Brittany’s 10 Most Beautiful Beaches

The best beaches in Brittany.

Holidays on the beach

The hilly coastline of Brittany is so different that everyone will find something different in it: narrow coves, spacious bays, steep cliffs, sand dunes, gentle beaches. We will tell you only about the best beaches in the region. If you know other interesting places, share them in the comments to the article!

Features of a beach holiday in Brittany

The beaches of northern France are significantly different from the Côte d’Azur. Holidays in Brittany will suit those who do not like the intense heat.

The season on the coast begins with the “French summer”, which is June 21, and ends in early September. The daytime temperature generally does not exceed +24 °. The water warms up to +18-20 °. Nights are quite cool – no more than +16 °.

The beaches in Brittany are very different: wild and equipped, small cozy and spacious, quiet and with a lot of waves for surfing.

“Read Nantes, the capital of Brittany

Saint-Sieu beach in Lancieux.

Sainte-Sieu Beach

This is the biggest and best sandy beach of the seaside resort of Lancieux. It is close to the town center and is fully equipped with showers, toilets, beach volleyball courts, children’s play center, and kite rentals. The right side of the beach is busier, and those who like to sleep on the sand can go to the left side of the beach and enjoy their vacation in their own style.

In the off-season, kite-surfing is allowed on the beach, and equipment is available for rent. And in July and August right on the beach organize races, and it turns into a racetrack. From the beach there is a beautiful view of the island of Hébihens. Find hotel prices in Lancier here.

Grande Plage du Sillon in Saint-Malo

Grand Plage de Saint Malo

One of the most beautiful beaches in Brittany is in the famous pirate town of Saint-Malo. The strip of sand stretches from the walls of the old town far to the rocky promontory on the eastern edge of the bay. At high tide the beach almost disappears, but at low tide it is wide enough for recreation, games, building castles and treasure hunts.

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There are showers and lifeguards on the beach. You can rent surfing equipment, kayaks and even scuba diving. You can find a hotel closer to the beach on this link.

Of course, to spend an entire vacation on the beach – it’s fine. But St. Malo has a lot to see. Do not forget to make a small excursion around town to see the old fortresses. Not far away you can visit the monastery on the island of Mont Saint-Michel or the Channel Islands (English territory).

The beaches of the town of Dinard


On the other side of the mouth of the Rance River opposite Saint-Malo is another Brittany resort, Dinard. The local beaches are wide enough not to go completely under water during maximum tides. Dinard – a very popular resort, so you need to book a hotel in advance.

The main beach of St Enogat is equipped with showers and toilets, it has children’s entertainment and equipment rentals. Between the large cultural beaches there are several cozy coves with sand between the rocks. At high tide, the sand disappears completely and you can access the sea by stairs. If you want to get to a quiet and secluded place, choose these wild beaches. This is also a very good place for diving.

Due to the very strong tides in Saint-Malo and Dinard, fishing is popular. But not with a fishing rod, but with a basket. After low tide, you can wander the shore in search of shellfish. In French they are called – fruit de mer (“fruit of the sea”).

Tahiti and Kelenn beaches in Carantec


The coastal village of Carantec is another popular beach vacation spot in Brittany. The most popular and visited sandy beach in town is Kelenn. Of course, because of its amenities: it is easy to access, very close to hotels (even 4-star), the beach itself has restaurants, a beach club for children, lifeguard station, playground, skate park, windsurfing equipment rentals and much more. There are also excursions to Château du Taureau from here.

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Tahiti Beach is much harder to get to, but it’s worth it. You can not drive up close to it, you have to walk a little bit. It is a wild and very beautiful beach. The bay is protected by a pine forest from the winds and prying eyes. Here you can feel like Robinson Crusoe. In short, it is a real treasure for nature lovers.

Morgat Beach in Crozon

Beaches in Crozon

The charming village of Crozon occupies almost entirely a small peninsula on the other side of the bay opposite the town of Brest. From these beaches you can see the open endless Atlantic Ocean. On many beaches the current is so strong that it is forbidden to swim there. But for professional surfing, it’s the place to be. One of these beaches – Lostmarc’h – is beloved by nudists.

The best beach of the village is Morgat. It is located almost in the center, to drive up to him very easy, and you can walk if you choose a hotel nearby. The bay is closed to the ocean cape, so swimming here is perfectly safe, even for children. At 1.3 kilometers of beach has both sand and pebbles. At the eastern end, you can go scuba diving and kayaking.

The beach at La Bol

La Beaulieu

The beach at La Baule near Nantes is known as one of the longest beaches in Europe – 9 km. Along the coastline, as in Nice, there are prestigious hotels and historic villas, and in the summer there are lifeguard stations. Also a lot of entertainment, beach clubs for children, sailing centers, you can go surfing and kite-surfing.

Despite its popularity and crowds, the beach is very clean thanks to well-organized cleaning. You can take one of the 750 blue-and-white tents to protect it from the sun, and you can leave valuables in the lockers. There are a lot of hotels in La Bol for different budgets. Choose from this link.

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Concarneau Beaches


In Concarneau we would recommend Sables Blancs. This beach is well equipped and at low tide it is as much as 500m wide. The white sand and the smooth entrance to the water is perfect even for kids, for whom in July and August there are organized and entertainment centers. For adults, there is a sailing center to rent windsurfing boards.

Those who prefer a quiet holiday will prefer the neighboring beach Cornuai. Each beach is separated from each other by picturesque cliffs. Hotels and apartments can be booked in advance here.



A very interesting and picturesque seaside resort in northern Brittany is Perros-Guirec. The second name – “Coast of Pink Granite” – it received because of the pink cliffs on the coast. Almost the same can be seen on the Seychelles, only here instead of palm trees grow elegant pines. You can find out the prices of hotels here.

Impressive blocks of stone, sometimes more than 20 meters high. Some of them have even got names and world-famous: “Napoleon’s hat”, “lovers’ asylum”, “mushroom”, “bottle”, “turtle”… You can get amazing pictures here.

The main town beach is Trestraou, wide sandy and gently sloping. Along it runs a street with restaurants, stores and a casino. The beach has everything you need for recreation, a children’s entertainment center and a yacht club. There are several other wild beaches in town, which you are sure to reach as you stroll along the scenic cliffs.

Why not head to the Brittany coast this summer? It’s not as crowded as the Côte d’Azur, and the vacation is cheaper. Also, don’t forget about active excursions: visit King Arthur’s Forest, see the megaliths and heather heaths.

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