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Andorra Excursions and Routes: Andorra

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You can get to know the natural beauty of the valleys of Andorra and their historical heritage closer thanks to the many hiking routes that run through the country. They allow you to return to Andorra’s past, to a time when bishops, feudal lords and villagers lived in harmony.

Tickets for the tours of Andorra can be purchased at the desks of your hotel or at any tourist office in Andorra. The information is available in Russian. There is no need to book in advance. Prices are fixed and determined by the Ministry of Tourism Andorra. There are no discounts for pre-booking tours.

In the summer time bus tours to the most interesting places of Andorra, its past and present are available.


1. The Iron Rout invites tourists to rediscover the iron ore deposits, to learn about the mining, processing and production of iron in the XVII-XIX times. A must-see is the Rossell smithy.

It was in operation from 1842 to 1876, representing a real competition for Spain in the production of wrought iron.

Here you can see a widespread use at the time of the suspension hammers and other tools, which were wielded by blacksmiths. Read more…


2. Route N2 (Country life trail). The peculiarity of Andorra’s land development is the culture based on intensive, but rational approach to the use of natural resources of this mountainous country. This culture, whose founders were farmers, shepherds, masons, blacksmiths, miners, foresters and weavers, can be seen at every turn. Three of the houses you can visit tell you how the different social classes lived in Andorra a few centuries ago. These are Casa Cristo (Encamp), Casa Rull de Sispony House-Museum and Casa d’Areny Plandolit (Ordino). For more information, see “Andorran Museums”.


Route N3 is a trip to the Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley, which since 2004 has been declared one of the 84 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the category of unique landscapes. It is an amazing place that symbolizes the harmony of nature and man. The area of the valley, located to the south-east of the capital of Andorra, is 4.247 hectares, which is approximately one-tenth of the total area of the country. Madriu-Perafita-Claror, a favorite place of the Andorrans themselves, has remained almost untouched since the Middle Ages. The walls of the dry stonework houses, the herds of grazing cattle and the absence of a large number of people give the feeling of going back in time. Today the only difference from the Middle Ages is the more developed livestock farming, but even this aspect does not really disturb the pristine nature of the valley. The valley is home to the second most important water basin in the country. Its length is 12 km and the differences between the highest and lowest marks are 1.855 m: 1.050 m above sea level at the lowest point of Escaldes-Engordany and 2.905 m above sea level at the highest point, which is called La Portelleta. In the valley you can meet wild animals, rare plants are also quite common here. Whichever route you take you will come across little shepherd’s houses in the traditional Andorran style, as well as small enclosed plots of land where vegetables are grown. For lovers of the exotic, an overnight stay in one of the valley’s huts is offered in the summertime.

John the Baptist Cathedral in Comrat, Moldova

Learn more about hiking trails in the valley here.

Excursion tours are by reservation:

Escaldes-Engordani Tourist Office: (+376) 890 881

Andorran National Commission for UNESCO: (+376) 825 700


4. Route N4 – Reserve Comapedrosa – is located in the northwest of Andorra in the province of La Massana. The area of the reserve is 1,543 hectares and the highest point, Comapedrosa, is 2,942 m above sea level. It is known that the first ascent to the peak of Comapedrosa was September 22, 1858. The high mountain landscapes, lakes with trout, waterfalls and springs are the main attractions of the route. The reserve has a huge number of mountain trails of varying difficulty levels, making it accessible to tourists of all ages. In one of the huts in the summertime operates a restaurant. If desired, you can spend the night here to meet the sunrise of unprecedented beauty. Note that the hut has only 4 rooms and 12 beds in each. The price is accordingly – you can spend a night here for only 11 euros. The average bill in the restaurant is 16 euros (the dish of the day is 9,50 euros). The cost of breakfast is 7,50 euros.

The reserve is a favorite place of Andorran schools for excursions and wildlife classes. There is also a drawing school for children 6-10 years old.

For more information on hiking trails in the reserve, see here.

Park Tourist Office: (+376) 647 021 (open only in summer)


5. Route N5 (Itinerary of Canillo) – 12 stops during the whole tour, which takes place in Canillo, and at each of them tourists will discover new monuments of cultural and spiritual heritage of the Parroquia of Canillo. The walking tour will take about 3 hours. Stops: the churches of Sant Joan, Sant Cerni, Santa Creu, Sant Miguel de Prats, the chapel of Sant Bernart de Menthon, the forged iron cross and the sculpture of Charlemagne – open-air monuments, and the main church of Andorra and its chapels – Meritxell. Read more about Canillo here.

