Beaches of Tivat

Tivat: beaches in the city and surroundings

Among our holiday lovers in Montenegro there is an opinion that the best beaches in this country are located in Budva, Ulcinj, Becici and other promoted places. But today we will get acquainted with the peculiarities of recreation in the Montenegrin city of Tivat, the beaches of which, in contrast to visiting tourists, are preferred by local residents.

There are reasons for this, and there are several – it is cheaper here, there are fewer tourists, the water is warmer than, for example, in the same Budva, and the city is green and clean.

Tivat, Montenegro

Tivat is the youngest resort in Montenegro. And it is here is the most chic on the Adriatic port for super-expensive yachts.

Indeed, the majority of beaches in Tivat are concrete structures with arranged descents to the sea, or consisting of fine pebbles, natural or bulk. There are also lovely sandy ones, although not so many. However, 3 of 14 Montenegrin beaches awarded with “Blue Flag” are the beaches of Tivat. But the “concrete” being of Tivat beaches is compensated by the greenery of parks that frame them and the pine and cypress smell.

An overview of the beaches of Tivat in Montenegro we will begin with the center of the city, and then move to the outskirts by the bay, alternately in both directions.

Central beach/Gradska plaža Tivat

The central city beach in Tivat has all the necessary infrastructure: changing rooms and showers, toilets, umbrella and deckchairs for rent. But the pleasure of bathing itself here is not much, although the water is clean. Firstly, the beach itself is a part of the concreted high promenade with metal stairs and steps going down to the water. On some parts of the beach, the length of which is about 150 m, there is a small pebble or sand.

Central Beach

The entrance to the water here is gentle, but sunbathers and bathers are under the watchful eye of the numerous cafes that are located above all along the beach promenade. There are a lot of people here in peak season, but vacationers with children choose other beaches.

The beach is located next to the botanical garden and can be reached on foot or by car from the Kaliman harbor. Parking is free, as is the entrance to the beach, but parking is always tight.

“Palma”/Plaža Palma.

Palma is a small beach (only 70m) in front of the hotel with the same name and close to the Central City Beach. It is always crowded and crowded during the high season. Although the entrance is free, the preference in case of a large influx is given to the hotel guests, for them there are sun loungers and umbrellas. Part of the beach, as well as the Central Beach, is concreted, and part is covered with fine pebbles.

Palma Beach

Renting equipment for “visitors” is absent, tourists sunbathe on what they bring with themselves. Lifeguards work on the beach. There is a good cafe in the hotel building, where you can have lunch and hide from the heat.

Župa/Plaža Župa

This half kilometer long beach is an island of calm and beautiful nature at the southern entrance to the town, close to the airport. It is part of the cypress grove and the former palace park Bisanti. This allows vacationers to bask in the shade of the seaside pine trees and often do without umbrellas. From the elevation of the palace park you can see the neighboring islands, the mountains of Boko Kotor Bay and the panorama of Tivat from an unusual angle.

Župa Beach Beach Recreation at Župa

More or less equipped 100 meters of the beach area – here on the shore is poured coarse pebbles. The rest of the coast, which wraps around the perimeter of the park, is stony, and the entrance to the water is difficult. The beach infrastructure in the usual sense is now absent – there are few deck chairs and umbrellas, vacationers are placed on their towels. Operates a small bar. Until recently, it was possible to do wakeboarding on Župa, but for technical and financial reasons the Wake Park was closed in 2017.

The beach Župa in Tivat in Montenegro is not crowded, holidaymakers with children due to the lack of developed infrastructure it almost never visit. It is a place where lovers of boat trips and catamarans flock, owners of small yachts come – those who like to swim in deep water, away from crowds of people and among picturesque nature. As you swim in the bay, you can see airliners taking to the sky or landing in great detail.

  • Walk: about 1 km from the bus station to the beach, 1.5 km from the center through the park.
  • by car: take a car from the direction of the Palace of Sports.
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Belane beach, Tivat

A small narrow beach in the center of Tivat (Montenegro), with a beautiful view of the harbor and the yacht club Kalimanj. The beach is about 100-150m long, just 20m wide. There is a small indoor parking lot, bar, sun loungers and umbrellas for rent at the most affordable price. The entrance is free.

From the southern part of the beach starts a walking route through the picturesque surroundings of Tivat, and in the mornings and evenings this place is beloved by dog lovers. There is a wonderful view of St. Mark’s Island and the bay.


