All at once! What cities you can see in one trip

Two in 1: what two cities can be seen in one trip.

We often want to embrace the immensity and see/try as much as possible in a short trip. We won’t try to encourage you to slow down! On the contrary – we offer you to multiply your impressions by two. Together with the travel service OneTwoTrip we’ve compiled a list of cities that are easy to visit in a week or even a long weekend

Rome + Naples

Moscow-Rome round trip flight: from 12 652 rubles

Train tickets Rome – Naples: from 1060 rubles one way

Hotel in Rome for 1 person for 2 days: from 2113 rubles

Hotel in Naples for 1 person for two days: from 1976 rubles

It takes two and a half hours to get from the Italian capital to Naples on a comfortable train. Establish two days for each city: enough time to see the main sights and understand whether to return here in the future.

In Rome (or rather the Vatican), be sure to visit St. Peter’s Basilica and walk around the square of the same name. Get here as early as possible: the observation deck opens at 08:00 am and from 09:00 there is a long line of tourists crossing the square at the gates. Afterwards walk towards the Castel Sant’Angelo, cross the Tiber over the bridge and let yourself get lost in the narrow streets of the old town. Devote the second day to strolling around the Colosseum and the surrounding ruins or, if the weather is too hot, the park at Villa Borghese.

Naples is less of a sightseeing city than Rome. Here it’s best to just stroll around leisurely and soak up the local flavor, not forgetting to stop in the bars for coffee: Neapolitan espresso is considered the most delicious in Italy. If culture and history strike your fancy, look no further than Castel Nuovo and Castel del Ovo. If it’s too stuffy outside, go underground: there are many catacombs and secret passages under Naples, which offer interesting tours.

Helsinki + Stockholm

Flight Moscow – Helsinki: from 7 000 rubles

Helsinki – Stockholm ferry tickets: from 80 euros one way

Flight Stockholm – Moscow one way: from 10 000 rubles

Hotel in Helsinki for 1 person for two days: from 2856 rubles

Hotel in Stockholm for 1 person for two days: from 2,220 roubles

It’s easy to see two Scandinavian capitals in one trip – and, by the way, a trip to Stockholm via Helsinki is cheaper than directly. There are ferries between Finland and Sweden, served by several companies. For example, you can get in Helsinki at 17:30 and already at ten the next morning to be in Stockholm.

On the tour of the Finnish capital two days are enough. Here is good and just walk around the center – the streets, in any case, will lead you to the embankment and the Cathedral. Add Campi Chapel of Silence, Temppeliaukio Rock Church, Sibelius Monument and Esplanade Park to your must-see list. And if you want to see the city from above, go to the Finnair SkyWheel on the seafront.

Stockholm will enchant you even in two days. Start with the city center, where all the main attractions are located: the Royal Palace, the Reichstag building, the Church of St. Nicholas and the German Church, the narrowest alley in the city and the smallest monument. And the second day can be devoted to strolling through the streets and the waterfront and a glimpse of the island of Djurgården with amusement parks and interesting museums.

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Amsterdam + Brussels

Flight Moscow – Amsterdam and back: from 12 300 rubles

Amsterdam – Brussels train tickets: from 5599 rubles one way

Hotel in Amsterdam for 1 person for 2 days: from 4,587 rubles

Hotel in Brussels for 1 person for 2 days: from 2,213 rubles

Travelling to Amsterdam is great because from this city you can take the train to many beautiful places around. We chose to park in the capital of Belgium. Brussels is underestimated by many tourists, believing that there is “nothing to do” in the city. You can personally confirm or refute this opinion. Especially since the road from Holland to Belgium takes less than two hours.

How to spend two days in Amsterdam? It depends on your interests. The city is suitable for young people who can go on a rampage here (with reservations, of course), as well as for history and art lovers. It’s a bit of a combination of the two: enjoy a stroll along the canals on the first day, go for a bike ride, visit the coffee shops, and gawk at the windows of the Red Light District in the evening. In the morning, check out the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, the Anne Frank House, and the Rembrandt Museum.

