Amazing European sights that are little advertised

10 of the world’s most disappointing tourist attractions

It turns out there are plenty of tourist spots around the world worth avoiding.

We all know about the hyped attractions. They are constantly being filmed, written about on the Internet, and tour operators strongly recommend visiting them. It is quite possible that once they were interesting. But time and the endless influx of tourists have made them something so boring and bland, which is not even worth spending time and money on.

These are the places travelers talk about on Tripadvisor and on the Reddit forum. All say in one voice that it is not worth going there.

The Great Wall of China (Beijing)

More than 8,000 kilometers long, the Great Wall of China, built in ancient China to protect the empire from invaders, is one of the wonders of the world and a must-see item on the tourist program when visiting China. That is why, once there, tourists are confronted with a colossal number of their own kind. To feel the atmosphere of the place, you need a very rich imagination.

In addition, the wall stretches from the Yellow Sea Gulf of Liaodong, northeast of China, through North China to the Gobi Desert, and many visitors, not having calculated their strength, get tired before the end of the tour. In addition, the wall is periodically restored, so many sections are closed to the public.

If you go to the Great Wall of China, I would advise against going to the section right there in Beijing. It is overbuilt and touristy. Take a minibus ride from the city to the Simitai section. There’s an “old school” wall there.

We went to the section away from the city. It was less crowded, but no less beautiful.

Reddit users.

Peeing Boy (Brussels).

Manneken-Pis, or “Piss Boy,” is the calling card of the Belgian capital. Every first visitor to Brussels wants to see this miniature bronze fountain statue of a naked boy pissing in a pool.

I was in Brussels and saw all these postcards with the statue of the boy peeing in it. They were literally everywhere, and I thought it was a giant statue… But as we walked up, we saw a little boy surrounded by Chinese tourists. It was the most disappointing thing I’ve ever seen while traveling.

Reddit user

The first thing that is frustrating for tourists who reached the Boy is the large number of people at the attraction. One of the most popular comments says that Brussels is beautiful and the touted statue is far from the most interesting thing about it.

I don’t understand the raptures at all. Of course, it is a historical monument in its own way, but in fact – a very small boy in one of the streets, which can be easily missed at all.

Traveler from Moscow

Mount Rushmore (South Dakota)

The four U.S. presidents (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln) immortalized in granite rock in South Dakota are very popular around the world. However, not everyone is happy with what they see.

They [the bas-reliefs] look just like any picture you’ve ever seen, and they’re not easy to get close to. If you’re in the area, I recommend prioritizing Devil’s Tower instead. This national monument is well worth it.

Most popular comment on Reddit

Other travelers have a similar opinion, saying it wasn’t worth the gamble and it takes longer to get to the place than it does to walk and see it.

Pyramids of Giza (Egypt)

The pyramid complex at Giza is considered one of the wonders of the ancient world. The main pyramids are Khufu (Cheops), Khafre (Chephren), and Menkaure (Menkerin). The names of the main pyramids of Giza correspond to the names of the kings for whom the pyramids were erected. The ancient Egyptians turned the plateau into a veritable necropolis with tombs, temples, and a system of roads and sidewalks that are still popular today.

First of all, experienced travelers warn treasure seekers: treasure has long been found in the pyramids and found secret entrances, almost no mystery and secret that you can dream of after reading books or watching movies. Therefore, if this is the only purpose of the trip, it is not worth going at all. Another disadvantage of the place are considered aggressive market vendors.

One woman in our tour group asked a security guard to take her picture and he refused to give her phone back unless she paid. In addition, we were shouted at and offered merchandise during the tour, pushing to buy handkerchiefs and various souvenirs, which ruined my experience. I spent months waiting for the trip and felt so disappointed!

Reddit user

The Little Mermaid (Copenhagen).

“The Little Mermaid,” or literally “The Lady of the Sea,” depicts a character from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale The Little Mermaid. The sculpture is 1.25 meters high and weighs about 175 kg. The history of The Little Mermaid is quite interesting: it has been attacked by vandals many times, but every time the authorities restored the statue. The main reason for the disappointment of tourists is its small size and hyped-up nature, which does not live up to expectations.

