Boa Vista, Cape Verde. Where is it and what to see?

Boa Vista Island Attractions – What to see in 2022. A complete guide to iconic places.

Boa Vista is the third largest island in the Cape Verde archipelago. The island’s semi-desert terrain attracts tourists with beaches and dunes that stretch for fifty-five kilometers. The best place for diving and surfing – seasoned travelers will tell you, and rightly so. Come to Boa Vishta to swim with the sea turtles that live here in large colonies, attend traditional music festivals and just relax on the white sands overlooking the vast expanse of the Atlantic.

Cape Verde was discovered by the Portuguese navigator Diogo Gomes in the mid-fifteenth century. At the time, the islands were still uninhabited. Six years after the discovery compatriots explorer built the first town on the island of Santiago – Ribera. And by 1587 the archipelago received the status of a colony of Portugal, and its main purpose was the transit location of slave ships between the two continents – Africa and America.

In the 17th century, salt mines were discovered on the island – slaves worked here as well as in the mountains. Salt sales had a positive impact on the economic development of Boa Vishta. The island, like the rest of the archipelago, received independent status only in the 75th year of the last century, but for a long time it remained in an undeveloped state. Only at the beginning of the new century, the government began to engage in infrastructure and tourism business development, building airports and hotels, creating a port connection, improving the roads. Today, Boa Vista has many different accommodation options for all tastes: private hotels and pensions, All Inclusive rooms and individual apartments. Copyright

The island’s capital, Sal Ray, is a quiet, beautiful town with a population of about twelve thousand. The main square of the city is built with stores that sell goods produced by local craftsmen – African textiles, painted on the technique of batik, wood figurines, homemade products. Here is everything a tourist needs: medical center, post office, bank. All life in the town is concentrated around the harbor. Take a leisurely stroll along the Avenida dos Pescadores waterfront, or rent a fishing boat to go fishing or just take a little water cruise.

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In the suburbs of Sal Rey, towards the northeast, there are salt mines and the ruins of the Chapel of Our Lady of Fatima. Visit a working pottery factory and go see the beautiful old Morro Negro lighthouse. You can climb it or the other Ponta lighthouse, located in Rotxion, for incredible views of the Atlantic and the beaches of Cape Verde. In the southwestern part of Boa Vista, in Rabila, there is a ceramics workshop. There is also an ancient church here in Rabila, built in the very early nineteenth century. And near the town there is a delightful lagoon Ribeira.

The sands are of particular interest in Boa Vishta: they are everywhere and are not just for lying in the sun! Go on a jeep safari through the desert, rent a quad bike or an ATV, or try sledding down the high dune hills – you will discover a new side of childhood fun.

The picturesque scenery of the oases and the Atlantic Ocean can be seen endlessly. But don’t forget about swimming: the coves of Sal Ray are ideal for this. The best beach here is considered to be the Praia do Estoril, which stretches along the south of the island. In the southwestern part of a great many grow dates and coconuts, and there is one of the most beautiful beaches of Cape Verde – Praia de Santa Monica. Walking barefoot on the sand, diving, and photo-hunting (but please, only “photo”!) of sea turtles is a major part of the vacation on Boa Vista. We also advise you to take a closer look at the beaches of Curralinho, Lakasu, Curall Velho, but please note that access may be limited.

The neighboring islet is named after the capital of Boa Vista. Sal Ray Island is famous for the ruins of the ancient fort of the Duke of Braganza. Surprisingly, you can even swim between the islands: the depth is not more than one and a half meters. If you wish, you can also rent a boat and sail the short distance between Boa Vichta and Sal Rey. A leisurely boat ride will give you even more enjoyment from your stay in Cobo Verde.

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Water activities on Boa Vishta are mostly diving and surfing. Windsurfing is available in Sal Rey Bay. The best dive sites are near the northern part of the island. Dive here and watch packs of yellowfin tuna, barracudas and grouper, yellowtail reef bass. What to say about the colorful and variegated reef fish: there are countless of them here.

Boa Viste has an international airport of the same name. You can fly straight there or, as many tourists do, you can fly to neighbouring Sala and take a domestic flight which takes no more than fifteen minutes from Sala to Boa Vista. If the weather permits, you can take a speedboat from Sala – such a transfer will take twice as long, but the views of the vast ocean are definitely worth the walk.

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