Bali and Borneo – the amazing islands of Indonesia.

Where to rest: the most popular resorts in Indonesia

From every trip, we want to bring home not only beautiful souvenirs, but also unforgettable impressions after visiting interesting places.

Indonesia is perfect for this – almost pristine nature, unusual towns and villages, a special culture. All Indonesian resorts have unique attractions and historical monuments.

This article describes resorts in Indonesia: where to vacation, the best prices, tips for tourists.

Popular resorts in Indonesia

All resorts in Indonesia can be found on a map of the country.

Bali Island

The most popular resorts in Indonesia

Perfect for recreation . Here you can easily find large sandy beaches (for swimming with children) and shopping centers. History buffs and walkers will enjoy the museums (Pacifica), temples and beautiful parks.

The best time to travel to Bali is from May to late September. This is a sunny period without rain, when the sea has a temperature of +28, and the air – up to +33 C.

Check out the Pura Tonah Lot temple here, the sights of Ubud, can be found here.

To learn more about the location of Bali, watch this video:

This resort is located in the south of Bali . It is especially loved by young people – because there is a lot of entertainment, nightclubs, places to hang out.

Note that the local sandy beaches are good, but the sea is often stormy, and the waves are high. For this reason, the city of Kuta is popular with surfers.

There are many windsurfing schools on the beaches and in the hotels – the course costs about 1.2 million Indonesian rupiah (IDR). You can also rent equipment at a price of 300-350 thousand.

Complete information about the resort of Kuta in this video:

Nusa Dua.

This is the most expensive Balinese resort . Nusa Dua lives off tourists – there are even few locals.

Restaurants, hotels (for the wealthy or middle class), entertainment centers built for foreigners. There are also golf courses.

The luckiest country in the world!

A place in a typical hotel costs from 650 thousand, and in the five-star – 900 thousand – 1.3 million IDR.

Watch a video about rest in Nusa Dua:


This area of Bali is very popular among family beach lovers . As for accommodations, there is a wide range from guest houses to luxury hotels.

If you want to arrange a photo shoot (for example, a wedding) – the best place would be uncomfortable for swimming, but incredibly beautiful beach Tehal Wangi.

A meal at a cafe costs an average of 250-270 thousand rupees, and the prices of hotel rooms – from 600 thousand.

You can see a video about the Jimbaran area here:


“Lombok” translates as “hot pepper”. Lombok is translated as “hot pepper,” which is not a coincidence because the island is shaped like a pepper. It is located between the islands of Bali and Sumbawa. It is a quiet place, suitable for meditation.

The city of Mataram has a local and international airport, and the resorts of Sengigi and Kuta are ideal for surfing and relaxing on the beach.

The price of a hotel room – from 650 thousand IDR, and a meal in a restaurant – about 350-550 thousand.

All about the island of Lombok in the video:

Island of Java

Jakarta and Yogyakarta are the most favorite places for tourists in Java.

There are many options for interesting vacations:

  • trips and walks around the island;
  • Visit famous volcanoes (Merapi, Krakatoa, Bromo);
  • Walks in the Ujung Kulon Nature Reserve;
  • excursions to the temple complexes of Borobudur and Prambanan.

Bus fare here costs 3,600 rupees, breakfast at a local cafe – 40-50 thousand IDR, and lunch – from 50 to 80 thousand.

A room in a hotel in Java costs about 700 thousand rupees.

See a video about Java here:

Borneo (Kalimantan)

The most popular resorts in Indonesia

The territory of this island is shared by three countries – Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Sultanate of Brunei.

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The name Kalimantan can be translated as “land below the wind” (below the area where typhoons occur). Borneo is home to a huge number of different animals, which you can watch.

For example, in Sandakan there is a reserve of orangutans, in Sarawak there is a rhinoceros bird, on Selingan Island – a population of turtles, and in the caves of Gomatong – the nests of swallows.

Hotel room rates start from 350,000 rupees, and there are also guest houses.

Komodo Island

Komodo Island is part of the Lesser Sunda Islands and National Biosphere Reserve.

This island is famous for komodo “dragons” (dragons), which Europeans met in 1911.

There are no hotels here, so you can stay with locals and instead of paying, you’ll need to do some work that benefits the reserve.

You can watch a video about Komodo Island:


This island is located in the west of Malaysia .

