Borjomi is a Georgian health resort with deep roots. Georgia

Sanatoriums Borjomi

Borjomi mineral water pump-room in the central park

Some people fly to Georgia for the stunning mountain nature and landscape. Others come for the cuisine, wine and the most popular attractions. But there are also those who choose famous Georgian sanatoriums. If you want, you can successfully combine your holidays in the sanatorium with trips to Tbilisi, Batumi and other regions of the country.

Borjomi is the main health resort in Georgia. It specializes in the treatment of diseases of digestive tract, kidney and urinary tract, and metabolic disorders. The main therapeutic factor is carbonic mineral waters.

There are two sanatoriums in Borjomi. The third (Borjomis Heoba 3*) was closed for renovation in 2019. In terms of interior decoration, both complexes correspond to the European level of 4* hotels. The hospitals are equipped with modern equipment and offer additional services, thanks to which vacationers can combine attendance of procedures with excursions and recreation.

Hotel Borjomi Likani 5*

Borjomi Likani 5*

Therapeutic treatments at Borjomi Likani 5*

Deluxe room at Borjomi Likani 5*

Restaurant veranda Borjomi Likani 5*

Hotel Borjomi Likani 5* is located in the most beautiful place of the resort Borjomi. Its uniqueness is that it is located directly next to the source of mineral waters. The territory of the sanatorium complex occupies an area of 43 hectares with gardens and coniferous forests with walking paths. In the garden there is the Romanov Palace, built in the late 19th century for the royal family.

The complex has its own health center, which is staffed by professional doctors. The proposed programs are based on the use of curative properties of mineral water. Access to Borjomi pump-room is open round the clock. Baths, showers, inhalations and washings are performed on its basis.

  • gastrointestinal diseases
  • liver disorders
  • metabolism
  • kidney and nervous system disorders
  • diseases of the female reproductive organs (gynecological)
  • pump room on the territory
  • high-tech wellness center
  • spa center with a swimming pool, whirlpool, Russian and Finnish sauna, Turkish bath
  • children’s club
  • nice view from the rooms
  • no organized tours (but can be ordered directly from local guides)
  • no transfer service
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Sanatorium Borjomi Palace 4*

Borjomi Palace - general view


Hotel territory

Hotel interior

One of the advantages of the complex – the altitude. The complex is located 900 meters above sea level, surrounded by pine forests. The recovery of the organism is influenced also by the mountain air saturated with pine scents.

The main contingent of vacationers are Russians, Baltic states and tourists from Western Europe. All staff speaks Russian. Parents who come with children are given the service of free babysitting, which can be with a child during the procedure.

Source of mineral water is a 15 minute walk from the hotel. Guests of the sanatorium can walk to it themselves or use the services of the hotel, which brings mineral water to the sanatorium three times a day.

In their free time hotel guests can play table tennis, table hockey, billiards. Children can watch cartoons in 3D format. There are modern playgrounds on the territory of the hotel, as well as play rooms with board and video games.

There is a travel agency at the hotel, where guests can order cheap excursions all over Georgia.

A transfer from the airport costs 70 € one way.

  • diseases of the digestive system
  • kidney and urinary tract problems
  • endocrine system
  • eating disorders and metabolic disorders
  • high quality-price ratio
  • a wide range of ways to spend your leisure time
  • private parking
  • rooms for disabled people
  • ideal conditions for accommodation with children
  • own fleet for transfers and excursions
  • water source 1 km from the building (water will be brought to you)

How to get to Borjomi from the Airport

The distance between Borjomi and Tbilisi Airport is 174 km. From Kutaisi airport the way is slightly shorter – 152 km. To get to the Georgian health resort you will have to solve the problem of transfer.

Sanatorium booking website for $ 70 offers a ready transfer from both airports to the door of the hotel. A good option for those who like to get everything in one package and not to depend on multiple services.

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You can save money and rent a car with a driver on the GoTrip website. You will be met at the airport and taken to the resort for $37-45. You choose the level of comfort and the driver.

If you plan to combine treatment and excursions in Georgia, it is better to rent a car for the entire period of stay. All sanatoriums have a parking lot, where you can leave the rented car. In your free time you can go to Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Kutaisi or Batumi. Borjomi is in the center of Georgia, which is very convenient for sightseeing trips.

The most budget option is a shuttle bus. It goes from the station near the metro station “Dadube”. The fare is 8-10 lari ($3). But you will need to take a shuttle bus from the airport to the center of Tbilisi. Shuttle buses go every hour from 7 am to 6-19 pm. Ask the bus driver to drop you off near the necessary sanatorium.

What is the uniqueness of “Borjomi” water?

The main difference of “Borjomi” is that it doesn’t have time to get cold under the ground and comes out warm on its own (38-41 degrees of Celsius).

There are 9 functioning wells in Borjomi gorge. The production develops that amount of water which is naturally renewed. Thus, the unique natural balance is preserved.

In the process of rising to the surface the water undergoes natural filtration and is enriched with minerals. This process makes it unique in its composition. Mineral water is used for drinking and sanatorium treatment.

Borjomi springs are also used for bathing. This is evidenced by stone baths, which were discovered during archaeological excavations. Today the swimming pools, which were built a few years ago, are open for bathing.

Is it worth to come to Borjomi in winter?

Sanatorium recreation in Georgia works all year round. If you come to Borjomi in winter, you will find snow-capped mountain peaks and a high level of service.

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The mineral springs do not freeze in winter because of the high temperature. In the thermal pools you can even bathe in the open air. The quality of procedures and services in hotels and sanatoriums remains the same.

One of the main ski resorts of the country – Bakuriani – is located 25 km from the center of the resort. Many fans of active recreation choose sanatoriums as a place of permanent residence, and go to the ski slopes in the morning or evening.

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