Beaches of almost every color of the rainbow: from red to purple coast

Pink, green, black – where to see the unusual beaches of the world?

Nature is the best artist and magician. And the proof is real beaches, the colors of which correspond to almost all the colors of the rainbow. Why almost? Because from seven shades of a rainbow with coloured sand at the water’s edge all except two – blue and blue are presented. But they can be compensated by black and pink colors – yes, such beaches exist too! Let’s find out where they are and why they have green, pink, purple, red and other unusual hues.

Red Beaches

Red beaches are not the most rare in the whole “lineup.” They come from the iron oxide present in the coastal cliffs, or because of the content of red limestone in the sand. Among the most famous are four beaches – Panzun in China, Kaihalulu Bay in Maui, Hawaii, Kokkini Paralia on the Greek island of Santorini and Thunder Bay in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Orange Beaches

The reddest beaches in the world can be found in Malta are San Blas on the island itself and Ramla il Hamra on the Maltese island of Gozo. In addition to these, we can think of the Moroccan beach of Legzira, whose rich yellow sands also appear orange thanks to the orange rocks.

Yellow beaches

Some people call them yellow, some call them golden. But it does not change the essence – this is probably the warmest and most cheerful shade in the whole beach palette. And the most familiar. Waimanalo Beach in Hawaii is one of the examples of “golden” beaches in the world. Porto Ferro in Sardinia is not inferior to it.

Green Beaches

Green beach is even rarer than the red beach. The most famous beach with green sand is located near the place Ka Lae in Hawaii. The beach is called Papakolea and has a green color thanks to olivine – a green mineral from the local mountains. There is a green beach on Talofofo beach in Guam.

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Purple beaches

Hardly the only purple beach of its kind, Pfeiffer Beach is located in California, in the United States. Thanks to the mineral spessartine of the garnet group with inclusions of manganese and aluminum washed out of the rocks, the sand acquires a purple hue. Depending on the time of day, it may take on a pink or purplish hue.

Pink Beaches

Small corals and clams are what colors the beaches pink. The most beautiful of them are in Bermuda and Bahamas Harbor Island. The Greek pink beaches on Elafonisi Island, which you can reach with a guided tour from West Crete, are just as beautiful. There are also pink beaches in Costa Rica, Barbados and the Philippines.

Black Beaches

Black beaches are actually not that rare. They are formed from waves crushed solidified volcanic lava. Many people attribute medical properties to the sand. For example, the resort island of Tenerife Los Gigantes go largely for the sake of the sand on the beach. Black beaches are generously spread across the island, in the center of which is the active volcano Teide. Of the famous black beaches can be recalled Punaluu in Hawaii Similar beaches are in New Zealand, Jamaica and Fogu.

The gray beaches

Gray beaches are obtained by mixing volcanic black and ordinary beach sand. There are such beaches on the southern coast of Iceland – Vik, for example. Also in North Goa and at the resorts of Ketevel and Candidas in Bali.

White beaches.

Yes, yes, we weren’t wrong – white as snow beaches can be seen all over the world. The most exotic is probably Boulders Beach in Cape Town, South Africa. The white sand is shaded by almost black blocks of granite, between which walk. African penguins! There are white sand beaches in Australia and on the coast of Florida. A little closer and more accessible are the white beaches of Zakynthos in Greece and Phuket in Thailand. In addition, there are white beaches in Tenerife – the sand was imported for them specially from the Sahara.

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Blue beaches

What, did we say that there is no blue sand? That’s right, there is not. But the unique glow of the beaches blue color can be seen in the Maldives. It is the glowing plankton that comes to the very shore of the islands at night. Truly amazing show and one of the reasons why tourists choose to vacation in the Maldives. A similar phenomenon can be seen along the coasts of India, Sri Lanka until February, Thailand – until March inclusive.

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Colored beaches of the world or how Mother Nature rested on the sand

How amazing is the creator of Mother Nature. Here and ten lifetimes are not enough to see all of her creations. Sometimes it amazes with its shapes and colors. And the main thing is that man has not even touched all her curiosities. Could it be luck? Not maybe, but definitely to happiness!



