Azerbaijan. Baku

How much does it cost to go to Baku

It was a few years ago when I was still an unsophisticated traveler. I walked around the city with my eyes wide open and couldn’t get enough of it. Now Baku is still for me a place where I want to go back.

My trip was not a tourist trip: I went to my sister’s wedding. But on the basis of my expenses I made an approximate budget for the trip.

Five days in Baku for two will cost 55 000 R

Flight 32 000 Р
Food 10 000 Р
Accommodation 6500 Р
Museums 4000 Р
Transportation 2500 Р

Why to visit Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is a country in Transcaucasia, on the shores of the Caspian Sea. The capital is Baku. Most of the inhabitants are Muslims. But Azerbaijan is a secular state with freedom of religion, this is enshrined in the constitution of the country.

Azerbaijan is rich in traditions, ancient buildings, as well as oil and gas. It is a former Soviet republic, which today is more like a European country.

In Baku on one street peacefully coexist ancient cultural monuments and modern architecture. The city tries to be modern and well-maintained, and it succeeds. But it certainly has its poor neighborhoods.

Baku has its own unique atmosphere and history, which reminds you of itself at every corner. This is a place where pomegranates grow in the yards and the streets and restaurants are full of colorful carpets. Baku is located on the shore of the sea, but people do not swim in the city – all the beaches are outside the city. There are white sand with azure water and a black beach like in Iceland.

Two main ski resorts of the country – Shahdag and Tufandag in Gabala are situated in 200 km from Baku. Locals say that even Europeans go there. Shakhdag is open the whole year round. For summer tourists there are organized hiking and horseback riding tours and excursions to Shahdag National Park.

When to go

The most pleasant time to travel around Azerbaijan is from April to August. In August it gets too hot and the temperature rises to +35 ° C.

If you’re in the country during the festival of Nowruz, you can try a lot of delicious food and be at the folk festivals. Nowruz lasts for five days during the vernal equinox, from March 21. It is a national holiday of the arrival of spring, like our Shrovetide. Although because of the amount of sweets Novruz I associate it more with Easter.

Winter in Baku is similar to October-November in central Russia. The average temperature is +5 … +10 C, and it is always wet and windy.

If the temperature drops below zero and snow falls, children may not go to school and adults may not go to work. Public transportation is intermittent and the streets become chaotic.


Tickets. There are direct flights to Baku from 12 Russian cities. A one-way flight from Moscow costs about 8000 R and lasts 2 hours and 50 minutes. In 2015 I flew from St. Petersburg. Round trip tickets cost me 23,000 R.

Ticket prices Moscow – Baku, the lowest price is listed next to the name of the month. Source: Aviasales

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Restrictions on entry. To stay in Azerbaijan for up to 90 days, Russian citizens need a passport. But there is one point, because of which not everyone can cross the border – the Karabakh conflict.

Nagorno-Karabakh is a territory over which Azerbaijan and Armenia are fighting for control. Until the issue is resolved, the authorities cannot guarantee the safety of people with an Armenian surname in Azerbaijan. Therefore, they can be simply refused entry at the border.

With an Armenian stamp, they will most likely be allowed into the country, but their passport must not contain a note on visiting Nagorno-Karabakh. Also, do not try to cross the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan directly.

Registration. If the trip lasts more than 15 days you need to register your stay in the country. Usually this can be done at the hotel.

The number of days of stay without registration is constantly changing. In 2015 you could stay in the country for 3 days, then 10, and since 2018 – 15. It is best to clarify the information on the website of the migration service once again before traveling.


The official currency of Azerbaijan is the manat. The manat is divided into 100 qepiks. 1 Manat = 36,86 R .

The state currency of Azerbaijan is the manat.

Experience has shown that it is always better to carry cash. It can be of use in a cab, public transport, restaurants, stores and markets. Cards are also accepted, but not all the terminals are available.

There are no exchange offices in Azerbaijan, they are forbidden by law. If you come across a suspicious kiosk with an Exchange sign – don’t believe it and run away from it. Money can be exchanged only in banks. Bank Respublika is open 24 hours a day. The rest are closed on weekends and holidays. Also, you can withdraw money from ATMs, they are often found in shopping malls.


What to look for. I tried to find a pattern in housing prices by neighborhood or season, but I failed. Apparently, the main factor remains the condition of the housing. A modest apartment in the city center near Icheri-sheher can be rented for 1700 P . The same price for an apartment with new renovation and a view of the Flame Towers or the sea.

In Baku is well-developed public transport, and it is very cheap. So you can safely choose to stay away from the sights, focusing only on the convenience of the apartment. If you go in winter, make sure that the house has heaters. In half of the houses in Baku there is no central heating.

Azerbaijan. Baku

Baku (Bakı, Baky) is the capital of Azerbaijan; a city that combines the dynamics of modern life with the tradition of a rich culture. It has been called in different ways: the “city of winds”, “the Paris of the East” – and all these characteristics would be correct. Baku is striking in its contrasts: the latest neighborhoods and business centers are interspersed with historic neighborhoods, all imbued with a unique oriental flavor. That is why it is increasingly becoming an object of active interest of tourists from all over the world.

