for protection. It is the only fortified citadel surviving on the continent. There are seventeenth- and eighteenth-century buildings in the Old Town. But most of them belong to the nineteenth century. The main pearl of Quebec is Chateau Frontenac, which houses a hotel. Near Quebec, there are picturesque waterfalls. Among them is the famous Montmorency Falls, which surpasses the height of Niagara Falls. You can climb to the top of it by stairs or cable car. To see all the power of Montmorency, you should walk across the suspension bridge that connects the two banks of the river.


There are a thousand reasons to visit Montreal and just as many reasons to love it. Montreal is considered the cultural capital of the country. All kinds of festivals in film, dance, music, and art take place here year-round. For example, Montreal is home to the World Film Festival. Not many architectural monuments have survived in the historic district. Many were destroyed by fires and others were torn down for new development and road extensions. Montreal’s most iconic landmarks include: Mont Royal, the Old Port, the Oratory of St. Joseph, the Cathedral of Our Lady of Montreal, the Museum of Fine Arts, and the Botanical Gardens.


Going to Canada, you can’t miss its capital, Ottawa. Here travelers are waiting for another beautiful place on the map of the country. The main pearl of Ottawa – the parliament building, which looks more like a medieval castle than an administrative structure. A daily changing of the guard ceremony takes place in front of the parliament building. In Ottawa, travelers will find museums to suit all tastes: Canadian Museum of Nature, Canadian War Museum, Canadian Air and Space Museum, National Centre for the Arts. One of the most interesting objects on the tourist map of Ottawa is a former prison building. It was built in the mid-19th century and used for its intended purpose until 1972. Today there is a hotel where you can spend the night in “solitary” cell. But be warned, it is haunted! To book a night at the hotel follow this link – HI- Ottawa Jail Hostel

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