Most tourists know it’s just a small statue on a rock, but still they come here and swarm around it like a flock of seagulls. I don’t understand why.

Reddit user.

Tourists are also warned that the Danish capital has some of the highest prices in Europe. For example, a metro ride costs about 5 euros, lunch is about 30 euros, and a glass of wine from 5 euros.

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Palace of Versailles (France)

Palace of Versailles is considered one of the most important historical sites in France and Europe as a whole. It was included in the list of world heritage protected by UNESCO back in 1979. The palace complex was built by order of Louis XIV, and it is a symbol of the greatness of the French crown.

Of course, Versailles is a must-see for most tourists in Paris. It is this popularity, as some travelers believe, its main disadvantage. First, because of the crowds, it is very difficult to walk around and enjoy the views, and secondly, pickpockets run rampant in this place.

There are very, very many people here. It’s better to come in the morning, by 12 or 13 hours the crowd increases. The queue to enter the palace is two hours. Musical fountains, which are the pride of Versailles, work a few months a year. Finally, the overall service is frustrating. The condition of the fountains and the palace is rather depressing. This is not how one imagines the splendor and luxury of royal life.

One of the most popular reviews on Tripadvisor

Blue Lagoon (Iceland)

The Blue Lagoon is Iceland’s most hyped tourist destination. It is a storage pond of waste condensate from a geothermal power plant. The water temperature is on average 38-40 degrees Celsius. Atmospheric precipitation has a downward effect on the water temperature, but it is insignificant. The water contains mineral salts and is inhabited by blue-green algae. Reviews of the attraction vary: for some it is a very picturesque place to relax, while others regret the money spent.

It was very interesting, beautiful and unusual. But not cheap. For each person the cheapest ticket to the lagoon – 50 euros, plus 36 euros bus transfer from Reykjavik. And I advise you to book online at least a week in advance, because the place is extremely popular.

Tripadvisor user

Hollywood Boulevard (California)

On this street in Los Angeles is the Hollywood Walk of Fame. There are about 2,500 five-pointed copper stars embedded in the sidewalk slabs. The stars belong to famous actors, musicians, producers, directors of music and theater groups, fictional and real characters… Among the many famous places on the boulevard, the famous ones are the Chinese Theater, the Dolby Theater, the El Capitan Theater, the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, the Hollywood Masonic Temple, the Hollywood Wax Museum.

That said, locals consider Hollywood Boulevard far from the most interesting place in Los Angeles.

There are plenty of cooler things to see in Los Angeles.

A typical review of the place

Somehow earlier on TV, the boulevard seemed like something incredible, massive. But everything is much more prosaic: just a street, crowds of tourists, begging artists. The boulevard looks prettier in the evening with the lights.

Tripadvisor review

The best place to visit was Machu Picchu (Peru).

The city of the Inca civilization, located in the Andes Mountains of Peru, above the Urubamba River valley, was founded in the 15th century. All walls of Machu Picchu were built without the use of glue.

Kuala Lumpur - the capital of Malaysia

At the same time, tourists believe that the place destroys its popularity.

The place itself is really incredible, but it’s crowded with so many noisy tourists that it feels like you’re walking through Disneyland instead of a UNESCO heritage site.

Tripadvisor user

Other users of the Net also agreed with him. For example, Valentin Z. from Moscow called the place a total disappointment, saying that it is difficult to consider it a sacred place where everything is aimed at “downloading money from tourists.” According to him, due to complicated logistics, prices are many times overpriced and there is no alternative way to get to Machu Picchu.

Romeo and Juliet’s Balcony (Verona, Italy)

The balcony of Romeo and Juliet in Verona, Italy is a very symbolic place. It is believed to be where Juliet supposedly said the words mentioned in William Shakespeare’s play. The balcony is located in the center of Verona, connected to the building called La Casa di Giulietta (Juliet’s House). The bronze statue of Juliet is also particularly popular with tourists, touching the breast of which is considered a good omen. For fans of Shakespeare’s characters, there are mailboxes in the house, as well as computers on which those who wish can write love letters. The messages are passed on to Juliet Club volunteers.