The beach of fine pebbles is located 2 km from the center of Tivat, in the northwest part of the city, among flat picturesque rocks, on almost regular triangular cape. The length of its coastline is 250 meters. The main beach attraction – almost a toy-looking low cute red and white lighthouse – here everyone takes pictures.

Beach Selyanovo

There is a rental umbrella and sun loungers, changing room and toilet, showers. The place under an umbrella and 2 sun beds can be taken for the whole day for 20 euros, but you can do without them, having settled down in the shadow of trees at the bottom of the cape. The entrance to the sea is gentle, in some places there are flat stones.

According to the reviews of tourists, who have been here, Seljanovo is the sunniest (but also the windiest) beach in Tivat in Montenegro, with the cleanest water – thanks to the currents. The sunsets here are beautiful. There is a playground for kids, but the beach is not quite for small kids, you can get burnt and catch cold at the same time, on the cape there is always a light breeze. There is no entertainment such as banana rides and jet skis.

Not far from the beach in Tivat is a Sea Museum, a yacht club, a small marina and an arboretum. And swimming, according to visitors, is better to the right of the lighthouse, there are fewer sea urchins. It is always advisable to take special bathing slippers.


This beach in Tivat, as well as a few others, is located near the airport, overlooking the end of the runway. Next to the beach is the entrance to the island of flowers.

Kalardovo Beach

An ideal place for a holiday with small children who can not swim: no waves at all, the water is warm, the entrance to the water is shallow and the sea, or rather the bay is very shallow. From the bottom children can collect crabs, beautiful shells and pebbles, there is also an excellent playground (entrance – 1 euro).

The shoreline stretches for 250 meters, under the feet of fine pebbles, but there are sandy areas. Infrastructure – changing rooms, toilets, showers. A pair of sun loungers under an umbrella cost 18 euros. Parking is free. On the territory of an excellent fish restaurant.

Rest on Kalardovo beach

How to get there: by rented car or cab (3 euros), public transport does not go here.

The place is clean and not very crowded. But, according to reviews of vacationers on the beach Kalardovo in Tivat (Montenegro) in the peak season there are some areas with stagnant water and muddy bottom – despite the presence of the “Blue Flag”.

Waikiki/Plaža Waikiki

A new private beach built in Selyanovo in 2015 with free and paid zones, its own parking lot, and full infrastructure. This place of communication, recreation and relaxation in Tivat (Montenegro) is located near the waterfront Porto Montenegro. There is a restaurant, beach club and apartments.

Waikiki Beach

How to get there: by sea, on foot, by car or by bus; the beach is 2 km from the city center.

The new Waikiki beach complex has its own website, where you can find out all about the services of the establishment and its news:

From the 150 meter shoreline of the Waikiki beach in Tivat there is a panoramic (1800) view of the bay and the mountains, and festive parties, conferences and other events are held here. While the only disadvantage of the beach – sharp and clean pebbles, which have not yet had time to grind the sea, so special shoes for the beach must be taken.

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Opatovo/Plaža Opatovo

Opatovo Beach

The beach is accessed by the road (on the way Tivat-Lepetani), but it is well camouflaged by the trees. It consists of a few small sandy-pebbly beaches 50-80m long and is about 250m long. There is a lighthouse in the middle of the beach, similar to the lighthouse on the cape of Punta Seljanovo beach.

The necessary infrastructure is there, including a lifeguard station, cafe and parking. You can rent a jet ski and other accessories for water activities.

  • The coastal road Jadranska Magistrala will take you 4 km north of the center of Tivat by car, turning at the signpost
  • By water (there is a ferry crossing over the Verige Channel), you can walk from there.

In this place the locals and Tivatians have a rest. But for the everyday beach holiday in Tivat, our tourists do not recommend it: according to the reviews, the beach can be noisy because of the proximity of the ferry crossing, as well as because of the great activity of water lovers in this segment. It is from here, however, that the views of the passing cruise ships are excellent.

Plavi Horizonti

Finally, one of the best beaches in Montenegro. The most famous country beach of Tivat is located in a small pretty bay (Trašte bay on the Lutšica peninsula). Here vacationers bathe not in the Bay of Kotor, but in the waters of the Adriatic.

Plavi Horizonti

The beauty and pristine cleanliness of this place was awarded the “Blue Flag” in 2015. The beach at Plavi Horizonti (12 km from Tivat) is semi-circular along the shore of the bay (length 350 meters), the descent to the sea is smooth, the water is clear even far from the shore, the beach and the bottom are sandy. The area is surrounded by pine trees and olive groves and at both ends of the beach there are paths leading into the mountains.

