Austrian Hospice of the Holy Family in Jerusalem

Austrian Hospice in Jerusalem

If you make it to the Old City of Jerusalem to visit the main sites, enter one of the temples, stroll through the Arab market and have a good time culturally, you should not miss one of the most atmospheric, romantic and tranquil corners: the Austrian Hospice. Here you can rest in the shade of the green garden with a cup of coffee, enjoy a beautiful view of the crowded shopping streets, whose noise surprisingly does not penetrate to the guests and residents of the hospice, and the Old Town is open to you as the palm of your hand from the roof, on which locals regularly bring both friends-tourists, and whole groups. And, of course, here, in the café that overlooks the garden, you can have a delicious snack: keep in mind, the local Austrian schnitzel and charlotte are considered the best in town.

An Austrian hospice was built in the 1860s in the center of the Old City as a hospital (Hospice is an institution for long-term care of terminally ill people – see the comments). ), and was intended for pilgrims from the Christian world who came to the port of Jaffa and from there walked to Jerusalem. They arrived, of course, not in the best of condition.

Now it is a small hotel with a small Catholic church. It is free to go in during the day if you know where to go. It is hidden from prying eyes, although it lies at the crossroads of two important streets of the Old City: Via Gaia, which crosses the entire Old City, from the Shechem (Damascus) to the Zion Gate (on this street today is the Muslim market), and the famous Via Dolorosa, the street on which Jesus Christ walked from the trial to the place of execution (on this street today is also the Muslim market).

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In the Austrian Hospice you can comfortably stay for several days or even weeks. It is worth booking in advance – there are single rooms as well as rooms for travelers with children. The service at the hospice is more Austrian (European) than Israeli, as I was able to see while walking there, and the staff are all very pleasant to talk to. You can come at any time of day, as the reception at the hotel is open 24 hours a day (and even on Shabbat). The cost of accommodation at the Austrian Hospice varies from €58 (in a triple room) to €225 (in a double suite) per person. For children over 3 years old from 36 euros.

The cultural program of the hospice does not remain quiet for long either. There are regular concerts of classical music and artistic meetings. Plans for the coming months include:

– “Kiss of the Rose” concert (music by Anglia and 17th-century Italy) on February 20 at 5:30 p.m. in the Living Room;

– concert “New Corner: Hammel chamber versions of works by Mozart, Beethoven and Glick,” performed by the Phoenix Ensemble on March 12 at 7:30 p.m. in the Living Room.

Getting to the hospice is simple: you have to walk to the Shechem (Damascus) Gate and from there move all the way straight down Gai Street. About 5 minutes of quiet walking and you are there. For more information I suggest you go to their website. Have a nice and unforgettable vacation.

Address: Via Dolorosa 37, Old City of Jerusalem


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