As one Web user noted, most tourists believe that the balcony inspired Shakespeare’s play of the same name, but according to some reports, the landmark was built later.

When you get there, you see about 10,000 people crowded into a tiny alleyway to see the balcony, which I later found out was actually built after the play was written .

Reddit user

TOP 25: The Strangest Sights on Europe’s Most Popular Tourist Destinations

Ah, Europe . when you say that word, you immediately think of history, culture, art … the Old World does have a lot to offer when it comes to tourist destinations. Everyone loves sightseeing. There are castles in Germany, buildings built by Gaudi in Spain, magnificent works of art in Italy, the Gardens of Versailles in France, the Northern Lights in Scandinavia, Buckingham Palace in London, and so on and so forth. Nevertheless, there are many other sights that can also cause you to cry “Wow,” although they are sights of a slightly different kind.

What you see on this list may surprise or repulse you, or both. More than once you will raise your eyebrows in amazement because these sights are quite unusual for most of the world. Of course, if you live in a particular city or neighborhood that has these sights, you can easily identify tourists by the shock written on their faces.

However, if you think that our list will again include some unusual buildings, you are wrong. True, it includes some simply monstrous structures, but we also focus on strange festivals and customs. There are also some things you can’t see every day. In fact, you only get to see them once a year, so they’re more valuable from our perspective.

If you like the weird and wonderful, keep reading and add these sights to your European itinerary.

25. Mercury Fountain in Spain

While many people visit Barcelona to admire Gaudi’s famous La Sagrada Familia Cathedral and other incredible buildings, you have to stand out from the crowd and see the Mercury Fountain. A big musical fountain isn’t enough, is it?

The Mercury Fountain was commissioned by the Spanish Republican government for display at the 1937 World’s Fair. With this artistic creation, the creators protested against the Franco regime as its troops attacked one of the largest mercury mines in Almaden. Unfortunately, people at the time did not know how deadly mercury was. Today, however, you can see the fountain at the Fundacio Joan Miro without risking your health because it is covered by a safety glass.

24. The Dancing House in Paris

You probably have already seen the photo that shows this building, but you did not know where it is located. Now that you know you can enjoy a beer there, you might start booking tickets right away.

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The official name of the Nationale Nederlanden building, but it’s also named after two immortal dancers, Fred and Ginger. The building is completely asymmetrical and has nine floors with offices and a restaurant. It’s an example of postmodern architecture that certainly stands out in the surrounding landscape, but we think it would be like any other city in the world. The building practically rests against the sidewalk.

23. Jumping into a very strange pool in Australia

Speaking of beer, here’s a whole pool full of beer! Literally. While Cleopatra bathed in wine and donkey’s milk, she should have thought twice and taken a bath in a spa.

The 200-year-old brewery (or rather, its basement) has beer pools. The drink is said to be great for your skin, and while the beer isn’t actually meant to be drunk, you can still try it. However, given that its temperature is 32 degrees Celsius, we don’t recommend it.

22. Fallology Museum in Iceland

If you’ve ever heard of something very strange in Europe, it was probably this museum. True, it’s not like the park in South Korea, but while the park is more artistic given its statues, the museum is much more scientific. You can see over 215 penises and genital organs of all mammal species (including humans). What’s more, several certificates confirm that the owners will donate their body parts to the museum when they die. For more information, go to Reykjavik.

21. La Tomatina (La Tomatina) – tomato fight, Spain

This event will happen very soon. Try to be in the city of Bunol in Valencia on the last Wednesday in August and there will be plenty to see! People will be drenched in tomato juice, they will be throwing vegetables and laughing. Every time this event is covered in the news, but it doesn’t compare to what you will see with your own eyes. Not only will you see it, but take part in it! It’s a great opportunity to fool around and have fun.

20. The Old Operating Theatre in the UK

If you’re ever in London, leave the traditional sights behind and go see what medical practice was like in the Victorian era. The museum, an old operating theater, is located in the attic of an old church. You’ll find out what doctors used to treat patients 300 years ago, and what a real operating theater from that era looked like. There are also regular surgical demonstrations held there. However, don’t go to the museum if you are too sensitive.

