Bali’s 10 Best Beaches

Bali’s best beaches: top 10 stunning spots for relaxation, meditation and extreme fun

The best beaches in Bali are the perfect place for relaxation, meditation, relaxation and extreme entertainment. To spend your vacation here, hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world go to one of the most beautiful islands of Indonesia. Bali’s beaches are clean sand or snow-white pebbles, picturesque landscapes, high cliffs and an amazingly beautiful ocean, the color of the water in which strikes the number of shades. Many beaches on the island are not suitable for swimming due to high waves and rip currents, which can take swimmers into the ocean, but there are beautiful beaches, where the sea is relatively calm and comfortable.

White Sand

The beach got its name from the white sand, which was brought here specifically to ennoble the area and attract travelers. Over time, the sand washed away and now the shore has a grayish hue, and sometimes there are absolutely black areas.

White Sand can not be called a equipped beach, although its territory and installed sun loungers and umbrellas. Rather, it is a wild, and for the purity of the shoreline no one particularly monitors. In different parts of the shoreline you can see seaweed, nailed to the shore by the waves, as well as cacti lying on the ground, falling off a steep cliff.

There’s a coral reef on the right side of White Sand that attracts scuba diving and underwater observation. The sea is calmer than on the other beaches, but there are still waves. You can have lunch or just a bite to eat at several cafes right on the beach, which are owned by the residents of Chandidasa. From Sanur to the beach there is a highway, but when you turn off in the direction of Chandidasa, you have to drive off-road for a few kilometers.

“A fabulous beach! Very beautiful coastline! The sand is not white, but still more pleasant to relax here than on other beaches in Bali. The locals are very sociable, trying to play with the children of vacationers. In the cafe everything is very expensive.

Jemeluk Bay

The beach is located near the village of the same name in a picturesque bay. This is one of the best places for diving in Bali. There are many coral reefs, which attract divers with their beauty and uniqueness.

The entire beach of Jemeluk Bay is covered with fine white pebbles. Its area is not too large, but allows you to comfortably accommodate on a sun lounger or a mattress, which rent locals. The ocean in this part of the coast is quite quiet. Strong waves are quite rare.

Near the beach are the necessary tourist and resort infrastructure: rental equipment for water activities, hotels, cafes, stores, parking. Due to the fact that the sea in this place is calm and the tide is almost non-existent, the coastline is not littered with algae and other debris. The calm water is very clear, and bathing in it is a pleasure.

“We really enjoyed vacationing on this beach. The pebbles are fine, you can walk without shoes, there were no strong waves, the sea is calm, clean. Standing in the water, you can see your feet and the bottom. The service in the cafe, which are located nearby, was excellent. Tried all sorts of delicious seafood. I recommend this small but very comfortable beach.


The locals say that once a traveler from Italy, a professional surfer, rested on this beach. He was so amazed by the high waves of emerald color crashing on the sandy shore that he decided to call it “Dreamland”.

Dreamland is quite a popular beach with tourists. Pleasant to walk on the sand and rapidly developing infrastructure allows you to relax comfortably, enjoying the scenic view of the ocean. The beach is equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas, which can be rented. Near the beach and on its territory vacationers can eat in a cafe and a restaurant, order drinks in several bars.

Swimmers can be seen here quite rarely. The wave is too high to stay safely in the water. But the beach traditionally attracts lovers of surfing. Near Dreamland is a large hotel, where you can stay, as well as rent a few bungalows and villas. You can reach the beach by road, following the signs from the town of Kuta. The road will take about half an hour.

“Great beach to spend time in nature, sunbathing and relaxing. Benches are comfortable, umbrellas are large. Swimming here is unrealistically difficult, as the wave covers with the head. They say that at low tide, the sea is more calm, but we have not managed to catch this phenomenon.

Green Bowl

A beautiful dark golden sand beach on the Bukit Peninsula. The narrow shoreline is under a high cliff and the beach is accessed by a few hundred steep steps. For bathing, this beach is considered very dangerous. It’s all about the rebound wave, which often occurs in the coastal zone of the ocean. Its peculiarity is that the strong current pulls a person in a wide channel and can be carried away into the open ocean.

