Brazil. Far and near.

Brazil, far and near.

Many people associate Brazil with wild monkeys, coffee and soap operas. But the concept of this country is much broader.

Brazil, it is:

  • The world-famous crazy carnival in Rio de Janeiro;
  • the famous beach areas of Copacabana and Ipanema;
  • unique natural world;
  • original cuisine;
  • many sights;
  • world soccer and capoeira;
  • hospitality and warmth of the inhabitants.

It is said of Brazil that it is a place where every tourist can feel at home.

A brief introduction to Brazil

  • Brazil is located in South America and is its largest country. The main city of the state is Brasilia, but tourists are more attracted to Rio de Janeiro.
  • The climate in this large country varies dramatically by region, from equatorial to subtropical. The seasons are just the opposite of the European ones:
  • Winter is from June to September;
  • Summer, from December to March.
  • The rainy season is from September to March. Brazil can be considered a fairly warm country. The average annual temperature is 20 – 26 degrees.
  • Brazil is unique country in South America, where the official language is Portuguese.

It is possible to reach Brazil by air.

There are no direct flights to Brazil. The flight passes through Europe with connections in Paris, Amsterdam, Istanbul or Madrid. Travel time is no less than 15 hours.

Advantages of the destination

  • exotic;
  • all year round;
  • rich tourist resources;
  • visa-free regime;
  • developed tourism infrastructure;
  • availability of Russian-speaking guides;
  • various types of tourism.

Types of tours to Brazil

The main tours to Brazil are sightseeing and its combination with the beach.

If you want you can choose only the beach type, but it will seem too tedious. Therefore option with excursions will be much more useful and exciting.

In addition you can choose and other tours:
  • Amazon cruises;
  • Eco-tours;
  • Event tours – carnival, formula 1, rock music festival;
  • combined tours.
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The optimal number of days allotted to this exotic country – 12 – 14. For two weeks you can acclimatize, see all the main sights and relax on the beach.

The peak flow of tourists in Brazil is in December, January and February.

Recommended time to visit – from September to April.

During this time, considerably lower prices, fewer tourists and good weather. Brazil with its attractions and beaches all year round, so you can rely on your own abilities and preferences.

Cities and attractions

Brazil has sightseeing cities, beach resorts and environmental destinations. But regardless of the chosen tour, everyone flies to Rio de Janeiro. It is one of the most beautiful and popular cities in the world. It is the former capital of Brazil.

If Rio de Janeiro is the soul of Brazil, then São Paulo is its wallet.

The main attraction of this metropolis is the Oliveira Bridge, the only one in the world with an X-shaped support. It is a kind of symbol that São Paulo is considered a crossroads for the capital of the whole of South America.

Manaus is a port city in Brazil, considered the gateway to the Amazon.

Tourists are encouraged to settle in the jungle in lodges made in a style as close to nature as possible. There is an opportunity to observe the local animals:

  • a unique monkey nursery;
  • night safaris and day hikes;
  • Piranha fishing opportunities;
  • watching the ferocious alligators.
  • There is very beautiful flora and fauna. There is a lot to see.

One of the most interesting and picturesque cities in Brazil is Salvador.

It is a port, the first city in the country and its capital in the past.

Salvador is divided into Upper and Lower Town. The lower part with the developed infrastructure is located in the coastal zone.

The Upper Town is a historical monument located under the auspices of UNESCO. There are many original churches and buildings in the colonial style. Salvador is a combination of old and new, European and African. This mixture is felt in the buildings, traditions and people, most of whom are of African descent.

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The state is large, rich in its historical, cultural and natural attractions.

Brazil is the place where the famous carnival and is home to the statue of Christ the Savior.

It is the symbol of the country and all of South America.

Any sightseeing tour includes a visit to the Sugar Loaf Head, proudly towering over Guanabaro Bay. It is located in the eastern part of Rio. The mountain, named so by the Brazilians for its resemblance to a lump of sugar, is 396 meters high.

Iguazu Falls are natural monuments on the border of Brazil and Argentina.

They are about 275 cascades of water that tumble down from enormous heights.

They are about 3 km wide. The splashing water creates a rainbow of unusual beauty. The noise they make can be heard for miles around.

Especially for tourists are equipped with viewing platforms, laid out on foot and car routes. “Devil’s Throat” is the most extreme and interesting place. Those wishing to get as close as possible to the waterfalls by boat are issued waterproof suits.

In Iguazu there is a Bird Park, located on the Brazilian side. There you can see a huge variety of wild exotic birds. Among them parrots, toucans, birds from Africa, Asia and Australia. In the sky over the park circling butterflies of all colors.

Beach Tourism

Beaches in Brazil are sandy, very comfortable for recreation.

Beaches in Brazil are sandy, very comfortable for recreation

They are all run by municipalities, and therefore differ in their purity. If tourists are pursuing a beach holiday for a long time, they should choose a place in the vicinity of Rio. And if possible, make a domestic flight and visit beach destinations in other cities.

In Rio de Janeiro, the beach is undoubtedly good.

But the waves here can be very high regardless of the time of year or weather. It is not always possible to swim comfortably here. But this place is suitable for surfing.

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The beach in Rio is recommended not so much as a vacation, but as an opportunity to get acquainted with the city and the country as a whole. To experience and understand Brazil, you must visit the beach Copacabana. Although it is almost impossible to avoid it, because tourists are accommodated in this area.

More prestigious beaches of Rio are Ipanema and Leblon.

All three places are connected by specific road tiles, by which you can identify them. Walking cruises are organized along the Gulf of the Atlantic.

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