A rich vacation in Beidaihe, China

Rest in Beidaihe (China) – reviews

Review of Leisure in Beidaihe (China)

It was the first trip abroad that I decided to go alone with two children. The older one was 9 years old, the younger one was 4. We chose China for many reasons – and we did not regret it. 1.

To go once.

Hot in the daytime, some tours in shabby places and buildings, honking cars, no good coffee.

I want to share with you about Baidakh. Since we bought our tour package without excursions (there were no others), we tried to find information on the internet about the cost of excursions and in general what we could visit.

I liked it very much.

Hello. Last year we decided to go to the sea with our older daughter. 4 years old. The youngest was left at home he was a year old. For a long time thought where to go. Primorye is not an option, expensive and lame. By plane to fly not.

Winter holidays in Beidaihe.

I think many people will be surprised to read a review about visiting Beidaihe in winter, but when planning to visit Beijing for the first time ( My review of visiting Beijing ), we decided to go somewhere else for two days. Anyway, that’s why we went here.


Hello everyone. Decided to write a review about how my family and I vacationed in China. I, my wife and child 7 years. I have been to China myself a lot of times, but it was my first time in Beidaihe. I stayed in the hotel Transportnaya.

Budget option, an unforgettable vacation

Good day, dear fellow travelers. Today I would like to leave my feedback about the beautiful tourist city of China – Beidaihe. I will write as concisely as possible, and most importantly with the benefit. Tickets for two people cost us $.

A lot of Chinese!

My first trip to the sea! As if it was yesterday. I remember taking my first steps off the train and feeling humid and hot! Checked into a hotel, such average 3 stars, basically normal, cockroaches, which I am so afraid.

What will surprise any foreigner in Serbia

A lot of beautiful parks.

We stayed in Baidakh long time ago in 2013. Passes were taken in the travel agency “Sputnik”. They showed us everything: what hotels are, what buildings, rooms, where you can go, what excursions to choose. Many pictures and I can assure you all comply.

Great place to relax, very warm, a lot of flowers, a lot of places to go.

It was very disappointing to see so many people around us, very warm and kind to the sea, very clean air, no intrusive Chinese people, lots of fruit, seafood, stores, etc.

A little far from the hotel to the sea, not very liked the guide, was not interested in us, it is not real to find her, sometimes we did not know that the excursions have been postponed

Went with my daughter in 2015, loved everything! The hotel is good, clean, near the building with doctors, excellent massage, three treatments were included in the price of the trip, foot massage, acupuncture, aromatherapy. Breakfast and dinner were also included.

I liked it very much.

In June 2014, I went to China (Beidaihe) with my son for a vacation. My son was 8 years old. We rested in the hotel “Friendship”, the territory of the hotel is very large, it is true the sea is on the 2nd line, but it is not so good for us.

Budget, but unforgettable vacation.

Were in September 2019, for 6 days. All that we had time to visit – thermal springs, glass bridge, park “dove’s nest”, park “night lights”, and a few more parks. Very pleased, as even the streets are a separate view.


I vacationed with my daughter 9 years old and my sister-in-law in Beidaihe in 2015. We stayed at the Labor Excellence Sanatorium. One of the first sanatoriums in the city, we were told. You can see that the buildings are old, but everything is clean.

The most remote hotels in the world

Well .

We vacationed from September 5 to September 19, 2019 Xuanhe Hotel 4 stars. The purpose of the trip was a beach vacation, but from September 5 is no longer in season, I had to go from mid-August, as strong.

Visited Baidahe for the fifth time this year. love it.

We were lucky with the weather. At the buffet at the Brazilian restaurant for 59 yuan, a huge selection of seafood goodies and more!

I advise to take an excursion to the glass bridge, an unforgettable experience and a lot of impressions. + Hot springs. (Aquapark new) on nutrition delicious cuisine in the restaurant “Maxim” near the pearl market. You will be brought and taken away by minibus, if the hotel is far from the center.

There is everything you need for recreation: sea, sand, great weather (in summer), exotic, unique cuisine.

Good value for money, warm sea, friendly Chinese, safe in terms of crime, exotic cuisine.

I stayed in hotel Golden Sea in August of that year. It was a reasonable standard 3* hotel, but bearable. There were three wide beds and white linen, 100% cotton, which is a given.

I had a great time.

During my internship in Harbin, China, I managed to find a week to go to Beidaihe by the sea. It was mid-June, the time when the season was just starting, so there was not much.

Holidays in September

Most people go on vacation in the summer, it’s much more convenient for many reasons, but there are times when you can not plan a vacation in the summer, as it happened in our case. On reflection, my husband and I decided that then.

Visited Baydache in September 2018 for the 4th time. We were satisfied with the vacation.

We stayed at the sanatorium of Excellent Labor. The main purpose of the trip, this treatment, well, and, accordingly, rest at the sea. The weather was wonderful, only one day it rained. Living conditions were normal, cleaning in number and change of towels each.

Where to spend the summer vacation? Rest in Russia and foreign countries

We had a bad trip, we will not go again.

We had a rest, if it is possible to name, certainly, rest, in hotel “the Wave-3”. Simply awful. All right, weather has failed. But all rest marred hotel “the Wave-3”. Cockroaches, mould, dirt, very damp air, and also absence of a refrigerator and even business cards (on.

Ah how I want to come back.

Calm, cozy, clean resort town, delicious food, lots of places to go sightseeing, for some, Russian-speaking Chinese

In 2011 I was lucky to visit Beidache, a small town on the Yellow Sea. I traveled with a small group of 5 people. We got to the cherished town by train, the way was through the town Zabaikalsk, where we were passing through.

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