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Green Bowl is a wild beach, not without some resort charms, which are on top of a cliff. Here tourists are greeted by enterprising Balinese selling souvenirs, different drinks and food. This beach is preferred by vacationers away from civilization, as well as surfers who use the rip current to get to the line up.

At high tide, the shore is completely covered by ocean waters and you can’t rest here at this time. But the golden sand dries quickly at low tide and is ready to welcome tourists again. To get to the beach is best by car or even by bike. From Kuta trip by road will take 35-40 minutes.

“We came to this beach out of curiosity. We were told that there are monkeys walking around, a lot of surfers and the ocean is incredibly beautiful. The information was confirmed. While coming down the cliff on a huge number of steps, we saw a lot of wild monkeys. Surfers, however, very much. The ocean can only admire, swim here is impossible because of the high waves, and even prohibited.

Bias Tegul

The beach at Bias Tegul is close to the port of Padangbai. To find it you walk through a small forest grove. This secluded beach is perfect for swimming and relaxing. It is also called a secret because of its location hidden from public eyes.

The coast is covered with soft sand that is pleasant to the touch. Despite its proximity to the port, where the ships come in all the time, the water here is crystal clear. A snow-white line of foam, which is created by the soft waves, rushes leisurely to the shore here and there.

On the beach there are several warungs – thatched-roof cafes where locals cook and sell food. The beach has an interesting feature. The rocks on the shore have small caves that regularly receive water. Squeezed out by the accumulated air, it scatters in a fountain of splashes, rising to a height of several meters – an incredible sight.

Even during the peak season, there are not many tourists here. The beach is quite difficult to find, making its way from the port along a narrow mountain path.

“A magnificent beach with fine light sand and very beautiful scenery. Surrounded by mountains, it is like hiding from prying eyes, so that tourists do not find it and do not violate such beauty. The water here seemed a little colder than on other beaches, but after getting used to it, splashing in plenty!”

One of the best beaches in Kuta. It is famous for its long coastline of golden sand. It is always a lot of tourists who want to relax under the hot Indonesian sun and enjoy the clean, warm water.

Kuta Beach stretches along the coast for 8 kilometers. Its strip is wide enough to accommodate a lot of sun loungers with umbrellas, which are set out in several rows. Excellent infrastructure attracts here not only foreigners vacationing in Kuta, but also its residents.

On the beach you can go surfing. The art of managing a board on the waves taught by experienced instructors. For a small fee, you can go to a massage parlor, of which there are a few dozen on the beach, or order drinks in the bars.

Along the coast runs the city promenade – a favorite place for tourists to walk. Here there is everything you may need for vacationers – cafes, restaurants, stores, souvenir shops. Kuta beach is famous for magnificent sunsets, which tourists come especially to see.

“Holidays in Kuta and several times were on this beach. Very large, but there are a lot of tourists, so to find a free deckchair, you need to come early. The vendors are very annoying, they do not care that you are lying and sunbathing with your eyes closed, they stall and offer their products. But the beach itself is very beautiful, clean and comfortable.


The beach is located on the south coast of Bali. A wide strip of sand that stretches along the shore, attracts many tourists. From Kuta to get here by bus or by renting a car or bike.

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Mengiat – clean, equipped beach with excellent infrastructure. Despite its popularity among foreign tourists, it is not as crowded as the beaches of Kuta. Free sun lounger can always be found and placed on it, paying a small rent.

The sea on this beach is quiet and comfortable for swimming throughout the high tourist season. From strong waves it is protected by a large number of coral reefs. From the shore, the sea has an unusually beautiful color – a mixture of azure with emerald. Garbage and seaweed are carefully removed by the staff. On Mengiat you can engage in active water activities, have lunch or a light snack in the cafe, use the services of massage parlors.

“Wonderful place to relax on the beach, sunbathe and swim without discomfort. The sea is very nice, the entrance is not too steep, and in some parts of the beach and completely flat, allowing the kids to splash.

