Algeria. Interesting history, monuments and nature


Algeria is a very colorful and interesting country to travel. Despite the fact that sometimes there is some kind of military unrest, tourists from all over the world go to visit this amazing country. It is a jumping-off point for visiting one of the largest deserts in the world – the Sahara. Apart from that there is a lot to see in Algeria. For those who love historical sites there are ancient ruins of ancient civilizations. For those who love to explore the culture and traditions of different nations, this colorful country is a good choice. Various nationalities have concentrated here, including Arabs, Romans, Algerians, French, and many others. Algeria belonged to the French conquerors for a long time, so its architecture and cultural monuments have the French handwriting. For those who prefer ecotourism, the country has several reserves and beautiful national parks with amazing nature. Beach lovers will find something to do in this wonderful country. The Mediterranean Sea and a favorable climate will make the holidays unforgettable and very enjoyable.

So where better to start an acquaintance with Algeria?


The Old Kasbah, Algeria.

This old town, which is located in the capital of the country, is included in the list of protected sites of UNESCO. It is where all the main historical sites of Algeria are concentrated. Walking through the old streets you can admire the old mosques, Ottoman palaces and churches. This place also has its own central square. People live in the Kasbah, but most of the buildings are in disrepair. But the amazing view of the old city does not lose.

Algiers - The Old Kasbah.

City of Constantine in Algeria

This is another beautiful city of Algeria, which should visit every tourist. The city of suspension bridges is considered one of the most beautiful sights of the country. It has a very interesting location. Constantine is located on a plateau, which has the appearance of a mountain cliff. Only a few suspension bridges connect the new and old city here. They are quite scary, though safe, and not every tourist will be able to walk across it. This is a very unusual place with breathtaking views.

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Algiers-City of Constantine in Algiers

Cathedral of Our Lady of Africa Algiers

The current Catholic church in the country is this stunning Cathedral of Our Lady of Africa. It was built in the late 1800s by a Frenchman. So you can see in the various elements of the architecture many of the styles that were used in the construction of buildings in France at that time. The location of the temple by the sea, on a cliff, only makes it more majestic and beautiful. Near the temple there is a statue of Our Lady, which meets guests at the door of the cathedral.

Algiers-Cathedral of Our Lady of Africa Algiers

Basilica of St. Augustine in Annaba

The city of Annabé has another cultural landmark for all Catholics living in Algeria. It is another active church that was built in the late 1800s. Since these territories were inhabited by French colonizers, this basilica was erected here. Since then, the building has deteriorated a bit, but by order of the Pope himself, it was restored in 2010. The building itself is very beautiful in appearance, and inside there are relics of St. Augustine.

Algiers-Basilica of St. Augustine in Annaba

Tlemcen Cathedral Mosque

Algeria has the largest Muslim population, so the whole country is dotted with various mosques for prayers. One of them is the Tlemcen mosque. It is named after the city in which it is located. The foundation of this building had been laid since the 11th century. Throughout the centuries, the building was expanded and built up to its present size. Muslims are very proud of this mosque. In different years there were also university and court buildings nearby.

Algiers-Cathedral Mosque of Algiers

Qetshawa Mosque Algiers

Another mosque that is located in the capital itself and is its main attraction. It was built in the 17th century. The ancient building in Byzantine style fits perfectly into the general architecture of the city. When the French inhabited the land, they converted it into a Catholic cathedral. Both outside and inside the mosque looks very chic. Black and white marble was used in its construction. Inside the building are several very valuable historical items.

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Algiers-Mosque of Ketshawa Algiers

Monument of Glory and Martyrdom in Algeria

Walking around the capital of the country, the tourist will from time to time see the top of the most important landmark for modern Algeria. It is a monument to the country’s freedom from the French conquerors, which was erected to commemorate the 20th anniversary of independence. This 92-meter monument is very often called the Eiffel Tower of Algeria. At the very top is a dome, which connects the two leaves on the sides that strive upwards, symbolizing freedom. An eternal flame burns beneath the dome and the monument itself is constantly surrounded by soldiers.

Algiers-Monument of Glory and Martyrdom in Algiers

Mzab Valley Algeria

Algeria has five ancient cities that preserve the history of this country. They are all surrounded by this valley, which dates back to the 10th century. The valley is home to a very ancient settlement called “Xar”. Today a tourist can admire its pristine appearance. For lovers of historical and architectural monuments this is an ideal place. You can walk through the ancient streets, admire the white walls of all the buildings, visit good museums or just talk to the locals.

Algiers-Mzab Valley Algeria

The Ancient City of Tipaza

This settlement was once inhabited by the Phoenicians. It had a very important strategic importance in the 6th century BC. Then the Romans came and swamped the area, making it their colony. The city was rebuilt again in the 6th century AD after the raids of the barbarians. Then it belonged to the Byzantine Arabs. The history of the city is very rich as well as its historical monuments. These are the ruins of the amphitheater and the magnificent basilicas of Christ.

