A beautiful wedding in the Maldives – how it happens and how much it costs

How to organize a wedding in the Maldives? Prices in 2021-22.

Ah, this wedding! If the words “Bitter! Bitter!” with a very sweet meaning, then you have the happiest event ahead of you.

And you are the bride and groom!

So, how to spend this sweet day as beautifully as possible? Now every couple has plenty of opportunities to decorate their wedding ceremony in their own way. We can easily change the standard traditions at will and bring the flavor of exotic mood, hot tropical sun, ocean breeze and white sand into the wedding rush. Imagine standing on the beach of the Maldives and holding hands and saying the cherished “I do” to each other.


That’s it – a wedding in the Maldives. How to combine it with a holiday in the Maldives, how to spend it all, how much it costs Maldives for two – information in our article.

Everyone will surely confirm that a wedding in the Maldives is beautiful and romantic. The Maldives is not without reason called the cradle of the most cherished desires. And this is where newlyweds can realize and hold their ideal wedding celebration.


And no matter what is ahead – the wedding itself, or maybe a honeymoon, or an anniversary of a pleasant event – all these moments are ideally held in the luxury and harmony of the Maldives.

How does the law go about a wedding in the Maldives?

If a wedding in the Maldives is exactly what you and your other half have dreamed of, it is worth knowing some details.

In the Maldives, it is impossible to get married officially. Unlike, for example, the Seychelles.

The ideal way to do it is this: after making the official marriage registration ceremony in the city of your residence, you should definitely get your certificate of registry office. Then just put aside all your worries and go after your dream in love.

Generally Maldivian wedding, which you want to organize on one of the marvelous islands of paradise archipelago, can differ in nuances from other island weddings.


The main thing – the wedding here is only a beautiful ritual. It cannot be a legal marriage in terms of the law. Of course, after the wedding in the Maldives, you will get your certificate-certificate. But no matter how beautiful your island celebration, no matter how beautiful the certificate is – it is only a pretty piece of paper. This certificate has absolutely no legal effect either in the Maldives or elsewhere in the world.

That is why the new family must first officially and legally register their marriage at home, in the local registry office. This is the law.

But there is a silver lining. If all this – a tribute to the ritual, then everyone can marry in love in the Maldives: the venerable elders and the enthusiastic starlets, bigamists and lovers hidden from their legal spouses, and just carefree young lovers! In a word, lovers of all ages and sexes – you direct way to the Maldives!


How to choose a time for wedding in the Maldives?

It is important to choose the season so that rain or storms do not spoil anything. But the Maldives has a tropical climate, there are no drastic temperature changes or heavy rains, so the season does not play a big role. And still better Maldives in the summer or autumn?

In general, the ideal option is to book the organization of your dream wedding in the Maldives in the high season. Here the high season runs from November to March.

It is high because these are the months when the islands receive the least amount of rainfall and the sun stays above the horizon the longest. And the islands hardly ever have any storms at this time.


During the rest of the months, it’s a matter of luck and the chance of rain does increase significantly. Of course, the rain hardly affects the festive mood. But it might spoil the quality of the photo shoot for lovers.

Keep in mind that the prices in the high season go up, too. But about that later.

Organizing a wedding in the Maldives

First about the bad. Not all weddings are allowed in the Maldives. And there are several reasons why the organization of the ritual you can be denied. The first reason is unpreparedness. Denied if there is no time to prepare the ceremony.

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How to avoid it? Even before your flight to the Maldives, it is desirable to inform the organizers about your intentions. You should also discuss all the nuances with the wedding coordinator beforehand.

The second and very common reason lies in the hotel where you want the wedding. Often weddings are not held for all comers, but only for the residents of a particular resort or hotel. So it’s better to settle in the hotel in which your couple is planning to organize the wedding. Note that each of these places necessarily specify a minimum number of nights stay in the resort, which will spend there the newlyweds.


The third reason – the date. The fact that in the Maldives, on certain days or periods of the ritual of marriage is simply not carried out. What are those dates? Well, for example, Friday. It is considered a day off here and weddings are prohibited on Fridays. Also do not hold ceremonies on national holidays of the Maldivian state. And also, according to some reports, weddings are prohibited during Christmas.


