Are there any more wild beaches on the Baltic Sea?

Responses: Zelenogradsk beaches (Russia, Kaliningrad region) – Wonderful beaches. If you are lucky with the weather, you should visit Zelenogradsk.

This was my second trip to the airport in St. Petersburg. Therefore for a beach rest we have chosen Zelenogradsk and have not missed. In this review, I will tell you about the different beaches of Zelenogradsk, so you can better prepare your trip to the Baltic. Zelenogradsk, which used to be called Krantz, was a beach and balneological resort from the beginning of the 19th century. In Soviet times, fans of recreation on the Baltic went to the Baltic republics, and the Kaliningrad region was, one might say, a closed zone. And only in the XXI century, especially with the latest closures of the borders, beach holidays returned to Zelenogradsk. It should be noted that, of course, most tourists come to the Kaliningrad region not to the sea to rest, but with a sightseeing run on the remaining sights of Prussia. Typically, tourists stop in Zelenogradsk for half a day after the tour of the Curonian Spit, and believe that is enough ;). Some come for a couple of days to go for a walk in town – it’s worth it. We went purposefully on sea: if it will be warm – to bathe, if it will be cold – simply to walk on a fresh air. Yes, absolutely geeks buy here the second (or third or fourth) apartment, to live in Zelenogradsk as in a dacha. I say at once that usually in the Baltic Sea off the coast of the Kaliningrad region water gets warm to 20-22 degrees by August, and only in 2020 and especially in a very hot 2021 the water got warm to 24 degrees already in July. We were vacationing in Zelenogradsk just at this time, we were very lucky with the weather, and we could explore in detail almost all the beaches in Zelenogradsk. I share with you my observations and feedback.

Please note, that some pictures were taken in the evening, it’s easy to distinguish them by absence of crowds.

WEST BEACHS I’ll call so those beaches, which go from the western part of Zelenogradsk to the official beach “At Neptune”. They looked very nice in the photos: wide beach, ….. But when we arrived there were some repair works going on in this part of the beach. What could and should be repaired there – I can hardly imagine, but the descents from the promenade to the beach were closed, and we just did not go behind the promenade and further to the beach. Closer to the end of July a part of descents have opened, but works are not finished yet. The main difference from the city beaches – there are no breakwaters on the western beaches.

Beaches of Zelenogradsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region) photo

There are a lot of new apartments in the western part of Zelenogradsk, if you plan to rent a house in this part of town, you have to walk long enough to get to other beaches. Here is a view to the west beaches from the town beach “Neptun”.

Western beaches of Zelenogradsk

There are two beaches in Zelenogradsk, named after the cafe and the hotel where they are located: “Neptun” on the west promenade and “Sambia” on the east. They are very crowded in summer. The western part of the beach “Neptun” is not under the concrete promenade, the shore is protected by a stone ridge

Beaches of Zelenogradsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region) photo

To reach the beach you have to go down the stairs (there is a special beach with ramps for less mobile people, read more about it below).

Beaches of Zelenogradsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region) photo

The promenade itself is built on these concrete piles that end the beach.

Beaches of Zelenogradsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region) photo

The city beaches (or rather the promenade above them) have everything you need, except deckchairs and umbrellas: lifeguards on towers, changing rooms, toilets (for a fee), stalls with a variety of food and drinks, a large number of trash bins. All this is raised on the promenade, because the Baltic Sea is very strongly erodes the beaches of Zelenogradsk. And during the storms in winter 1982-83, was badly damaged the previous promenade (see photo on pastvu)

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Beaches of Zelenogradsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region) photo

Beaches of Zelenogradsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region) photo

The rules of conduct are standard: do not swim over the buoys, do not drink alcohol, do not take dogs on the beach, do not smoke.

Beaches of Zelenogradsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region) photo

Among the peculiarities of Zelenogradsk – you cannot walk on breakwaters and dive from them.

Beaches of Zelenogradsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region) photo

Breakwaters are necessary to prevent the sea from washing away the beaches and attacking the city. But because of that between the ends of breakwaters the line of buoys passes (for which not to swim) that to swim on such beaches practically impossible: the distance between breakwaters 40-60 meters, as track in pool, and thus waves all time beat laterally.

Beaches of Zelenogradsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region) photo

Here are some more photos of city beaches under the promenade. Yes, these waves are quite frequent, but there are also calm seas. Yes, there are quite a few people.