Vancouver - the city that combines both.

Canillo Tourist Office: (+376) 753 600


6. Route N6 (Route Encampment). A tour of Romanesque architecture is a journey into the past that introduces the cultural and spiritual heritage of past centuries. It includes visits to the churches of Sant Miguel and Sant Joan and Santa Eulalia. The tour ends in a museum dedicated to spiritual art. In the museum you will find liturgical objects: a candelabrum of a Romanesque icon (chasing), a 14th century bronze censer, a cross from 1671 and a reproduction of a medieval manuscript and parchments from the 16th-17th century.

The price for the ticket is 3 euros. Free for children up to 6 years old. Thursday-Saturday, 10-00 by advance booking. For more information about Encampment, see here.

Encampment Tourist Office: (+576) 731 000

Excursion to the hydroelectric power plant on Lake Engolasters (for more information, see Andorra Museums )


7. Route N7 (Routes of Ordino). Mossen Cinto Verdaguer is one of the most famous Catalan writers who lived in Andorra during the Renaissance. He was known to be a great lover of hiking and in 1883 he walked all the valleys of Andorra. During his journey, he learned about the folklore, history, geography and legends that the locals willingly told him. In order to walk through the picturesque places associated with the name of this writer, you need to go up by cable car. The price for a return ticket is €8.20 (adults) and €6.25 (children). One-way ticket: 6 euros (adults) and 4,40 euros (children).

A separate tour is offered to La Vall de Sorteny – a park of 1800 hectares, which without exaggeration can be called a paradise on earth, where grow up to 800 kinds of flowers and plants. Some of them can only be found in the foothills of the Pyrenees. Rare animals such as Pyrenean chamois and roe deer and wild boar live here. The park offers access to two points that are among the highest in Andorra: l’Estanyo (2, 915 m), where is a beautiful mountain lake of the same name, and Serrera (2,913 m). If you wish, the guide will provide complete information about the richness and peculiarities of the flora and fauna, including butterflies, birds and insects. Both winter and summer in the park is available such option as catering.

What surprises the sunny beach. Bulgaria

La Cortinada Village. For more information, see Andorra’s Museums.

“The Culture of Ordino.” This itinerary lasts about 2.5 hours and starts from the center of Ordino, where you can wander through its ancient streets and visit churches and gardens. The route is valid from July 3 to September 2. Tuesday through Saturday, at 15.30, starting at the Tourist Office in Ordino. Advance booking is required.

Ticket prices: 8 euros for adults, 3 euros for persons over 65 years. Children under 12 years are free.

la massana

8.Route N8 (Route la Massana) . Did you know that during the Second World War refugees found refuge in the Hotel Palangues? Do you want to know how farmers lived in La Massana at the beginning of the 20th century? Are you wondering why Sant Clement was the Pope against his will? An Andorran farmer from the last century will travel back in time to answer these and many other questions, as well as tell you about the traditions of this part of Andorra and its legends.

Tours are held in July and August. Pre-booking is required.

You can also take a drive through the province of La Massana. The must-see places include the churches of Sant Clement (sector Pal), Sant Cristofol (Anyos) and Sant Marti (village La Cortinada), Lake Tristaina, Les Salines waterfall and bridge, the smithy and the Cal Pal mill. For more information, see Andorra Museums

La Massana Tourist Office: (+376) 835 693.


9. Route N9 (Route Andorra la Vella). “The Green Belt” are paths in the mountains, where on the way there are historical and cultural monuments of architecture – all against a backdrop of beautiful mountain views and landscapes. It is equally interesting to visit the old town of Andorra la Vella, to wander its quiet stone streets and look into one of the ancient quarters, where in the XVIII century lived the famous judge of the Barcelona court named Don Francisco de Zamora.

Andorra La Vella Tourist Office: (+376) 873 103

10. Route N10 (Route San Julia de Loria) . A walking route through the center of social and cultural life of the province, whose inhabitants are called Laurideans.

The monuments of architecture in this small mountain village with cattle pastures and small stone buildings date back to the XII century.

Lithuanian national cuisine: old-fashioned exquisite dishes

The tobacco museum is recommended for a visit. For more information, see Andorra Museums.

