Bodrum – “little Greece on the edge of Turkey.

Bodrum – “little Greece” for lovers of European-style holidays

Together with the experts of ANEX Tour, we looked into how holidays in Bodrum differ from the resorts of Antalya, why and why Russian tourists go here, and what hotels should be chosen here in the summer season of 2019.

Turkey is undoubtedly the “queen” of beach holidays in the Eastern Mediterranean – in terms of the number of tourists from all over the world who go here in the summer. This success is facilitated by the successful location of the country on 4 seas: the Mediterranean, Aegean, Marmara and Black Sea, the possibilities of which are successfully used by the local tourist business.

Russia is known to be “number 1” for Turkey in terms of the number of tourists and mainly our compatriots go to relax in the Mediterranean Antalya (it accounts in different years from 85 to 90% of all “beach” tourist flow).

However, in recent years, the real estate sales office in Turkey has seen a growing interest from Russians and beach holidays in other parts of Turkey. And if the Turkish resorts of the Black Sea and Marmara Sea are still virtually unknown to the Russians, the main “competitor” of Antalya is becoming the Aegean coast. There are many major resorts, but the main pearl among them is, of course, Bodrum.

In Bodrum, resting politicians, stars and athletes of Turkey, VIP-tourists on their private yachts, the British, Russians and Germans

Bodrum as a resort is very popular among the wealthy locals in Turkey, the most premium and elite resort. It is in Bodrum where politicians, celebrities and athletes of Turkey rest. During the holy month of Ramadan there is practically no room – all of Turkey strives to Bodrum.

As for foreigners, and Russians in particular, first of all Bodrum was fancied by VIP-tourists, who often come on their private yachts. This category of Russians here has appeared much earlier than the mass tourist, still in 90th years of the XX-th century.

In general, Russians in the resorts of the Aegean coast, which includes Bodrum, are still few, as in Antalya (where already in May Russian citizens accounted for half of all foreign tourists). While at the end of 2018, just under 400 thousand Russians visited the Aegean resorts (398.6 thousand, to be exact), the resorts of Antalya were 12 times more (4.8 million).

The Aegean coast, and Bodrum in particular, is most beloved by the British – in 2018 they were here 39% of all foreign tourists. And yet, Russia holds second place here as well – 15.2% of the total foreign tourist flow to this region of Turkey. By comparison, the Germans, who took 3rd place – 8.3%, are almost 2 times less than the Russians.

Although the share of Russians in this resort is growing year by year, Bodrum already lacks on the Russian market above all information. Many people simply do not know why they choose to rest in Turkey anything other than Antalya. Few understand the mass tourist and how Bodrum is different in terms of climate, features hotel facilities, etc. We will try to dispel this fog.

There are direct flights to Bodrum from Moscow and Russian cities. So, in 2019, tour operator ANEX Tour organizes direct flights to Bodrum from Moscow (5 flights per week), Rostov-on-Don, Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg and Krasnodar.

Bodrum is interesting to fans of the “European” style of recreation, as well as those who love Turkey, but tired of Antalya and wants something new.

The main differences from Antalya: cleaner, but a little bit cooler sea, which warms up best by September, nature. In more detail in the table:

May – October (6 months).

Even during the season there is no exhausting heat, the air is drier than in Antalya. The temperature is easier to bear.

end of April – end of November (7 months)

A wetter climate.

Pines, cypresses, olive groves, few palm trees

Palms, pine groves in the mountainous areas

Water temperature (monthly average)

The beaches and the sea

Both pebble and sandy, the entrance to the sea in most cases – sloping with fine sand.

Sandy (Belek, Side and Antalya), sandy-pebbly (Alanya), pebbly (Kemer).

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Features of hotel infrastructure

There are fewer hotels than on the Antalya coast.

Hotels are mostly segmented: either in the premium segment, or budget hotels.

ANEX Tour has a wide range of products in different price categories – from large budget hotels in the city up to VIP Luxury (Lujo Bodrum on “ultra all inclusive a-la-carte” and Mandarin Oriental – only on BB).

The hotels are the most varied.

The prevalence of “all inclusive” and features of the concept

The concept of “all inclusive” appeared in Bodrum later than in Antalya, so a number of hotels, even premium ones, here work with AI. In most 5* hotels with AI restaurants and bars are open until 23.00 or 00:00. Round-the-clock meals are a rarity.

