Baku lights up! Night Baku Tour

Baku lights up! Night Baku Tour

As darkness falls, Baku changes. Like the light on your phone, it gets brighter and brighter… gradually turning into a completely different city. Get ready to see the most beautiful and interesting places of Baku, transformed almost beyond recognition by night lighting, thus confirming its original name – the “City of Lights”!

“Night Baku” is an amazing opportunity to see not only the main attractions of Baku, but also enjoy the transformed city in a special, evening illumination. During the tour you will learn: interesting and little-known facts from the history of the city; how the construction of the “Caucasian Paris” began, how it developed and turned over time into the largest city in the Caucasus; the ancient and modern history of the construction of the city.


Prospect “Neftyanikov”.

The main “artery” of Baku will delight us with many famous buildings in the night light that we will see passing through: Maiden Tower, Carpet Museum, Baku Venice, Puppet Theater, Baku Port, Seaside Boulevard and much more.

Nagorny Park

Not to come here in the evening is a real crime! After all, you will not find a better place in Baku to admire the night city as the palm of your hand. No wonder that seeing this beauty at least once and then feels nostalgia and wants to come here again.

Flame Towers

It is simply impossible not to see them! Like a huge bonfire, Flame Towers lights up the city and is considered the brightest detail of the night of Baku. Every night on the facade of the towers light show, which is admired not only by tourists but also by locals.

Seaside Park (Baku Boulevard)

Baku Seaside Boulevard is one of the attractions of Baku, a favorite vacation spot for Baku residents and guests of the city. In 2009, it celebrated its 100th anniversary.

Colmanskop, a ghost town that's almost drowned in sand

“Government House”.

Thanks to its unique illumination, it constantly attracts glances and fascinates. We are talking about a wonderful beauty and grandeur of the building “Government House”, which fits perfectly into the overall architecture of the city.

The first oil well

It is believed that the first oil well was drilled by an American, Edwin Dreieck, in 1859. But very few people know that the well in Baku was drilled 13 years earlier, namely in 1846. It was this well that gave an impetus to the commercial production of oil and natural gas around the world. Do not forget to bring your camera and add a unique photo to your “piggy bank”.

Aquatic Palace

We pass by the Baku Aquatic Palace, a huge sport facility built by the order of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev for the first European Games in Baku.

Carpet Museum

Carpet weaving is one of the most ancient arts and crafts of Azerbaijan. Data of archaeological researches carried out in the territory of Azerbaijan testify that the art of carpet weaving was born in Azerbaijan in ancient times.

“Little Venice”

Little Venice is a system of walking water channels located in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku, on the territory of the seaside boulevard. “Little Venice” has existed since 1960, is a landmark of the seaside park and is considered a favorite destination for visitors to the park. The total length of the canals “Little Venice” is 1350 m, depth – 1.3 m, for filling the canals is spent 7 thousand cubic meters of water. The area of the territory of the small town is 9,740 sq.m.

Museum Center of Heydar Aliyev

People come to Baku just for him! And no wonder, because the creation of the greatest architect of the last century Zaha Hadid cannot leave anyone indifferent. We will definitely stop and take a dozen mesmerizing pictures against the background of the best building in the world!

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