And in what language will your ceremony be held? In general, traditionally the wedding ceremony in the Maldives archipelago is held in two languages. English and Dhivehi. The latter is the official language of the Maldives.

The basic components of the wedding ceremony in the Maldives

Of course, each Maldivian hotel, which provides wedding ceremony services, usually has its own rules and peculiarities in carrying out the ceremony. We will describe those conditions that are now basic. It is a flower-decorated pavilion with an archway, where the ceremony itself takes place. It is, of course, the presence of a master of ceremonies, sometimes called a master or minister.


It’s the obligatory accompaniment of the ceremony by local musicians to set the mood. This also includes refreshments for the young, photo and video shooting with a predetermined amount of footage. And also a symbolic certificate.


Usually all of these details are included in the wedding reception a priori.

But when ordering your wedding ceremony, it is worth examining in detail the conditions of each particular hotel. Sometimes the resorts differ in many ways. For example, individual wedding event planners include a broader range of services in the wedding package as basic elements.

These may include spa treatments and makeup for the bride.

Others add a ride on a decorated boat with a photo shoot.

Others will also give a light breakfast served in the honeymoon suite the morning after the wedding.


Also, the photo shoot can vary. In some hotels, it is held for an hour, in others it lasts all day, covering all stages of preparation. In general, you can choose the simplest version of the wedding, and then add to them all that your soul desires. This can be done for a separate fee, of course.

Additional elements of your wedding in the Maldives

What can you add to your wedding to make it even more colorful?

You already have an unusual venue, the sound of Maldivian ethnic music, unusual outfits without puffy dresses and boring suits with a tie or a bow tie.

Let’s share more moments that add color and flavor to what is happening. When it comes to the sound and dancing of Maldivian weddings, the Boduberu, an ethnic dance, is worth a mention. It is accompanied by a group of musicians-instrumentalists with exotic drums. You definitely do not see that at home!


Boduberu music is rhythmic. But it begins innocently with slow rhythms, which then grow and speed up little by little. And then they move into a crescendo, accompanied by a jaunty dance. Is it easy to learn how to bodubera dance? Anyway, it is fun!

Maldivian music is a great way to spice up your party. It is a peculiar mix of Indian, East African and Arabian motifs.

You can add a bodubera, a melodious rendition of the bridal anthem, to your wedding. You can also choose a rousing performance by a local band or a Maldivian soloist.

Another variation of adding to the ritual is planting a tree in the Maldives.


It is considered a must to plant a tree in honor of the momentous occasion. Both lovers can do this immediately after the wedding ceremony in the Maldives. The birth of a new family according to local customs is exactly what seals the planted tree. What to plant? You will not find a birch tree here. Wedding tree in the Maldives archipelago is considered to be a coconut palm, which grows on the paradise islands from prehistoric times.

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Place for your wedding ceremony in Maldives

This is also a very important part of your mood. Where do weddings take place? There are TOP most common places, and there are completely unusual locations! In fact, at the request of the newlyweds, your wedding staff can hold almost any location you choose.

The most common choice is a hotel. Usually choose a large resort in the Maldives, where the entire island is the territory of one hotel. Here live and spend their leisure time only holidaymakers, no one else.


Another popular idea is the organization of celebrations on local islands. Usually the local Maldivians live on these small islands, and there are usually small but cozy hotels and gesthouses.

There are more exotic, but still a great option for your wedding ritual will be just unforgettable. And both for the newlyweds and for the guests. It’s a wedding on a desert island!

Either way, everything will be beautiful. Most often the wedding takes place under the open sky of a tropical paradise, on the white sand, studded with flower petals, next to the ocean, which happens the wedding vows of the hearts in love.

What are the treats for weddings in the Maldives?

Usually, treats for the newlyweds are included in the wedding package that you buy from the organizing hotel. Nowhere in the world is a wedding ritual without a treat! But do not expect a big feast. Usually during the celebration the obligatory attribute of the hotel is the champagne. But that is not always the whole bottle. Maybe you will be given half a bottle or two glasses.


