Budget travel to Komodo Island, Indonesia

Komodo Island: How to Get There, Where to Live and What to Do

So, it’s time to dispel the stereotype that the rest on the island of Komodo is available only for the well-off segments of our society. No, no and no! To visit this island, anyone can, if only want to. Prices here are almost no different from the general Indonesian, but the nature is unique! How many other places in the world, where you can look at the Komodo varans and swim with giant mantas?

How to get to Komodo Island

First of all you need to fly to Labuan Bajo. Now there are many airlines flying there from Ende, Bali, Surabaya and Jakarta. Tickets are quite expensive: from Bali from 50 dollars, from Jakarta from 100…

Organized tour

Most tourists who come to Labuan Bajo take an organized tour for 1-2-3 or more nights and do not worry about anything. If you have an extra 100 or more bucks per person per day, you can go this way. There are a lot of these beautiful boats in Labuan Bajo Bay – enough for everyone.

Boat on Komodo

It is on them that such cruises are made. Inside the cabins, all the conditions, food and entrance fees to the national park are usually included.

Visits to the islands of Komodo, Rincha and Padar are included on our signature tours.


A nice new boat with comfortable cabins for 3 days and 2 nights costs from 7 million rupees for two people, from 10 million for four people. All feeding and snorkeling gear is included in the price, and entrance fees to the national park are paid separately. All details, pictures and to book please contact me on my watsap:

Sharing Tour

If you walk around the many shops in Labuan Bajo, you can join any group for 1-2-3 days. Prices vary and depend on the type of boat, the program, and the number of people. Sometimes there are 20 people in a group, which reduces the cost, but the prices are affordable for everyone!

Community boat

Opened to the public Dina Husein-Zadeh, for which she is very grateful. This boat leaves Labuan Bajo for Komodo Island on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and returns on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. The price for locals is 20-25 thousand rupees. For foreigners – as you agree, count on 50,000. Travel time depends on wind and waves, usually 4-5 hours. From Labuan Bajo the boat departs near the fish market on the corner. Departure time is between 8 am and 11 am. The boat is like this.

Boat on Komodo

The seats are seated only, on the floor.

Where to stay

The best place to stay on the boat is on multi-day tours – it’s an unforgettable experience! Most of the “civil” hotels are located in Labuan Bajo, here is an overview. The whole island of Komodo – the possessions of the national park, a heritage of UNESCO and the biosphere reserve. Therefore, the construction of hotels, cafes and other tourist infrastructure here is strictly prohibited. Visitors are allowed to stay at the lodging of local residents in the village of Kampung Komodo. The most enterprising locals have opened Homestay in their homes. Here we will describe them.

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Homestay Siwa.

The cheapest and simplest. Located on the right side of the pier, almost at the edge of the village. The conditions are spartan: a mattress and a mosquito net. Everything.

Homestay Siwa

There is a mandi and a toilet.

From the outside it looks like this.

Homestay Siwa

Price of 150,000 rupees per person per night, including 3 meals and free tea and coffee during the day.

Homestay EcoFlores.

An official homestay from the government. The conditions are noticeably better than the previous one.

Homestay EcoFlores

There is even a price list for services.

Homestay EcoFlores

There is no sign on the outside, looks like this, located in the center of the village, on the main street.

Homestay EcoFlores

The price is 120,000 rupees per person per night, including 3 meals and free tea and coffee during the day.

Komodo Homestay & Art Shop

Considered the best on the island. Clean, cozy, but again, everything is simple.

Komodo Homestay & Art Shop

Komodo Homestay & Art Shop

It has the most beautiful mandi, you can even take pictures of it without the risk of shocking the general public.

Komodo Homestay & Art Shop

Komodo Homestay & Art Shop

The price is 300,000 rupees per person.

Flores Homestay Network

Good, nice rooms here, too.

Flores Homestay Network

You can identify it by the signposting and it’s not too far from the previous one.

Flores Homestay Network

The price is the same Rs 300,000.

Nameless Homestay

Located next to EcoFlores, looks like this.


Also quite civil.



The price of 300,000 rupees.

There are a few other options besides these, but I did not like it there.

Attention: The village chief takes a fee of 10,000 rupees from each visitor to the island of Komodo. Plus you have to sign up in the guest book.

Where to eat

There are no cafes or even food shops for locals.

If you stay at a hostel or Pak Hyrule as a volunteer, you will be fed. In addition, in the morning you can get delicious pastries, doughnuts, cakes at the grannies. Prices are usually 1000 rupees apiece. In the village there are a few stores, there are also found edibles. And not only: shampoos there, soaps, different small things.

What to do on Komodo Island

Watching the life of local people.

A very fascinating thing. Local Komodo and Bima people live very simple and poor but do not lose heart, have a big smile and laugh out loud. More about the locals and what they do I wrote in this article.