Zelenogradsk town beach (Kaliningrad region, Russia)

Beaches of Zelenogradsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region) photo

Beaches of Zelenogradsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region) photo

Evening. The remains of children’s games on the beach. In the dark, you can break a leg…

Beaches of Zelenogradsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region) photo

It is forbidden to swim between the beaches. But people swim.

Beaches of Zelenogradsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region) photo

Going further, the concrete promenade turns into a wooden one near the restaurants Barn and Dacha. If you walk out of this place from the beaches into town, at the entrance to Plantage Park there are taps to rinse your feet and a free toilet (you can see the wall on the right in the photo).

Beaches of Zelenogradsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region) photo

There is also a small paid parking lot in the same spot. And here is a sign for newcomers.

Signpost to Zelenogradsk beach (Kaliningrad region, Russia)

The next beach is not under the promenade, but you can say next to it. The lifeguard tower is seen at the end of the promenade. There are no cabanas and trash cans anymore, everything is on the concrete promenade (with stairs in the right side of the frame).

Beaches of Zelenogradsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region) photo

But there is a shower to rinse yourself after bathing.

Beaches of Zelenogradsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region) photo

Beaches of Zelenogradsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region) photo

If you go a little further there is a beach with accessibility features.

Beaches of Zelenogradsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region) photo

There is a really barrier-free environment to it, from the promenade or from the parking lot you can reach by ramps. There is a special wheelbarrow (did not take a picture), on which you can drive into the water. Earlier such beaches and devices saw only in Europe, if you saw them in Russia – write, please, in comments, where there are such.

Accessible beach in Zelenogradsk

This beach was honored to be included in the tour Urban Legends of Zelenogradsk. It is located not on the seashore, but behind a dune, so there is almost no wind, and the sand warms up much earlier. Now there are beach volleyball courts on it.

Beaches of Zelenogradsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region) photo

But there is also a place to lie on the sand

Skovorodka Beach in Zelenogradsk

You can go to the frying pan from the shore after the restaurant Dacha ends. And next to it is the biggest paid parking lot in Zelenogradsk (visible on the left in the photo with the volleyball courts). I only have photos of this parking lot during the triathlon, when it was turned into a bicycle parking lot (the red one is a special covering on top)

Beaches of Zelenogradsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region) photo

WILD BEACHES OF KURSHOY KOSA The usual wild beach with nice dunes starts further on. The farther from the city, the less people. This photo towards Zelenogradsk will give you an idea about it. But not about the number of people: it’s a cloudy day and it’s already about 5 pm.

Wild beaches on the Curonian Spit

On the beach in a couple of places you can rent saps, and roll on the “couch”/”banana”. But I didn’t go by these spots with my phone, so I didn’t capture them for the report. I don’t remember the prices. Cash in cash or transfer to the card. One of them can be seen in the previous photo: counters with advertising flags and a yellow and orange “banana”. The other is near the watersports center, about which is a bit below. If you want to go to the wild beaches, it would be faster to walk down Moscow Street to the exit of the city, and there turn to the sea. This road: on the left-hand corner of the cemetery and the bicycle path ends (it goes along the promenade, through the park and almost reaches the entrance to the Curonian Spit. There are plans to prolong it along the spit); to the right – the path to the water sports center (there is also a cafe in the centre) and the nearest part of the beaches; to the right (where people go) – the path to the far part of the beaches.

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Beaches of Zelenogradsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region) photo

If you walk along the path, you enter the territory of the “Curonian Spit” National Park, where you have to observe certain rules:

Beaches of Zelenogradsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region) photo

The path has a normal surface, bicycles and scooters are okay. But mosquitoes are sometimes ferocious.

Beaches of Zelenogradsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region) photo

When you get to the dune, i.e. to the beach, the sand starts. Bicycles are left just like that or brought to the beach.

Beaches of Zelenogradsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region) photo

From here you can walk along the sand behind the dune.

Beaches of Zelenogradsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region) photo

Or you can walk through the forest on the path.

Beaches of Zelenogradsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region) photo

In this forest is an abandoned fire control tower, which I plan to write about in my review of attractions Zelenogradsk. And here is what people go to such a far away wild beach for. It’s the middle of the day, the sun is shining, no waves. Compare with the crowds on city beaches.