The food will be cake. Depending on the hotel and the price, it may be “multi-story” or you may not get a whole cake, but just a couple of pieces. And local fruit is an obligatory part of the treat. Further the program after the wedding can be arbitrary. It can be a democratic barbecue, a luxurious dinner with lobsters, an exciting picnic on an uninhabited island.


Usually, the wedding feast is prepared taking into account culinary preferences of the guests and heroes of the occasion. This should be arranged in advance and clarify exactly how the wedding will proceed.

What a wedding in the Maldives looks like in general

Now let’s put together a wedding from what we have learned.

The organization of the wedding in the Maldives looks like this:

Wedding details: traditional “doni” boat, lush garlands of bright colors and tropical national costumes for the bride and groom, decoration of the hotel room with flowers, a duty bottle of champagne and a beautifully decorated celebratory breakfast as a gift. Usually the wedding day is structured as follows:

From early in the morning, the bride and groom prepare separately for the ceremony. So the husband-to-be is offered a two-hour relaxation at the spa. While he recovers his strength, the bride goes to work with beauty masters, hair and makeup and other marathons.


After the spa, when they are both ready, first the husband-to-be himself goes to his bride’s meeting place. He stands at an intricately decorated symbolic altar with flowers. It is usually placed, usually on the opposite side of the island. The bride appears after the groom, so he has to wait and worry. She is brought in a carriage or palanquin if the affair takes place on the hotel’s “home” atoll. If the ritual is on another island, the bride arrives in a decorated “doni” boat.


The couple meet for the first time during the entire wedding day on shore. Holding hands, they, showered with flower petals and rice, walk together down the aisle. There, the master of ceremonies awaits them. He gives a simple but poignant speech that invokes the elements of Water, Air, and Earth, and then seals the union of the two hearts. The lovers exchange vows, rings and kisses at this point.

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That’s it – now the bride and groom become husband and wife. Then the newlyweds sail hand in hand on a wedding mini-voyage around the islands. Usually there is a picnic stop on the program. If you wish, you can choose not to do this and return to the hotel. And at sunset you can sail to a romantic yacht cruise with dinner.


The night will be unforgettable, because the room for the newlyweds in the hotel is decorated with special care. Some resorts for lovers provide a secluded luxury cabin away from prying eyes and ears.


In the morning, the husband and wife are invited to an exquisite breakfast for two, delivered to their rooms.

Unusual wedding options in the Maldives

What if you want a very special wedding? For those who love the extreme, there is a stunning option – an underwater wedding in the Maldives.

If you are a couple of confirmed divers and want to invite the ocean to your wedding, then the Maldives offers you to get married underwater. In this option, the master of ceremonies is usually an experienced diving instructor, and as witnesses will be the silent inhabitants of the reef.

But the wedding will certainly not be boring. By the way, sacrifice clothes are also not required, because the newlyweds can dive in the national wedding dress, and in European clothing, that is, under water you will be in a tuxedo and a white dress. Well or a variant in wetsuits – it is on your taste.


First you are followed by a dhoni boat. It takes marrying extreme people from the hotel to the blue lagoon. This is the temple of love, where the dive takes place.

Down below the water, an altar mounted on the bottom awaits you. This is how the couple in love exchange silent vows of fidelity. And the divemaster, aka the maestro, seals the union. Now the groom can remove his mask and kiss the bride. But that’s optional. After the newlyweds return to shore. And there they continue the festive program. It can also be a cruise around the islands, dinner on the shore, a secluded picnic.

Another idea for an unusual wedding is a ritual on a seaplane. That is, the main stages of the wedding right on board the seaplane. Admittedly, everything happens out of the air, because it’s not safe. The plane itself will be parked in the middle of an azure paradise lagoon during the wedding. Just imagine – you will say your wedding vows in the brightly colored flower petals, garlands and ribbons decorated “ceremony hall” right on the water! Yes, it’s just an exotic sight, even by Maldivian standards.


Prices for wedding ceremony in the Maldives

How much does it cost to get married in the Maldives? Is it expensive to get married in the Maldives? It depends on what you choose. But, most likely, a wedding in the islands will cost you much less than a feast in your home country.