Watching the life of the local fauna

It’s no secret that the main feature of the island – Komodo varans. They are so common here that they often walk right into the village, or roam somewhere in the vicinity.

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Komodo Dragon

I wrote more about the fauna of Komodo Island here.


Renting a single-seater sea kayak for half a day costs 50,000 rupees, for a full day it costs 80,000 rupees. The thing is pretty stable, I even rode it around the island of Lusa, although in some places was a good wave, I had all the time rhythmically and strongly paddling, so as not to turn over.

To rent a boat

You can arrange with local fishermen (with the help of an English-speaking local) on a trip to beautiful beaches of pink or white sand, snorkeling sites, the island with flying foxes Pulau Kalong and to Manta Point. I went to Pink Beach and Pantai Namo for half a day for 300,000 rupees. Manta Point would be more expensive – it’s quite a long way to sail. But it will be the experience of a lifetime!

Going on a trekking trip in a national park

It’s quite expensive now: the entrance ticket on weekdays costs 150000 rupees, on weekends 225000 rupees. 5,000 rupees for trekking and 100,000 rupees village tax. There is an extra Rs. 80,000 per group for the guide. If you are going on this adventure, make the most of it: the trekking from Loh Liang to Loh Sebita. It’s about a five hour hike. Plan your time so that you arrive in Sebita during evening animal activity at 4-5 pm. You can reach Loh Liang in the morning by boat from the village, with rangers and traders, and don’t forget to ask permission to be met at Loh Sebita. In Loh Liang is the office of the park and all tourists go there. Varans in the area are not much, and they are tame. Loch Sebita, on the other hand, is the far side. The Poreng Valley is not far away, with huge numbers of wild boar, deer, and buffalo. Wild rams often visit there to hunt.

Komodo Dragon

The Komodo ram is a spectacular animal, definitely worth seeing!

Another option: go to Manta Point in the morning and Loh Sebita in the afternoon. Don’t forget to buy tickets to Loh Liang beforehand, they are not sold in Sebita. You can stop by before Manta Point and buy them.

Bali trip to Komodo: Getting there and seeing what’s there

Many tourists go to Bali not only to bask on the white sands by the ocean or by the hotel pool, but also to explore the local culture and attractions. For this agency offer a lot of excursions, including the island of Komodo.

Komodo Reserve has two striking titles – it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, as well as one of the seven New Wonders of Nature. But it is known primarily for its inhabitants. The Komodo Varan is the largest living lizard on earth and is listed in the International Red Data Book. Our Komodo Island tour is an excellent choice that includes a complete package with all transfers, flights, lodging and meals. Choose this tour to see the “land crocodile” – as the natives call it – with your own eyes!

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Where is the island Komodo

The famous Bali is only 500 km away, which allows tourists to constantly go on excursions. The area of the island is small – 280 square kilometers, but there are many beautiful and world-famous attractions. Despite the popularity of the place, there are no hotels and infrastructure, but this does not embarrass curious tourists.

How to get to Komodo Island

To get to Komodo you need to take a plane from Bali (about 1.5-2 hours) to the nearest airport on the island of Flores, and from there a few hours by boat. In total, the journey one way takes about 4-5 hours. You can stay overnight in Komodo, but not in a nice hotel, but in camping (uncomfortable) conditions.

Komodo excursion 2 days/1 night.

Cost – $ 550 (price per person, minimum 2 persons).

Inclusions: Transportation from and to the hotel, air tickets, boat trips, three meals a day, mineral water, accommodation, guide, entrance tickets to the reserve.

Duration: 2 days/1 night

Note: the program may vary with changes in flight schedules, price may change with changes in airfares.

Day 1: Denpasar (Bali) – Flores Island – Kanawa Island – Kalong Island

We take a comfortable car from your hotel to Denpasar airport, from where you will take a domestic flight to Florence Island, part of the Lesser Sunda Islands. Your guide will meet you at the airport and take you to the harbor, from which our journey will begin. On the way to Kanawha Island you can relax, have lunch, and admire the unforgettable beauty of the ocean. Kanawha Island is famous for its excellent snorkeling spots, because the flora and fauna of the islands of the National Park can delight any traveler. Here we will stop for a swim, refreshment, and snorkeling. After that we will go to the island of Kalong, which is home to another attraction of the national park – fruit flying foxes, which at nightfall fly out of their shelters in search of their favorite delicacy – tropical fruits. In the rays of the setting sun, the flight of flying foxes look especially fascinating. Next you will have dinner and accommodation on board.

