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Active Recreation in Moscow 2022: Sapsurfing, Skiing and Rope Parks for Kids

There are no steep mountains, turbulent rivers and forbidding waves in the capital region. However, there are many businessmen who create sports recreation of a different plan. So if you live in Moscow or come as a tourist, you will not be left without active recreation.

In 2022, you can go sapsurfing and kayaking in the region, conquer any rock climbing route, jump with a parachute, sit at the controls of an airplane or helicopter or try on the role of a rally car pilot. It only remains to choose the format you like, get up from the couch and get a portion of adrenaline. And to make it easier to decide on active recreation in Moscow, we have prepared a guide to the most interesting places and locations.

Types of outdoor activities

The best places for active recreation

Sparrow Hills

For active recreation in this area you can go in winter and summer. The Luzhniki Aquatics Palace operates here: visit the water park or just stretch out on the road in the pool. In the warm season there is an open-air area. On the territory near the Luzhniki stadium there is a summer rock climbing wall, an indoor ice rink and bicycle rental. From spring to autumn there is a rope park. There are six routes for those who like to overcome obstacles at altitude – suitable for the whole family.

In winter, fans of alpine skiing can visit the sports complex “Sparrow Hills”. There is a school for children and teenagers. There is also a year-round ropeway that connects Luzhniki and the square in front of MSU. In the summer there is a ziplane ride: sportsmen are strapped to a steel rope and launched over the city at a speed of 60 km/h.

How to get there: take the metro to Sportivnaya, Vorobyovy Gory or Lomonosovsky Prospect stations.

Sokolniki Park

A giant park, which occupies more than half of the territory of the district of the same name. There is a health trail, which is 2.8 km long. You can run or walk, stopping at the sports “islands” with fitness equipment. There are jogging and crossfit groups in the park. Around the main park square there are several rental stations for sport equipment: rollerblades, bicycles, electric and classic scooters. If you are not particularly picky about the means of transportation, you can rent shorter bikes and scooters at the main entrance to Sokolniki.

A rope park and outdoor pool in the west part of the grounds are open in summer. Trampoline and skate parks are available.

How to get there: take the metro to the station “Sokolniki”.

Silver pine forest

This park pearl in the west of Moscow. It is perfect for an active rest. There are three beaches on the territory, although many vacationers in the summer time occupy the wild shores as well. There is an ecological trail. In winter, a ski track is arranged, and a skating rink is set up on the beach.

Silver pine forest in Moscow has become a favorite place for active recreation of fans of water entertainment. In the warm season along the Moskva River from the Zhivopisnoye Bridge to the bottomless lake and further to the Strogino floodplain everything is strewn with sapsurfers and kayakers.

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How to get there: take the metro to the stations “Polezhaevskaya”, “Oktyabrskoye Pole”, “Strogino”, “Krylatskoe”, “Khoroshevskaya”.

Sport Complex “Kant”

An ambitious project in the south of Moscow, aimed at active recreation. In winter, conditions are created here for skiers. Depending on the weather, up to eight slopes and a snow park are opened. There is a ski simulator, which is rare for the region of the capital: it imitates skiing in the gym. In summer you can go roller-skating, skateboarding, playing soccer, jump on trampoline – in general there is a rich assortment of activities for every pocket.

How to get there: take a subway to “Nagornaya” station.

Izmaylovsky park

The park of culture and leisure and adjacent forest park. You can spend here the whole day for active leisure. In the north of the park, besides attractions, there is a good bow and arbalest shooting gallery. It can just give a couple of arrows to hit a target for fun or conduct a full training on the shooting. Many people go here to practice on a regular basis. In the same part of the park there is a rental shop for sports equipment and a rope town.

People come to the central part of Izmaylovo Park to play tennis, and there are five courts. On the Round Pond, boats are available for rent. There are park vorkout playgrounds scattered throughout the park. The greatest concentration of fitness equipment is along the health trail. In winter, an ice rink is open. And in the summertime, a basketball and volleyball court near it welcomes guests. From the side of the Entuziastov Highway entrance to the Izmailovo equestrian complex. Prices are affordable.

How to get there: take metro to stations “Pervomaiskaya”, “Izmailovskaya” and “Shosse Entuziastov”.

