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Contrasts of Bilbao. Sightseeing tour

This sightseeing tour introduces you to the modern and historical parts of Bilbao, their different sights, characters and stories. You will be able to get into the spirit of antiquity and marvel at the beautiful innovations, compare the architecture of different times and learn about cultural traditions. Learn more.

Old and New Bilbao.

Bilbao, the largest and most cosmopolitan city in the Basque Country, invites you to visit! During a walking tour we will walk through the Old and New Bilbao. Each pebble, each building keeps the imprint of time: the Middle Ages, the Carlist Wars, the boom of industrialization, decay and modern revival – a real journey through time awaits you. Read more.

Basque delicacies

We are going to the Valley of Ayala, called “little Switzerland” for the beauty of its landscapes. This region of the Basque Country, surrounded by the Sierra Salvada and Gorbeya mountains, is a true pastoral of green meadows with grazing sheep, vineyards and Basque caserios (farmhouse-like houses). Amid these delightful landscapes we will go with you to get acquainted with the production of the best local wines, cheeses and liqueurs. Read more.

Biscayan Treasures

Rocky coasts with unique geological formations, picturesque islands with ancient chapels and sea birds, fishing villages with Basque cuisine – on this tour you will visit some of the most beautiful neighborhoods not only in Bilbao, but also in all of Spain. Read more.

Santander - a romantic city for hedonists

You’ve probably heard about the European bank Santander. And about the city where it was founded? It’s a corner of “endless Cantabria”, as the locals call their region. I will open Santander to you: you will admire the palace on a peninsula in the bay and medieval architecture, you will hear about kings, aristocrats and yachtsmen, you will get to know the original cuisine and feel the spirit of a beautiful era. Learn more.

Bilbao - Cultured Cocktail

I invite you to stroll through one of the most creative and modern cities in Spain. You will see the ambitious Alondiga building that resembles a dragon cave, visit the famous Guggenheim Museum, take a cable car ride, and get lost in the maze of ancient streets. I’ll tell you the legends of Biscayne and tell you the secrets of where to eat the best pintxos and enjoy the crimson sunsets. Read more.

Sophisticated Nara, Japan: main sights

An air tour of the Basque Country.


San Sebastian-the pearl of the Basque Country coast

Big walk through Bilbao.

Santillana del Mar and Altamira Cave.

Museum of rare cars, Basque Country.


Wine tasting in La Rioja.

Fabulous Basque Coast

Vitoria - Spain's Gastronomy Capital 2014

Transfer in the Basque Country and Spain

Car trip from Bilbao through the castles and palaces of Biscayne

Dragon Rock: Journey to the Island of Gastelugache

Even if you are not a fan of the legendary series, this place is a must-see: the panoramas of the undulating ocean, the sharp cliffs and the winding stony trail leave a deep impression. You will see an ancient church that grants wishes, stroll along the deserted beach of the resort town and take amazing pictures.

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Thank you very much for the wonderful tour. great material for the first immersion in the history and culture of the city. it was interesting both for adults and children. great councils casa leisure time. thank you very much

Natalia is a wonderful guide! We spent a few days with her and everything was great. Very interesting tours, great knowledge and love of her new country. We stayed in and around San Sebastian for 3 days and even on the days we were on our own, Natalia gave us tips on where to go and what to see. I highly recommend such a wonderful guide and Person (with a capital letter).

Good day! June 28 we were on a sightseeing tour of Bilbao with your guide – Natalia. Natalia told us a lot of interesting things about the history of the city, its architects, famous people of the city. I would like to go back and do other interesting excursions with her. Thanks to your team, but especially to Natalia!

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