Burning Waves: Lake of Morning Glory

Lake of Morning Glory.

This lake is one of the most popular attractions in Yellowstone National Park, famous for its geysers and hot springs. It was named in the late 19th century after the blue flower, Morning Glory hippo, because of the similarity in color: in those days, the water in the lake was exceptionally clear, sky-blue. But irresponsible park visitors, of which there were more than enough over the years, threw trash into the lake, and some spenders even threw metal coins. These completely foreign objects, oxidizing and decomposing, have made the color of the water more and more distant from the blue: now it is green, and near the shores it is yellow-orange because of bacteria that have multiplied. In addition to the color, the lake has another distinctive feature. It is possible not only to drown in it (the depth of 7 meters is more than enough), but also to boil: the average temperature of the water is 90 degrees Celsius.

It was beautiful blue and transparent until the wild tourists fucked up this miracle. http://www.nps.gov/archive/yell/tours/oldfaithful/mrngglry.h. Here is a page with two photos: how it is now and how it was lake.

My yard

My Yard Chelyabinsk, Migrants, Hijab, Sandbox, Negative, Muslims, Children, Commuters, Yard, Women, From the Net

Response to the post “Saw the news on VK!”

I am bombarded by this poor girl’s parents. In Islam, it is not forbidden to walk around with her hair uncovered until the girl is sexually mature. And that’s 8th or 9th grade usually. All these first graders wearing hijabs are a bunch of parents who are sanctimonious with each other, saying, “Look at my babies and they’re already so God-fearing and right! Ugh. Why am I writing this? Because I have been wearing hijab since November 1st grade. Why? Because my mom’s cousin “outdid” my mom and brought her daughter in hijab to the assembly on September 1st. My mom desperately wanted to reduce this terrible gap, so in November she put it on me, too. That’s how I wore it till 11th grade. My cousin and I were the first in our little town to wear hijabs to school. They were proud of us. We were set as an example to everyone. They even told us to study two heads better than anyone else, because we were the indicators and representatives of the Muslim world in secular schools. They made us argue with the biology teacher about the theory of evolution. Other parents, looking at us, began to reel in their girls. Mothers started coming to the mosque with their three-year-olds wrapped up! The vanity of the Muslim parents had no limits, and it was encouraged by the men (of course). I will not write the city, so as not to raise waves of shit. I emphasize – I have nothing against Islam as a religion. But these fucking parents really piss me off, just go fuck yourself if you recognize yourself in this post.

Hungarian Szekesfehérvár: historical overview

Astronauts Dream.

Astronauts Dream Space, People, Weightlessness, Human, Interesting, Cognitive, Internet, Text, Picture with text, Dream, Longpost

Astronauts Dream Space, People, Weightlessness, Human, Interesting, Cognitive, Internet, Text, Picture with text, Dream, Longpost

Astronauts Dream Space, People, Weightlessness, Human, Interesting, Cognitive, Internet, Text, Picture with text, Dream, Longpost

Astronauts Dream Space, People, Weightlessness, Human, Interesting, Cognitive, Internet, Text, Picture with text, Dream, Longpost

The writing is invigorating.

The inscription is invigorating.

This technique could one day save a life.

Nord Stream

“Nord Stream, launched in reverse mode, began pumping gas out of German storage facilities

Continued post “She has an apartment and a car. That’s why she doesn’t want to get married. Why?”

I’m 37. I’m good-looking, athletic, work in IT. Never been married. My last relationship ended a couple of years ago. Actually, even earlier. About 6 or 7 years ago I wanted a family, kids, and marriage, and then I didn’t want to. My ex’s head was a mess of housekeeping and feminist subreddits. Like we work as equals, but when he comes home, it should be cooked, cleaned, and laundered. Even though I could come home from work later. But a woman should bring money into the house, because we have equal rights. But for some reason I always thought that marriage is a union of equals. And children in marriage should arise as a stage of the relationship and by mutual consent. Right now I’m not dating or looking for anyone. Come the winter, I’ll go boarding and skiing (everything as usual), come the spring, I’ll buy a motorcycle. Maybe I’ll buy a garage. Maybe I’ll buy a dead chahu to dig around in. Somebody’s got a dacha, but I’m drawn to machines, genes, what can you do. :) Maybe I’ll finally take out a mortgage. I’ll finally pick up a kitty at the dump, and we’ll live.

Lucky me. I’m not on tinder, for fuck’s sake. And my grandmother used to say, “fate will find you behind the furnace.” :)

I don’t need a glass of water. I like port, rum, kraftuha.

Response to the post “Saw the news on VK!”