  • Sun beds and umbrellas (12 euros for 2 places), changing rooms, showers and toilets.
  • A restaurant, a few small takeaway cafes and an ice-cream parlour.
  • Sports: tennis court, volleyball, basketball and soccer grounds.
  • Water activities: water skiing, motorcycles (scooters), catamarans (10-12 euros), fishing.

Plavi Horizonti 100% satisfies the requirements of both small and large swimmers. Always warm water and “reasonable” shallow water allows children to splash around in the water without the close attention of adults, who can swim to their heart’s content in deep water. Professional lifeguards work.

The beach can be reached from the center of Tivat by car (15-20 min) or by bus. The entrance fee to Plavi Horizonti is 3 Euros.

The best time to visit the beach Plavi Horizonti in Tivat, as the regulars of the place say, is the beginning of the tourist season. From the end of July and August it gets very crowded and the water in the bay loses its attractiveness and transparency.

We hope that this brief review of bathing places in Tivat, the beaches of which we have now visited with you, has answered most of the questions, and will help make the most correct choice for every potential traveler going to Montenegro.

Video: detailed review of the beach Plavi Horizonti and a lot of useful information for those who want to visit it.

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The beaches in this Tivat are interesting… not like the beaches of the sea, but as if on the shore of a lake. Quiet and calm, no waves. It’s good for kids.

I do not know why the beach plavi horizonti is awarded a blue flag. Were in September 2019. The whole stretch of beach where there are no sunbeds is strewn with cigarette butts. Perhaps there will be objections that this is not a paid area and no sunbeds…but sorry cleanliness should be clean everywhere on the beach I think. The pine trees on the sides of the beach, this is a separate story. From the shore it seems fine, but when you go up….. Almost every pine is a public toilet, toilet paper and shit everywhere, as well as plastic trash everywhere. No benches along the paths, nothing. The water in the sea seems clean, but all of the above will never make you come to this beach again.

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What beaches in Tivat – my honest review and photos

In the ranking of seaside resorts in Montenegro, the confident first place is taken by Budva and Becici, about which I have already dissected. Now I want to show the beaches of Tivat on the photo and tell you if a beach holiday is possible in Tivat, because the resort is located on the coast of the bay. By the way, I recently wrote an article about vacationing in Tivat in 2022. There about the peculiarities of the resort, photos of the city and tips on planning a vacation.

Tivat Beaches - overview with photos, honest review and description

Where are the good beaches in Tivat? My honest review

In the article “What Sea in Montenegro” I told you that the Montenegrin coast is divided into the open sea (Adriatic Sea) and the bay (Boko-Kotor Bay). Tivat is located on the coast of Boko-Kotor Bay, and this means several things:

  1. The water in the sea here warms up faster than in Budva/Becici and other resorts on the Adriatic coast.
  2. The water temperature is a couple of degrees warmer than in the open sea. In September and October, it will be more pleasant to swim here than in Budva.
  3. The waves are less frequent and the sea is calmer.

At the same time, Tivat is hardly a resort that is famous for its beaches, and here is why:

  • In the center of the city there is a paved promenade. It is beautiful and great for walking, but swimming is prohibited.
  • All bathing beaches are near the city, within walking distance. For example, in Selyanovo or Donja Lasta. According to reviews, the best beaches in Tivat are located in these areas.
  • Some of the beaches are outside the city, which can only be reached by your own transport. How I rented a car in Montenegro →

So if you ask me “Where are the better beaches – Tivat or Budva?”, I will answer that Budva. As much as I love Tivat, beach vacations are not its strong suit. For comparison, here’s my review of Budva’s beaches and beaches near Budva.

And yet, in and around Tivat itself, there are excellent beaches that have been awarded the Blue Flag for water purity.

Blue flag beaches in and near Tivat

The Blue Flag is an international seal of quality, awarded to the best beaches and sought by all European resorts. The photo shows Plavi Horizonti beach.

List of beaches in Tivat and near the city. Overview, photos and description

In Tivat there are city (municipal), private and wild beaches. The private beaches have all the infrastructure, but the sunbeds are paid.

I have tried to make the most complete list of beaches in the city and nearby. As possible, I will add new beaches here and update the photos.