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What exactly did the city’s name come from and what does it mean – these questions have been haunting toponymists for several centuries. According to one version, the word “Baku” is translated from an ancient dialect as “City of God”. Perhaps, it is associated with the fires that accompany the combustion of gas and oil fountains. There is also a suggestion that the name comes from the Persian “bad kube” – blown by the wind.

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The city is located on the Caspian Sea coast in the south of the Apsheron Peninsula. This location has created a mild climate in Baku. In summer it is hot and dry. The thermometer column can reach +27 … +30 ° C, so if you are going to visit Baku in the vacation season, you should bring light clothing and a hat.

Winter in Baku is quite warm with a lot of precipitation. At the same time, the snowfall rarely lasts more than a few days. Very romantic at this time are walks through the city: the twinkling lights in the misty haze creates a sense of holiday and magic.

Baku Crystal Hall Morning in Baku Harbor Heydar Aliyev Center Maiden Tower in the Old City

Baku sights

The Old City – the heart of Baku

The capital of Azerbaijan is famous for its history and its old part – Icheri Sheher still bears the imprint of former times, so it is often called the “Baku Acropolis”. When you find yourself in this area of Baku, it is as if you are transported back to the Middle Ages. Time seems to have stood still here and this impression is only intensified by the carpet merchants, ancient baths, which have survived more than one century, the luxurious old palace of Shirvanshahs. Here is the visiting card of the city, the heart of the city – Maiden Tower, which history is covered with legends, and many other historical monuments.

Old City of Baku

Sea, Sun, Sand

Arriving in Baku, you can not miss the opportunity to stroll along the seaside boulevard. There are cozy cafes along it for a leisurely break with a glass of Azerbaijani wine.

Waterfront Aqua Park Shikhov

Since the heat in the daytime forces to look for ways to cool down, many decide to take a swim in the sea. In the port area it is better to refuse such an idea, there are specially equipped beaches for this purpose. For example, Shikhovo (Aqua Park Shihov) is a whole entertainment complex, but the entrance is paid. You can get to the beach by car or by bus №20 from the S. Vurgun park, №193 from the subway station “20 January” or 219 from the Monty market.

The beaches of Zagulba and Buzovna (by bus #7 from metro “G.Garayev”) and Pirshagi (by 179 and 173) are also popular.

Cultural life of the capital

Museums and theaters of Baku deserve special attention of tourists. Azerbaijan Drama Theatre is a perfect illustration of how harmoniously intertwined eastern and western cultures can be. Here you can enjoy plays based on the works of national writers and world classics.

Walking around Fountain Square, one cannot help but notice the beautiful building of the Nizami Ganjavi Museum of Azerbaijani Literature. This used to be a caravanserai. More than 25 thousand exhibits, including ancient manuscripts, memoirs, sculptures and paintings, illustrations to works – all this you can see if you order a tour.

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Art Museum is a place where works of the most prominent artists, sculptors, masters of glass and metal are collected. Italian, Russian, Azerbaijani paintings, carpets from different regions of the country, a collection of ancient coins, ancient historical monuments – this is only a small part of what you can see in its halls.

There is a unique museum of carpets in Baku. Its building cannot be confused with any other, as it is made in the form of a rolled up traditional carpet. At the tour you can get acquainted with the history of weaving in the country, see the oldest surviving samples from the 17th century and compare products from different regions of Azerbaijan.

Baku Museum of Modern Art Azerbaijan Drama Theatre Museum of Azerbaijani Carpet


Despite the large influx of young people and foreign tourists, Baku nightlife is not as active as in European capitals. This is primarily due to the conservatism of the local population. But, despite this, there are places in the city where you can have a good time. First of all, this nightclub Pacific, “Club 360” at the Hilton, bar “William Shakespeare” and many others.

When strolling through the night city, be sure to climb up to the observation deck located in Nagorny Park. From here you can see the entire Baku flooded with lights: the Flame Towers, the Shahidlar Mosque, the government quarter, the Seaside Boulevard, the Port of Baku, and much more. It is a must-visit during the day.

Night Baku Petroglyphs of Gobustan

Rock Art

An hour’s drive from the city is a unique open-air museum of Kobustan (Gobustan). On the walls of natural caves there are preserved petroglyphs of ancient people, created approximately ten thousand years ago. From their plots one can learn the way of life of our ancestors and see extinct animals. There are also traces of ancient sites and burial grounds. To get here is not difficult by rented car or by cab from the village of Alyat (there are buses from Baku to it).

Where to stay in Baku

The city hospitably welcomes guests and offers a wide range of hotels. Typically these are four- to five-star hotels with European standards and superbly decorated rooms. Among luxury hotels, located in central areas of Baku, the first place is occupied by Hilton, as well as Absheron Marriott, Park Inn and, of course, Four Seasons.

If tourists come to the city to relax by the sea, the best option would be Jumeirah Bilgah, located on the coast and with its own beach.