Brussels is a more austere and formal city. Start in the historic center with the Market Square, St. Michael’s Cathedral and the Basilica of the Sacré Coeur. While wandering around the streets don’t pass by the famous Pissing Boy: the sculptural symbol of Brussels is quite small and many tourists don’t find it at the first time. For a more modern experience, head to the Atomium, an enlarged replica of an iron molecule. The upper ball has an observation deck with a great view of the city, and at the foot is the Mini Europe Park with miniatures of the most beautiful sights of the European Union.

Prague + Dresden

Flight Moscow – Prague and back: from 15 200 rubles

Rent a car in Prague for 5 days: from 3761 RUB

Hotel in Prague for 1 person for 2 days: from 1693 rubles

Hotel in Dresden for 1 person for 2 days: from 2,499 rubles

If you rent a car in Prague, the choice of nearby cities for the inspection will be huge – you can go round the Czech Republic (to go to Karlovy Vary and Brno, to see the castles), and to Austria and Germany to get to. We chose as “partners” the Czech capital of a small German Dresden, for the inspection which is just enough for a couple of days.

But two days in Prague is not enough – this atmospheric medieval city with unusual architecture you want to consider and discover over and over again. Be sure to walk around the castle complex Prague Castle and visit the St. Vitus Cathedral – it’s good to come back here in the evening, when the Cathedral is lit up and looks like a carved lantern. See the city from above – to do so, go up to the observation deck of the Petřín Tower. Stroll through the narrow streets with colorful houses and cross the river on the famous Charles Bridge to reach Old Town Square with its amazing astronomical clock.

It’s less than two hours by car and you’re in an amazing city that was burned to the ground at the end of World War II, but is so much alive today. It’s not the most popular tourist destination, but it makes a few days here all the more valuable. Start your tour of the city with the old center, the Altstadt with the Frauenkirche Church, which survived the bombing but then collapsed anyway and stood in ruins for 40 years as an admonition to posterity. Today it has been rebuilt, and the observation deck offers a great view of the city. See the Academy of Arts, the Semper Opera House, and the Zwinger Palace complex. If you want to get in touch with art, visit the Dresden Art Gallery with paintings by Vermeer and Rembrandt. And of course, walk around the waterfront and the streets – in Dresden you can find fascinating buildings and even entire neighborhoods (e.g. the bright, independent Neustadt).

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Traveling through Russia in “Night on the Train, Day in the City” mode

Because of the coronovirus closed borders and it is not clear what will be with the opening, and with the money can be difficult, and I want to go on vacation … Local broadcasts about domestic tourism, and I have something to say about it!

I once traveled through Russia in an unusual way, and although it was in 2015, the idea is still relevant.

Even @Milfgard approved of it! The actual idea is in the title of the article, and the details of the implementation are under the scroll.


The topic of the article was interesting to Tinkoff.Magazine, and at a certain point the article was written for them, so it was also about money. It was an interesting and useful experience (thanks, TJ!), but I had a hard time working with the editor, so I declined.

I’ll start a little bit from afar… What goes into the basics of travel?

If you go to any website about tourism, there will be sections like “Air, Rail, Auto, Hotels, Tours”. Or in a nutshell – transportation and lodging .

To save money, you can refuse to spend on one thing, for example, instead of a hotel to live in a tent, or go on a trip on foot … But there is another way – to combine transportation and lodging in one item. If you sleep on the train while moving from city to city – you can save time, money and visit many places at once.

I don’t think I’m the first to think of this, but in 2015 my wife and I visited 8 cities in 10 days and traveled over 6,000 km.

1. Get on a train 2. Arrive in another city 3. See it 4. Repeat from point 1 if necessary


I think the most important thing is to think about the itinerary and buy tickets in advance. It is necessary to do this in order to meet deadlines and not to be left without tickets.

I specifically went to the European part of Russia. It was important for me to visit Yaroslavl and Samara (it seemed that these are very interesting cities), so this is the route I had:


Novosibirsk – Omsk – Yekaterinburg – Kirov – Yaroslavl – Moscow – Tambov – Saratov – Samara – Novosibirsk

Paradiski, France: a ski resort that will impress and delight

The colors of the labels indicate different features: Novosibirsk is the start and end city, Yaroslavl and Samara were taken for an extra day, Moscow – passing. I’ll tell you more below.