Beaches in and near Tivat – large list with photos and descriptions:

  • Waikiki beach – the best beach in Tivat
  • Palma beach – beach of hotel Palma
  • Ponta Seljanovo beach
  • Dolphin beach – Delfin plaza
  • Donja Lastva beach
  • Opatovo beach (Opatovo-Lepetane)
  • Beach Kukolin (plaza Kukoljina)
  • Plavi Horizonti – the best sandy beach near Tivat
  • Zanica plaza is the best pebble beach near Tivat
  • Miriste beach (Miriste plaza)
  • Solila beach – nice pebble beach
  • Kalardovo beach
  • Belane beach
  • Zupa beach
  • Stara Racica beach
  • Beach Bonici
  • Beach Biela
  • Beach Krasici
  • Oblatno beach
  • Velja Spila beach

Waikiki beach – the best beach in Tivat

Waikiki beach is considered the best beach in Tivat. This is the only sandy beach in Tivat (the sand here is imported). This is how the beach of Vaikiki looks like from above:

Waikiki Beach - the best beach in Tivat

Photo taken from the second floor of the Big Ben restaurant.

The beach has all the necessary infrastructure – sunbeds, umbrellas, toilets, showers, changing rooms, bar. There is a parking lot for guests.

How to get there: The beach Waikiki is located in Selianovo, opposite the Big Ben restaurant. You can walk here from Tivat or take a cab.

Palma beach – beach of hotel Palma

At the end of the Tivat seafront is hotel Palma. In front of it there is a well-maintained pebble beach with sun loungers.

How to get there: on foot from the city.

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Best Hotels in Tivat by the Sea

Hotel Palma – excellent location and its own pebble beach

Ponta Seljanovo beach

Pebble beach at Cape Ponta in Seljanovo. The beach has a public part and a private part with sunbeds. There are changing rooms and toilets in the cafe.

This is the only beach with access to the beach for disabled people.

Ponta Selyanovo beach is loved by kite-surfers and windsurfers.

How to get there: on foot, by cab or by own transport. There is a small parking lot.

Ponta Beach in Selyanovo, Tivat

Ponta beach is a pebble beach with stone piers. The main attraction is the red and white lighthouse on the cape.

Dolphin beach – Delfin plaza

A small pebble beach with clean and clear water near the yacht anchorage in Selyanovo.

How to get there: you can walk from Tivat. There is a parking lot near the beach, but it is almost always fully packed even in winter.

Donja Lastva beach

A small pebble beach with clear water, which is loved by children and adults. The beach has no sun loungers, no showers, no cabins for changing, no cafeteria. Near the beach there is no parking, unless you park across the road.

In addition to the pebble beach in Donja Lasta, there is a stone promenade, where the locals relax in the summer. It looks like this:

Holiday in Donja Lastva Montenegro - beach

How to get there: on foot from Tivat, by own transport, by cab or by Blue line bus.

By the way, should I write a separate article about rest in Selyanovo and Donja Lastva?

Opatovo beach (Opatovo-Lepetane)

The beach is not far from the ferry crossing Lepetane. There is a cafeteria, parking, sun loungers, changing rooms, showers and a slide for children. This beach is loved by locals with kids. How many times I haven’t passed by, it’s always crowded, local music blaring and a packed parking lot.

Beach Kukolin (plaza Kukoljina)

Kukoljina beach is small with coarse pebbles. There is a toilet, a changing room, sun loungers and a bar. Near the beach there is a gravel parking.

How to get there: Kukoljina beach is located behind Tivat airport, across the road from the airport. From the beach you can watch the planes taking off or landing. You can get here only with your own transport or by cab.

Plavi Horizonti – the best sandy beach near Tivat

Plavi Horizonti (sometimes called Plavi Horizonti) is located on peninsula Lustica. The beach is sandy with a rocky bottom and clear water. According to reviews, it is one of the best beaches in Montenegro. People praise it for its clear and clean water – not for nothing this beach has a blue flag for water purity. This is what Plavi Horizonti looks like on the photo:

The minus of Plavi Horizonti beach – the entrance is not convenient everywhere because of the stones at the bottom. But the entrance is shallow and suitable for children.

The beach at Plavi Horizontri has a great infrastructure. There are changing cabins, showers, ice cream stands, cafes with food, and toilets.

The beach is divided into several areas. The middle of the beach with paid deck chairs, the sides can sit for free with umbrellas and matting. In 2020 the price for 2 sun beds and an umbrella for the whole day was 15 Euros.

