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Reviews about Georgetown based on personal experience. Pros and cons, personal impressions, what you liked and didn’t like about the trip. Who should pay attention to this city, whether (Malaysia) is suitable as a place for family or youth vacation. The main attractions and entertainment, what the city of Georgetown is famous for. Tips and tips for those who plan to visit the city for the first time.

Ask me which Southeast Asian city I like best, and I’ll definitely name Georgetown Malaysia. Why? Lots of entertainment and attractions, unusual architecture, street art, and this city is also a gastronomic paradise. But first things first.

General impression

When you first enter the city, it is difficult to describe exactly where you are. Colored shabby houses, paper lanterns, signs in Chinese, the smell of Indian spices and a lot of rickshaws rushing through the narrow streets. You feel like you’re transported to another century or you’re on the set of a movie.

Georgetown is so beautiful that you just want to wander its alleys without purpose. But the 40-degree heat and streaming sweat forced me to make a plan of action. One that would keep me from melting under the scorching sun at the hottest part of the day.

The first thing I was advised to do was to look for the many graffiti signs scattered around the city. At each hotel you can find a map with points to navigate. The graffiti are scattered in different parts of the city. So as I walked from point to point, I came across mosques, pagodas, and Hindu temples along the way. All on the same street! It’s hard to believe the harmony in which people live in Malaysia. While muezzins invite Muslims to pray, Hindus hold colorful ceremonies and the Chinese burn incense on their doorsteps.

In the middle of the day, walking the streets became impossible, and watching tourists posing by the walls with graffiti was boring. So I went to see the colonial mansions – Pinang Peranakan Mansion and Colonial Penang Museum. Both museums are quite entertaining. Lovers of history, antiques and all sorts of strange things will be especially interesting.

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Chinese Temple

Chinese Temple on a Street

Georgetown is a city of creativity. Here you can not only visit galleries and look at street art, but also learn how to paint. Some shops teach hand-painted batik or offer to make something with your own hands (bracelets, earrings, etc.).

What else is there to see?

  • Chew Jetty is a fishing village not far from downtown;
  • Camera museum, food museum, upside down museum, 3D museum. I think it would be interesting for kids and photo-enthusiasts. I decided to save money on tickets and skip it;
  • Hin Bus Depot is a modern art space;
  • Souvenir stores with really nice postcards and postage stamps.

About the food.

The food in Georgetown I would dedicate a separate article and even write an ode to. One of the locals shared that people from the capital often come here for the weekend. Why? Just to eat good food! It’s only five hours by bus or half an hour by plane, and you’re transported from Kuala Lumpur to gastronomic paradise.

Plus, the prices in this paradise are more than affordable. For only $2-3, you can eat local delicacies.

The best things to try:

  • Coffee and pastries from local bakeries;
  • Laksa soup;
  • Indian dishes from the Little India Quarter;
  • Nasi lemak, rice cooked in coconut milk with various additions (vegetables, meat or seafood in local spices);
  • One of the hundreds of cakes at Chinatown, the city’s longest running cafe.

I would like to point out that the interior at each of the places in town deserves a separate mention. One of my hobbies has been to go into cafes and stores to gawk at the beautiful baked goods and interesting designs.

Coffee in Georgetown

Coffee can be art, too.

Disadvantages and safety.

The only thing I didn’t like was the painfully slow wi-fi and the debilitating heat. Moreover, the wi-fi is so slow that it is difficult to download videos on YouTube, even in the lowest quality. And the heat is so scorching that the local vendors dry fish and shrimp right on the sidewalk in front of the store.

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As a girl traveling alone, Georgetown seemed very safe to me. The locals are friendly and never looked crooked or refused help.

Georgetown. Street.

Doors as a work of art

Getting around the city can be done on foot or by bus. Many tourists rent a bicycle or scooter (prices are very affordable).

Is it worth the trip?

Georgetown is definitely worth a visit. A gastronomic Mecca, a center of street art and a place where dozens of nationalities live in harmony. If you’re ever in Malaysia, make sure you stop by!



In the marshy part of the island of Penang in Malaysia, the city of Georgetown was founded in 1786, christened after King George III of England. Now it’s one of the cleanest cities in the Malay Archipelago and its attractions are protected by UNESCO.

General Information

Georgetown’s population is made up of nearly 300,000 Chinese – or more precisely, descendants of the Celestial Empire who came here to conquer the land. Thanks to this you can hear the Chinese language everywhere. In the city peacefully and harmoniously coexist buildings in the classical English colonial style, the Chinese and Hindu temples, old buildings two hundred years ago and modern skyscrapers of glass and steel.

Streets of Georgetown

The island of Penang itself, where Georgetown is located, lies near the mainland of Malaysia and is connected to the land by a bridge. The city is the capital of the state. There are plenty of things to do and places to see in the city so there is plenty to keep you occupied during your time off.