LUJO Bodrum Hotel 5* has an “ultra all inclusive a la carte” dining concept, which is unique to the region, and generally a rare phenomenon for hotels in Turkey.

Basically, all hotels work on “all inclusive” and “ultra all inclusive”. There are more hotels with round-the-clock AI.

Other features of service at the resort

Animation is not in all hotels, and where it is, it is more likely to be in a soft version (entertainment events in a relaxed format, without the active and loud work of the animation team).

Russian-speaking staff, as a rule, is only in 5* hotels and sometimes 4*, it is relatively small.

Active and diverse day and evening, children’s and adult animation

Russian-speaking staff is almost everywhere.

The minimum price for the tour for the period from June 1 to August 31, 7 nights on “all inclusive” – from 44700 rubles for two people.

The minimum price for the tour during the period from June 1 to August 31, 7 nights on “all inclusive” – from 37400 rubles for two.

Excursions from Bodrum and from Antalya – differences in transfer duration, assortment

All excursions are available for both regions, except for the Greek Islands and Ephesus – they are only from Bodrum and other resorts on the Aegean coast. The difference for the other excursions will be the length of the transfer.

After looking at our summary of the differences between Antalya and Bodrum, it’s time to deal with the question of who will like it here.

Definitely Bodrum “shown”, first of all, to those who travel a lot, but in this case tried to avoid Turkey side – for example, fans of the “European” style of recreation. And secondly, those who love Turkey, but tired of Antalya and wants something new. As a rule, Bodrum in Russia choose people with a good income and high culture of rest.

Why these tourists go to Bodrum for a holiday?

About Bodrum sometimes say that it is “little Greece”, which is manifested in the architecture, and in excursions, and in nature itself

The love of the British to this region of Turkey is not accidental. Those who prefer a European style of recreation really like it here. Some call Bodrum the most stylish and even “most bohemian” place on the Aegean Sea.

The resort region is a fairly compact peninsula – therefore, for example, the transfer to the most remote hotels here is sometimes more than half an hour, unlike the province of Antalya, where the hotels in Alanya take several hours.

It is sometimes said about Bodrum that it is “little Greece,” and such a comparison is without foundation. Greek islands are located nearby – and it imposes its imprint on the appearance of the resort with a special “Greek” atmosphere, which is manifested in the architecture, and in excursions and in nature itself.


The nature in Bodrum is richer and more interesting than on the Antalya coast of Turkey – the terrain here is mountainous, many coniferous – cypress and pine – woods, but there are few palm trees. But there are a lot of olive groves – because they are protected by the government.


By the way, thanks largely to these strict environmental laws, hotel construction in Bodrum is difficult – there are few suitable places, the land is much more expensive than in Antalya. As a result, hotels are scattered along the coast more scattered.


Although in Bodrum almost ever can not find a view from the room on the open sea horizon, this is just a plus of the region, the coast is also quite “Greek. It is rugged with beautiful bays, so tourists can enjoy beautiful views of the sea with yachts scattered along it, wooded and rocky islets. For photography enthusiasts, it’s practically a paradise.

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An important feature of shopping in Bodrum is the ubiquitous ability to pay for everything with bank cards, terminals are even in the smallest shops, a vibrant nightlife and trendy nightclubs.

The proximity to Greece in Bodrum is reflected in the architecture. All the old buildings in the city painted in white – in the “Greek style,” the atmosphere is also quite European – many restaurants, a large waterfront and a picturesque port, where the mooring of private yachts. Above the bay, where the port is located, dominates the majestic medieval fortress of the Crusaders, is very well preserved.


To Bodrum you can easily get from any hotel – the distance is “Antalya”, 20 dollars, 20-30 minutes – and you’re in the center. The city itself consists of 2 parts. The eastern part – with a long, narrow, but comfortable public beach, all kinds of bars, restaurants and clubs. Here – the tourist streets with countless stores. On the western side of life is quieter and focused around the marina and yacht club. Here are more expensive supermarkets and restaurants.


By the way, an important feature of shopping in Bodrum, which certainly will attract the Russians is the ubiquitous ability to pay for everything with bank cards. A T-shirt, a handmade lukum or coffee – you can pay for everything with a card, even the smallest shops have terminals. All this is due to the calculation of local merchants for the British and Germans. Because of this, even in the tourist center you will not see Russian signs, unlike the resorts of Antalya.