So for 2021-2022 the cost of a wedding ceremony in the Maldives, starting at $ 800. This is for the standard set of options – the ceremony on the island, a short cruise on the “doni” plus dinner on the beach. This also includes the first wedding night night in a decorated room and the obligatory celebratory breakfast the next morning for two.

Additional fees include a stylist and spa treatment for two people, photos and videos of your ceremony. This also does not include a drum band and a custom dinner with fancy champagne.


If you like a dive wedding, it will cost at least $1,200 USD. An exotic wedding ceremony aboard the Hydro Chapel of Love will cost from 1500 USD.

Wedding ceremony in the Maldives: the price for two and the nuances of preparation

If you are a romantic person for whom it is important to get married beautifully, or a groom in love, dreaming of having a chic ceremony on the islands, then a wedding in the Maldives is the right thing. Even though you can’t really get married on an island paradise for a number of reasons.

Why the unofficial registration of marriage on the islands is so popular, how much it costs and how the celebration takes place – read about everything below.

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What attracts honeymooners to the Maldives?

In the Maldives, celebrities and ordinary mortals get married. The first do it mostly for the sake of the hype and the beautiful pictures in social networks (the sincerity of their intentions is still questionable), the second – for the sake of unforgettable emotions after the wedding at home, in their homeland. All reasons have the right to exist, the more that a stay in the Maldives for not more than a month does not require a visa. Isn’t it great?

Maldives Wedding Ceremony

Even in a pandemic, you can have a wedding in the Maldives. The plus side is that the bride and groom are not forced to wear masks. Photo: unsplash.com, author: Olivera Trimanova

Types of wedding ceremonies that foreigners can have in the Maldives

As we have already said, there are several reasons why it is impossible to get legally married on the islands. The first and perhaps the main one is that there is no Russian consulate in the Maldives. This means that no one has the right to conclude an official marriage of Russians there. In addition, the state has not signed the Hague Agreement, and for this reason, foreign couples who do not have registration in the Maldives, can count only on a symbolic ceremony on the island.

What a wedding ceremony looks like in Maldives

What a wedding ceremony looks like in the Maldives. Photo: unsplash.com

But how beautiful it will all go! Here you can do everything that is unlikely to be appropriate in the usual city registry office: for example, to exchange the vows of love and fidelity, or hold a wedding ceremony, which will have special meaning for your couple. At the end of the ceremony, you’ll receive a beautifully designed certificate of symbolic marriage, which will add to the family archives and take a worthy place in your home.

Maldives Wedding Ceremony

In fact, there is only one type of ceremony in the Maldives: an away ceremony, on the beach. Photo: unsplash.com, author – ArshadPooloo

Features of the symbolic ceremony. The average cost. Preparation procedure.

A symbolic ceremony in the Maldives can be anything and anywhere – it depends on your preferences and budget. It is clear that the venue, the number of guests (or lack thereof), decor, scenario and various services affect the cost of the wedding ceremony. For example, from the extras it can be a photo shoot, video shooting, live music performed by an orchestra and guest artists, makeup, hair and even a rental of outfits.

Sunset photo shoot. Photo: unsplash.com Photo shoot in the Maldives. Photo: unsplash.com

Romantic on the beach will cost you about $700. For that money, you’ll get the ceremony itself on the beach, a celebratory dinner, themed hotel room decorations and a romantic boat ride. For a traditionally Maldivian ceremony, you can dress in linen suits and complete them with palm leaf necklaces. The master of ceremonies will lead you in a wedding ceremony and then offer you to exchange rings and drink champagne. It all takes about an hour.

How much does it cost to get married in Maldives?

A romantic ceremony for two in the Maldives. Photo: unsplash.com, by Olivera Trimanova

A ceremony on a desert island costs about $2,000. Yes, there are such places in the Maldives. This format will suit couples who want to be away from civilization. The cost of wedding ceremony surrounded by wild nature includes all the same as in the previous case, but in addition there is a wedding cake and visit to SPA. The price is higher because the transfer and the need to transport equipment to a remote place is taken into account.