Wild beach in Zelenogradsk

Beaches of Zelenogradsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region) photo

And if the wind blows from the sea, you can position yourself behind the dune, where it almost does not blow.

Beaches of Zelenogradsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region) photo

From the discomfort of a wild beach to note the stones at the entrance to the water. There are a few places with a sandy passage, and they can be easily identified by the crowds. You can go swimming in reef slippers, you can wade through the stones carefully because after them begins again the sand, you can start to swim from the shore, trying not to hurt your hands and knees on the bottom. What else I like a wild beach – the fact that you can go into the dunes, under the pine trees.

Dunes of Zelenogradsk wild beach

Beaches of Zelenogradsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region) photo

Beaches of Zelenogradsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region) photo

The shore is reinforced with concrete blocks of different shapes.

Beaches of Zelenogradsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region) photo

Beaches of Zelenogradsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region) photo

About a kilometer from the entrance to the spit begins the nudist beach of Zelenogradsk – the only nudist beach in Kaliningrad region.

Nudist beach in Zelenogradsk

Since many people walk along the beach along the water’s edge, keep this in mind and do not be surprised. There are no special signs, from the side of Zelenogradsk the border in 2021 was 3 embedded tree trunks, from the side of the Curonian Spit – building of the frontier post of technical supervision with the antennas. (The flag on the previous photo was once hoisted by the regulars) If you have not been to the nudist beach – then don’t go ;) Nothing interesting you will not see, as the main contingent of 45 +. Young people, of course, happens – but not often. From pluses – a little people and there are no running, shouting, crying children from the word in general. Well and here’s a photo of the beach, so you can see how few people there

Beaches of Zelenogradsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region) photo

People start on a usual beach.

Beaches of Zelenogradsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region) photo

Further the building of frontier point we did not go, because it was not interesting. So we consider that the beaches of Zelenogradsk end there, but the review does not. Of course, on the beaches there are sellers of hot corn, judging by the uniform – probably official. They shout not loud, on particularly unlucky days may reach the nudist beach.

Bamboo Groves of the East

Sellers of hot corn on Zelenogradsk beach

Closer to the evening people do not disperse, but even come to watch the sunsets

Beaches of Zelenogradsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region) photo

Beaches of Zelenogradsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region) photo

Sunset at Zelenogradsk beach

And at night the beach is quite well lit, and you can also swim

Night at Zelenogradsk beach

What can I say in conclusion: the beach vacation on the Baltic Sea in Zelenogradsk is excellent (from the rest on the Adriatic). If you are lucky with the weather, you can swim in summer without the costs of the Black Sea coast. Therefore I recommend everyone who goes to Zelenogradsk in summer more than for couple of days – to look weather forecast, to take beach accessories and go swimming. Or just walk along the surf line and try to find amber.

8 best beaches in Kaliningrad and Kaliningrad region

The beaches of Kaliningrad and Kaliningrad region are picturesque and not crowded. But also cool water. In the hottest month of August, the Baltic Sea off the coast of Kaliningrad warms up to a maximum of 20-21 degrees. And only in the freshwater Curonian Bay may reach 27 °. But this does not stop people who like to sunbathe, go yachting, kayaking, paragliding and many other interesting things.


In this article you will find the top 8 beaches in the Kaliningrad region. It contains descriptions of all the beaches in Kaliningrad region and their equipment and possibilities to get there without driving.

Excursions in Kaliningrad

The most interesting excursions are routes from locals on Tripster . You can start with a sightseeing tour of Kaliningrad. See the historic center from Kneiphof to Fish Village, get oriented in the city. And take a trip to the Curonian Spit – “The Curonian Spit – from the sea to the dunes” (by car).

The beaches of the Kaliningrad region

1. Kulikovo beach

30 km from Kaliningrad

If you have a car, you can devote one of your free days to the favorite beach of Kaliningrad residents. Kulikovo, 30 km from the city, is known as “the beach under the windmills”. The coast is wild, but not crowded (especially on weekdays). The access to the sea is problematic, but no one guarantees that you can swim in Kaliningrad in summer. But the Kulikovo beach is a classic Baltic coast. The coast is covered with picturesque boulders, the sea is rough, but with a bit of luck you can get a decent amber. And it’s also a heavenly place for fishing – with a lucky coincidence, again, you’ll have fresh flounder for dinner.