19. The Hungry Tree in Ireland

If you find yourself in the area, stop by Dublin. Here you’ll see a bench half-eaten by a tree, or at least that’s what it looks like. It may not be the strangest thing you’ve ever seen in your life, but it will definitely stay in your memory. Also, there are plenty of unusual festivals, strange museums, and buildings, but is there something like this? There is.

Go to the garden of Ireland’s oldest law school and watch an 80-year-old tree chewing on a bench.

18. A tropical island in Germany

Yes, you read that right. It’s not an island per se, but a piece of sunny paradise inside a former airship hangar. In fact, the place has become so popular that it should have been enlarged. You’ll get the feeling that you’re on a real beach, even though you’re only 64 kilometers south of Berlin, the country’s capital. By the way, what would you eat on a German beach, besides beer and bratwurst, of course?

17. Cube houses in the Netherlands

While most of the Netherlands has a rather traditional style of architecture, here is Rotterdam with its incredibly bold designs. Cube houses are definitely an eye-catcher in the city center, and you can’t walk past them without being surprised. You can also see them inside by visiting the Cube House Museum for a low price, or even stay at the Cube Hostel. Imagine your friends’ faces when you tell them where you’re staying. It’s definitely worth it, isn’t it?

16. A nuclear bunker in Croatia.

Have you ever found yourself inside a bunker like this? No? But you’ve probably read about them and know how popular bunkers were during a time when people were afraid of a possible nuclear war. Visit a bunker on the island of Vis in Croatia. The bunker is located in the mountains at a depth of about 270 meters, and it was designed to protect the president and his entourage. The complex was built to allow 300 people to live and work for 6 months before finally coming to the surface.

Killarney National Park - Ireland's scariest nature reserve

15. Pripyat, a town in Chernobyl, Ukraine

If you think visiting a nuclear bunker can be a little depressing and creepy, what would you say about the ghost town in Chernobyl? There are 1 and 2 day tours going there, during which you can visit the power plant and various buildings, including a kindergarten. You will also be able to get very close to the reactor that exploded due to human error. It will be dangerous to live in this area for another 20,000 years.

14. Tedfest in Ireland.

This event has nothing to do with the conferences of the world famous TED Foundation. Quite the contrary, the festival is a tribute to a series popular in the 90’s called “Father Ted”. The event has been going on for 12 years. It most resembles a big costume party, with everyone dressed up as priests, bishops, nuns, housekeepers, milkmen and even Elvis and long-haired children. Also in giant rabbits and bricks. If this doesn’t seem strange to you, you’ve probably seen some very strange things in your life.

13. Feast of St. John in Porto, Portugal

For a crazy night out, head to the south of the country. This annual holiday in Portugal is also a kind of attraction. Imagine thousands of people coming downtown to pay homage to St. John the Baptist, throwing garlic flowers at each other or hitting each other with (soft) plastic hammers! The holiday is over 6 centuries old, but it wasn’t until the 19th century that it became really popular.

12. the Deve Guresi camel fight in Turkey

You may be used to bullfighting, and even dogfighting, but in this battle the animals are not beaten to death. The loser may fall or run away, and sometimes a certain sound is enough to end the fight. The event takes place during the mating season of the camels, when the males are more aggressive than usual. If you thought camels were kind, slow, somewhat moody creatures, reconsider. The joyful shrieking around you will certainly make you join in the festivities.

11. Nogenlobet roskilde festival in Denmark

If you like heavy metal and electro-pop festivals, this place is just perfect for you. And if you’re comfortable enough in your clothes, this is a warning. Since 1999, on the Saturday of the festival, there has been a naked race. One man and one woman – the winners get a prize – a ticket to next year’s festival. Participants run around the campground where the festival takes place. In fact, the races are so popular that the organizers should have held qualifying races. For male participants.

10. Letter carrier’s Palace, France

Where can you find Archimedes, Caesar and the leader of the Gauls, Vercingetorix, all at the same time? On the facade of the Palais Ideal du Facteur Cheval, built by a local letter carrier. It took him 33 years to finish the palace (he began construction in 1879), and it’s a wonderful blend of…everything. What’s fascinating about this combination of fairies, fountains, Egyptian tombs and classical columns is that it is the very first and perhaps only example of ingenuous architecture of its kind.

