Brest Top 25 Sights – Description and Photos

Brest’s 25 Best Sights

The first mention of Brest as a town of craftsmen dates back to the beginning of the 11th century. Over the centuries the settlement has changed owners several times, was subjected to destruction and was restored from the ruins. Here you will see architectural monuments of the Early Middle Ages, Polish churches, Orthodox churches, cozy streets and embankments.

The most famous attraction of the city, which is a must-see for all tourists, is the famous Brest Fortress. At the beginning of WWII its defenders showed incredible heroism in an unequal battle with the German army. Today the fortress houses a museum complex dedicated to the events of those years.

Just 65 kilometers from Brest is the fairy-tale forest of Belovezhskaya Pushcha, where you can meet a huge Belarusian bison. You can go there after visiting the city’s numerous museums and take a break from tedious excursions.

What to see and where to go in Brest?

The most interesting and beautiful places to walk. Photos and a brief description.

Brest Fortress

A fortified citadel built on the site of Brest Castle in 1833. The structure consists of a series of red brick barracks, two-meter thick walls, and a central citadel. In 1913 the second ring of defensive constructions was built. By the beginning of the First World War the fortress was considered one of the most impregnable in Europe. On June 22, 1941 it took upon itself one of the first blows of the German troops. In 1965 it was called a Hero Fortress.

Brest Fortress.

Monument “Courage

Monument to defenders of the Brest Fortress, designed by the Moscow architect A.P. Kibalnikov, which was erected on Tseremonial Square in 1971. The grand monument is 36 meters high and 54 meters long. It depicts the bust of a soldier with a determined and frowning face on the background of the Soviet flag, ready to resist the invaders’ onslaught to the end. In front of the sculpture is the grave of 850 defenders of the fortress.

Thirst Monument

Another memorial to the defenders of the Brest Fortress, producing a powerful emotional impression. On the first day of the siege, the Germans knocked out the waterworks and the Soviet fighters were forced to fight in excruciating thirst, as the remaining water was used to cool their machine guns. Many soldiers died trying to get even a few precious buckets of water in the river captured by the enemy.

St. Nicholas Garrison Cathedral

An Orthodox church on the territory of Brest Fortress, built in the Byzantine style in the middle of the XIX century. At the beginning of the XX century, when Brest was part of Poland, it was turned into a church. During the Second World War, the structure suffered quite a bit. In 1972 it was mothballed, and in 1994 it was returned to the faithful. The restoration work continued for many years and was completed only in 2005.

St. Nicholas Garrison Cathedral.

Museum “The 5th Fort”.

At the beginning of the XX century the brick fort was a part of the Brest-Litovsk fortifications. There were barracks, walls and water-filled moat. During the German occupation warehouses were located there. In 1995 the structure was recognized as a cultural monument, and in 1997 it was restored. In 2000, a museum dedicated to the history of the Brest Fortress was organized in the fort.

Museum of the Brest Fortress Defense

The museum is located in the restored building of the former barracks. It was opened in 1956 on the basis of the room of military glory. The collection consists of materials and exhibits about the defense of the Brest Fortress: weapons, archival documents, photographs – a total of more than 8,000 items, placed in 9 halls. Surviving defenders of the citadel took part in the creation of the exhibition.

Museum of Brest Fortress Defense.


Archaeological exhibition, founded in 1982 on the site of excavations. The basis of the collection consists of the findings, found on the territory of the ancient settlement of the XIII century, including residential and farm buildings, raised from the depth of 4 meters and restored according to the historical appearance. You can learn more about the traditional lifestyle of the Slavs in “Berestye”, look at the objects that were in use many centuries ago.

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Sovetskaya street

Sovetskaya Street is often called the “Brest Arbat”. After the reconstruction in 2009, it has become a favorite stroll for locals and a must-see for tourists. Along the alley there are picturesque facades of the stone estates of the early 20th century, restaurants, flowerbeds, rows of wrought iron lanterns, small urban sculptures. The length of the street is about 1.7 km.

Soviet Street.

Alley of wrought iron lanterns

The alley is located on Gogol Street. Wrought iron lanterns appeared here in 2013. The peculiarity is that all of them have a meaning – one part reflects the stories of the writer’s works, the other part reflects the specifics of the company, which sponsored the production of the lantern. There are lamps in the form of a clock, a loom, a symbolic figure of a clown, an angel and a violin key.

Alley of wrought iron lanterns.

