A magical holiday in Turkey

Dreamland: 10 magical places in Turkey, which every tourist should visit

Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Here are intertwined the histories and cultures of many nations, which gave an incredible heritage.

We in the editorial board of “Interesting to know” decided to collect a selection of the most beautiful places in Turkey, which must be visited by every tourist. Enjoy the view!

Hagia Sophia




Nemrut Dag






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“Daddy ran out of money?”. Meladze’s daughter’s wedding went on without guests or a wedding dress.

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Turkey – Kalkan, Kash, Patara – Review

Kalkan is a little magical corner of Trutia with magical beaches, ancient ruins and great food


I want to share with you my experience of traveling to another Turkey. Turkey, where there is no all-inclusive hotels, a huge number of Russian tourists and Tagil. But there are beautiful beaches, marked by a blue flag, the inexpressible beauty of the sea and the mountains, a variety of delicious food, ancient ruins, centuries-old olive trees and flooded cities. This is all the Lycian coast of Turkey. Lovers of independent tourism is dedicated =)

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It all started with the fact that I really wanted to go to the sea, soon it was bathing season, and the place for the trip I could not find. All-inclusive hotels, I do not like, too lazy holiday for me, and to see something really does not work – you are tied to your hotel and wholly dependent on local tour firms offering tours at three times the price. I learned from a friend climber that there is a place in Turkey, 260 km from Antalya, called Kalkan. This is a British resort – 80% of its guests are Englishmen, and the rest are rich Turks. Near this town is a lot of interesting places:

1. The most important and coveted attraction is Kaputas beach, marked with a blue flag. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey. Beautiful yellow sand, passing into blue and then dark blue sea. A wild small beach, between two huge rocks.

2. Patara is a natural reserve, an ancient Lycian port and a state protected site. It used to be the main port of Lycia and is known for its temple of Apollo with its sacred oracle. The Roman triumphal arch, Roman baths, and agora have been preserved. Near the Acropolis was a theater, of which the ruins of the stage with five doors and five arched windows have remained. In the theater gladiatorial fights were held. This is a huge cluster of ancient buildings, which can not be bypassed in 3 hours. Entrance is completely free, there are no guards or people except for a couple or three tourists. All this beauty is completely at your disposal, you are with the antiquity of one-on-one.

3 Patara beach is one of the longest sandy beaches of Turkey, 11 km long, marked with a blue flag and a protected area with Caretta Caretta turtles laying eggs. If you are lucky, you can also see them here. Entrance to the water is very smooth, you can rent umbrellas and sun loungers.

4. The island of Kekova – ancient Lycian fortress city surrounded by sea. Ancient buildings and burial places are everywhere. Due to the fact that the government is not allowed to demolish the foundations and remains of buildings, new homes appear directly from the ancient walls and foundations of the ruined fortress. Very entourage place, getting there, you are literally transported into an ancient fortress with thousands of years of olive trees, ruins and goats peacefully walking on the hills. tourists there are almost no, there are only a couple of guesthouses with gorgeous views from the windows, the rest is all the local population, by the way, extremely poor. On the neighboring island is an ancient semi-submerged city, cut out in the rocks. You can see the remains of buildings, stairs, piers. Under the water you can make out the columns and amphorae resting on the bottom. And there is a huge number of Caretta caretta turtles.

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5. Saklikent Gorge and the ancient city of Tlos are an hour drive from Kalkan. The gorge is of incredible beauty, 18 km long with the icy mountain river. Nearby is also the ancient Tlos. We did not manage to get there, so I won’t dwell on it for a long time. But I will write below how to get there.