For beginners

In the summer season is highly recommended to try sapsurfing. Training takes 20-30 minutes after which it is quite realistic to go the distance of 2-3 hours. A nice combo of moderate exercise and admiring the city from the water.

A beginner can easily master sup-surfing after a little training. Photo: Andrei ABRAMOV

You do not know how to swim? Then try to conquer artificial peaks on rock climbing walls. There are locations outdoors and indoors. Tracks are prepared both for professionals and for beginners. Take an introductory lesson with a trainer, who will explain the principle of the route.

Want even more mobility? Then you can play paintball or laser tag. Do not forget about the protective equipment.

For professionals

On the water is worth trying wakeboarding, kiting, wakesurfing and windsurfing. All these types of outdoor activities differ only by the board: with or without a sail, pulling a boat, a tow or a kite.

You can soar into the sky on a paraglider – it rises to a height of 300 meters. Flying with instructors in pairs. Want more? Then sign up for a lesson on piloting a helicopter or a light aircraft. On the ground we offer to conquer the off-road on buggies or quad bikes.

Ideas for families with kids

For families with children, the best option for active recreation is a visit to a rope park. These spaces are available in the park areas of Moscow. Routes of varying complexity: you can go on your own or with an instructor. It is important that all injuries are stopped by the insurance system: if you stumble at a distance, special ropes will not let you fall.

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Rope park with its many obstacles will be a real adventure for children. Photo:

For active recreation with children, trampoline parks will suit. They have foam pits and dozens of sports trampolines. Even pre-schoolers, teenagers or parents can jump on them. Children under the age of three may not be allowed: the skeleton is not yet formed enough. The rest can do it on their own or accompanied by a trainer.

Water lovers should go to one of the water parks in the metropolitan area. Or sign up for a riding lesson at one of the equestrian clubs.

Sapsurfing rental 500 – 1000 rubles/hour
Skydiving 12 000 – 20 000 rubles
Canoeing 3000 rubles per day
Archery 1000 rubles/hour
Trampoline center 400 rubles/hour
Bike or scooter rent 500 rubles/hour
Horseback riding 2500 rubles
One day at a ski resort (equipment rental + ski pass) 2000 rubles

These are average prices for active recreation in Moscow in 2022.

Choose the best place in Moscow

How to get there

There are four airports in Moscow. All of them are international, but accept flights from Russia. To get to the airports, except Zhukovsky, it is convenient to use the “Aeroexpress train” – not the cheapest option, compared with buses and shuttles, but it saves from traffic jams in the capital. “Sheremetyevo” is located to the north of Moscow, 11-16 km from the Moscow Ring Road (depending on the terminal). “Aeroexpress train to “Sheremetyevo” runs from the Belorussky railway station every 30 minutes, travel time 35-40 minutes. If your flight departs from the new terminal B (and many domestic flights are now moved there) you will also need to travel by automatic underground train. They run at 4 minute intervals, journey time is also 4 minutes. There are signs, it is difficult to get lost. Buses and shuttles from “Sheremetyevo” bring to the metro stations “Rechnoi Vokzal” and “Planernaya”. Night bus H11 connects the airport with the metro stations “Voykovskaya” and “Kitay-gorod. By car – on the Leningrad highway or on the toll road M11. Website of the airport: svo.aevo “Domodedovo” is located to the south of the capital, 24 km from the Moscow ring road. “Aeroexpress train goes from Paveletskogo station every 30 minutes, travel time 45 minutes. The metro station “Domodedovskaya” is served by buses and route taxis. By car – by A-105 highway. Website of the airport: “Vnukovo” is located to the south-west of the metropolis, 13 km from the Moscow Ring Road. “Aeroexpress” departs from Kiev railway station every hour, the travel time is 35 minutes. Buses and shuttles run between “Vnukovo” and the metro stations “Yugo-Zapadnaya” and “Salarevo”. By car – by Kievskoe, Borovskoe or Minskoye highway. Site of the airport: ” Zhukovsky ” The newest among all capital’s airports is located to the southwest from capital, in 26 km from MKAD. To get here is more difficult than to other air ports: by bus from metro “Kotelniki” (the way will take not less than an hour) or by train or high-speed train “Sputnik” from the Kazan station to the station “Rest” (55 and 40 minutes respectively), there you have to change to the airport shuttle or a minibus (and it takes another 15 minutes). By car – by M-5 highway and Novolazanskoye highway. Website:

