Amazing facts about England and its people

60 interesting facts about Britain, which will open this country in a new way

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, also known as the United Kingdom or Great Britain, is a sovereign state with London as its capital, located off the northwest coast of continental Europe. It includes four separate countries on the British Isles–England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The population is 67 million people. The country is separated from continental Europe by the North Sea and the English Channel. Below are 60 interesting facts about Great Britain, which will reveal interesting information about the culture, history, geography, politics of this developed country.

  1. Tea is the most popular drink in Great Britain and an important part of English culture since the 1700s. It is estimated that Britons drink 165 million cups of tea daily, 20 times less than tea consumption in the United States.
  2. Tea is accompanied by scones with jam and cream or butter.
  3. London is the capital and largest city in Great Britain. There are more than 8 million citizens who speak more than 300 languages.
  4. English is the official language of the United Kingdom, but across the country there are many accents, which vary from territory to territory every 45 km.
  5. There are four ancient Celtic languages preserved in Great Britain, which are officially recognized today. They are Scottish Gaelic, Irish Gaelic, Welsh and Cornish.
  6. From 1066 to 1362, for nearly 300 years, French was the official language in Great Britain.
  7. In Britain, in May 1840, the first adhesive postage stamp was issued, featuring a portrait of Queen Victoria. It was called Penny Black because it cost one penny and was black.
  8. Stonehenge is one of the oldest monuments in the world, built in the south of England around 3000 B.C. (earlier than the pyramids of Egypt). It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

9. The 87-story glass skyscraper London’s Shard, built in 2012, is the tallest building on the European continent.

10. The most popular sports invented in the United Kingdom – soccer, rugby, cricket, boxing, golf. The game of golf, invented in St. Andrews (Scotland) in 1457, is now the national sport in Great Britain. King James II of Scotland banned the game because it interfered with archery training of the army.

11. Popular foods in Great Britain are fish and chips, roast beef, Yorkshire beef, but the national dish is Chicken Tikka, cooked according to an Indian recipe.

12. There are more Indian restaurants in London than in major Indian cities like New Delhi or Mumbai.

13. 13. Great Britain is connected with Continental Europe through the underground tunnel under the English Channel, opened in 1994. 50 kilometers long, it is the second longest underground tunnel which connects Dover, England and Calais, France.

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Channel Tunnel

14. Queen Elizabeth ascended the throne in 1953 and in 2015 became the longest reigning monarch in the world.

15. England’s first king, William the Conqueror, made a law that everyone must go to bed by 8 p.m.

16. Margaret Thatcher was the first woman elected Prime Minister of Great Britain. She is known as the British prime minister with the longest tenure in office.

17. Windsor Castle, built in 1080 and home to the British royal family, is the oldest royal residence and the largest royal house in the world.

Windsor Castle

18. In August 1896 a battle of 38 minutes took place between Britain and the Sultanate of Zanzibar, which is known as the shortest war in history.

19. There are only a few garbage cans in London. They have been eliminated because the city has experienced many terrorist attacks in the past and the trash cans have been used for explosives.

20. J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series of books, became the first British author to earn $1 billion in 2014. She has sold more than 400 million copies of the Harry Potter books in 55 languages worldwide.

21. The BBC (or British Broadcasting Corporation) does not show advertising in its programs because it is the operator of public broadcasting and is paid by citizens through a television license fee in Great Britain of about $200 per year.

22. Britons love to read the news. Each year a person views an average of 38 kilograms of newspapers.

23. The British Library at King Cross in London is the second largest library in the world with over 170 million books.

British Library at King's Cross

24. William Shakespeare added about 3,000 words to the English language.

25. The Queen is the only citizen of the United Kingdom who does not hold a British passport. British passports are issued in Her Majesty’s name, the Queen does not have to possess one. Queen Elizabeth II has visited over 100 countries and has never used a passport.

26. Oxford University, founded in 1096, is the oldest institution of higher learning in Great Britain. Until 1877 professors were not allowed to marry.

27. Llanfairpwllgwyngyll-gogerychwyrndrobwlllllandysiliogogogogoch (Llanfairpwllgwyngyll; shorter version of the name is Llanfairpwllgwyngyll) is the name of a city in Wales, which is the longest in the world and means “Church of Saint Mary in the hollow of white hazel”.

Llanwyre Poolguingill

28. Fordwich is the smallest city in Great Britain, with about 400 inhabitants.

29. Legends and myths involving monsters and mysterious creatures claimed to exist by some people are popular in Great Britain. Some Britons have heard the voice of a woman wandering across London Bridge at night. The story of the Loch Ness monster known as Nessie, which inhabits Loch Ness Lake in Scotland, is popular.

