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Bali – one of my favorite islands, where I always go with great pleasure. Because to me, if there is a paradise on earth, it looks about the same. Really, still first place.

And here I give you the whole truth about Bali, as always.

Greetings readers in my review. Here our stay in Bali is over and now I can describe my emotions and feelings. We spent exactly 2 months in Bali, so the story will be about how to survive.

Everyone can find their own paradise here.

When we were planning a trip to Bali, we were advised against it. Argued that we would be bored there, because we like active rest. But still we did not listen to dissuasion and decided to fly. Hotel at.

The multi-faceted island of Bali and why it is not worth a holiday in winter in Kuta

The trip to Indonesia, namely to the island of Bali was my first trip to an Asian country. How many anxieties and doubts plagued me and how great that I discovered this world. Like.

It’s paradise!

We vacationed with my husband in Indonesia in Bali earlier this year. On arrival at the airport we were picked up and taken to our place. We stayed at the Sedona Manado Hotel 5* which is a real fairy tale. The hotel is located.

If there is a paradise on earth, it is this.

Bali, how affectionate that word sounds. no less affectionate is the nature there. After 13 hours of flight, idleness and sleep, we barely got to the place, left our main instructor with things, rushed to the sea, to cool off. However.

Unforgettable vacation, a memory to last a lifetime.

Good afternoon, my dear friends and just readers of this review! Was looking through the reviews of friends today, came across a review of Bali, and here too, something brought back memories of a vacation on an island in Indonesia, an island that many people simply.

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Today I wanted to tell you about my vacation to Bali. I had a great time there with my family. I would also like to recommend that you go and have fun with your family members. Have fun. We all are.

Bali is a magical island.

I vacation in Bali often and my favorite place is near the ocean, next to the temple. In Bali it’s simple, fly in, rent a place, don’t like it, move to another. Personally, I like to live in a village where.

Strong energy, mushrooms, beautiful island.

Lived in Bali for 1 year, I was 24 years old and mostly worked, occasionally visiting beaches, waterfalls and activities. From the perspective of someone for whom work is important I can highlight that it’s easy enough to find an apartment that.

Bali is highly overrated.

Constant tides, the sea is not always accessible. The air and the environment are not good. Dirty (on the beach and on the island itself). A lot of mopeds. No sidewalks with a child in a stroller is difficult to move.

I have been to Bali more than once. Stopped in Semennik, in Sanur, in Nusa Dua. Always had a baby with us. By these resorts. If with a child, Nusa Dua is a must. This place on the Bukit Peninsula. It’s beautiful and.

This is the place to go.

Good afternoon! Today I want to write impressions about the rest on the wonderful island of Bali, where I vacationed in October 2018. A long deliberation where to relax led me to Bali. My husband and I went to this island.

Bali in June 2018 . Paradise or hell?

The disadvantages of course there are, but they are so insignificant, when you are in such a concentration of beauty.

I never wanted to go to Bali. And then suddenly I saw a picture of a hotel not far from Ubud and that’s it. Love at first sight :) Jacuzzi on the balcony, panoramic pool, mountains, in good weather you can see volcanoes, monkeys.

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Chasing the ocean.

We vacationed in Bali in 2014, chose the hotel 5*, all inclusive, (all liked the hotel) Very often we went on excursions, were on the volcano, on the rice plantations in the mountains, the feeling and impressions for life. There were.

Green and clean island, with colorful temples.

Today is the 3rd day on the island of Bali. Honestly I did not want to fly to this island, as my vacation is in its second month. I am a dad myself and I am traveling with two kids and my wife.

Best vacation

We vacationed in Bali for four weeks. It is one of the best vacations of our lives. This is a magical island, after which there are only good impressions. We flew there as a family of four people. First we did it through the bookings.

Paradise on earth ☀️

Vacationed in Bali in September 2019. Flew with Russia airline, the flight lasted 12.5 hours. I did not buy a trip, I have been traveling without the help of tour operators for a long time. I took my mother with me, I wanted to show her the beauty of our planet. At.

Unbelievable adventure

I am writing to express my gratitude that our recent vacation to Bali was so special. It was my first time booking with you and it was my first vacation to.

A wonderful vacation on the Indonesian island of “a thousand temples”

Nature, exotic, level of service, “unbrussed” resort, religion, national cuisine, hospitable locals, coffee

Good day to you all! My trip to the island of Bali in Indonesia – it was my first trip far away from Russia, which took place during the New Year vacations from 2012 to 2013. It is this trip that will forever remain in my memory.

The best and most unpredictable vacation of my life!

I went to Bali with my friends. We didn’t expect that it would be so cool here! Despite the earthquakes, the vacation was brilliant, great hotel, kind people, magical beaches, soft sand. The ambiance everywhere is very cozy! The people are.

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