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Leningradsky station (Komsomolskaya metro station). Here come trains from St. Petersburg, including “Sapsans”, as well as Tver, Veliky Novgorod, Petrozavodsk, Pskov and other cities. Kazansky station (st. “Komsomolskaya”). Trains from Kazan, Voronezh, Samara, Ryazan and other cities. Yaroslavsky vokzal (st. m. “Komsomolskaya”). Connects Arkhangelsk, Yaroslavl, Vologda and even Labytnangi with the capital. Kursk station (metro station “Kurskaya”). Here trains from Nizhny Novgorod, Vladimir, Ufa, as well as part of trains from St. Petersburg arrive. Belorusskiy vokzal (metro station “Belorusskaya”). Trains from Minsk, Smolensk, Kaliningrad. Paveletsky vokzal (metro station “Paveletskaya”). Railway routes from Astrakhan, Volgograd, Tambov, Saratov. Kievsky vokzal (metro station “Kievskaya”). Here come trains from Kaluga, Bryansk, Kiev. Riga station (metro station “Riga”). Trains from Riga and Velikie Looki.

Centralnaya bus station (metro station Schelkovskaya). There are buses from Batumi, Warsaw, Vladimir, Voronezh, Ivanovo, Kostroma and other cities. Bus station “Krasnogvardeyskaya” (metro station “Krasnogvardeyskaya” or “Zyablikovo”). Intercity buses from the Crimea, Astrakhan, Belgorod, Volgograd, Kislovodsk, Kursk and other cities. Bus station Teply Stan (metro station Teply Stan). Buses from Bryansk, Derbent, Kaluga, as well as Belarus and Germany. Bus station “Tushinskaya” (metro station “Tushinskaya”). Routes from Pskov, St. Petersburg, Tver, as well as Latvia and Estonia. Yuzhnye Vorota bus station (metro station Alma-Atinskaya). Here come buses from Crimea, Volga cities, Grozny, Rostov-on-Don, as well as Georgia. Varshavskaya bus station (metro station Varshavskaya). Buses from Volgograd, Voronezh, Kursk, Lipetsk, Ryazan, Samara and other cities.

Extreme gifts for the bravest

You do not know what to surprise your superhero? If he likes danger and adventure, choose an appropriate gift. Flying in a hot air tube, extreme driving, ropjumping – let the adrenaline go off the scale!

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Gift certificates for Labyrinth Shooting Club

Labyrinth Shooting Club gift certificates 12+

Make your family and friends happy with an unusual gift – a certificate to the Labyrinth Shooting Club. Lessons with experienced coaches will be interesting for both adults and children!

Shooting gallery and Luger shooting club

Shooting gallery and Luger 18+ shooting club

The modern shooting range in the south of Moscow will be interesting for both experienced shooters and beginners in the sport of shooting. Luger Shooting Club has prepared great deals and gift cards that will please the men on the Defender of the Fatherland Day.

Aero Flume

Aerotube “Aeroflow” 6+

Flying in an aerotube is similar to a parachute jump, but here you don’t jump, but take off! “Aerotube” lifts to the height of a four-story house, you can float freely in it or learn various tricks. As a gift, one usually gets a certificate to visit the flight simulator. The minimum time is 2 minutes for 1500 rubles.

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Center of flight control

Flight control center

A gift for the most daring. The plane takes off at an altitude of 9,000 meters, then muffles its engines and falls vertically downwards. They say full pockets of excitement and a few seconds of weightlessness are assured. It’s not cheap and requires more courage than a “freefall” at an amusement park.

Distan Paragliding School

Even those who are afraid of heights can fly a paraglider. It is said that after such a flight the fear is gone. Especially when an experienced instructor tells you how to behave and what to do, and, if necessary, keeps you company during the first training flight. A few minutes of preliminary training and there you go, the paraglider fills with air and you find yourself above the ground. Use the ascending currents, gain altitude, try your hand at steep turns and just look at the surrounding scenery from a new perspective. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pilot you choose the difficulty, whether it’s aerobatics or calm flying. Soaring into the air in the suburbs every weekend all year round.

