Budget holidays: tours to Fiji

Budget holidays: tours to Fiji

The island nation of Fiji is called a true fairy tale on earth. Azure waves of the ocean, golden beaches and tropical breezes are the usual folk color of this country. Are these privileges available to budget tourists and how inexpensive you can rest in the sea lagoon? All the tricks and pros of the holiday are collected in this review!

Island nation of Fiji

The independent island nation of Fiji is located in Oceania near Melanesia. The country is bordered by the waters of the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand, Vanuatu, Tuvalu and the island nation of Tonga. Many islands belonging to Fiji remain unpopulated because of the soil unsuitable for life. Only a small part of islands of this state have modern megapolises. Primeval islands of Fiji are the national natural reserves. The country’s population is about 905,038 people as of 2021. The local population is ethnically divided: 58% indigenous Fijians, 37% mestizo, 1.9% Rotumans, 1.2% mixed marriages, about 1% Indians, 0.5% Chinese (tribe Han), and 1.5% natives of neighbouring states. The main dialect of the people is divided into official English and Fijian. Among the people’s culture of faith, 64% are Christian, 35% Catholic, 9% Assembly of God, 4% Adventist, 28% Hindu, 6.4% Muslim, 0.4% Sikh, 1% Atheist, and 0.4% other religions. The main capital of Fiji is Suva.

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Island nation of Fiji

Natural landscape

The entire territory of Fiji consists of an archipelago of inhabited and virgin islands. Territorially there are about 300 islands in the country, among which a little more than 100 are inhabited. Uninhabitable islands are covered by volcanic plateaus and coral reefs. The rest of the island nation’s inhabited people have sandy and mountainous soils. Fiji’s natural environment consists of tropical and rainforest . Most of the islands are sandy and only some are endowed with volcanic pebbles. Fiji’s forests are full of mangroves, lowland valleys with rivers and even fresh water lakes. Also some inhabited islands may be in the location with dormant volcanoes. The nature of this paradisiacal place is rich enough, but not in fauna! Instead of wildlife, Fiji is populated by reptiles, snakes, insects and a large number of birds. It is worth noting the diversity of the marine world, including the list of rare species of crabs. And here the flora is quite extensive and unique due to the rare plant species. The warm tropical climate of Fiji gives people a good fertility. In the country they grow up fruit, spices and some kinds of vegetables.

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Budget Hotels on Fiji

Despite the fact that this travel destination belongs to the paradise of the world, you can easily find inexpensive accommodation options. The country of course a huge selection of luxury hotels, inns and suites! But even with a little capital tourists will be where to stretch out! Here’s the basic list of budget hotels in Fiji:

  • Bluewater Lodge
  • Tropic of Capricorn Viti Levu
  • Bay View Barbers Lodge
  • Island Accommodation Nadi
  • Westfield Homestay Fiji
  • Guddys Riverside Cottage Nausori
  • Classixx Inn
  • Colo-I-Suva Rainforest Eco Resort

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Budget Hotels on Fiji

Cuisine of the Islands

The traditional cuisine of the Fiji Islands has been formed by the different national cultures that inhabited the islands. Culinary traditions were influenced both by the first tribal inhabitants of the islands and the new immigrants from neighboring countries. The main features of the cuisine consist of locally grown products. Due to the fact that the islands are rich in vegetation and fruits they are also used in the folk cuisine. The main emphasis of ingredients is on seafood and fish. Root vegetables, leaves, sweet potatoes (yams), breadfruit, rice, and coconuts are often used in cooking. Poultry and beef are the most common meats. Fish, seafood and crustaceans are indispensable ingredients of Fiji cuisine. People make different variations of dishes: stews, mashed potatoes, soups, roasts and char-grilled everything. And the sweet side of the island state can pamper tourists with local pies of exotic fruits, fruit ice cream, steamed (assorted) puddings, desserts of cassava and traditional pastries. From the category of drinks you can try folk teas made of lemon leaves, herbal teas, local folk drinks (Jagona and Cava), as well as natural juices, smoothies and cocktails. From the alcohol bar, folk wine and export beer are in demand.

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Cuisine of the Islands

The best attractions of the state

The main and most popular attractions of Fiji are the island structures and national nature . The country is rich with tropical landscapes, beautiful beaches and national reserves. Among the list of Fiji’s most interesting places to see are:

  • Mamanuta Airfield Island
  • National park desert “Sigatoka Sand Dunes”
  • Volcanic Island “Yasawa”
  • Volcano Island “Tomanivi
  • The picturesque river “Navua
  • The ancient island of the first settlers “Nananu-i-Ra
  • National Museum of Fiji in Suva
  • Colo-i-Suva Forest Reserve

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The best attractions of the state

  • Albert Park Tourist Village in Suva
  • Sacred Heart Church in Levuka
  • Botanical Gardens “Thurston Gardens” in Suva
  • Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud Pool
  • Marina, Spa and Souvenir District “Port Denarau Marina” in Denarau Island
  • Garden of the Sleeping Giant Botanical Gardens in Nadi
  • Big Bula Water Park in Denarau Island
  • Kula Wild Adventure Park wildlife sanctuary in Sigatoka
  • Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple in Nadi
  • Spice Gardens and Nature Garden at Wainadoi in Viti Levu
  • Naihehe Caves in Sigatoka
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The best attractions of the state