We repeatedly acquainted you with snow-white and golden beaches of our planet, presented a great selection of beaches with black and white sand, we told about unusual glass beaches, glacial and disappearing in a moment. Today we continue to surprise you, and have prepared a selection of more amazing places on our planet. These are the paradisiacal colored beaches !

Purple Beach in California


A unique beach, the likeness of which is not found anywhere else in the world. This is California’s Pfeiffer Beach . You can imagine that depending on the light it can change its color: in cloudy weather it has a shade from deep purple to purple, and if the sun shines brightly, the sand takes on a maroon and pink hue. The reason for its color is the special variety of garnet. The mineral spessartine, which is found in the coastal rocks, contains manganese and aluminum. When it rains, it washes the mineral out of the hills and it in turn mixes with the sand and colors it.

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Green Beach in Hawaii


This beach is what the locals like to call the “Hawaiian Diamond.” When you take the sand in the palm of your hand, it glistens brightly in the sun. Although, I would probably call this beach the “Hawaiian Emerald” because of its green color. This unusual hue of the sand is due to the crystals of chrysolite. On a clear day, the beach looks like a big green carpet, which plays in the sun. By the way, it is strictly forbidden to take the sand out of Papakolea Beach. And marine researchers say that this precious sand in 100-150 years can disappear because of the strong sea surf. There is another similar beach in the western Pacific. This green beach is located on the island of Guam.

Orange beach in Malta


On the island of Gozo, Malta, there is an orange-colored beach. It’s called Golden Bay Beach. This island is also called Calypso. According to legend, the brave king Odysseus lived on this island for seven long years under the spell of the goddess Calypso. And they made love on the yellow sands of the azure sea … Beaches with orange sand are also in Hawaii, on the island of Tenerife in Spain and in Kefalonia in Greece.

The red beach in Greece


Red beaches look very unusual, and yet they are not so rare. For example, an amazing red beach is located in Canada on Prince Edward Island, and it is called Thunder Cove. Hawaii also has red beaches. The largest Kaihalulu is on the east coast of the island of Maui. It is located away from civilization, and therefore has become a favorite place for nudists. In Europe, the brightest red beach is located on the island of Santorini in Greece, near the island of Akrotiri. Kokkini Paralia beach is surrounded by rocks, which include red limestone. Therefore, both the beach and the rocks have this color. In combination with the azure color of the water the beach seems very bright – copper and burgundy.

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Pink Beach in the Bahamas


On Harbor Island in the Bahamas is a place that attracts tourists from all over the world. It is a beach with pink sand Pink Sands Beach . This beach was named the most beautiful beach in the world. Locals call it “Briland”. The unusual color of the sand is due to the crushed grains of Foraminifera shells. The shell of these single-celled organisms has a bright pink or red color. In addition, the color of the beach gives color to corals, which also have a red color. During storms, the shore throws clam shells and coral parts. Being broken into small particles, they are mixed with the sand and form its unusual color. You can find pink beaches in Greece, Elafonisi Beach (near Crete) and Bermuda.

Rainbow Beach in Australia


This beach has no particular shade: neither red, nor green, nor yellow. It’s a beach that shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow! It is located on Fraser Island off the east coast of Australia. The island itself is considered the largest sand island in the world. When the wind blows, Rainbow Beach has amazing streaks that stretch out to the rocks. And standing on the rocks you can see how the sand plays with different colors, creating iridescent streaks of soft pastel colors. There is an Aboriginal legend that long ago the rainbow god Yiningie interceded for a girl who was kidnapped by the forces of evil. He bravely defended her, but he died falling down the cliffs and smashing himself, staining the sand with rainbow colors. If you take a handful of sand, you will see a rainbow in your hand!


But whichever of these beaches you come to, a lot of impressions will be provided to you 100%. This is not only a romantic spot with magnificent sunsets and unforgettable scenery, but it is also a beautiful sea, where you can swim in the crystal clear waters, snorkel and see the unique underwater world and roll on the warm colored sand. Isn’t it your dream to visit some paradise? Never give it up. After all, dreams come true!

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