Of “bonuses” on top of the wild beauty of my and nature – growing everywhere in abundance grapes, figs, pomegranates, peaches, edible fruits of cacti, which can be eaten right out of the trees =)

I guess I’ll finally get to the description of the trip / road / food / population, otherwise I can praise the local beauty forever =)

So I decided to go to Kalkan, I thoroughly studied the information about attractions, prices and travel. I booked a room at a private hotel with Bucking for 11 nights (18 rubles per night for two people) and 1 night in a hostel (900 rubles) in the historic center of Antalya – Kaleici. We bought air tickets St. Petersburg – Antalya, fly Aeroflot 4 hours (24 rubles) High prices for accommodation and the flight due to the fact that we flew in the high season (mid-August) and booked a hotel 3 weeks before the trip.

Language – About communication with the local population – in Antalya many Turks understand and speak Russian, in Kalkan, Kashe only English. But I do not know the language at all, except for a couple of phrases “how much is it?” and “how to pass. “The more so that when you find yourself in an English-speaking environment, you automatically remember the school program and with the help of broken phrases and sign language you can explain yourself to a sales clerk or just ask for directions. So if you have problems with English, do not be frightened, just buy a small phrasebook, that will be enough.

The road to Kalkan – At 8 am Petersburg time our plane took off from Pulkovo and at 12 we were in sunny Antalya (try to buy tickets with the arrival before 12 pm, because the road to Kalkan is not close). We got our stuff and started looking for a local bus stop #610, which goes to the local bus station, which is called Otogar. There are two buses – 610 and 610a. You want the 610, but just in case, ask the driver if it goes to Otogar. The bus station is the last stop and it takes 40 minutes to get there. By the way, the bus is very comfortable and has an air conditioner, so you will feel warm. The fare is 3 lira. You can change money either in Russia before the trip or at the airport. It is advantageous to change money for liras, the rate now is 25 rubles per lira, they take everywhere in Turkey, which is very profitable in the crisis, when the dollar and the euro are worth a lot of money.

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We arrived at the bus station and started to look for a bus ticket to Kalkan. There are a lot of shops-companies in the building selling tickets to different destinations. Just walk up to any and say Kalkan. The operator will either find you tickets for the nearest time or send you to where they are sold. The prices are all the same. The ticket cost 25 liras per person (600 rubles). In half an hour we were already on our way to Kalkan. The way is not very close – 5 hours of driving. On the way there are stops to eat, go to the bathroom and so on. The buses have air conditioning and wifi. From the window there are beautiful views of the mountains and the sea.

We were in Kalkan only at 9 p.m., tired and exhausted from the long trip. It was a small bus station and a couple of cab drivers, there was nobody to ask us the way, so we took a cab, told the name of the hotel and got there in 10 minutes for 10 liras. We took a taxi and said the name of the hotel, we got there in 10 liras, we were right, with the suitcase we would have searched till the morning. We checked in quickly, showed the reservation printed from the booking, paid by card (you can cash), and went to bed after dinner at the hotel.

About the food. The food here is divinely delicious and fresh. Lots of fruits and vegetables. Giant juicy peaches and figs for only 5 lira per kg, melons, watermelons, grapes – all for pennies. Giant olives in different brines and oils from 12 lira per kg. Local homemade goat cheeses are almost free. Homemade olive oil is 10 lira for 1.5 l. The supermarkets sell delicious dairy products- a kilo of yoghurt costs 6 lira. Local bread straight from the oven for a lira apiece. There are 2 big supermarkets like Okeya, a lot of interesting local products, the price tag is the same as we have, something cheaper. A lot of spices, kinds of tea and coffee, cheeses, olives.

In the morning we had breakfast at the hotel, in the afternoon we bought food and fruit in a supermarket or local shops, and in the evening we went for dinner at one of the local restaurants, of which there are a lot. For example, a dish of freshly caught fish will cost about 30 lira. But the portions here are huge, plus you get extra local tortillas, water and vegetable salad. A dinner of wine, salads, swordfish and bluefish cost us 70 lira. Later, we found a very popular restaurant with a large flow of people, and a cheap price tag, where we often went. ) Lula or barbecue is 16 lira, and shawarma – 10 lira (shawarma is not like ours – beef, butter and vegetables wrapped in a thick large pita, it is 50 cm long and weighs about half a kg, it can safely take for two). Alcohol in Turkey is very expensive, the beer – 10-15 lira in restaurants and 6 lira in stores, of beer only Efes.