Bodrum, in addition to shopping (by the way, the prices here for everything are the same as in Antalya) is famous for a lively nightlife and trendy nightclubs. The epitome of the city’s party life is the legendary disco Galicarnas. This popular nightclub in the style of an ancient amphitheater is one of the top 5 European clubs by size – its dance floor can accommodate 5 thousand people.

If tourists want partying and entertainment – they should be advised to stay in the city limits. From here it is also convenient to go to the excursion locations.

In Bodrum there is something to see in the city, and on the peninsula: the crusader fortress of St. Peter and a wonderful museum of underwater archeology, the ancient city of Pedaza, Halicarnassus, you can book a boat tour around the coast of the peninsula to compare the beaches and bays

Conditional “Greece” is also reminded of the cultural heritage of the region – this makes Bodrum very attractive and convenient for those tourists who love excursions to ancient monuments. The location of the resort allows you to combine beach and sightseeing holidays with a comfortable transfer time to favorite tourist locations such as Ephesus, Pamukkale, etc. The way to Ephesus from Bodrum only 3 hours, to Pamukkale – 3,5 (for comparison, the way from Kemer there will take 5-6 hours).

By the way, few people know that 80% of the well preserved for tourists ancient monuments are not in Greece, and it is in Turkey. And almost half of them are in the Bodrum region.

There is something to see in the city, and on the peninsula: it is a crusader fortress of St. Peter, and an absolutely wonderful museum of underwater archeology, the ancient city of Pedas, Halicarnassus and other historical sites.

Another interesting option for tourists in Bodrum: you can book a boat tour around the coast of the peninsula to compare the beaches and bays. We recommend it – the scenery is unbelievably beautiful.

Once we have understood the merits of this small but very beautiful and peculiar region, we can look more closely at the hotel base.

In Bodrum, the differences in class of hotels are quite pronounced – they are either premium or budget

Bodrum as a tourist region can be divided into the city proper and the coast of the peninsula. In the city more inexpensive and modest hotels, which so love to choose the British, on the coast around the peninsula in the bays and beautiful bays – premium hotels.

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By the way, the “Greek”, or if you want, “natural” style try to keep and hoteliers of Bodrum. So, all new buildings in the region, and hotels including, according to the local law, should be higher than 3 floors, white or color of natural materials – wood and stone.

In Bodrum are very few hotels of the “Antalya” type, ie large multi-storey buildings – it is atypical for this region. But there are a lot of small comfortable hotels, and luxury-hotels, such as loud novelty – Lujo Bodrum 5 *, are often scattered on the slope of the mountain in separate two-story buildings and villas.

As we have already said, in Bodrum the differences in the class of hotels are sharply enough expressed – they are either premium or budget. There is not much of a “middle”. Let’s consider these two categories.

1. of the premium products and 5* hotels, the specialists of tour operator ANEX Tour advise the following:

Lujo Bodrum 5*.

A premium hotel. Location – outside the city, in a beautiful bay. Unique both for the region and for Turkey in general, all-inclusive a-la-carte dining system (guests are free to eat any meal from the menu in 8 upscale restaurants with waiter service). All swimming pools are temperature controlled, children’s club Kijo accepts children from 1 year old without parents, separate Indigo zone for adults only, white sand beach (entrance in the sea is sand) and waiter service. There is an area of villas, including the presidential villa. The hotel has its own yacht and helicopter. It is suitable for demanding tourists, as families, couples and young people.

Price for summer arrivals – from 254105 rubles (food Lux a la carte AI) for 7 days for two people.

Rixos Premium Bodrum 5*.

An excellent hotel with a large water park, popular with the British and other foreigners in Bodrum. It is also famous for its disco and entertainment. The children’s club with grooms by age, takes children from 4 to 12 years, works till 22.30. The club has a children’s cinema and music academy. Suitable for families with children and young people. Food is “ultra all inclusive” (buffet).

The price for summer arrivals starts from 203655 rubles (AEAI meals) for 7 days for two people.

La Blanche Island Bodrum 5*.

A high-level hotel, opened in 2014. Location – outside the city, in the bay next to the hotel Lujo Bodrum 5*. Rare for the region separate building, from the pluses – a high level of service, views of the open sea horizon from some rooms. There is a children’s club (4-12 years), indoor heated children’s pool. The hotel works on “ultra all inclusive” (buffet). Suitable for families and couples.

The price for summer arrivals is from 108655 rubles (UAI food) for 7 days for two people.

Asteria Bodrum Resort 5*.