For route selection it would be ideal to have a filled view table:

Table 1

But I don’t have one. I turned to aggregators, but alas … Yandex-schedules could not help me, tinkoff-travel, and maybe would have helped, but the article is not in their magazine … idea liked and the task written in the notebook, but not up to it yet …

I think you can do an approximate estimate with a map or a table of distances between cities. Train speed, of course, is different – for high-speed train gives the boundaries of 50-90km / h. So, for 720 kms of route you’ll have enough sleep for sure… If you have some ideas – write them in comments!

How I picked up the route

I’ve opened maps (Yandex, google, osm doesn’t matter) and selected the major cities, which are within 8-13 hours drive from the starting point, i.e. Novosibirsk. Of these in the west was only Omsk…

On the russian railways site I checked which trains are on this route on the desired date. I wrote them out to choose the most suitable (to go at night, arrive in the morning, with normal seats in the carriage, but not the upper side by the toilet). Just checked out, didn’t buy. I don’t recommend buying tickets at once – in case you don’t get the whole itinerary built and you change something. It’s better to buy tickets for the whole trip at once.

In the next step I repeated the search already for a new city – after Omsk I could go to Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, or Tyumen. Again I wrote out the trains, ticket prices and number of seats on the train, but continued my search only for Yekaterinburg, as it was more interesting to me. If I didn’t find a good flight on the right dates from Yekaterinburg, I might as well change it to Chelyabinsk and take a different route.

Next, I kept looking for each new point in the trip, city by city. Here I added Kazan, but there are no trains to Yaroslavl, so I change it to Kirov. Since I was important at the end of the trip to return to Novosibirsk, I did a circuitous route. But no one forbids not to return to the start city, or return, for example, by plane. In short, choose to your liking.

According to this scheme, I made a route, checked that all the seats I need, and bought tickets. Preferably all at once, especially if some trains don’t have very many seats…

The trip is ready, the rest is just trifles!

Here’s a summary table of my travels:

Table of my trains

We traveled only in the coach (+ to Moscow by train). We rode 5 times on the side seats and 3 times on standard seats. I usually suffer in the coach because of my height (187+-3cm), but I feel more comfortable on the side seats – there are walls for support and nobody hurts my legs in the aisle. I recommend giving the parlor and the side compartment a try beforehand if you haven’t done it before. The cars were both old and new, I don’t know how to guess a good seat.

inside train

The coolest was the Moscow-Tambov train.

Of course, an important parameter is the number of vacation days. If vacation 7 days, and planned 10 cities, then to allocate a whole day for each city obviously will not work. However, this is not a reason to abandon a part of the city. You can plan two cities in a day, but then between them should not be 8-12 hours, but vice versa – the less, the better.

The Spice Islands, Indonesia: A Quick Guide

For example, we did it with Moscow. We went for a walk in Yaroslavl in the morning, took the electric train, arrived in Moscow in 4 hours, spent 6 hours there, and then went to Tambov.

An important nuance – we had one more day in Yaroslavl before, so we had no rush and 4 hours to get there was fine with us. But in the standard scheme without stopping for an extra day – it would be better to allocate no more than 2 hours for a short trip.

Hotels and hostels

Yes, in Samara and Yaroslavl we stayed an extra day.

Staying overnight in the city can be useful for a variety of reasons. For example, we were a little worried that we can’t pull the trip at all without stopping, so we wanted to see a couple of cities more, and just planned to have a good wash on the road. I recommend finding out in advance the schedule of hot water outage, so as not to wash from a basin (this is what we encountered in Yaroslavl).

I suggest that in trains and train stations there are showers for cheap. Overall, that’s the option I would prefer right now.

Photo number

Room for two in Yaroslavl

We booked hostels in advance, without prepayment. Most likely we stayed for nothing and would have been better off visiting another city on the way back without stopping.