Jumeirah Bilgah Hotel View from the Four Seasons Baku

Young travelers who want to save money and choose hostels or inexpensive hotels will have a hard time, as there are not many budget hotels here: Baku Old City Hostel, Baku Palace Hotel & Hostel, Guest House and Caspian Hostel. Many tend to the conclusion that it is more profitable to rent accommodation in Baku from the local population. You can do this in advance with the help of online resources (Airbnb,, and others) or directly at the station.

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City transport

Baku is a very big city, so for a quick and comfortable travel you should use public transport: trolley buses, route cabs and subway. In terms of speed there is no equal to the subway, so it is most often chosen by the locals. The red line begins from Icari Sahar, and ends in the south of the city (station Hazi Aslanov). The green line begins at Nasimi, and the final stop is Xatai. To travel on the metro you need to buy a card, from which the funds are withdrawn. One trip costs only 5 qepik and the card can be purchased for 2 manat. For tourists who come to the city for a couple of days, this option will not be very profitable they are better to choose ground transportation. The fare here is paid to the conductor, who not only monitors the order in the cabin, but also serves as a traffic controller.

Cab in Baku Metro Baku

Deciding to avoid crush and choosing a cab to move around the city, you must be prepared for the fact that the price will have to negotiate in advance. The drivers rarely use the meters, and due to the peculiarities of the mentality of the Azerbaijanis there is no constant tariff.

Money issue

The national currency of Azerbaijan is the manat. It is almost equal in value to the U.S. dollar. The small coins are called gepik. You can buy local money at any bank or exchange offices, which are located almost at every step. Tourists who are used to paying with bank cards can find themselves in a difficult situation, because everywhere in circulation is mostly cash. The ability to haggle and knowledge of psychology is what will make shopping in the market successful, because here you can rarely see the price tags on the goods.

Fountain Square in Baku

What to bring as a souvenir

To please their family and friends, vacationers try to bring them something from Baku that will be filled with local color. In the first place among the souvenirs are carpets. The capital of Azerbaijan is famous for its master carpet weavers. The soft bright products of local craftsmen amaze with the beauty and richness of patterns. You can buy them in the main market of the city. You do not need to buy large carpets, which then it will be a problem to take home – you can limit yourself to a small model, which will help convey the atmosphere of the East and will be a reminder of the trip.

Souvenirs in the old city Ripe melons go to market

Colorful pear-shaped armud glasses are the traditional tableware of Azerbaijan, from which tea is drunk. They can be crystal or painted, and the handmade items are quite expensive. You can buy them in any souvenir shop or on the market. It is also worth buying tea as part of the package. Popular among the tourists are the farm herbal mixtures. They have an unsurpassed aroma and rich flavor, and have a beneficial effect on the body.

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Since no tea party is without a sweet treat, when choosing souvenirs, you should pay attention to the national delicacy of Baku – yellow cherry jam.

Choosing a gift for a woman, you should consider buying a tablecloth or shawl with a boota pattern. This pattern, symbolizing the tongues of flame, is found everywhere and makes the products very ornate. You can also try on kurdyu – a traditional sleeveless jacket, or richly decorated shoes with pointed toes – charyki.

What a tourist should know

Azerbaijan is open to everything new, but very sensitive to matters of religion and morality. Going to public places, it is better to choose modest clothing, hiding the legs and shoulders. This applies to both women and men, because the Azerbaijanis will not approve if their girls will see the naked parts of the body of foreigners.

Baku has a great shortage of water. It is supplied only twice a day on a schedule. So if you live in an apartment and do not want to miss the chance to swim after a busy day, it is advisable to clarify this nuance with the locals. This problem is not so acute for the hotel guests, as the institutions care about the comfort of their customers. Given the fact that in summer it is intolerably hot and there are very few shady alleys where you can hide from the sun, deciding to go on a hike, it is worth bringing water.

In the old town

Cockiness and restraint should be left for England. Communication for Azerbaijanis, as for all eastern peoples, involves tactile contact. Of course, this applies only to the male half of the population. Communicating with local residents, you should be prepared that when you meet them you will be kissed, and during the conversation several times in a friendly pat on the shoulder or back. So that such a concept as personal space is virtually absent here.

Older people are respected everywhere. In public transport it is customary to give way to the elderly, and pedestrians with heavy bags will not be left without help. If you don’t adhere to these rules, you may be considered impolite and rude.

Woman Sculpture on Fountain Square Little Venice in Baku

How to get to Baku

The most convenient way to get to the capital of Azerbaijan is by plane. There are two flights from Domodedovo, including Aeroflot, and four from Sheremetyevo. From St. Petersburg there is only one direct flight twice a week. Prices range from 8 to 13.7 thousand rubles. To save a little money, it is advisable to book tickets in advance.

In addition, you can choose to travel by train, but you need to be prepared that the road will take about 56 hours. From the Moscow-Kursk station the train departs on Saturdays at 20:25. A more convenient variant – departure from Rostov-on-Don – on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Only a day and a half on the road – and you are at the main railway station of Baku. By the end of the trip, thanks to the famous oriental hospitality, all the passengers of the car become if not best friends, then certainly good acquaintances.

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