Sky Town high rope park

Sky Town High Rope Park 0+

In the sports cluster of VDNKh in the Zaprudnaya zone opposite Pavilion 27 “Physical Education and Sports” it is easy to spot a 16-meter high rope structure with three floors. Here you will find trails of different levels of complexity and almost a hundred elements, which will be interesting to both large and small urban conquerors. You can only overcome the simple obstacles or test yourself on the difficult routes. And if you want to relax, enjoy the view of the surroundings from the observation deck.

Touch the Sky aeronautics club

Touch the Sky Aerial Club

Minimum of efforts and maximum of pleasure – flying in a balloon will open for you fascinating views of the Moscow region and add a little thrill to a measured daily routine. After all, it’s not every day you go up in the sky to such a height, and even under a dome. And though the duration of the flight itself is about an hour, free up more time for extreme relaxation. After all, at least a ceremony of initiation into the balloonists awaits you. Balloons go up in the sky any day of the week in the early morning and before sunset. The main thing is that the weather is favorable.

Finam airfield

The airfield in Bolshoy Gryzlovo has several models of aircraft: Cessna 172, P2006 Twin, Yak-18t, L-29 and L-42 seaplane. But the rides are not limited to them either. You can also choose a balloon or a helicopter for a sky tour. In aviation training center at the airfield you can get private pilot’s certificate, to be retrained on any type of aircraft. In addition, in a separate indoor facility there are sports trampolines, on which you can jump together with children.

School of novice skydiver “Kukuruznik”.

Individual jumps with a parachute on a safe round canopy or long jumps with a parachute “wing” together with a tandem master? You just need to choose the most interesting for you and the rest is a matter of technique. By the way, they will gladly teach technique to any beginner and will remind the rules to experienced skydivers who have forgotten some skills. Jumps are taking place in the territory of Scientific Research Institute of Parachute Engineering and in Semyazino Aero Club (Vladimir).

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trampoline center “Atmosphera” 0+

Do you like to rest actively and hunting for adrenaline? Want to diversify physical activity? Trampoline center “Atmosphere” encourages children and adults to do sports for fun! Jump on trampolines, join team games, take part in master-classes and attend individual or group trainings.

QuadRider ATV Rental Club 6+

Do you want to plunge into the romance of off-road driving and feel the power of a roaring engine? QuadRider club invites fans of drive and speed to drive on quad bikes. Abandoned forest trails, impassable thickets, picturesque hills and fields are ready to conquer the brave and bold!

Climbing wall in the “Extreme” center 6+

If you think that climbing up a steep wall under the roof of a shopping mall is easy, you only think so. When adrenaline is pounding in your temples, your fingers are aching from exertion, and your head is frantically thinking about where to put your foot and how to keep your balance so that you don’t fall down, there is no doubt that such training is only for the brave, the agile, the skillful and the brave. There are many tracks of varying difficulty, you can even try to climb the ceiling.

Race of Heroes

Race of Heroes

“The Race of Heroes is an extreme obstacle course that will put you to a real test of strength. And not just in terms of physical fitness, but also in terms of nerves – you will have to cope with difficulties at every step. Instructors and engineers tried to stuff the track with difficult crossings, incredible ascents and descents, and there will be fields with barbed wire and many other extreme locations. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s the only way to get the answer to the question “what are you capable of?

Motostudy motor school


At Motostudy you can learn to drive a motorcycle from scratch until you pass your A-category exam. Or you can go further and fully master the art of motorcycle driving with maximal bends and crazy speeds. The latter is taught on the course “MotoJimhana” – a kind of motorsport in which participants compete in the rapidity of maneuvering on the asphalt among artificial obstacles. In the process of training, fear goes away, and the body begins to react automatically – and there you are already a steep rider. Both sites are under the roof, so you can train in any weather.

School of street sports Legenda

Legenda Street Sports School

Enough of watching someone doing cool tricks on bmx, scooters and longboards – it’s time to try your hand at street sports. It’s never too late to learn, even if you’re far over 18. You don’t need any special training to take part in a beginners’ group. The main venue for classes in the project is the Bunny Hop skate park. In the warmer months classes are held on equipped sites and in parks in Moscow.

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