Features of the beach: it is not marked on the map and to get there without a car is extremely difficult.

2. Beach in Donskoe

52 km from Kaliningrad

Beach at Donskoe, Kaliningrad region

The beach in Donskoe is one of the wildest and most beautiful beaches in Kaliningrad

The village has an incredibly beautiful coastline. Over the spacious shoreline with white sand overhang “rocks” up to 35 meters high. Due to this fact, the beach area in Donskoi is fancied by the lovers of paragliding. In contrast to Kulikovo, this village can be reached by bus. But the beach itself is the same unequipped, and in some places it is not safe to go down. Not Sevastopol Fiolent, but the coast is unfriendly. Nevertheless, there are well-trodden paths, and they are usually approached by car.

3. The beach in Yantarny

48 km from Kaliningrad

Beach at Yantarny, Kaliningrad region

A wooden bridge along the coast of Yantarny /

The coast of Yantarnoye is one of the most beautiful in Kaliningrad region. But it is the most expensive, and most remote from the regional center (so that it can be hardly reckoned among the beaches of Kaliningrad). There are few hotels in Yantarny, but those that are available are good. The most popular are “Bekker” near the central square and the five-star “Schloss” with a park overlooking the sea.

Group excursion “Amber Eldorado: Svetlogorsk and Yantarny in a mini group” (6 hours / 1790 rubles) is one of the most popular on Sputnik. The size of the group in the bus is up to 19 people.

As for the coast, there are wild and ennobled parts of it:

  • The wild beach of Yantarny is a boundless white strip, with small dunes and flowering briar;
  • the equipped part – there are cabins for changing, toilets, showers, beach cafes. Parking is bad almost everywhere.
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According to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Kaliningrad region, in 2021 the beaches of Yantarny – “Central” and “Yantarny” – for the sixth time were awarded the “Blue Flag”. The main criteria of the international award: clean sea and coast, comfortable and accessible environment. Only Yantarny beach in Kaliningrad can boast such an achievement.

4. The beach in Baltiysk

53 km from Kaliningrad

There is no beach in the city center, although it is a real pleasure to walk along the promenade. From the ferry to the Baltic Spit you can walk to the monument of Peter I. Then along the breakwater to the giant monument of Elizaveta Petrovna. And only there, a bit to the right of the lighthouse, the snow-white coast of Baltiysk begins. It’s famous for its unprecedented generosity on amber – tourists take there crumbs by handfuls. And a bit later, sitting in a chaise lounge, watching professional “amber fishermen”.

Mol in Baltiysk / Wild beach of Baltiysk, generous for amber /

You can leave your car near the monument to Catherine II. In summer the whole area is filled with souvenir stalls and stalls with fast food.

Despite the fact that there are no more outposts at the entrance to Baltiysk, the city is still a territory with regulated visit of foreign tourists. In human language: to get there without Russian citizenship, you need a permit.

5. Svetlogorsk Beach

38 km from Kaliningrad

Descent to Svetlogorsk beach by cable car /

The city beach of Svetlogorsk, oddly enough, is not the best place for swimming in Kaliningrad and the region. It is narrow, medium-grained (sand alternates with quite coarse pebbles), the sea periodically eats it up. In general, quite a sad picture for the flagship resort of the Kaliningrad region.

Its only plus is mega equipment. In this plan it can compete with only Yantarny, and even with a stretch. There is everything: deckchairs, umbrellas, rental of any equipment, cafes, restaurants and bars, pavilions, benches, attractions for children, night illumination, hotels, guest houses and viewing platforms. Only the space is not enough.

The weak point of Svetlogorsk beach is the descent to the sea. It is either steep “Potemkin” stairs or paid cableway.

6. Beach in Pionerskoye

38 km from Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad beaches: Pionerskoe

The coast of Pionersky / Photo: Vitaly Nevar

Pionersky in summer is a soulful little town. It is buried in greenery and despite the slight neglect, makes a cozy impression. There are signs to the beach everywhere which is a rarity in Kaliningrad region. The coastal strip stretches from the port to the breakwater near the residence “Yantar”. In the area of the port you can leave a car – the parking lot there is spacious. The beach in Pionersky is partially landscaped: there are trash cans, cabins for changing clothes and cafes. But the main part of the coast is “wild”. And it does not spoil it at all: there vacationers feel even better.

