9 ways to entertain kids in Cesenatico, Italy

Family vacations with children in Cesena. Where to go, what to show the child


The Italian city of Cesena captivates from the very first minutes. Here are beautiful squares, buildings, interesting museums that are sure to be entertaining for all members of the family. For kids in the city there are also exciting places to visit if you want your child to have the most pleasant experience of traveling to Italy. With them, it is worth visiting the entertainment and swimming centers and parks. And if you wish, you can go to the nearby town of Cesenatico and spend time on the beaches.

Despite the fact that Cesena is quite a tiny town, in addition to excursions its guests will have the opportunity to enjoy other interesting entertainment. The surroundings of the city are rich in … Discover

The Parco Acquatico Atlantica, which is located on the outskirts of the city, in Cesenatico, will be of particular interest to the little travelers. Great pools for every taste, slides and slides that will be appreciated by children of all ages, a great sunbathing area – all this awaits visitors to the water park. And also great food at a local cafe, family-friendly atmosphere, excellent design of the park, a lot of pleasant experiences, not least because young travelers are entertained by animators, dressed up as their favorite children’s characters.

You can spend a pleasant time walking through the green expanse in the Parco Urbano dell’Ippodromo. In addition to walking, the playgrounds in the park and the local pizzerias (Il Portico and Movida) are of interest to children. Nearby there is a skate park for those who like to be active. At Parco per Fabio kids have fun on the swings, trains, slides, cabins, basketball, soccer, and lots of other activities. There are many places to hide from the scorching sun under the shade of trees, and great trails for hiking. Copyright www.orangesmile.com

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1. Cesena has a small area, the city is very interesting and comfortable to walk around on foot. There are interesting architectural and historical landmarks in literally every … Open

Another pleasant park for the whole family is called Parco Fornace Marzocchi, where visitors have an incredible scenic view. The children’s playground attracts the little ones, and while the little ones frolic, parents can sit on a bench and watch their children from the world’s hustle and bustle. A great park for families is the Parco di Levante, which has a picturesque lake with ducks that take a fancy to it. You can feed and pet them. There are rides and merry-go-rounds, which will be appreciated by children of all ages. Nearby is Diamanti Beach Village water park with an outdoor pool, several slides and inflatable rides. In general, the water park is suitable for children from 2 to 6 years old.

In Parco Giochi Rio Marano is interesting not only the playground with inflatable slides, structures, trampolines, cars and swings, but also the pizza that is prepared in the local cafe, the kids will definitely ask for more. A playground for children can also be found in Parco Tematico Artexplora. Unduetre’ Stella Baby Park attracts families with children from 2 to 6 years old, with inflatable slides, trampolines and structures for young visitors. The indoor play center is beautifully decorated in bright colors, which attracts many families who decide to visit the playground.

Cesena does not disappoint those who love shopping, there are many attractive shopping centers, souvenir shops and farm stores with the best regional delicacies. … open

Among the swimming complexes, the Lupinoro Center is popular, where there is a small outdoor pool with a great area for sunbathing. The complex is designed for all members of the family, right down to the dogs, which locals love to bathe there. Tourists like to spend time swimming in Piscina Forlimpopoli, especially in winter, because the swimming complex is covered. Another great play center is Kinderland, where you can find hundreds of games for all tastes. Children can ride a steam train, rafts, climbing on the structures, and all around the perimeter you can see almost full-size figures depicting animals. The entertainment complex is perfectly decorated in bright colors, which attracts from the first minutes.

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Cesena also has some interesting museums for little travelers – for example, for those who attend music school, it will be nice to visit the Museo Musicalia and find an excellent collection of musical instruments with descriptions of each of them (mono and listen to how they sound). The Museo di Scienze Naturali is divided into several parts: the world of fauna, the world of flora, geology, paleontology and archaeology. It is very well decorated inside and out, which makes it very pleasant to be here. It is worth taking the kids to such places, where they make the best desserts in the city. For example, for excellent ice cream go to Café Mascarpone or Leoni, and for excellent pastries and cakes go to Pasticceria Romagna or Pasticceria Olivi Caffetteria Marinella.

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