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Very much regretted that not rented room with own kitchen, you can save a lot of money on food, if to prepare from products, and meat.(price tag on meat the same as at us)

About travel – to any beach (not counting local) and to any point of interest can be reached by dolmusha (so are called shuttle buses). The buses to Caş, Kaputas and Patara run constantly, while those to Sakliket and Fethiye (where there is a large Turkish bazaar) follow a schedule that you can ask the dolmush drivers about.

The first destination we went to was Kaputas beach, it takes 15 minutes to get there and costs 3-5 lira. The bus stops right in front of the beach, you have to go down a steep staircase in the shelter, take food and water with you as there are no stores near the beach. It is a wild place. There is a shuttle bus schedule at the entrance of the beach. If you don’t remember it, you will have to wait forever.

The route to Patara is 7 lira, it takes 25 minutes, you pass pomegranate plantations, then you go by the village of Patara, the ruins and only then you reach the beach. Walk to it about a kilometer from the beach, the entrance to the ruins is free, no people there, only tourists, we met 3 people for our 3 hour stay there. Very nice place. At the ruins should bring wide-brimmed hats and capes on his shoulders, as – the same water, there are no stores. Preferably comfortable shoes and beware of snakes. We have not seen alive, but found a couple of dead ones. Also found a turtle, which traveled on the road,

The airport is close to 15 km to Saklikent, there are dolmushi every other day, we got there the day before departure, but we were unlucky, the bus did not go that day and we did not get there (

Kekova – here we have already bought an excursion in a local travel agency, we paid 140 Liras for two. In the morning, the bus came to our hotel, we were given breakfast (buns and juice) and we drove to Demre, a very beautiful serpentine road, about an hour drive, there is a guide, but leads from the English language. Upon reaching Demre, we were transferred to a small boat, where we spent the whole day. Swam in the open sea, spent a couple of hours in Kekova, climbed the fortress and the city, then sailed past the flooded city and again swam in the sea. We were fed kebabs, there was a good buffet. In general, the tour was worth the money, but the places we saw – unforgettable. This is incredibly beautiful.

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Trip to Kash – there is town Kash next to Kalkan, it is bigger than Kalkan and if Kalkan is pure resort town, then Kash has many local people, there is only one beach, but there are cold streams. From the trip we remembered only the cheap food and the beautiful port with many yachts. It is quite dirty and crowded.

About the local people and tourists – one of the negative aspects of a holiday in Turkey – is obsessive, harassing sellers of souvenirs, etc. There is no such thing in Kalkan. There is no shouting at every corner, grabbing hands, and not bothering to buy things, they can only say hello or say good morning. The service here is very good, because the resort is designed for the British. Englishmen a lot, with English speech sounds everywhere. Russians all holiday we met 2 times. Locals are friendly, we met the waiter, he told us about the city, its history, and the local market, which comes on Fridays. We also met the shuttle driver, an older couple from Liverpool and some girls from Italy who treated us to watermelon=)

Departure and overnight in Antalya – as we had an early departure, and whether there were any buses from Kalkan at night, we did not know, it was decided to spend the night in Antalya before the flight. We booked a hostel in Kaleici, the historical center of Antalya. Cobblestone streets in which it is easy to get lost and historic 2-storeyed houses – the beauty is incredible, we regretted that we could not stay there for a couple of days. Very recommendable.

To get to the center from Otogar Antalya you should take the local subway (the Metro is the name of the high-speed streetcar AnTrey) which is near Otogar and get off at the Ismetpasa stop (20 min). Get off the streetcar and ask locals how to get to Kaleici. There is a 610a bus to take you to the airport.

Well that’s all the description of our trip, I hope it will help you to travel and discover the world on your own. Good luck and happiness=)

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