Newlyweds in Maldives

In the Maldives, there are many small and not crowded islands, ideal for photo shoots. Photo: unsplash.com, author: Olivera Trimanova

Thrill seekers will love a diving wedding, or underwater wedding ceremony. It will cost about fifteen hundred dollars. If you choose this option, you will be offered to wear wetsuits, together with an instructor and ceremonial dive into the water and say wedding vows surrounded by exotic fish. Then you’ll drink champagne, taste the cake and take a walk on the ocean on a boat or catamaran.

By the way, there is also an underwater restaurant in the Maldives, with an average check of $200. You will have the opportunity to enjoy delicious Mediterranean food and watch the beauty of the underwater world. There are also underwater rooms for the wedding night.

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Underwater Restaurant

An underwater restaurant in the Maldives. Photo: unsplash.com

You can also get married in the Maldives on a yacht . And this is the most expensive option for a symbolic wedding ceremony of all possible – from 5000 dollars. Why such a price? The matter is that it includes first of all lease of water transport for a day, that in itself can’t cost cheap. But you will have a chance to enjoy the beauty of the ocean from a luxury yacht all day long during the day and take part in a solemn marriage ceremony in the evening. At night you’ll be accommodated in a beautifully decorated hotel room.

Wedding on a Yacht

The ceremony on the beach can be combined with a gala boat ride. Photo: unsplash.com

Images of honeymooners in the Maldives

We think everyone understands that a symbolic ceremony on the islands from a visual point of view differs from the one held in the forest or on the veranda of a city restaurant. For you to look great against the background of white sand and azure waters of the ocean, we advise the bride to choose a light white dress in linen style, and the groom – a white shirt or T-shirt and light linen pants.

How much does it cost to get married in Maldives?

Photo: unsplash.com, author: Olivera Trimanova

In the image of the bride very cute and touching look tropical flowers in the hair, successfully complement them and a bouquet in the same style. As for shoes, you can either do without shoes (sand, after all!) or choose sabots or sneakers.

When is the best time to get married in the Maldives?

To fully enjoy your offsite ceremony on the islands, we advise you to plan your wedding between November and April – just when it’s cold in Russia. The Maldives has the most comfortable climate during this time, and the air temperature does not drop below 25 degrees. But it happens and the heat to +35. It almost never rains, the water is warm (+25 degrees). So you can combine a wedding ceremony and honeymoon – perfect!

When it's best to get married in Maldives

Wedding in the Maldives is possible at any time of year. Photo: unsplash.com

However, organizing a wedding in the traditional summer months will not be a problem either. During the summer here are stable +32, +35 degrees of heat. In this case, we advise to organize a wedding tent or do the ceremony in the shade of palm trees. Soft drinks, sunscreen and good mood are welcome!

Photo: unsplash.com Photo: unsplash.com Photo: unsplash.com Wedding photo shoots are especially beautiful in the setting sun

The best places for a wedding ceremony in the Maldives

Since the organization of symbolic ceremonies for the newlyweds are engaged in hotels, the celebrations take place on their territories. In the Republic of Maldives there are more than 120 fine five-star hotels which offer such service. Among them are Furavery Maldives, Kurumba Maldives, Lux Maldives, Sheraton Fullmoon and others.

Plan your wedding in the Maldives, even if not a real one, is better at the stage of buying packages in order to understand immediately whether the employees of the hotel will organize your wedding ceremony.

Wedding in Maldives - the best places, prices and organization

Wedding in the Maldives – the reason for the best couple photos! Photo: unsplash.com, author: Olivera Trimanova

Wedding traditions in Maldives

There are no direct wedding customs on the islands, but still something you should know before you fly to the Maldives:

  1. Even if you’re orthodox, locals expect you to respect the customs of the Muslim religion and say prayers several times a day.
  2. If you go to the capital of the Maldives, Male, keep in mind that you have to wear only closed clothes, even on the beach. Welcome long skirts (a light chiffon is not a problem, we think), shirts and pants (in the heat works fine in linen), simple t-shirts, capes.
  3. In the Maldives, those who live together illegally are looked down upon as a sinful relationship. They get married quite early (by our standards) – at the age of 20-24, but they divorce quite often.

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