Winter Garden

The territory of the garden belongs to Brest State University named after A. S. Pushkin. A. S. Pushkin and is its scientific site, but the greenhouses are open to the public. Plantings are divided into three zones: tropical, subtropical and desert. Exotic species grow under a glass dome resting on a base of metal and brick. This original structure stands out against the urban landscape.

Winter Garden.

Brest Millennium Monument

The monument was built in 2009 using funds of the city residents. It is a model of Brest reflected in the historical images of once ruling princes and ordinary citizens. Above them stretches the figure of a guardian angel. In 2011, the monument was complemented with a high relief, depicting the important milestones of the city history, as well as a fancy Art Nouveau-style fence, which harmoniously complemented the architectural composition.

Monument Millennium of Brest.

Train Station Building

The Brest Railway Station is considered to be the largest transport hub in western Belarus. It serves trains with long-distance service. The city is connected by direct railroad lines with Berlin, Paris, Warsaw and Kiev. The station building was built in 1886. It is shaped like a palace, so it is one of the popular attractions. During World War I it was blown up, and in 1953 it was reconstructed.

The building of the railway station.

Railway Museum

The exhibition on an area of 29 thousand square meters on the rails is dedicated to everything connected with railway construction, railway track and machinery. The museum opened in 2000. Currently, its collection consists of several dozens of samples: cars, locomotives, steam cranes, and maintenance units. There is even a tower clock and a signal bell. All machinery is in good condition.

Railway Museum.

Museum “Rescued art treasures”

The museum exhibition is quite unique because it consists of confiscated at the local customs valuables, which intruders tried to smuggle across the border. Here you can see paintings, jewelry, icons of the 16th-17th centuries, objects of arts and crafts and other exhibits. The collection is constantly replenished thanks to the good work of customs authorities.

Brest Academic Drama Theatre

The Drama Theatre was founded in the 1940s, at a time when battles were still raging on the western fronts. Creative life was born in difficult conditions, but the theater quickly became popular enough. Not only dramatic productions are given here, but also a symphony orchestra performs and musical performances take place. Every year the stage hosts the international festival “White Tower”.

Brest Academic Drama Theater.

Brest Regional Museum of Local Lore

Since 1948, the museum exhibition has been located in the building of the former Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Over time, the institution moved and got several branches, which included the exposition, placed within the Brest Fortress. The museum funds include more than 200 thousand items relating to the history, archaeology and ethnography of the region. Many exhibits are unique – they are several hundred years old.

Brest Regional Museum of Local Lore.

Brest History Museum

The collection is housed in a mansion from the early 20th century. It is fully dedicated to the history of the city from ancient times to the postwar years. The exhibits occupy 4 halls of 200 m². Among them there are city coats of arms of different periods, works by modern artists, coin collections, antique books, documents, statues, models, maps, household items and other interesting materials.

Museum of Brest history.

St. Nicholas Brethren Church

One of the most picturesque temples of the city, located on Sovetskaya Street. It was erected in 1904 at its own expense of the Synod and donations of sailors and officers – members of the Russian-Japanese War. Architecturally, the building is a cross-domed church in the Russian-Byzantine style with distinctive elements of the Moscow architecture of the middle of the XVII century.

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St. Nicholas Brest Brethren Church.

Holy Resurrection Cathedral

The Orthodox church built in 1995-98 to commemorate the Victory Day. By size it is the largest in Brest and one of the largest in all of Belarus. Inside there can be up to 5,000 parishioners at a time. The cathedral was built in the Neo-Russian style, typical of the church construction of the late XIX – early XX centuries. In 2001 the bell tower of the temple was erected weighing 400 kilograms.

Svyato-Voskresenskiy Cathedral.

St. Simeonovsky Cathedral

The XIX century temple is a monument of architecture in the Russian-Byzantine church style. The building is a five-domed church. The side towers and the central drum are strengthened on the tchetverik, one side of which has a semicircular shape. The cupolas are covered with leaf-gold and on the central tower the clock is placed. The facade of the cathedral is painted in light green color, it is decorated with wall paintings.

Svyato-Simeonovsky Cathedral.

Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Acting Catholic temple built in the middle of XIX century. The building was built in classical style. After the end of the World War II the local history museum was opened in the church, however some decorative elements of the facade were lost during this period. Since 2002 services have been renewed in the church. As a result of the long reconstruction the historical appearance of the building was restored.

Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.

Church of the Holy Trinity in Chernavchitsy

Catholic church of the XV century, located about 18 km from Brest in the agro-town of Chernavchitsy. It was built in Gothic and Renaissance styles. From the outside, it looks something like an impregnable fortress with thick walls. For a long time the church belonged to the Orthodox diocese, and in 1918 it was returned to the Catholics. In Soviet times there was a hospital and a school there.