Jimbaran Beach

One of the best beaches in the south of Bali. It is located in a beautiful bay with a picturesque view, modern hotels and villas. Quite a wide coastline allows comfortable accommodation for a large number of tourists and vacationers. The beach is more than 5 km long.

Entrance to the sea throughout the beach is very flat, and the depths near the shore are shallow, which allows you to enjoy water activities not only adults but also children. The bottom is very clean and sandy. For cleanliness and order on the beach itself are carefully monitored. There is no trash.

Jimbaran beach and its vacationers are served by several restaurants and cafes located on the shore. You can sit in the shade of awnings or order food directly to the chair. Most of the dishes here are made from seafood, which the fishermen bring to the restaurants. Early in the morning you can see them returning with their catch. Boaters can take advantage of locals who will take them on their own boats to tour the smooth seas.

“Great place for a family vacation. We vacationed in the hotel next to the beach and enjoyed this beauty every day. The sea is calm, clean, the beach is spacious, equipped. Entrance for hotel guests was free. I liked that on request you can get drinks or food from local cafes.


The beach is located on the Bukit Peninsula near the town of Jimbaran. It is a narrow strip of sand along the beach length of 700 meters. In the northern part of the beach deepens into the ocean on a high rock, which is often held wedding photo shoots. Balangan is a popular surf slot.

Even in peak season, there are not too many vacationers on the beach. Mostly local hotel guests sunbathe here, less often – visitors. Along the coast you can see a lot of varongs, where they cook seafood. After climbing the mountain on stone steps, vacationers come to a picturesque area with several hotels and villas.

Swimming in Balangan is not very convenient because of the high waves. On rare days when the water is calmer tourists splash near the shore, but such entertainment is considered quite dangerous, especially since there are no lifeguards on the beach. The most comfortable place for swimming is the northern part of the beach near the cliff. The sand on the shoreline is fine, clean. There are sun loungers and umbrellas for the convenience of vacationers.

“Spend time on the road and be sure to visit this beach. Even as you descend from the mountain you can see the entire coastal strip – long, with yellow sand, it arcs out, as if embracing the ocean. On the beach, a lot of inexpensive varunga, where you can eat a hearty lunch. Swimming is difficult, but it’s very interesting to watch the surfers.

Padangbai Beach

A small cozy beach, surrounded by rocks with lush green vegetation. All along the coastline is pure white sand. Padangbai Beach is regarded as one of the best beaches in Bali for your relaxation and fun. It is also a popular surf slot for experienced surfers and beginners alike.

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There are several varoongs along the shoreline where they prepare and sell dishes of fresh seafood still caught in the ocean in the morning. Drinks are also available here. Lifeguards watch holidaymakers closely.

The water in the ocean is often calm, the long waves slowly roll onto the shore. It is better to swim on the left side of the beach. Umbrellas and sun loungers on the beach no. Holidaymakers are located directly on the sand, on mats and towels brought with them.

Padangbai Beach is famous for being the location for several episodes of the famous movie “Pray More, Love” starring Julia Roberts. After the movie was released, Padangbai Beach became even more popular. For those who don’t like a lot of people on the beach, it’s best to come here in the morning and early afternoon hours.

“The water is warm, the waves are low, the sand is fine, pleasant. A wonderful beach in a cozy cove with a beautiful landscape. You can not always swim, but we were able to enjoy plenty of transparent water of extraordinary beauty. Only a pleasant experience!

Bali welcomes tourists all year round. There are no familiar to Europeans four seasons. During the winter months, the weather is as comfortable as in summer, but at this time falls rainy season. Showers are short and most often occur in the evening and at night. The most popular period for travelers is from May to October. The air temperature during this time is +33 degrees and the water gets up to +26 degrees. These are the best months to not only spend time on the picturesque beaches, but also to get acquainted with the local culture.