San Julia de Loria Tourist Office: (+376) 744 045

Route N11 (Route Escaldes-Engordani) . This route offers an insight into the customs and traditions of the province and gives an idea of how architecture and everyday life have changed from the 19th century to the present. In the province there are well preserved old buildings that were built using granite materials. One example is the Lacruz House, built by the Catalan architect Puig i Cadafalch. Interestingly, in most hotels in the province – such as Valira and Carlemany – hot water is of natural origin. In Europe is widely known SPA complex on hot mountain springs “Caldea” (Caldea), which is located next door, in the province of Escaldes.

Excursions in Andorra In this section you can choose the excursion you like and visit it while you are in Andorra, for example in the day off from skiing, or in bad weather. Using our portal, you can book a tour in advance, to see information about prices and dates of tours, you can click “book a tour” From Andorra to Barcelona, Carcasón, Nice, Montserrat, or a trip to soccer, the famous stadium “Camp Nou”.

Andorra, what to see

Feel the spirit of medieval France! During this tour you will visit the picturesque old towns Mirepoix and Ax-Les-Thermes, and the outstanding monument of history and architecture, the oldest French fortress city Carcassonne, listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site. Tour prices here

Andorra – Montserrat

Andorra - Montserrat

Montserrat is a mountain range in northern Spain, in the heart of the province of Catalonia, located near Barcelona. The mountains are unusually beautiful, bizarre stone formations in some places like castles of wet sand. Prices for excursions here

From Andorra to soccer in Barcelona

From Andorra to Barcelona

Being near Barcelona, do not miss the unique opportunity to enjoy soccer performed by the best players in the world at the largest stadium in Europe Camp Nou. Prices for excursions here

Vip Barcelona + Montserrat

Vip Barcelona + Montserrat

A guided tour of Barcelona is an opportunity to experience one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Prices for excursions here

From Andorra to the Purple Coast of France

From Andorra to the Purple Coast of France

When visiting Andorra do not forget to get acquainted with its neighbor, France. We offer you an interesting full-day excursion which will show you the favorite places of the French impressionists, where they painted their famous pictures. You will visit Perpignan, Collioure. Prices for guided tours are here

Features of Cuban Cuisine

Medieval France

Medieval France

This tour will introduce you to the medieval cities of France. You will learn the main historical events, myths and legends. Prices for the tour here

From Andorra to the Salvador Dali Museum

From Andorra to the Museum of Salvador Dali

The Museo Dali is one of the most visited museums in Spain. Dali himself for many years worked on the original design of the interiors of the halls of the museum. Prices for tours here

Andorra – Nice – Monaco

Andorra - Nice - Monaco

This tour gives you the opportunity to see the three main pearls of the Cote d’Azur – Nice, Monaco and Cannes. Nice is the recognized capital of the French Riviera. Prices for excursions here

Family amusement park Naturland

Family amusement park Naturland

We suggest you visit a unique place in Andorra! An amusement park for adults and children called Naturlandia!

Excursion to Barcelona and Montserrat

Excursion from Andorra to Barcelona

Dear friends, we offer you a city tour of Barcelona and a trip to the mountain Montserrat! Excursion prices here

The Pink City of France

Excursion from Andorra to Barcelona

Explore the “Pink City” in the South of France! Prices for excursions here

Pearl of the Mediterranean

The Pearl of the Mediterranean

For those who are tired of the cold and want to get closer to the sun, to the south of Spain, to the beach and the Mediterranean Sea! We suggest you to go on a tour Pearl of the Mediterranean. Find tour prices here.

Spanish Venice and Besalu

Excursion from Andorra to Barcelona

You will be pleasantly surprised that Spain also has its own Venice. Prices for the excursions here

Albi and the Toulouse-Latrec Museum

Albi and the Museum of Toulouse-Latrec

New this season! Excursion to the city of Albi and a visit to the Museum of Toulouse-Latrec Excursion prices here

Oyster Farm and Perpignan

Excursion from Andorra to Barcelona

Excursion for gourmets! Oyster farm on the coast of France, with a visit to Perpignan Prices for excursions here

Helicopter flight

Helicopter trip

Helicopter Tour of Andorra Andorra is one of the smallest countries in the world, located between France and Spain. The area of this country is 5 times smaller than the area of Moscow, but in such a limited space there is a lot of interesting things for tourists. First of all Andorra likes its ski resorts and very beautiful nature. Travelers from all over the world come to the country to enjoy the beautiful views of the Pyrenees mountains. This is helped by a panoramic helicopter tour in Andorra , which allows them to see all the surroundings from a bird’s eye view.

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