Major local resorts :

  1. Palembang (famous for the harvest festival boat races).
  2. Berastagi (you can see lakes Maninjau and Singarak, and bullfights).
  3. Padang (many beaches, airport, ferry to Jakarta).
  4. Bugittini (there is the Sipiso Piso waterfall and Lake Toba).

In Sumatra, you can visit the Gunung Leisure Reserve, and towns in the south of the island are near Krakatoa Volcano.

A room at a local hotel will cost from 450 thousand to 1.5 million IDR.

Watch a video about Sumatra:

Gili Meno.

This smallest Indonesian island is perfect for those who love beaches and diving.

The fee for a place in a bungalow hotel is 700 thousand rupiah. Moving around the city – mostly by horse-drawn carts.

Due to the location of the island of Gili Meno, it is not as rainy as other areas of Indonesia.

Gili Trawangan.

There are a lot of beautiful beaches and young nightclubs.

You can also rent equipment for diving and snorkeling (price from 250 thousand IDR), and yoga centers.

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Rent a room or room in a guest house can be for 500-550 thousand rupees.

Mentawai Islands.

This is a favorite destination for fans of “wild” holidays.

You will not find hotels and tourist infrastructure, but you will see a beautiful, almost pristine nature and traditional Indonesian villages.

You can get acquainted with the islands by watching a video:


This island is next to Komodo. It is known for the Kelimutu National Park, the volcano of the same name and the colorful lakes in its craters.

You can go hiking or boating here, as well as visiting ethnic villages.

It is best to live in a bungalow or hotel (about 380 thousand IDR).

See a video about the island here:

Nusa Lembongan

This island southeast of Bali is famous for its beaches, high waves and good restaurants and hotels, but commerce and banks are underdeveloped. Here you can take a water excursion along the coast with mangrove forests.

The climate is not as rainy as in Bali.

Attractions :

  • Goa Gala Gala (underground house);
  • Devil’s teardrop (unusual rocks);
  • Punchak Sari Temple.

The price of a hotel room – 450-480 thousand IDR.


Interesting places on the island :

  • the Christian temple of St. Fenebus;
  • Ruins of an ancient city (“Eastern Pompeii”);
  • Agung Giri Natha temple;
  • Tambora Volcano.

A place in the hotel costs from 290 thousand.

This island of volcanic origin, where you can enjoy authentic villages, beautiful nature, diving courses (700 thousand IDR).

Hotel on the island only one (room – 450 thousand rupees).

Bintan Island

It has a calm sea, soft sand, a lot of hotels.

You should visit a few places:

  1. Chinese temples.
  2. Elephant Park.
  3. Sangerang village.
  4. Yellow Mosque.

Hotel or bungalow accommodation costs from 650 thousand IDR.


The capital of Indonesia will delight fans of outdoor activities. It is worth to see:

  • The Wisma 46 skyscraper;
  • Istiklal Mosque;
  • Taman Mini (ethnographic park);
  • Presidential Palace (where the flag-raising ceremony is held).
Jamaica, the Island of the Sun: Attractions

Hotel accommodation – 750 thousand IDR, restaurant meals – 550 thousand IDR.

More information about Jakarta on video:


On this island there are Indonesian villages (Oebelo, Boti), as well as monuments of the Dutch and Portuguese periods of history.

The climate is monsoon – dry and hot.

Rent a cottage “lopo” costs 650 thousand IDR.

Sulawesi Island

Sulawesi (“iron island”) is distinctive for its identity . For example, in the village of Tana Toraja a very unusual, shocking to Europeans, funeral ceremony is held.

Other Indonesian resorts

  1. Batam is a resort with golf clubs and luxury hotels. – Famous for its exotic cuisine.
  2. Sari Atera – there are thermal springs.

Tips for tourists

Credit cards and traveler’s checks are valid only in major cities, and in the Indonesian provinces – local currency or cash.

  1. You’d better hide valuables and money in a hotel safe.
  2. South of Bali (Nusa Dua) is suitable for family holidays, and Kuta – for nightlife.
  3. Check the local prohibitions and local rules of conduct to avoid penalties.


In Indonesia you will find not only great beaches but also unusual sights, unique culture, unique nature (for example, nature reserves, temples, volcanoes). Travelling around this wonderful country will give you a bright “aftertaste”.

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