I really liked that the beach of Plavi Horizons is surrounded by a pine grove. There are trails to the right and left of the beach to walk along the sea. There you can also find secluded spots where nudists usually sunbathe.

Plavi Horizonti Beach in Montenegro

Plavi Horizonti beach with one of the walking trails. Sunbeds in the central part of the beach are paid.

Near the beach there are two large paid parking lots. One farther from the beach, cheaper. The other is closer to the beach but more expensive.

How to get there: by own transport.

Zanica plaza is the best pebble beach near Tivat

Large pebble beach. It is said that Zanica beach was the favorite beach of Marshal Tito. This beach has everything for relaxation – sun loungers, cafes, showers, changing rooms, toilets. Not far from the beach there are several free parking lots, but in summer they are often jammed. On the beach itself there is a rental of sap boards and kayaks.

On the beach itself, there are several cafes that provide guests with sunbeds, and there is a public part of the beach where anyone can sit with their own umbrella and bedding. To the left of the beach there is a restaurant “Rybarske Selo” with beautiful deck chairs and beds for relaxing.

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The main attraction of the beach is the island-fortress Mamula opposite and the Blue Cave near the island. From the beach you can take a boat excursion to both of these places.

How to get there: from Tivat by own transport. There are regular boats from Herceg Novi and back in summer.

Miriste beach (Miriste plaza)

A small beach near the beach Janica on the peninsula Lustica. There is a small pebble and concreted part with sun loungers from the cafe on the shore. The water is clear and quiet, no waves. It is suitable for recreation with children.

How to get there: by own transport or by cab.

Solila beach – nice pebble beach

Solila beach is a pebble beach near Tivat. In my rating this beach has the second place among the pebble beaches near Tivat.

Solila beach is located next to Solila catamaran site on the peninsula Lustica. There is parking next to the beach, and the beach itself has excellent infrastructure: showers, changing cabins, toilets, bar, deckchairs with umbrellas. Sun loungers are 15 euros per day.

How to get there: by cab or with your own transport.

Kalardovo beach

Kalardovo beach is a pebbly beach with muddy bottom, behind Tivat airport. Near the beach there is a large parking lot. The beach itself has all facilities: showers, changing cabins, deckchairs with umbrellas and a bar.

How to get there: by own transport.

Kalardovo beach in Tivat

Belane beach

A small pebbly beach behind the parking of Luca Calimani.

How to access: easy walk from Tivat.

Zupa beach

Public beach in the park Zupa. A small pebble beach. I was not impressed so much that I didn’t even take a single picture

How to get there: you can walk from Tivat.

Stara Racica beach

Public beach behind Župa park. I did not like it as well as Župa beach itself. There is parking and car camping.

Beach Bonici

The small pebble beach of Bonici is located behind the beach Stara Racica. The main reference point is the Bonici mooring for yachts and boats.

Beach Biela

A small beach with clear water in the village of Biela on Lustica. The view here is amazing. The coast is concreted, but the slopes of the water are like in the pool. At the bottom there are fine pebbles.

There is no sense to go especially to this beach.

How to get there: by own transport or by cab.

Beach Krasici

The beach Krasici is located in the village Krasici on the peninsula Lustica. It is rather a concreted pier than the beach. But the water is clear and beautiful.

There is no convenient parking. Cars are parked on the roadside. There is no reason to go to this beach, unless you are resting in Krasici.

How to get there: by own transport or by cab.

Oblatno beach

The pebbly-sandy beach Oblatno is located near the yacht marina Lustica bay. The beach is small, just 150m long. The beach has clear water with a very gentle entrance.

The beach Oblatno is a beach of the club Almara Beach. It has everything for relaxation – deck chairs, bar, restaurant, showers, cabins for changing. The club regularly holds parties. Sun loungers cost 20/40/60 euros.

Beach Oblatno on Lustica - Almara beach club

This is what the Almara Club looks like from the side.

The only problem is parking. There is a small parking lot near the entrance of the club, but there is not enough. When I arrived, people were parking their cars along the narrow road on the side of the road. Everything was so jammed with cars and the road was so narrow that I could barely turn around to drive back. Knowing how people in Montenegro treat other people’s cars, I didn’t want to leave my car on the side of the road.

How to get there: by own transport or by cab.

Velja Spila beach

A wild beach on the peninsula Lustica near Lustica Bay. Reviews about it are contradictory – some people liked it, some say that the beach is dirty. I myself on this beach was not.

How to get there: by own transport or by cab.

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