Blue Caves of the Island of Zakynthos

Blue Caves of Zakynthos

The northern shores of the island of Zakynthos are rich in magnificent steep cliffs and neat grottoes, created over the centuries by the forces of the sea waves. The water near the grottoes is crystal clear and has a bright blue color, thanks to the features of the rocky surface of the rocks, the presence of minerals and calcium in them and the refraction of sunlight in the underwater caves. The best time (thanks to the lighting) to visit the blue caves of Greece is a sunny day, at sunrise or sunset.

Blue Caves of Zakynthos

Travelers and tourists usually combine a trip to the blue caves of Zakynthos with a visit to Navajo Beach, because you can only get there by sea. Options are to buy a ticket in the port of Zakynthos for an 8 hour cruise around the island visiting many beaches and Navajo among them, sightseeing ships from Agios Nikolaos in the north of the island, next to Potamitis trips, excursions from the island of Kefalonia. I will tell you about two ports of call, which can be used as a starting point for a visit to Navajo beach and the blue caves of Zakynthos.

From Skinari.

Potamitis Bros. boat trips is the name of a company that provides excursions to Navajo Bay with a tour of the blue caves of Greece. This one of the closest ports to Navajo is in the very north of the island of Zakynthos – in Skinari. The coordinates are 37.932924, 20.700938 . The trip from Laganas takes just over an hour. We chose this option for ourselves as an opportunity to see the north of Zakynthos by driving our rental car.

If you are interested in Zakynthos and the other islands of Greece, here you can find articles about the bay of Navajo and many more interesting things on our website.

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Infrastructure and prices

At the ticket office you can choose a tour – blue caves of Zakynthos, Navajo beach, caves + Navajo beach. Departure boats – every 10-15 minutes, the duration of the full program – about 3 hours, the cost – 15 euros per person, the departure time – from 9.00 to 19.30 in good weather conditions, private cruises are possible. When the group is full (although even on a cloudy day we did not wait), the captain asks to board and the ferry departs.

Potamitis trips - trips to the Blue Caves and Navajo Bay

There is free parking next to the ticket office, nearby are the ruins of some ancient cabin castles, Skinari lighthouse, Potamitis Windmill hotel and grill bar, Faros tavern. Walking towards the ruins you can find a beautiful viewpoint – Zakynthos Nord Cap.

Near the ruins in Skinari The ruins of a Greek house Ruins and the Skinari lighthouse in the distance Skinari lighthouse At the Zakynthos Nord Cap observation deck A beautiful view from Zakynthos Nord Cap

This is how the ad-brand to the blue caves of Zakynthos and the bay of Navajo and the parking lot near it look, worn by the time and the weather. The information at the ticket office is duplicated in several languages, including Russian. After buying the tickets, you can go down the stairs to the covered waiting area.

An advertisement for the Blue Caves and Navajo Bay Potamitis trips ticket booth The pier of the boats to the blue caves of Zakynthos A covered waiting place

To Navajo Bay

Our charismatic ship captain casts off from the north shore of Zakynthos and we proceed to Navajo Bay (Navagio), skirting the northwest side of the island of Zakynthos. Swaying on the waves, we quickly cut through the waters of the Ionian Sea, enjoying the cliffs and rocks of Zakynthos. This is how, using the services of a local firm, it is quite fast and with a breeze to reach the bay of Navajo.

Sailing to Navajo Bay Other tour boats pass by The life rafts on our boat The High Cliffs of Zakynthos How to get to Navajo Bay

We arrived at the famous Navajo Beach with a wrecked smuggling ship. I will write more about it in a future article, coming soon. Also the beach and the rocks framing it can be seen from a gorgeous observation deck at a height of 225 meters – I wrote about it here. After visiting the beach we swam to see the blue caves of Zakynthos and the first one was very close to Navajo beach, literally “around the corner”. We swam into a small cave and the captain started showing us bright blue spots under the water. The water seems to be illuminated by the lamps below. This is probably due to the refraction of light in the underwater part of the grottos. You can also jump into the water from a rock ledge here.

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The first blue cave near Navaio Bay Blue Cave near Navajo The natural illumination On the way back to Potamitis Pier A beautiful cliff of the northern shores of Zakynthos

Back at our pier, we changed the boat to a smaller and more open one. This allowed us to swim into the grottoes and view the incredible blue patches of sea up close. The street light coming through the holes in the stone under the water futuristically illuminated the bottom of the dark caves. Our new captain entertained our group in every way possible: he told us something about the blue caves of Zakynthos, showed us secret places, dipped a white board under the water, which instantly changed color to azure blue. It was interesting. Some of the rocks reminded me of the creations of the Spanish architect Gaudi. Below is a photo of the blue caves of Zakynthos.

The cave of Zakynthos We swapped the boat for a small and open for maneuverability in the caves Inside the blue cave in Zakynthos Azure blue water in Zakynthos Futuristic lighting of the blue caves of Zakynthos Sailing up to the other grottoes of Zakynthos The sea caves of Zakynthos from outside Beautiful natural rock lines The big blue grotto of Greece The cave grottoes of Zakynthos Azure patches of blue caves in Zakynthos

In some places, the wave, hitting the shores of Zakynthos, hits the underwater grotto and sharply displaces the air from the cave. The whole thing is very reminiscent of geyser flows.

Geyser flows in Zakynthos I wonder what nature is capable of, creating these stone forms over the centuries

We really enjoyed the tour, although we don’t like such organized trips. But how else do you get to Navajo Bay and see the blue caves of Zakynthos if you don’t have your own boat? I wonder how much a private cruise cost. And, of course, we wanted to spend more than our allotted hour on Navajo beach.

From Porto Vromi

We stopped in Porto Vromi to see what this place is like as a departure point to Navajo Bay. We were struck by the cleanliness and transparency of the water here. The boats seemed to float over the water and sea urchins were black on the rocks. The coordinates of the place are 37.822367 and 20.634628.

Infrastructure and prices

There is a small pebble beach and a pier for boats and a cafe. In the bay there is Porto Vromi Renata boat, a company that provides excursions to Navagio beach. The 3-hour excursion includes the trip itself to the beach and back, a visit to Mount Poseidon (a rock resembling a human face facing into the depths of the sea), beaches (Sfogio, Sweet water beach with a small cave). The price is about 15 euros per person. You can also rent a motorboat here for about 80 euros for two hours or a catamaran for 15 euros per hour to sail near the port.

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The beach at Porto Vromi Renovated by two Greeks The boat dock of Porto Vromi The marina of Porto Vromi Sea urchins View of the road to Porto Vromi

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