7. Zelenogradsk beach

32 km from Kaliningrad

Beach at Zelenogradsk, Kaliningrad region

East coast of Zelenogradsk /

Zelenogradsk city beach is the worst place for swimming in Kaliningrad region. Behind the embankment stretches a narrow strip of land, studded with boulders, which is now and then swallowed up by the sea. Therefore, when they talk about the beaches of Zelenogradsk, they mean the wild coast – east or west in relation to the promenade / city. The more popular east coast is up to 40-50 m wide. The coast ends in dunes – small glades, hidden from the wind, which are called “frying pans”.

The most popular excursion on Sputnik is to Zelenogradsk. “Curonian Spit without crowds + Zelenogradsk and Nesselbek” (bus-pedestrian, 7 hours / 1180 rubles per person).

There are cafes, restaurants and hotels near this wild part of the beach. The city park, buried in verdure, is within walking distance.

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On the west coast of Zelenogradsk goes on personal transport. It is also sandy, but for some reason not as attractive as the east.

8. Beaches of the Curonian Spit

38 km – 75 km from Kaliningrad

Curonian Spit, Kaliningrad region

Descent to the beach at Dancing Forest /

Curonian Spit is the pearl of the Kaliningrad region. A reserved land with a scattering of deserts, dunes, magical lakes and groves. But on its territory there are three residential settlements – Lesnoye, Morskoye and Rybachy. The equipped beaches of the Curonian Spit are situated there. You can get to each of the settlements by regular buses from Kaliningrad or shuttle-busses from Zelenogradsk. If you go by car, you should be ready for gigantic queues in the height of summer.

  1. The beach in Lesnoye is popular on the Curonian Spit. There is a promenade with a restaurant, campgrounds and hotels along the shore. Boat and bicycle rentals.
  2. The beach in the Morskoye village – located by the Curonian lagoon. The water is fresh, less than 4 meters deep in some places (can get as warm as 27°).
  3. The beach in Rybachie is the most sparsely populated, but equipped. Cabins for changing clothes, toilets, garbage cans. The coast is spacious.

Kaliningrad region tours 2022

A simple way to see the beauty of the Kaliningrad region is sightseeing tours. For 4-6 days you can visit the Curonian Spit, Yantarny, Zelenogradsk and other corners of the amber region. The prices range from 7900 to 20500 rubles (+ cashback). Accommodation in hotels in Kaliningrad is included. Popular tours:

1. “Excursion tour to hospitable Kaliningrad”.

Duration: 5 days / 4 nights

Excursion tours in Kaliningrad

Tour for the first acquaintance with Kaliningrad (from 13400 rubles). In addition to basic excursions – city tour, Curonian Spit, Svetlogorsk, Yantarny and factory, includes a trip to little-known places. This Pravdinsk (Friedland), Gvardeisk (Taplau) and the village of Nizovie (Waldau).

2. “The beauties of the Amber Coast”.

Duration: 6 days / 5 nights

Trip to the Curonian Spit

More detailed acquaintance with the region (from 20500 rubles). With residence in hotels in Kaliningrad and Svetlogorsk (+ free day at a Kaliningrad beach resort). Excursions to the most beautiful places – the Curonian Spit and Amber Area – are included in the price. An optional trip to Baltiysk is also possible.


Is there a beach in Kaliningrad?

No. There is no sea beach in Kaliningrad. It is 30 km and more to the Baltic Sea from Kaliningrad. But there are cozy places on the shore of lakes. For example, Blue lakes (former quarries) – Trout, Small and Big. A strip of land separates them from Ushakovsky Bay. The beaches are equipped with cabins, garbage cans and even lifeguard towers. Kaliningrad citizens love to go there on weekends. There are also beaches in Kaliningrad on lakes Shenfliz and Pelavskoe – also flooded quarries.

Is it possible to swim on the beaches of Kaliningrad region?

Yes, if you are not confused by the temperature of the water up to 23 °. That’s what they sometimes write in guidebooks. Although in reality it is about 20-21 ° in August.

When to go to resorts in Kaliningrad?

Despite the fact that the bathing season in the Kaliningrad region in July and August, the maximum content of iodine in the air is observed later. That is why people go for treatment of respiratory and thyroid gland diseases in autumn.

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