In February 2015, the Russian Supreme Court ruled that the ban on the display of religious paraphernalia and the wearing of the hijab in schools was legal.

I will join many of the comments, but I would also like to add that this girl’s mother, instead of calming her child down, starts filming her on camera! Is this a concern for the child?

I’m not a supporter of school uniforms, on the contrary, its opponent. But there are certain rules and laws that we all have to follow, so I shut my mouth and go iron that fucking white shirt for my son, not start swinging my rights for some useless hype.

And here the situation looks like this, people don’t want to obey the laws of the country they live in and they’re making a big deal out of it. It is as if I was stopped by a traffic police inspector for speeding, and I would start filming him on camera and shouting that he is a scoundrel.

The best places to visit in Kuwait

The rules are the same for everyone, tomorrow I will say we are Pastafarians and put a colander on my son and ask him to reckon with his faith.

I’m sorry, I’ve been bombed out of my mind.

The serfdom of our age.

A friend of mine complained. She decided to change jobs – she was offered better conditions – better hours and higher pay. She wrote her resignation letter at work. The deputy director said – ok. Two weeks I work it off, hand things over and then she’s free. On the 13th day he called her and offered to increase the salary, she refused. On the 14th day the director summoned her and said that she would not go anywhere, he had big orders and no time or desire to look for new employees, but the salary should be increased. In the department of human resources about her statement is not aware of it, it disappeared into the deputy’s desk is not signed apparently. Yes, shortsightedly did not register her statement. But somehow with such a lot of years of work have not encountered. While writing a new job can sail away, and so she creaked waiting for two weeks. All in all, fun, nda.

The serfdom of our age Firing, Bosses, Salary, Old photo

Response to the post “”Relatives””

I communicated with girls from the senior class at school, in their class there was a boy from the orphanage. And unlike many others he was decent, quite calm, moderately cheerful and not angry. When he got out of the orphanage he was given a pension. He went to the village where he lived as a child and was killed for that money. I think his friends (either from the village or from the orphanage). Many years have passed, but I still remember his face and his tall figure. He wanted to go to college in Stavropol. But his friends killed him. Threw him in a ditch. I don’t know why, but that detail made a big impression on me.

We could have fought about the apartment and not talked to each other for the rest of our lives.

Had a big fight with my older brother over an inheritance. My grandfather gave me a one-bedroom apartment in an old house. I yelled at my brother that he had a family, kids, and it was a great down payment, and he foaming at the mouth proved to me that somehow he would cope, and I, a single young girl, needed this apartment more. There was nothing to divide, the amount was relatively small. I had to put pressure on my parents to get the money for him. I realized that we were brought up right. I love him, I love his wife and kids, and I don’t see how it could be otherwise)

Facts about Vietnam you should know before you travel

Continued post “She has an apartment and a car. That’s why she doesn’t want to get married. Why?”

I’ll answer all at once and I won’t even burn my account. Oh yeah. As a friend of mine says, “I’ll answer that with a song.” :)

1. I’m not special, there are a lot of people like me (pardon my French). I can only assume, but I will assume that we usually (not always) live in big cities and have achieved everything on our own. I mean. At a time when my friends/unfriends were getting married/divorced and whatever else they wanted, I was plowing like papa Carlo, and here’s the logical outcome. By the way, I don’t think I’m a prodigy. Because of those I grew up with, the good guys worked more and do not live in this country, but let’s not talk about sad things. :)

2. I am not against men. I don’t think all men are assholes or any other words and I don’t label people unless they show it for themselves. But I don’t like idiots, sorry if I offended anyone. I just find it humiliating to depend on someone. Just like I think it’s demeaning to marry “on the fly” and postulates about the bunny and the lawn. I don’t think a woman is characterized by children or men.

(3) Here we come to the “union of equals. Yes, man and woman are not equal by nature, that’s a fact. But. To me, for a successful, happy marriage, “you must have read the same books as a child.” People have to be on the same page, equally independent. I’m independent at the moment, and I’ll be vulnerable on maternity leave (if it comes at all), and then I’ll be independent again. What kind of man should I trust with my vulnerability? Incredible (to me). Marriage should be better than before marriage, not because someone to someone 100 rubles, and someone in return a pussy. Or you can fantasize about your own options. The institution of the family in this country is ruined, it’s a fact. Everyone lives according to his morals.

4. Here’s a strawberry, finished it, congratulations. :)

How do I have sex? You don’t. End of post.