  • Arts Village in Pacific Harbor
  • Beautiful Tavoro Waterfalls on Taveuni Island
  • Damodar City Centre shopping mall in Suva
  • TappooCity Suva Shopping Centre
  • Tappoo Centre in Sigatoka
  • MHCC” shopping center in Suva
  • Local brewery (tour) “Kailoma Brewing Co.” in Korolevu
  • Splash Mountain Jungle Water Slide in Sigatoka Sawa-I-Lau Caves Yasawa Island
  • Lavena Coastal Walk marvelous waterfall Taveuni Island

Also in Fiji there are many different kinds of entertainment: diving, surfing, boating, horseback riding, tribal shows, and more.

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The best attractions of the state

Local currency and money

The unit of currency in Fiji is the Fiji dollar “FJD” . In the country you will always need small bills, for example to pay for travel. Tourists should exchange currency at bank branches, tour companies or their own hotel. In many tourist spots: hotels, restaurants, shopping malls can pay with a card. Some entertainment and leisure privileges can be expensive! But do not forget that the island nation is developing and holds the economy through tourism! If you resort to the simple human life by buying products in the supermarket, markets and small fruit stands, you can save the budget very decently. Also, do not ignore the small cafes and local street food, which is very appetizing looking and inexpensive! So it’s worth checking out the local rates before heading out to an expensive restaurant or taking a luxury excursion.

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Local currency and money

Safety on the Islands

Fiji is a reasonably safe country for tourists. There is nothing criminal and dangerous in these parts. That’s just can hurt the local nature and not respecting their own safety measures! So you should familiarize yourself with the basic problems that may await any traveler in these parts:

  • Before leaving for the tropical country of Fiji will require a number of inoculations, which should be included in the list of every tourist!
  • Despite the purification of water in the country, drinking tap water is prohibited! You should also wash your vegetables, brush your teeth and wash your face with boiled or mineral water!
  • To avoid sunburn, radiation and skin pigmentation you should bring sunscreen and light clothing to cover your body after bathing.
  • Fiji’s waters contain many varieties of fish and sea urchins, which can contain toxic poisons (dangerous to humans). Also on some islands there are sharp coral reefs which can injure the feet of tourists! So for diving it is worth to get durable shoes and wetsuits.
  • It is worth noting: that the local flora and fauna can also be dangerous for tourists! Some species of plants and insects may well be poisonous!
  • Among other things, as in any part of the world, it is worth to watch your own luggage!
  • Do not use the services of hitchhikers, wander at night in the tropics and look in the villages to the tribes and the Indians. The local people in these parts may meet travelers very unkindly!
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Safety on the Islands

Immerse yourself in heavenly waves and experience the sunny life can every traveler in Fiji . And despite the luxury hotels, expensive excursions and luxury restaurants absolutely anyone in the world with a little capital can visit this pearl of the world.

Holidays in Fiji 2022

Fiji – an island nation in the Pacific Ocean. It is located north of New Zealand, and separated from it by the Fiji Sea. The island of Fiji is at the center of a triangle, the tops of which are occupied by the islands of New Zealand, the United States and New Caledonia. The state itself is a collection of volcanic and coral islands. The capital is Suva. The official languages are three: English, Fijian, and Hindustani.

Visa and prices for holidays in 2022 in Fiji

For citizens of Russia and Ukraine on the islands is a visa-free regime. At customs, you fill out a tourist card, the validity of which does not exceed 4 months. The cost of such a “visa” is $20. There are no direct flights from Moscow. On the way to Fiji you will have at least 2 connections, where you may get stuck for 1-2 days. The best option is to take direct flights to Australia or New Zealand, and from there you fly to Fiji. Tickets will cost at least $1,500.

When is the beginning of the season in Fiji in 2022? – Climate and weather

The islands have a tropical climate. The average annual temperature is +25oC. The hottest months are considered the season from December to March, when temperatures reach +30oC. The relative humidity during these months is about 83%. Despite the fact that it is the hottest months, at this time there is the greatest amount of precipitation, about 300 mm per month.

There are fewer sunny days in the rainy season than in the dry season, but the sun shines for 6 to 8 hours a day. Fiji doesn’t see many tourists during this time, so if you don’t mind stuffy and wet weather, buying a tour to the islands in 2022 will give you a relaxing and unforgettable holiday. From April to November, the islands are in a season of lower temperatures, and the island begins to fill with tourists.

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During this time, the temperature ranges from +25oC to +28oC. From July to October is the dry season, when the maximum rainfall per month is 60 mm. The peak season is in July and August, so if you like the crowds dancing in the discos, it’s your time. Sunny days are about 20-25 a month. June to August are the shortest days with only 4-5 hours of sunshine.

Relative humidity during this time drops to 78-80%. Islands of Fiji are subject to tropical cyclones, which peak in November and April. Do not spoil your holiday in Fiji in 2022, because the holiday spent outside the window, lingering in anticipation of a flood is not the best thing that can be in your life.

But if your vacation is at that time don’t despair, cyclones are not frequent here, after checking with the tour operator the weather at this time may be very dry and warm.

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