Bali’s Best Beaches – Top 10

Bali is a paradise island that is part of the Lesser Sunda Islands belonging to the state of Indonesia. Its southern part is washed by the Indian Ocean and the northern part by the Bali Sea, which is directly in the Pacific Ocean. This beautiful place is famous for its natural beauty with its exotic jungle, rice paddies, mountain lakes, waterfalls, volcanoes, and of course, the ocean. Bali’s best beaches year-round attract thousands of vacationers from all over the world. Strong wind and big waves have become the hallmark of this island, for which a huge number of surfers from around the world come to Bali. But to find a beautiful quiet places in Bali without waves for a relaxing beach holiday is also possible. In our article we have tried to compile a rating of the best beaches on this island conventionally making the top 10.

Be prepared for the fact that the beaches in Bali are very often muddy after the storm and the ocean tides. The water can bring a lot of garbage and algae to the shore. But this does not always happen and come to the same place the next day, you can find a perfectly clear water and clean coast. Do not draw conclusions about the beach if you suddenly were unlucky with the weather.

10. Jimbaran beach

In general, the best beaches in Bali for swimming without strong waves are located on the south and south-east parts of the island. At the top of our list is a place called Jimbaran, which is located in a small village to the south of Kuta. Parking is easy to come by, so don’t hesitate to rent a car. The infrastructure in this place is developed at a very good level. There are a lot of hotels, stores, cafes and restaurants. The beach itself is a fairly long beach, covered with light sand, the entrance is gentle, which will certainly suit the beach holiday for couples with children.

During the day there is nothing special here, a sandy shore and the ocean, but at sunset this place is enveloped in an extraordinary atmosphere. The sound of the waves, the fresh breeze, and the sky, painted in incredible colors as the sun goes over the horizon. Local eateries take tables out onto the beach and serve great grilled food. We highly recommend spending at least one evening of your vacation here.

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9. Kuta / Kuta beach

The town of Kuta with its beach of the same name is located as many resort areas in the southern part of the island. It is easy to get here directly from the airport. In the city itself there is a huge number of hotels, restaurants, bars and all sorts of entertainment. Sandy beach on the coast of Kuta is very long and fairly wide. It is always crowded, but due to its size perception of overcrowding here does not occur, place enough for everyone.

The waves here are not too big, if you want to learn how to surf, this place is definitely for you. On the coast there are a lot of instructors and board rentals. Along the promenade thick green strip of trees, in the shade of which is very good to escape from the scorching sun. And in the evening, plenty of beach holidays, it is very nice to sit in one of the coastal restaurants and watch the sun slowly sinking in the ocean with a glass.

8. Nusa Dua / Nusa Dua beach

If you look at the map, on the east of the Bukit Peninsula is a beach area called Nusa Dua. Here are a lot of luxury hotels and restaurants and the place itself is considered premium. Admission to the territory of this coast is paid, as well as renting deck chairs on the shore. The beach itself is covered with soft light colored sand, the ocean here is relatively calm, and high waves are very rare.

If we consider the beaches of Bali for swimming with children, the place is definitely worth paying attention. Along the coast runs a long path on which you can ride a bike or jog. There are beautiful trees near the water, in the shade of which you can take cover from the scorching sun, or just take great pictures.

7. Keramas beach

Located in the southeast of the island near Sanoura in a village called Keramas is the beach of the same name. You can get here either by renting a car or a cab. The beach itself is a fairly wide strip of black volcanic sand. If you are a fan of surfing, then it would be a real crime not to visit this place. Many people call it as the best beach in Bali for surfing. Here every year competitions are held on the world tour of water sports professionals.

The infrastructure of the coast is developed on a fairly good level, there is everything you need: a restaurant, bars, surfboard rentals and several hotels. Nearby is even a dolphinarium, where you can not only admire these sea creatures, but also to swim with them in the same pool.

If you want to go surfing, we recommend renting a hotel room here for the day – the biggest wave in the early morning or late evening.

6. Seminyak / Seminyak Beach (Double Six beach)

In the south of the island near Kuta and about 25 minutes away from Ngurah Rai airport is a premium resort area called Seminyak with beautiful sandy beaches, luxury hotels and expensive restaurants. Seminyak is home to fashionable fashion shows, fundraisers, and raucous parties. A beach holiday here can be perfectly combined with fun parties. The coast itself is a well-equipped wide shoreline covered in sand.