Okay, I’ll explain. I haven’t been interested in fucking for the sake of fucking for a long time. I can give pleasure to myself, because I have hands, and I have not been banned from pornhub :) For me sex with a man is feelings, and for them to arise, it is necessary to communicate. About the institution of the family I have already written? I’ll write again. I get the feeling that sex now is not something intimate, not magic, but fast food. You know, like. On the first date you have to kiss, on the third date you have to give. And then we’ll see. You know what I learned from the last relationship? Why didn’t it work out? The thing is, my ex-boyfriend was like a shitload of bullets. That’s the end of it. I want my man to be my best friend. And then everything else. And of.

The most impressive Aztec structures

5. I’m not on Tinder. I mean, people go out on dates and act like they’re some sort of thing. I don’t. I’m just lazy. I was in St. Petersburg. I went to a bar with some friends. It was time to go to a hotel, so I walked (the bridges were open, no cab would come). I stumbled upon a really cool bar while I was walking. I had a drink, danced, and went on. The next day my friends ask me: who were you there with? I said: with the coolest person in my life. With me :)

6. For dessert. About warmth. It may turn out that someday I will meet someone who will touch the strings of my soul. And it will be wonderful. And if I don’t, fuck it. :)

Burning Waves: Lake of Morning Glory

There are many wonderful and enchanting places on our wonderful planet, whether they be rivers or lakes, mountain ranges or deserted distances. Each of them is beautiful and unique in its own way. But there are some unsolved mysteries of nature, which even today amaze the world with their mysteries, which can not be explained to the representatives of the scientific world.

One of these wonders of the world is a lake of unprecedented beauty and mystery, which has the admirable name of “Morning Glory”. Located in Yellowstone National Park in the United States this spring is not only a source of great pride for the locals but also a scientifically unexplained phenomenon which attracts people from all over the world.

Burning Waves: Lake of Morning Glory - Photo 2

Burning Waves: Lake of Morning Glory

Few people can imagine a swirling, multicolored, boiling mass instead of a gentle blue, calm surface of water as if it were not a lake but a raging volcano that burst into flames. This park is quite a few other hot springs, geysers and volcanic formations. But this lake is particularly striking for its magnificence and colorful abundance.

Burning Waves: Lake of Morning Glory - Photo 3

Burning Waves: Lake of Morning Glory

It may come as a surprise to many that this lake is really colorful . Depending on climatic changes, its color changes many times and shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow. At one time it was crystal clear, blue, or rather sky blue, and recently due to the fault of tourists, who throw trash into it, it is old grayish-brown. Closer to the edge, the lake is edged with green rings, smoothly passing into red and lilac color motifs. And already along the shore takes bright yellow coloring. This color scheme of the reservoir is due to the unique and diverse bacteria and microorganisms that have been living in these water spaces for many years. It is an amazing sight, incomparable and unique to behold.

What to see in Amber Bay, in the Dominican Republic

Burning Waves: Lake of Morning Glory - Photo 4

Burning Waves: Lake of Morning Glory

Moreover, this lake impresses by its other features. For example, this is the only body of water on the planet, in which no one has ever bathed, because the water in it reaches 90 degrees and boils, and sometimes turns into a kind of volcano, which delights numerous people. From the depths of water streams sound strange and unidentified, but they are more singing and beautiful than wild and frightening. The water is constantly bubbling and producing puffs of steam. At these moments, the entire multicolored mass spurts up and out with splashes and hisses, very reminiscent of colored, singing fountains.

Burning Waves: Lake of Morning Glory - Photo 5

Burning Waves: Lake of Morning Glory

Spectacle, of course, enchanting, but you need to stay away from it as far as possible. And that’s not all the weirdness. In the middle of this mesmerizing body of water there is a somewhat eerie looking sinkhole, which is more than 2,000 meters deep. It goes without saying that there is not and will not be a fool who would dare to dive to the bottom of such a lake. And still no one knows what secrets it holds in its underwater realms.

Burning Waves: Lake of Morning Glory - Photo 6

Burning Waves: Lake of Morning Glory

The lake got its delightful name back in the 18th century, when the wife of the park manager took a look at the body of water from her balcony. The woman admired this marvelous natural beauty and found a resemblance to her favorite garden flower, which bore the name “Morning Glory.” Indeed, it was worth recognizing the fact that the lake and the plant were so similar in color and structure that the then unnamed hot spring immediately received its new and so beautiful name.

Burning Waves: Lake of Morning Glory - Photo 7

Burning Waves: Lake of Morning Glory

It is under such designation it appears in numerous tourist guidebooks, and thousands of fans of the beautiful burn with desire to visit such charming and a little frightening place, where beauty is combined with mystery and inexplicability of those amazing natural phenomena, which are so rich in our planet.

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