Algeria-Ancient City of Tipaza

The Royal Mausoleum of Mauritania

In the city of Tipaza there is another attraction, which should be visited by every visitor of the country. It is a tomb that contains the remains of the ruler of Mauritania and his wife. The building looks very majestic and interesting. And all because both Phoenician ancient culture and Christian culture were present in its construction. It looks like a pyramid of semicircular shape. Inside there are many different secret passages. It is a very valuable and important historical site in Algeria.

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Algeria-Mauritanian Royal Mausoleum

The ancient Roman city of Timgad Algeria

Algeria has the Atlas Mountains. If visitors go on a hike to the foothills of these mountains, they should definitely visit the ancient Roman city of Timgad. Back in the 1st century AD, the Emperor Trojan founded this city. And it is amazing that now, in the 21st century, you can contemplate its majestic remains. The city was built for the Roman legionaries who retired after their service. There is a large fortress wall, which has been preserved in its normal form, so you can estimate its magnitude. It was built for defense.

Algiers-Roman City of Timgad Algiers

Kala Beni Hammad

Against a picturesque backdrop of nature and mountain ranges are the ruins of an ancient city that belonged to the Chemmadid dynasty. It was built for defensive purposes and is an example of how such Muslim fortification cities were built in the past. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Berber dynasty of Chemmadids started here. It is named after the founder of this city, whose father founded Algeria itself.

Algiers-Kala Beni-Hammad

The ancient Roman city of Djemilah

Another stunning ancient Roman town will complete the tourist collection of historical sites in Algeria. It was also built so that the veterans of the Roman legions lived here their old age. They were given plots of land here to work on. Gardens used to blossom here and houses used to be erected. Then came the drought and people were forced to leave this place. It wasn’t until the 20th century that archaeologists began excavating this city.

Algiers - Ancient Roman town of Djemila

Fort of Santa Cruz in Algeria

The port city of Oran is home to three ancient fortress-forts that were built for defensive purposes. One of them, Santa Cruz, is connected by underground tunnels to the other two forts. It was built by the Spaniards, so the style of architecture is more reminiscent of the Spanish buildings of those times. Then the fort passed into the hands of the Arabs, and after the French colonizers settled in Algeria, it passed into their hands. This fort acted as the most powerful structure of all in the city. Now you can go to it with a tour group.

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Algiers-Fort of Santa Cruz in Algeria

Atlas Mountains in Africa

The Sahara Desert is separated from the Mediterranean Sea by this mountain range that extends beyond Algeria. The part that lies within Algeria consists of three ranges, plains, and the Rocky Uplands. These mountains are very good for fans of rock climbing. It offers breathtaking views of the sea on one side and the desert on the other. The Atlas Mountains are the looming point of the entire West African peninsula.

Algeria-Atlas Mountains in Africa

Jurjoura National Park Algeria

Ecotourism lovers should visit this stunning national park. It is one of the three mountain ranges of the Atlas Mountains. The pristine natural area, which is protected by the authorities was identified here in the early 1900s. Then, from this area already made a national park. Visitors to this reserve will contemplate the beautiful nature of the mountains, which are covered with oak and pine forests. In the winter, you can visit one of the best resorts in these areas, and ski or snowboard on the slopes.

Algiers-National Jurdjourah Park Algeria

Tassilin-Adjer Plateau Algeria.

Another stunning national park is located in the south of the country. It is a plateau with stunning views and very interesting landscapes. Tourists who come here, as if transported to another planet. Stone arches, sandstone pillars of unusual shapes – all this is scattered throughout the plateau. You can also visit the caves where people evolved and see their rock paintings. It is a very interesting tourist spot that every visitor to the country should see.

Algeria-Plato Tassilin-Adjer Algeria

Ahaggar Highlands

This is another mountain range that is located in the Sahara itself. It is a very interesting historical and cultural site, because the Tuareg tribe used to live around it. Among them, there was a legend about this mountain range. Allegedly, once upon a time, the Jeans fought among themselves in these places and froze in poses, stoned over the years and formed this mountain range. There is a good cultural museum here that every tourist can visit. Also not far from the mountain range there is a settlement of the heirs of this tribe.

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Algeria-Ahaggar Highlands

Hammam Meskutin Thermal Springs

This natural attraction is simply impressive. First, the tourist should know that the name belongs to the thermal springs. But they have an unusual shape. High clump of different mineral rocks, which has a color of various shades of brown and is a place where the raging water flows down. In the pool, the water sometimes reaches very high temperatures. It is about 95 degrees. There are many good hotels in the vicinity, where you can stay in order to visit these springs every day. It is said that the healing water can even cure diabetes.

Algeria-Thermal Springs Hammam Meskoutine

Sahara Desert

And of course one of the harshest deserts in the world is a must-visit in any Algerian tourist itinerary. It is the biggest desert on earth. Its limits are simply intangible and endless. It is five thousand kilometers long. It extends far beyond the borders of Algeria and extends into the territory of several other African states. The landscapes of the desert are varied. Here one can find high sand dunes and sand dunes, mountain ranges and highlands. There are also stony plateaus and salt marshes. When coming to Algeria, every tourist should visit this desert and feel all its power.

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