9. Frogland in Croatia

And now for something really strange. In a small museum in Split, Croatia, there are more than 500 stuffed frogs. What’s more, they are all mounted as if they were human beings. All of this was made possible through the efforts of Ference Mere, a 19th-century taxidermist who caught and stuffed frogs for 10 years before he was able to compose 21 different scenes of frogs. Frogs can be seen in court or at the circus. It is unclear what pleasure the man had in all this, but it is certainly one of the most unusual spectacles to be seen.

8. La Tete Sagghee sculpture in France

If you happen to be in Nice on the French Riviera, you will see a truly amazing sculpture. First of all, because of its size – 29 meters high and 13 meters wide – it is impossible not to notice. Secondly, you will see a literal representation of a mind confined to a certain box. Indeed, it is a huge cube around a man’s neck. It doesn’t look like much fun, just like the thinking confined to the “box.” The statue is located on the Promenade des Arts (Promenade des Arts). By the way, it’s not just a sculpture – it’s a real library!

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7. Hyde Park in UK

For fans of creepy places, there is a special cemetery. Nothing special if it wasn’t one of the oldest of its kind – the remains of hundreds of beloved pets from the Victorian period rest here. While we think the love of pets has reached its peak in modern times, people have always valued their furry friends. Most of them are dogs, but there is also a cat, a few birds and a monkey.

6. Museum of neon signs in Poland

Everyone goes to Warsaw to admire its history, but why not go to the place that has the largest collection of neon signs in Europe? The Neon Signs Museum will definitely be of particular interest to pop culture lovers. Imagine, you can see neon signs from communist times. If you think they were created to advertise bars and cafes, they are not. Some of them say “sewing machines.” That’s something quite unusual, isn’t it?

5. Kamppi Chapel in Finland

This is without a doubt the strangest chapel in the world. This wooden, waxed structure is located in Helsinki. Actually, it looks like anything but a chapel. Perhaps a work of art (which it certainly is) or Noah’s Ark. It’s really just a Lutheran chapel where people passing by can find solace. Interestingly, it is located in the busiest part of town. Take a break from shopping and gather your thoughts in this place.

4. The Statue of Truth in England.

Have you ever heard of Ilfracombe? How about Damian Hirst? The shark in formaldehyde? Yeah, that’s the guy. A contemporary artist from this small town decided to lend one of his statues to the townspeople for 20 years. It’s a 19-foot bronze sculpture depicting a pregnant woman with a sword held high above her head, supposedly demanding justice. Opinions are divided on it, and the statue is literally, split in half – you can practically see the insides of the pregnant woman’s body. Believe me, it’s pretty impressive.

3. A collection of succulent plants in Switzerland

Cacti and succulents aren’t the first things that come to mind when you mention Switzerland, are they? However, if you like plants, we guarantee you’ll love it here. This is one of the largest collections of its kind in the world. If you’re very lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the Queen of the Night cactus blooming at night. If you have a few cacti at home, you will decide to increase their number when you see this beauty all around you.

2. Sunny Egg Sauna in Sweden

Imagine that you are in the northernmost city in Sweden called Kiruna. As you would expect, in winter everything here is covered with ice and snow. Now in the midst of all this whiteness, imagine something that looks like a space capsule. Because it’s no less strange.

Something like a chimney comes out of the egg-like structure, and it’s the only thing sticking out of the shiny creation. It’s really just a sauna, and everything inside is pretty traditional. If you’ve ever come across something and thought it was completely inappropriate, this creation perfectly represents your thoughts.

1. A soccer field in Norway.

Doesn’t sound too unusual, does it? The whole planet is playing soccer and another World Cup has just ended. If ever a champion emerges from Henningsver, which consists of several islands, everyone will be amazed by the local soccer field.

It is surrounded by steep mountains and the sea, which looks very strange. It’s as if God decided to make a joke and mistakenly threw a sports field here. The high mountains, wasteland and sun-drying fish certainly add to the illogicality of it all. But the locals just love to play soccer.

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