Trained good “five”, which entered the famous Astoria chain in 2017. Located within the city limits, family-friendly, there is an Angel Kids Club for children. Two children’s pools (indoor and outdoor), children’s buffet in the restaurant. The food is “ultra all inclusive”. There are children’s and adult animation. Suitable for all types of tourists.

Prices start from 101522 Rubles (UAI+) for 7 days for two people.

Yasmin Bodrum Resort 5*

Good quality 5 *, with a beautiful location outside the city (Turgutreis). Food UAI (buffet). Sandy and pebble beach, beach equipment – free of charge. There is a mini club (4-12 years) and children’s animation. Good SPA. Suitable for families and couples.

Price for summer arrivals – from 96265 rubles (UAI) for 7 days for two people.

Of the hotels 3 * and 4 * experts tour operator ANEX Tour advise the following:

Yes, quite. There are quality options for both categories – we would still recommend choosing 4*. Basically, high-quality accommodation facilities of this level can be found within the city of Bodrum. These are, for example, the hotel chain Costa and several others. A few examples of recommended 4* hotels in Bodrum:

Riva Bodrum Resort 4*.

An “adults only” hotel. The last renovation – in 2014. It consists of the main building and 2-storey bungalows. Beach – 600 meters from the hotel. All Inclusive (until 23.00).

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Price for summer arrivals – from 63700 rubles (food AI) for 7 days for two.

Costa Blu Resort 4*.

The last renovation – in 2017. The beach – 75 meters from the hotel. No children’s infrastructure. Operates on All Inclusive (until 23.00).

Price for summer arrivals – from 60300 rubles (AI food) for 7 days for two.

Costa Akkan Suites 4*.

Renovated before the season 2019 hotel 4*. It consists of a complex of three-storey buildings (8 blocks). There is an outdoor pool with 1 water slide, children’s pool. Works on AllI nclusive (until 23.00). Public beach – 150 meters from the hotel.

Price for summer arrivals – from 55420 rubles (food AI) for 7 days for two people.

Bodrum Onura Holiday Village 4*.

It is not situated in the city, exclusively represented by the tour operator ANEX Tour. The last renovation was carried out in 2016. Consists of 2-storey buildings. Private beach on the platform, is 40 m from the hotel. Loungers, umbrellas, mattresses, beach towels (deposit) – free of charge. Operates on All Inclusive (until 00.00). Children’s facilities – children’s club (4-12 years old), playground, mini disco.

Turkish Bodrum – “Little Greece” on the Aegean coast

Bodrum in Turkey - The Alternative to the European Leisure

Beautiful snow-white houses, lush greenery, hills and mountains, bays, white yachts near the waterfront, restaurants on the Aegean coast… And this is not about Greece, but about Bodrum – Turkish city with incredible energy. For all this resort is European, because here, even the prices, basically, are in euros – it is more convenient for Europeans.

This is not a mirage: why Bodrum is so reminiscent of Greece.

Many people notice that the Turkish Bodrum has a Greek atmosphere everywhere, and it is for a reason. Bodrum was truly a Greek city, and therefore the architecture prevails appropriate: a lot of snow-white houses characteristic of Greece with blue roofs – they are not high, a maximum of three floors. The city authorities carefully take care of the historical heritage of the city, so a lot of old buildings have been preserved here.

Map of Turkey with a map of the Bodrum

The Aegean Sea here, as in Greece, impresses with its beauty – transparent, blue. The beach season in Bodrum begins in late spring, when the water gets up to +17 – +19. The air temperature at this time – from +17 to +27. In June, July and August – from +21 to +35 (water +22 – +24). In September, too, it’s still warm, +21 to +31. And even October and November are suitable for a trip.

The climate in Bodrum is unique – not for nothing Europeans love this resort. There is no crazy heat and high humidity, because of which the air is heavy and suffocating. The resort is suitable for asthmatics and people with cardiovascular disease, because even at +35 it is comfortable – the sea is cool, and thanks to the mountains it is easier to breathe.

Entertainment in Bodrum

Service and entertainment in Bodrum also makes you think of Europe. Here there is no intrusiveness as in Antalya. No one grabs your hands and does not demand to make a purchase.

At a resort well developed active kinds of rest. Diving, rafting, windsurfing – all this is in Bodrum. Many other entertainments also are connected with the sea: you can visit the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, water park, dolphinarium, go on a water walk to the Camel Island…

And Bodrum is also considered the epicenter of nightlife. It is often compared to the Spanish Ibiza, meaning the quality and quantity of establishments. And even walking along the promenade, it is easy to come across moored yachts of world celebrities. The most famous nightlife in Bodrum are located on Kumhuriyet Street, and each of them has its own unique atmosphere. Bar Street, a long paved road dotted with bars on both sides, also stands out.