Church of the Holy Trinity in Chernavchitsy.

Nemtsevich Manor

This 18th century architectural complex was built in the baroque style. It was built for Nemtsevichi family, where Julian Ursyn came from – the public figure and one of the founders of the Constitution of Rzeczpospolita. The manor house is surrounded by a park, created around the same time. Once it had all the elements of landscape design – ponds, arbors, alleys, but nothing has survived until nowadays. There is a museum on the territory of the estate.

Nemtsevichi manor house.

Brest Park of Culture and Recreation

Brest Park was laid out in the early 20th century. At that time there were planted several hundred trees and over 4 thousand bushes. For the entertainment of the public a bandstand and a restaurant with a veranda were built. Today, the place continues to serve as a recreation area, receiving visitors at any time of the year. There are rides, playgrounds and cafes. Monthly events for children are held in the park.

Brest Park of Culture and Recreation.

Belovezhskaya Pushcha

Biosphere Reserve and National Park located on the border between Poland and Belarus. It is the remnants of a relict forest, which in prehistoric times covered the whole of Europe. Within its borders there are about 1000 species of trees, bushes and herbs, up to 600 species of mushrooms and more than 200 species of mosses. The largest population of bison lives in Belovezhskaya Pushcha.

Belovezhskaya Pushcha.

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Belarus cannot be called the most popular country among tourists. But this attitude can be considered unjustified. Seas

Brest sights: Top 25 ()

Sights of

Brest Sights: Top 25 ()

The cozy compact town, planted with pyramidal poplars, is notable for its historical sites. Many of Brest’s sights tell about its military history, so those who are interested in it, go straight here. We will tell you what to see in Brest, how to spend your time with benefit for your mind and body, so that you will have the most pleasant impression of your visit. Just look at the photos of Brest with names and descriptions to understand how many interesting things this city has experienced.

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What to see in Brest in the first place

It does not look like a traditional European town in the usual sense, although, of course, clean streets, cultural population and developed infrastructure are impressive. We suggest you get acquainted with the best sights of Brest and form your own impression of this cross-border Belarusian city.

Brest Fortress

Brest Sights: Top 25 ()

The facade of the Holm Gate of the Brest Fortress

A place of legend, a fortress-hero… What to see in Brest in 1 day if you’re passing through the city? Of course, the Brest Fortress. The ruins of fortifications, casemates, moat and, of course, the memorial itself reminds you of the war days. The sound design of the place impressed me: near the Eternal Flame stele, the music is touching and gives “the creeps” a real thrill. Good organization of the exposition, which provides easy perception of information. Otherwise it is a pleasant place, a beautifully maintained park.

Official website:

2. Monument “Courage”

Brest Sights: Top 25 ()

The Monument “Courage” – a huge concrete figure of a warrior on the background of a banner

Not a single trip to Brest is without a visit to the monument. Warrior with a banner – the main composition element of the Brest Fortress. Guides in Brest will tell you how technologically difficult the work on its creation was. Historical excerpts about individual episodes of the heroic defense are carved on the back.

Official website: http://www.brest-

The monument “Thirst”.

Brest Sights: Top 25 ()

Sculptural composition “The Thirst” in the Citadel on the left bank of the Muhavec river

The monument, 13 meters long, shows an unknown soldier holding a helmet and trying to reach the spring. The monument represents one of the dramatic moments of the defense – the acute shortage of water. The sculptor managed to convey all the tragedy of the situation, the desperate need of the soldiers of Brest. In 2004 the monument was restored by volunteers and caring citizens.

Official website: http://www.brest-fortress.

4. Museum of Defense of the Brest Fortress

Brest Sights: Top 25 ()

Hall 6, dedicated to the battles for the citadel in the Museum of Defense of the Brest Fortress

The Brest Fortress had a defensive barracks, part of which miraculously survived. Today, the place is equipped with a museum, at the exhibitions which tourists can see personal belongings, photographs, and documentary materials about the course of defense. On the 2nd floor is the main exhibition, which is located in 10 rooms.

The official website:

5. St. Nicholas Garrison Cathedral

Brest Sights: Top 25 ()

St. Nicholas Garrison Cathedral in the Brest Fortress at sunset

The cathedral on the territory of the legendary memorial was conceived as a garrison church. During the war it was badly destroyed, at the beginning of the last century it was restored and receives believers. Be sure to enter and see the interior. The inside of the church is very unusually decorated, as restoration work continues in some places. The seven-tiered censer with 12 icons deserves special attention.