Georgetown on a map of Malaysia

Climate in Georgetown

Because the island is located in the equatorial zone, the climate is 90% saturated with moisture and the temperature during the day never drops below 30 degrees Celsius. At night there is a welcome coolness, +22 ° C all year round. You can vacation here in any month, but you should keep in mind that the rainy season lasts from September to November, and then the humidity reaches a critical point, which is not always well tolerated by visitors. The second time it rains is in May, but at this time of year the climatic cataclysms are easier to bear.

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Georgetown Weather

Attractions and Entertainments in Georgetown, Malaysia

Experienced travelers advise to stay in the city itself, rather than go here on a tour, because there are so many tourist spots here. Here is what you can see in Georgetown:

  1. The Penang Bridge is one of the longest in Asia and the third longest in the world. Its length is 13.5 km. It is better to see it in person from the window of a car or sightseeing bus.
  2. The Serpent Temple is known throughout the country. It is the home of a former monk, which later became a huge open terrarium. Visitors come here without fear to mingle with the snakes. One need not fear being bitten, because their poison glands have been removed.
  3. The Temple of Ultimate Bliss opens its doors to visitors for free. Here you can see a very beautiful seven-peaked pagoda. The temple building itself has Thai, Burmese and Chinese decorative elements, making it one of the most beautiful in Southeast Asia.
  4. Butterfly Park for a fairly high fee will show visitors not only outlandish butterflies, but also many other interesting tropical insects.
  5. A tropical fruit farm will introduce tourists to the fruits grown in the region and give them the opportunity to try everything they like.
  6. The Thai Buddhist Temple with its 33m long reclining Buddha statue is one of Georgetown’s largest and most beautiful temples and is definitely worth a visit.
  7. The Penang Bird Park is located near the Penang Bridge, so if you come here, you should definitely visit both attractions. The shady avenues with 300 species of bizarre birds, singing in all their voices, will surprise even an experienced ornithologist.
  8. The Protestant Cemetery, which was abandoned 100 years ago, is now protected by UNESCO. Those who like such monuments of history, probably appreciate the old tombstones and with interest read the inscriptions on them.
  9. Escape Adventureplay is an unusual amusement park for today’s kids. This is all kinds of slides, places for climbing, rope ladders and various obstacle courses that must be overcome. The idea of children’s entertainment was born as a challenge to modern pastime in the form of computer games, leading to a sedentary lifestyle from childhood.
  10. Cooking classes. A very popular pastime in Georgetown is attending culinary events to learn about local cuisine.
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Georgetown Hotels

You can stay in Georgetown in both budget ghettos and expensive apartments:

  • Cozy Home Inn is an inexpensive place with free Internet;
  • Siam Terraces 83 is a three-star hotel that positions itself as a “weekend home.”
  • OYO Premium Masjid Kapitan Keling – full-fledged, well-furnished, small-sized rooms;
  • Marina Bay Cosy and Stylish Apartment is a four-star hotel with an indoor pool and convenient airport shuttle service;
  • Macalister Mansion is a five-star hotel with a modern conference room, car rental and spa services.

Like the rest of Malaysia, Penang has a cult of national cuisine. People here treat the process of eating very reverently and elevate it to the level of a ritual. Along with the traditional cuisine, you can taste any dish from every corner of the world, but the most popular place to buy food remains the grocery carts and kiosks with simple but very tasty food located in the streets of Georgetown in huge numbers. Here’s where to sample street food:

  1. Gurney Drive – the most famous street, crowded with carts of various viands.
  2. Chinatown is an entire Chinese neighborhood where you can eat oriental delicacies.
  3. Red Garden is a food court serving not only Chinese food but also Filipino, Korean, Thai, Italian and Japanese dishes.
  4. New World Park is an amusement park building that never began operating as intended, but has housed dozens of mini eateries under its roof. It is located in the northwest.
  5. Sri Weld Food Court is a food court you’ll find on the east side of town.

Shopping in the City

Good shopping in Georgetown also requires good bargaining skills. Shop here at local markets or high-rise malls, depending on your preference and the thickness of your wallet. From here you can take souvenirs as souvenirs:

Transportation in Georgetown

Georgetown’s excellent transit system makes it easy to get around. And it’s all free to get around on the MPPP CAT buses that run on a Hop-on-Hop-off basis. There are three such buses on the route, which make 20 stops at the most popular tourist spots. Other options are to take a simple or luxury cab (significant difference in price and quality of service) or a bicycle rickshaw.

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Transportation in Georgetown

The area itself, where Georgetown is located, is on a map of the country and is easily accessible by both air and water. Georgetown Airport, located 16 km from the city, receives many international and domestic flights daily, so getting to the island is not a problem. From Kuala Lumpur, it’s only a 45-minute drive.

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