Day 2: Kalong Island – Rincha Island – Bidadari Island – Florence Island – Denpasar (Bali Island)

After an early breakfast we will travel to Rincha Island where the famous Komodo dragons live in the protected rainforest. Accompanied by a gamekeeper we will go on a 5 kilometer hike to see with our own eyes the giant lizards and enjoy the magnificent nature of these places. We may also see other animals – buffalo, monkeys, deer. After ending the walk on Rincha Island the trip will continue toward Bidari Island, a wonderful place for swimming, snorkeling and relaxing, where you can enjoy the sight of coral gardens, tropical fish and other ocean creatures. We will then sail to Florence Island to fly to Denpasar, where you will be met by a driver to take you to your hotel.

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Komodo excursion 3 days/2 nights

$700 (price per person, minimum 2 persons)

Inclusions: Transportation from and to the hotel, air tickets, boat trips, three meals a day, mineral water, accommodation, guide, entrance tickets to the reserve.

Duration: 3 days/2 nights

Note: the program may vary with changes in flight schedules, price may change with changes in airfares.

Day 1: Denpasar (Bali) – Flores Island – Rincha Island – Pink Beach – Kalong Island

Early in the morning you can take a comfortable car transfer to Denpasar airport, from where you will take a flight to the island of Flores (the Lesser Sunda Islands). The flight takes about 1.5 hours. At the airport of Florence Island you will be met by a driver to take you to the harbor, where the most interesting part of the journey begins. The first thing you do is head for Rincha Sotrov. This is one of the islands that is part of the National Reserve. Here a gamekeeper will be waiting for you, spend two hours walking around the island, where in pristine tropical nature you can meet the famous Komodo dragons, get acquainted with the habitat of these ancient “dinosaurs” and see a lot of other funny inhabitants of the reserve. After lunch we will head to Rose Beach, a wonderful place to relax on the beach, swim, sunbathe, and enjoy the beauty of the Indian Ocean. As darkness falls, we will go to the island of Colon, where we will see another interesting inhabitants of the reserve – flying foxes. In the evening the flying foxes go in search of fruit. We will be able to watch the flight of these amazing creatures in the setting sun. Overnight on the boat.

Day 2: Kalong Island – Komodo Island – Manta Point – Kanawa Island

The morning of the second day promises to be very romantic and bright. You’ll have a delicious breakfast aboard the ship in the rising sun, ocean breeze, and wonderful views. We set sail for Komodo Island! This is another island that is home to the living Komodo baboons. Accompanied by a gamekeeper, you will take a walk on the Komodo Sotrov where you can see, observe, and photograph these majestic dragons once again. After the tour lunch will be served on board and we will sail to a very favorite diving spot of all divers, Manta Point. This place is famous for its clearest water, richness of oceanic flora and fauna. Here you can snorkel or just swim in the clear ocean water. Next we will head to Sebajur Island to relax on the white sandy beach with a swimming pool. We will spend the night on Kanawha Island.

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Day 3: Kanawa Island – Bidadari Island – Florence Island – Denpasar (Bali)

After breakfast we will continue our adventure on Bidari Island to enjoy the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, snorkeling among the rich coral reefs, admiring the fish or just swimming before going back. After that we will go to the island of Florence to catch the plane to Denpasar (Bali). At the airport your driver will pick you up and take you to your hotel.

3 Lakes Kelimutu

Cost: $ 535 (min. 2 persons).

What is included: Bali-Flores-Bali airfare, all transfers by car around Bali and Flores, food, mineral water, entrance tickets, hotel accommodation (2 nights), English-speaking guide.

This excursion outside Bali will begin early in the morning with a flight to West Flores in Muamer City. Then there will be lunch at a local restaurant, consisting of national cuisine. This will be followed by a fascinating drive to the west of the island, during which you will enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery. Your destination will be a local village on the slope of Mount Kelimutu, where you will be offered an overnight stay after dinner. The next day you will depart early in the morning at 4:30 for a hike up the slope of Mount Kelumutu, followed by a stunning view of Kelimutu’s three colorful lakes. Orange, green and black. After that there will be a return trip, ending with a shower and breakfast. After a short rest you will travel to the local village of Jopu Rangase where you will see the local color. Afterwards you will be taken to a restaurant in Moni for lunch. After lunch, back to Muamer. On the third day, in the morning you will have the opportunity to visit the local souvenir market, then fly to Bali.

What to bring: comfortable shoes, a change of clothes, sunglasses, camera.

Diving in Komodo

Also tourists are very attracted by the rich underwater world of these islands. This is where all the diving enthusiasts gather who can see the beautiful coral reefs that have not been touched by man. In total, there are over 1000 species of fish and 300 species of reefs. The water is crystal clear, making it easy to observe the life of beautiful sea creatures. Before diving there is a briefing, and beginners are supervised by an instructor, who will always tell where the best dive and where the best and most impressive view.

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