Official website:

6. Museum “The 5th Fort”.

Brest Sights: Top 25 ()

Museum “The 5th Fort” is one of the advanced fortifications of the Brest-Litovsk fortress.

Preserved since the construction in its original form, the museum is a Brest sightseeing attraction . Excursion is emotionally impressive: the stories about the heroism of people and their difficult life during the war are so “alive”. There is an interesting exposition of military equipment in the courtyard of the museum.

Official website: http://www.brest-fortress

7. Archeological exhibition “Berestye

Brest Sights: Top 25 ()

Remains of the 13th century buildings in the Archeological Museum “Berestye

Remains of the ancient settlement where Brest started are a national treasure. If you’re going on a trip, be sure to plan a visit here. From above it is interesting to look at the excavation site with streets and wooden buildings of ancient Berestye, household goods and decorations of ancient Slavs.

Official website:

8. Brest Millennium Monument

Brest Sights: Top 25 ()

A pedestrian street in the city center with the Brest Millennium Monument

We advise what to see in Brest for those who are interested in the history of the city. The spectacular complex embodies a collective image of the citizens and is represented by sculptures of prominent historical figures. Its location on a pedestrian street in the center makes it a highly visited place.

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9. Sovetskaya Street

Brest Sights: Top 25 ()

Lanterns and flowerbeds on Sovetskaya Street

A pedestrian street in the center of Brest. More than once was covered by fire, then rebuilt. There are cafes, restaurants, stores. It is interesting to observe the ceremony of lighting and extinguishing lanterns by a lanternman. Separate recommendations are to visit the fraternal church, located at the beginning of the street.

10. Church of the Holy Trinity in Czernavcice

Brest Sights: Top 25 ()

The Church of the Holy Trinity with a bell tower in Czernavcice

We advise what to visit in Brest for connoisseurs of decent architecture. The church is a brilliant representative of architectural fusion of Renaissance and Gothic styles. The temple was conceived not only as a religious, but also as a defensive structure, as evidenced by narrow loopholes, massive walls and a tall bell tower, which served as an excellent observation tower. Operating Catholic church.

11. Winter Garden

Brest Sights: Top 25 ()

The ripening fruit of lemons in the subtropical zone of the Winter Garden in Brest

The building, topped with a dome, combines a greenhouse and a classroom. The garden is divided into 3 climate zones – tropical, subtropical, desert. Entrance to the greenhouse is accessible to all, the classrooms are for students studying the subject in practice. Because of the number of guests, hotels in Brest never stay empty.

Official website:

12. Train Station Building

Brest Sights: Top 25 ()

Station building and railroad tracks at Brest Central Station

It used to be a whole castle, built in a medieval manner. The parquet floors, arches, and location removed from the hustle and bustle set it in a romantic mood. In 1915, while retreating, the Russian troops destroyed this beauty. The building was restored 14 years later, of course, with the loss of its former grandeur. Today there is a comfortable atmosphere for passengers.

13. Railway Museum

Brest Sights: Top 25 ()

Brest Railway Museum

Not far from the Brest Fortress is an interesting collection of railway equipment. Reviews mention the possibility of access to the cabins of some steam locomotives. Despite the power of modern machinery, the grandeur of steam engines is truly impressive.

Official website:

14. Saved Art Treasures Museum

Brest Sights: Top 25 ()

Exhibit of the museum “Rescued art treasures” Unknown

This museum is called the Louvre of Brest. In addition to paintings by famous artists (Vrubel, Aivazovsky, Leger), there are talented paintings by less famous masters. Apart from the collection of paintings, there is also a collection of antique furniture. An interesting fact: all the items of the exhibition were confiscated by the customs officials while trying to take them abroad illegally, though it remains unclear how anyone could try to smuggle out such size without proper documents.

Official website:

15. Museum of the History of the City of Brest

Brest Sights: Top 25 ()

Museum of the History of Brest is housed in a mansion from the early 20th century.

The museum was created at the end of the last century. The main place in the reviews is given to the map of Brest depicting the chronological development of the city. There are 4 halls on 2 floors, each devoted to the history of a different period. The models of Bernardine monasteries and other archaeological finds are also of interest.