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30. The Union Jack or Union Flag is a British flag whose design combines the English, Scottish, and St. Patrick flags representing Ireland.

British flags

31. Britain has no official religion, but most Britons practice Christianity.27% of the population are declared atheists.

32. Mount Ben Nevis is the highest point in Britain with a height of 1345 m above sea level.

33. Royal weddings are public holidays in Britain. The day after the ceremony is a day off in the country.

34. The King of Norway ranks 73rd in line for the British throne.

35. London is home to more than 170 museums, including 11 national museums, including the British Museum.

36. The London Eye is the tallest Ferris wheel in the world with a turn of 30 minutes. There was another wheel in London, the Big Wheel, demolished in 1907.

37. Contrary to popular belief, Big Ben is not the name of the clock, but of the 13-ton bell on the clock tower next to the Houses of Parliament. The Tower itself is known as St. Stephen’s Tower.

Big Ben

38. There must always be at least six black crows on the grounds of the Tower of London at one time. This is due to an ancient edict of King Charles II, which states that if this rule is broken, the monarchy will fall.

39. Great Britain is one of the five countries which have no written constitution but adhere to the common law system.

40. Great Britain has no national holiday, but the Queen’s birthday is celebrated as a public holiday on the second Saturday in June.

Queen of England

41. Great Britain is one of the top 5 exporters in the world.

42. Although England is known for its rainy weather, a temperature of 38.5 °C was recorded in Kent County in 2003.

43. There are more than 500 pubs in the U.K. called The Red Lion.

44. Every horse, pony must have a passport.

45. Soccer is one of the most popular games in Great Britain. There are more than 100 soccer clubs all over the country.

46. Killing a swan in Great Britain is forbidden by law.

47. London has had other names in the past – “Londinium” during the Roman invasion, “Ludenwick” during Saxony, “Ludenburg” during the kingdom of Alfred the Great.

48. Great Britain is a large country, but the maximum distance from the sea is 115 km.

49. Smith, Jones and Williams are some of the most common names in Great Britain.

50. Art was once considered an Olympic sport in Great Britain. People of art, architecture, literature, music, painting, and sculpture were awarded a medal for their work.

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51. The Knap of Howar is the oldest building in Great Britain; a surviving stone house in the north of Scotland, built about 3700 B.C.

Knap of Howar

52. The United Kingdom is home to 32 UNESCO World Heritage sites.

53. England is the birthplace of many famous scientists. Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawking and others were born here.

54. In England, in 1989, the World Wide Web was invented by the scientist Tim Berners-Lee.

55. The world-famous Wimbledon tennis championships are held every summer in southwest London. During the two-week event, more than 27 tons of strawberries and 7,000 liters of cream are consumed as part of the event’s famous meal.

56. England is home to one of the most unusual sports, “rolling cheese.” This is an annual cheese rolling competition held in the spring on Cooper’s Hill in Gloucestershire, in the west of England. A 3.5-pound block of Double Gloucester cheese rolls from the top of a steep hill at speeds of up to 110 kilometers per hour and participants chase it down, trying to catch the cheese. The winner who crosses the finish line first gets the cheese.

57. London has the first and largest underground subway system in the world.

58. In London, the subway route from Leicester Square station to Covent Garden is the most popular route for tourists, despite the fact that in fact this distance is faster to cover on foot.

59. London Heathrow Airport is the largest airport on the European continent.

60. The British pound sterling is one of the strongest currencies in the world.

These are some of the most interesting facts among a lot of information about Britain that you may not have known. Which one did you like best?

50 Interesting Facts About Great Britain

50 Great Britain Facts

For those who study English, it is helpful to learn more about the culture, traditions, and values of Great Britain. It will give you a better understanding of the people who live there.

Whether you are visiting the country on business, on a tourist trip, on a study trip, or just found an interlocutor to practice with online, these tips and facts will show you the way to communicate more effectively.