To summarize, I will again indicate the options from which to compose your trip:

– Cities that take 8-12 hours to get to (Standard option – “overnight on the train”) – Cities close by, 0-2 hours (Option “two cities in a day”) – An extra day in the city (Hostel option) – Circular route or direct route (Airplane option)

About the trip itself

In total by the money planned for the whole trip ~40 thousand rubles. Yes, for 5 years a lot has changed, and had to write an article in 2015, but alas…

All expenses can be divided into items:

– Tickets for the train:- 28 340 rubles (9 nights for two ~ 1574 rubles per person) – Hostels: 2 x 1500 = 3,000 rubles – Daily expenses: 9 x 1000 = 9,000 rubles

In the hostels we took separate rooms, not a place in a room for 10 people. It was potentially possible to save more money.

I budgeted 1,000 rubles for each day and it was mostly meals. In every town we tried to go to a cafe once. The rest of the time we ate cookies/buns, and took BP on the train. It was convenient to shop at FixPrice – one price and assortment all over Russia.

However, there was a force majeure in my daily spending. My wife’s jeans broke in Saratov – we bought replacements there for 1200. Also went to the museum in Tambov, because in the morning it was cold, wind and precipitation. In the rest it was possible to keep to the plan – in one city we spent a little, and in another a lot. For example, we ate expensive (and tasteless) food in Samara for 1230 rubles, and in Moscow we had a cheap snack in Subway…

In choosing where to eat, we acted at random:


Sometimes it turned out very good (Cafe Ratatouille in EKB, a delight)

Omsk and Tambov

Sometimes I risked it) Cafe Omsk and Wild Pear in Tambov.

Attractions in Fontainebleau, France

Moving around the city.

One of the purposes of the trip was to see how it is to live in Russia, so we wandered not only in the center.

For 8.5 days we walked 154 km. I planned all of the routes in the cities on the map in advance. It was a path along the parks, touching the center, including a ride on public transport. Sometimes I left something for improvisation, but all trips by public transport I thought out beforehand – I tried to make it a long trip to the final stop.


Omsk streetcar route #4 has 28 stops. Almost the entire city for 18 rubles.

I recommend that in addition to parks and attractions to build a route so that close to shopping centers, they can comfortably go to the toilet / wash.

What to take with you

I recommend taking a minimum of clothes and things, ideally a half-empty backpack. Look at the weather before you leave – with such a spread of cities, it varies significantly, and if you arrive early in the morning, it can be quite cold. For example, in Tambov it was +7, in Kirov it was cool and raining.

Clothing should be comfortable, a cap will help to disguise unwashed hair.

Also I recommend you to keep a diary and write impressions down every day, because by the end of the trip half of it is hard to remember, and the rest is mixed up in your head. Records can be made at the station before departure or on the train before going to bed.

Yes, by the way, very useful on such a trip – the ability to sleep well on the train and walk a lot.


The benches near the crossing – it’s genius

While walking around the city, of course, you get tired, so it’s good to have something to rest on, such as a tourist mat “foam”.


No one bothered us when we stopped to rest like that.

For all travel there were no conflicts, except one case – with a guard at the station in Yekaterinburg, who forbade us to sit on the benches with our feet, even though we took off our shoes…

But I met some positive characters. For example, on the Arbat, a guy came up with a tape recorder and took an interview for some radio, we told him about recreation in Novosibirsk, and how to watch TV, but apparently it did not go on the air, but it was fun. And in Ekaterinburg we watched a saxophone player teach a strange guy how to play the accompaniment to the song Get Lucky on the piano.

And also, being fans of the music band Operation Plasticine from Tambov, we wrote to the leader of the band, Anatoly Tsarev, and asked what we should see in the city – he responded by promising us a tour. Alas, the tour did not work, but in the evening he invited us to visit. Tolya, thank you, you’re great!


That’s how we went for a walk. I’m going to the only metro station in Omsk.

That’s all. Errors, please report in person, via Ctrl+Enter.

I’ll be glad to answer my questions in the comments, and not only questions.

I liked the trip very much – in the future I plan to go to the Far East along BAM in the same mode. Approximate route:

Novosibirsk – Krasnoyarsk – Bratsk – Severobaikalsk – Novaya Chara – Tynda – Komsomolsk-on-Amur – Khabarovsk – Vladivostok and back by plane.

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