Official website:

16. Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Brest Sights: Top 25 ()

Architectural monument, the oldest of Brest’s churches. This Catholic church is a laconic building of rectangular shape, rather modestly decorated. The triangular gable with towers and a rectangular porch adds a strictness to the building. Many people come here to lay their hands on the shrine – the miraculous icon of the Mother of God.

17. Brest Regional Museum of Local Lore

Brest Sights: Top 25 ()

Powderpuff at the end of the 19th – beginning of the 20th centuries in the Local Lore Museum Unknown

Some tours in Brest offer visitors to the city to visit the exposition of this relatively young museum. Its vast collection of 160 thousand exhibits is of interest. By the way, most of the above-mentioned museums are branches of this institution. The expositions tell about the history of the region and its natural riches.

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Official website:

18. St. Nicholas Brethren Church

Brest Sights: Top 25 ()

St. Nicholas Brethren Church on a sunny summer day

The eye-catching building in Russian-Byzantine style can be seen from afar. The bright exterior decoration is not inferior to the interior. The interior is lavishly decorated with murals, beautifully made of wood three-tier iconostasis. The faithful come here to lay their hands on the relics of saints and a part of the Holy Cross.

Official website: http://stnikolas.hram.

19. St. Simeon Cathedral

Brest Sights: Top 25 ()

The five-cupola Brest Svyato-Simeonovsky Cathedral in the Russian-Byzantine style

The main Orthodox church in the city with a high attendance rate, built in the second half of the XIX century. It is decorated without excessive pomp, in white and green colors. There are relics of saints there. An interesting fact: five gilt domes were presented by the mayor of Moscow. The cathedral looks especially beautiful in the evening thanks to the accent lighting.

Official website:

20. Holy Resurrection Cathedral

Brest Sights: Top 25 ()

The Svyato-Voskresensky Cathedral with its freestanding bell tower

This is probably the most majestic temple in Brest and it is 41 meters high without the cross. When entering the city it is impossible not to notice it. It consists of an upper and lower buildings, separately located bell tower. The interior is decorated with modern frescoes. The temple is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the great victory.

Official site:

Brest sights: what else can I see in Brest?

Not all attractions here tell about the war. Let us briefly list the main attractions of Brest that were not directly related to the war actions and were created more for the soul.

21. Belovezhskaya Pushcha

Brest Sights: Top 25 ()

The magnificent natural scenery of Belovezhskaya Pushcha

The undoubted attraction of Belarus, its pride. You won’t be very impressed if you walk alone, but a guided tour will give you interesting information about the history of Belovezhskaya Pushcha, its flora and animals that live here in enclosures and in the wild. In the museum you can see stuffed animals of the local fauna. Only here you can enjoy the view of the relic forest, preserved untouched by civilization.

Official website:

22. Brest Academic Drama Theatre

Brest Sights: Top 25 ()

Entrance to the Brest Academic Drama Theater named after Lenin Komsomol of Belarus Gleb “Static” Timoshuk

The theater, located in the city center, has its own symphony orchestra and is known for its original productions of famous works. Lively acting, talented directors, unpretentious plots and a wide panorama of genres contribute to its popularity. Musicians and singers often perform here.

Official website:

23. Wrought iron lantern alley

Brest Sights: Top 25 ()

Wrought iron lantern Violin Key User:Oleg Kosovtsev

There are interesting places in Brest that have nothing to do with military history. Opened in 2013, the alley has 30 wrought iron lanterns. Some depict characters from famous works, while others were commissioned by investors who sponsored the creation of the alley. It is expected that the collection will be further enriched with thematic objects.

24. Nemtsevichi Manor

Brest Sights: Top 25 ()

Modern view of the Nemtsevichi Palace – Historical and Memorial Museum “Nemtsevichi Manor” Begeza2014

Located near Brest, in the village of Skoki. The manor of the XVIII century is its landmark. Today the exposition of the historical and memorial complex of the same name on the territory of the estate tells about the interesting and uneasy fate of this family. This is the only ancient secular structure, which can be seen in the vicinity of the city.

Official website:

25. Brest Park of Culture and Recreation

Brest Sights: Top 25 ()

The upper lake in the Brest Park of Culture and Recreation Yogi555

The original park, opened in the early twentieth century, has grown over the years from 4 to 20 hectares. It is a comfortable, well-groomed place for recreation of citizens and guests of the city with attractions, cafes, benches. There are many trees, a mini zoo, you can ride a donkey or a horse.

Official website:

And although Brest is not an object of tourist dreams, all who have been here take away with them a pleasant impression of it. Read also about the sights of Vitebsk and be inspired for your further trip to Belorussia.

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