A tour of the old town of Kemer in Turkey

The Old City of Antalya and Düden Falls: A Trip from Kemer

A journey from the Roman Empire to the Turkish Republic! You will walk through ancient streets and see ancient gates, towers, mosques, houses, and madrassahs. I will immerse you in the atmosphere of antiquity and introduce you to the culture and traditions of the Turkish people.

What awaits you

Kaleici – “another Antalya” Kaleici is a district that is not like the rest of Antalya. There are no modern houses but there are ancient Roman buildings, colorful mosques and towers. I will tell you what these places looked like a few centuries ago and what the modern authorities are doing to preserve the spirit of Old Turkey here. I will take you through the picturesque winding streets that look like labyrinths, show you the remains of the city fortress wall and other iconic sights.

“Visit Jumhuriyet Square and learn why the Yivli Minaret is called the “fluted” one. You will discover the peculiarities of Iskele Mosque and appreciate the truncated Kesik Minaret. You will also have a rest at the most picturesque place of the Old City, the sea port of Kaleici Marina. In addition, I will show you the famous Hadrian’s Gate, Hıdırlık Tower, Karatay Madrassah, and Mevlevihane Monastery and tell you about the stories related to them. At the end I will take you to the 50-meter cascading Düden waterfall flowing into the Mediterranean Sea.

Organizational details

The tour follows a car-pedestrian format and involves no extra costs.


Hello, dear guests! My name is Ugur and I am 42 years old. I was born and grew up in Turkey and graduated from Kabardino-Balkarian University. For 5 years of study I not only received a higher education but also perfectly mastered the Russian language. On my return to Turkey, I joined the Antalya Gendarmerie. During my years as a student in the Caucasus I was imbued with Russian culture and mentality, which was a decisive factor in choosing my future. I was trained as a guide-historian and received a license from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey. Thus, 15 years ago I started guiding tours and I am still doing it with great pleasure.

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This tour gave me a glimpse of Antalya not only as a place with beautiful beaches, but also as a city with a rich history. The old town is a very cozy and beautiful place. The guide spoke about the city with great love. I recommend the tour.

Thank you, Ugur, for the perfectly organized tour from Kemer to Antalya Old Town! Impeccably polite, accurate, informative, and at the same time unhurried. We walked around Kaleici, ate delicious tea and ice cream, saw the lower waterfall of the Duden River (Karpuzkaldiran – bouncing watermelon, if I remembered correctly) from the best spot, and much more))) I recommend it!

Ugur is a great guide! Told us everything in detail, showed us interesting places. The tour went at a comfortable pace. Answered all the questions of interest. Thank you very much.

We were in Turkey a million times not in Antalya, yesterday we had a tour through the old city with a guide, Uğur was very knowledgeable and answered all our questions. We enjoyed the tour, we will recommend it!

Most of us look at new places, cities and countries through the eyes of the guide who introduces them to us. And our perception of what we see depends to a large extent on how much the guide knows and loves his country and the city where he lives. Ugur is a very charming man, in love with his city, with an excellent knowledge of its history and culture. He introduced us not to the touristy Antalya but Antalya (Sattaleya, Satalya, Adalya) through the eyes of the people who visited and admired this great and magical city, this “Paradise on Earth” during the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires as well as through the eyes of the modern inhabitants of the Republic of Turkey. I highly recommend to everyone a wonderful person and a great guide.

We took a tour of the old city of Antalya with Uğur. I recommend Uğur to everybody, he was a wonderful narrator and charming person. He was very attentive to tourists, even in little things. The old town with a unique atmosphere, the impressions are nothing but positive. We thank Uğur for immersing us in the world of old Turkey!

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Great tour of the old city of Antalya, as well as a visit to the waterfall. We enjoyed everything very much! Uğur gave us a very interesting account not only of the facts but also of how life in Turkey is done.

I liked the tour very much, the content, the route, the interesting and tasty places of the old( and new) city. Ugur, of course, a very interesting narrator, but does not overload the information, takes into account the wishes of the route and the interests of tourists. Antalya itself is beautiful, and with a great guide captivates even more! Thank you very much, we highly recommend the guide!

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