The oolnes here are available for surfing. Despite the fact that the ocean is not too suitable for a beach holiday with young children, many couples come here, as nearby there are many centers for children with pools and playgrounds.

5. Gunung Payung beach

Continuing our top of the best bathing beaches in Bali is a place called Gunung Payung, located in the southernmost part of the island. You can reach it by rental car or bike. From the parking area to the coast, between bushes and trees, there is a path with steps that you have to walk down. Along the way, you can watch the local monkeys jump from branch to branch right along the path. The beach itself is a sandy strip, located under the cliff, covered with greenery.

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It should be noted that the beach is sparsely populated and secluded. There are no sun beds or any kind of infrastructure. Only you, nature and the ocean, which can be comfortably swim since there are never strong waves, the neighboring reefs do not give them to the shore. The ocean is amazing turquoise color will not leave anyone indifferent. If you are interested in the white sand beaches of Bali, then you must visit this place.

4. Padang Padang Beach

On the Bukit Peninsula, just a few kilometers from the picturesque site of Uluwatu is Padang Padang Beach. It’s easy to get here either by cab or by renting a vehicle. There is free parking nearby. The beach is a small beach with white sand, over which the most picturesque rock, under which you can hide from the scorching sun. Here there are no deck chairs, along the shore there are a few tents, where you can easily get a snack and buy refreshments, there are free toilets and showers. The water entry is gradual and if you choose beaches in Bali for swimming with children, Padang-Padang is definitely for you.

Notable is the fact that this place was filming the movie “Eat, Pray, Love,” with Julia Roberts in the title role.

3. White sand beach or Virgin beach (aka Pantai Pasir Putih)

The top three beaches in Bali. On the east side of the island, 4 minutes drive from the town of Amlapura is a quiet and very beautiful beach called White sand beach. There is a parking lot on the hill above the shore from where you have to walk down. There is a fee to enter the beach and it only costs around 10,000 rupees per person. The place itself is a mile and a half lagoon with clear turquoise water and soft, white sand. There are palm trees and exotic trees around the coast. On the beach there is a cafe and free sun loungers. For swimming the left side of the beach is recommended, on the right side of the bottom is a coral reef.

The highlight of this place is the island, with a lonely tree growing on it, located not far from the shore. We highly recommend that you make an appointment with a local boatman to visit this romantic island. If you are looking for the most beautiful beaches in Bali, where you can swim without fear of huge waves, then you must visit this place.

2. Secret beach / Secret beach or Bias Tugal Beach (aka Pantai Kecil)

In the southeastern part of Bali there is another very remarkable beach called Secret beach. It is located near the port of Padang Bay. To get to the beach, you have to turn right before the port and drive to the top of the hill to the parking lot, from which you have to go down on foot. By the way the parking lot offers a picturesque view of the coast. Amazing azure sea and white sand, coupled with growing around the shore of palm trees create an indescribable atmosphere of a truly heavenly place. On the beach there are small cafes where you can eat and buy drinks. There are no sun beds on the beach. This place will undoubtedly be appreciated by lovers of wild beach holidays.

1. Melasti / Melasti Beach

And finally, the first place among the best beaches in Bali. At the southernmost part of the island is an amazing place – the beach Melasti Beach. You can reach it with a rental car, a bike, or a cab. Near the beach there is a parking lot. The amazing shades of turquoise ocean and soft snow-white sand make a lasting impression. The beach is almost always sparsely populated (except on Sundays, when the locals come here). Here you can spend hours quietly enjoying the surrounding beauty and peace. Of infrastructure there are paid sun loungers with umbrellas, a restaurant and small tents where you can buy drinks. In our opinion, this is the most beautiful beach on the island, where we want to return again and again.

That’s the end of our rating. The beaches of Bali are certainly beautiful, we hope that our article will be useful and you can find exactly “your place” on this fabulous island.

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