Bodrum accommodation options

Bodrum has a wide variety of accommodations, from small family-run hotels to luxury hotels. The differences in hotel classes are pronounced, there is little “middle”. Consider the different categories.

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Riva Bodrum Resort 4 *

Riva Bodrum Resort 4* is located on the seashore, between Gumbet and Bitez Bay. Nearby there are bars, restaurants, shopping and entertainment centers.

The complex combines rooms in the main building (with sea view) and two-storey villas in the garden. The last renovation was carried out in 2019.

On the territory of Riva Bodrum Resort 4* there are several swimming pools (including for relaxation) and SPA-center. There is a sandy and pebble beach just 600 m away from the hotel, and a shuttle service is available for convenience. But also from the bar near the pool there are picturesque views of the surroundings.

Cost of accommodation:

2 adults – 33,470 rubles (breakfasts)

Armonia Holiday Village & Spa 5*

This spa hotel is known for its family atmosphere and convenient location. Close to the waterfront, excellent restaurants and the beach, awarded by the flag of UNESCO. The sea shore overlooks the Greek island of Kos.

Armonia Holiday Village & Spa 5* is a hotel with a compact, but very well-kept and green area. Outdoor pool with water slides, spa center – all for guests. Some rooms have a panoramic view of the Aegean Sea.

Cost of accommodation:

2 adults – 60,600 (all inclusive)

2 adults + 1 child – 78,600 RUB (all inclusive)

2 adults + 2 children – 101,600 р (all inclusive)

Marina Vista Bodrum 4*

This hotel is located in the center of Bodrum, near the waterfront and the pier with yachts. There are restaurants, a fortress and shopping malls nearby. Everywhere you can rent a boat and go to the islands for swimming in the clearest water.

Even the view from the hotel complex is picturesque – on the port of Bodrum. Beautiful well-groomed territory, rooms with French balconies, secluded garden and outdoor pool with sun loungers – all this is Marina Vista Bodrum 4*. For extra relaxation a spa center with sauna and steam bath is available.

Separate attention deserves breakfast. For guests – a large selection of dishes on the menu and the location on the terrace, where you can see the marina and amphitheater.

Cost of accommodation:

2 adults – 97,300 (breakfasts)

2 adults + 1 child – 99,300 rubles (breakfast)

Voyage Golturkbuku 5*

This resort complex for demanding guests is located in a beautiful bay in the middle of a dense forest. Accommodation in bungalows, private beach with sun loungers and umbrellas, specialties of Turkish cuisine – here you will enjoy a measured relaxation, taking care of the high level of service. This hotel is a good choice also for families with children.

Voyage Golturkbuku 5* has everything you need for sport. Volleyball, basketball, soccer, tennis, golf, aerobics – the choice is vast. Water slides are available. From cottage to the beach – 7 minutes walk along the tennis alley.

The hotel also has various options for relaxation. It is possible to relax in the bar: to order cocktails and listen to live music. Or go to the spa, where there is a sauna, Turkish bath, massage services.

Cost of accommodation:

2 adults – 119,000 rubles (ultra all inclusive)

2 adults + 1 child – 144 200 rubles (ultra all inclusive)

2 adults + 2 children – 186.500 р. (Ultra All Inclusive)

Lujo Bodrum 5*

Hotel premium class by the Aegean coast. It is a usual All inclusive and atypical for the resorts of Turkey A`la Carte system.

The layout of the complex is unusual – cascade. But do not be afraid that a large number of steps will spoil your rest, because there are escalators at each level.

Lujo Bodrum 5* will be comfortable for families with children, as well as for guests with children – there are appropriate rooms. The tiered layout creates secluded spaces where everyone can find a place – whether by the quiet pool near the Mexican restaurant or on one of the beaches.

Luxury reigns supreme everywhere in the hotel: the rooms have their own balcony or terrace. There are villas with a garden and a private pool. Some have a sea view. On the coast – snow-white sand and entertainment (tennis table, darts, volleyball).

Relaxation contributes to SPA Sensum, located on the territory. It is yoga classes and signature massage. In the evenings there is animation and performances of famous groups. Well, to fully enjoy your rest, you can join the beach parties.

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