A beautiful body of water in the center of the Icelandic capital – Lake Tjörnin

Tjørnin – Icelandic for simply “pond.”

The lake in the center of Reykjavik doesn’t have any world-famous legends, nor do I know of any events associated with it. It just exists, the locals called it Tjörnin, which means simply “pond” in Icelandic.

But it is this lake that can be considered the very “highlight” by which the city is remembered.

Walking out on the shore of Tjörnin for the first time I was reminded of a story. Long before I went to Iceland I once talked to a sailor who had traveled halfway around the world. What do long-distance sailors see other than port towns? And they often do not differ much from each other. That’s why, for me, a novice traveler, he gave me very little information. Not much, except Reykjavik! Of Iceland’s capital, he remembered. “Oh, there’s a lake in the middle of the city with lots of ducks!”

Yes, our hotel was behind the lake, so we often walked along/across the lake to the center on different shores.

That’s why I have this one in many ways unique to me personally. Here is a collection of photos taken on different days, at different times and in different weather. Although we were in Iceland for only a week.

The lake is a very popular place among the locals. There are hiking trails all around the perimeter.

On the northwest end of the lake is the Reykjavik City Hall building.

On the east shore stands out the Fríkirkjan í Reykjavík building – the Free Church of Reykjavík

This is a Lutheran church, we never went to it.

And the birds. More than a dozen species of birds flock here in the summer. Feeding them is not only allowed, but a favorite activity of the local kids.


о. Tjörnin, Reykjavik


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What an extraordinary beauty. Still, the northern nature is something, especially such exotic. The land of the Vikings. And the elves, by the way. I would definitely go to the Blue Lagoon and Yoko Ono’s tower. How did you get there? Can you get there by land?

What surprises Estonia: it is definitely not the famous slowness

Thanks to your review, learned a word in Icelandic) The place is amazingly beautiful and peaceful, I would love to walk along the lake and feed the ducks. Tell me, what else interesting to see in this town?

It’s a very beautiful lake, and there are so many birds, aren’t they hunted there? It turns out that everyone feeds these ducks, and they just eat and rejoice)))) And tell me please, how much will it cost to stay in a hotel on the shores of such a beautiful lake?

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