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  1. French has been the official language in Great Britain for 300 years.
  2. 25% of the people who live in London were not born in Britain.
  3. More than 30,000 people living in England are named John Smith.
  4. The form of government on the island is a parliamentary monarchy. This means the government is elected by the citizens and has more power than the monarch, whose role is more representative. The head of government is the prime minister.
  5. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland also have a local government, which is responsible for domestic policy and affairs in the areas of health, education, culture, transport and the environment.
  6. The United Kingdom is gradually leaving the European Union.
  7. England gave the world rugby and polo.
  8. Windsor Castle is the largest royal residence in the world. – The first city to have a metro system.
  9. Famous musicians from Great Britain are The Beatles, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, The Sex Pistols, Radiohead, Coldplay, Pink Floyd.
  1. Great Britain is an island country which consists of four countries: England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland.
  2. English is spoken by more than 70% of the inhabitants of the United Kingdom. Also other languages are spoken on the island: Welsh (Wales), Scottish Gaelic and Anglo-Scots (Scotland), Irish and Ulster-Scots (Ireland).
  3. The Irish, Scots and Welsh are very proud of their countries and roots and do not like to be called British. And certainly don’t make the mistake of calling them British. , a complex of stone structures on Salisbury Plain, built around 3000 B.C.
  4. Big Ben is not really a clock, but the largest bell inside the tower of the Palace of Westminster.
  5. London was founded by the Romans after their invasion of Britain in 43. The city was then called Londinium.
  6. The first hot chocolate store opened in London.
  7. More than 300 languages are spoken in England.
  8. The population of Britain is more than 63 million people, of which 53 million live in England.
  9. The British are a reserved people who like privacy. Even friends don’t ask questions about personal relationships or finances.
  1. The capital of England and Great Britain is London, the capital of Wales is Cardiff, Scotland is Edinburgh and Northern Ireland is Belfast.
  2. The monetary currency of Great Britain is the pound sterling.
  3. The most common religion is Christianity. Although people of completely different religions live all over the United Kingdom.
  4. The United Kingdom covers about 245,000 square kilometers, stretching from the Shetland Islands in northern Scotland down to southwestern England and across the sea to Northern Ireland.
  5. The geography of Great Britain ranges from green meadows and forests to heathland and mountains. The highest mountain, Ben Nevis, is in Scotland, at 1,344 meters.
  6. Britain has an incredible history that dates back to 6500 BC. From Stonehenge to Buckingham Palace, you’ll find historic monuments all over Britain.
  7. Britain is home to nearly 30 cultural and natural UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Among these cities: Edinburgh, Canterbury, Chester, Oxford, York.
  8. The UK is one of the leading countries in the world for starting and doing business.
  9. The United Kingdom is one of the world’s top manufacturers, ranked first in information technology, science, and creative industries.
  10. In the 18th century, the British Empire occupied 20% of the world’s surface and was home to a quarter of the world’s population.
  1. In Britain, children begin school at age 4 or 5, attending Primary School. They then go through several stages of education until they are 16-18 years old.
  2. Until 1832, there were only two universities in England: Oxford and Cambridge.
  3. The British city of York is considered the most haunted city in Europe and one of several in the world. About 500 cases of ghosts have been registered in the city.
  4. The Queen of England is the only British citizen who travels without a passport.
  5. Golf is the national Scottish game. The earliest mention of it is 1457.
  6. Robin Hood was not a real person. It is a collective image based on real criminals of medieval England whose stories were woven together by storytellers and minstrels.
  7. The London Eye is the tallest Ferris wheel in the world. Each of its laps takes 30 minutes.
  8. Until 1877, lecturers at Oxford University were not allowed to marry, and women have only been able to obtain university degrees since 1920.
  9. Joan Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books, is the world’s first billionaire writer. 400 million copies of the books in the series have been sold in England and around the world. The books have been published in 55 languages, including Ancient Greek and Latin.
  10. The world’s first gramophone store opened in 1894 in Cardiff, Wales.
  1. Cheshire is the name of one of the oldest video English cheeses. It has been on the menu since Roman times. – one of many traditions that has its roots in pagan Scottish traditions. October 31 was an important date in the Celtic calendar. This day was celebrated as All Saints’ Day, when spirits would return to haunt the living.
  2. About 30 million Americans believe they have Scottish ancestry. Among them: Theodore Roosevelt, Presidents Bush, Marilyn Monroe.
  3. Scottish (Gaelic) is one of the Celtic languages that survives today. The other three are Welsh, Irish, Cornish (endangered), and Breton (in France).
  4. Famous English scientists – Charles Darwin, Michael Faraday, Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking.
  5. British inventor and scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web.
  6. One of England’s most influential and famous poets is William Shakespeare. No portrait of him was ever painted during his lifetime.
  7. The official home of the British monarch in London is Buckingham Palace. Until now, there is a changing of the guard ceremony every other day (every day from April to July), which attracts tourists.
  8. Summer Olympic Games were held in London 3 times – in 1908, 1948 and 2012.
  9. Soccer (soccer), rugby and cricket are the most popular sports in England.
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