9 things to do in La Rochelle, France

La Rochelle: what to see, how to get there and much more

La Rochelle

La Rochelle or La Rochelle, as closer to the French pronunciation, is a small town located on the shores of the Bay of Biscay, known to us for “The Three Musketeers” and Fort Boyard, attracts thousands of tourists every year.

What to see in La Rochelle?

As we know from the novel by Alexandre Dumas, La Rochelle was a fortress city. From those times, there are quite a few sights left here.

The three main towers, Saint-Nicolas and La Chaîne, were once used to defend the city and were the entrance gates to La Rochelle’s old port, and La Lantern was used as a lighthouse. Incidentally, it is the last surviving major medieval lighthouse on the Atlantic. It looks a little strange to our eyes and looks more like a Gothic church than a familiar maritime structure.

The most visited place in La Rochelle was the square in front of La Grosse Horloge or the Grand Clock. In addition to the landmark itself, you’ll find many bars, cafes, and stores here.

The old port is another attraction of the city. From here you can go on a boat trip, including Fort Boyard. And you can have a good lunch or dinner in small traditional seafood restaurants.

Other attractions include the City Hall (it is located in a 15th-century castle), the Church of St. Sauveur, the Palace of Henry IV .

As the locals say, in the center of a total of six streets that converge at one point – the great clock. These streets are worth walking. And the rest are residential neighborhoods. So take a walk through the old center and you’ll find all the attractions of La Rochelle!

What to do in La Rochelle?

Visit the famous Fort Boyard . We’ll tell you how to do it below.

La Rochelle has one of the largest aquariums in Europe. If you come with children, be sure to visit it as well.

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There is a maritime museum on the base of a warship in La Rochelle. If you want to see how the sailors and captains live, welcome here.

There are all kinds of boats for rent in La Rochelle: yachts, catamarans, kayaks, and more. You can rent and sail yourself (if you have a permit), or you can rent a boat with a captain who will take care of everything.

How do I get from La Rochelle to Fort Boyard?

Fort Boyard is to La Rochelle what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris. Everyone goes there! The fort itself is hardly visible from the city. It is 20 km from La Rochelle. So to visit it, you must take a cruise of 2 hours from the Old Port. It costs about 19 euros for an adult. In Fort Boyard itself is not allowed. It seems to be filming there around the clock for different countries of the world. So you are unlikely to see Passepartout or tigers. The ship will go around the former prison and return to the port.

Everyone says you shouldn’t visit Fort Boyard, but how can you resist that temptation!

Where to stay in La Rochelle?

The town is quite small. There are no dangerous areas in La Rochelle. Therefore, you can live almost anywhere in the city. Of course, the Old Town is the busiest and most beautiful part of the city. It is also close to the central beach. Choose a hotel in La Rochelle from this link.

How to get to La Rochelle?

La Rochelle is located 467 km from Paris. The two most common ways to travel are by plane and train.

By train the trip Paris – La Rochelle will take about three hours. A regular ticket will cost on average 50-60 euros one way. You can see and buy train tickets on this website.

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La Rochelle also has a convenient airport, La Rochelle / Ile de Ré. Many low-cost airlines (low-cost) land here. The flight from Paris Orly airport to La Rochelle takes 55 minutes. For airline tickets to La Rochelle, look here.

Weather in La Rochelle

The warmest months in La Rochelle are June, July, August and September. The average temperature during this time of year is about +25 degrees. True, in June it can still be cold to swim. The rest of the year there is a fairly mild maritime climate, but in winter the rain can’t be avoided. Snow falls rarely and does not hold for a long time.

When is the best time to go to La Rochelle?

Of course the most touristy time in La Rochelle is summer. July and August to be exact. You can swim a lot and take a boat trip. It’s also a great time for the film festival and sailing regatta, which you can also check out.

What to take back from La Rochelle?

La Rochelle is a port city and a maritime (even oceanic) city. Therefore, the theme of souvenirs here is appropriate. Besides the standard magnets and trinkets, you can bring from here and the real maritime artifacts. For example, a French vest or market place.

The area produces its own quality wine, and Bordeaux is not far away, so bring a few bottles for yourself or as a gift is a good idea.

How to get around La Rochelle?

The city has a very well-developed transport system. And in addition to the usual French buses and bicycles you can also use the river streetcar. The ticket price is 1.30 euros. But the city is quite small, all of it can be bypassed on foot.

In the appendix to the article you can download tourist maps of La Rochelle and the city center.

Travel to La Rochelle, tips for the tourist – what to do and what not to do in La Rochelle

1. several trains depart daily from La Rochelle to Paris, the travel time is less than three hours. Day trips to the French capital are popular with vacationers, thrifty tourists prefer to stay in modest hotels in La Rochelle and leave for sightseeing in the capital.

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2. thrifty travelers are advised to buy a La Rochelle city pass at the tourist office. It can be valid for one to seven days and entitles you to discounts on various excursions. The card also allows free use of public transportation.

Tourists should note that the main attractions of the city (Orbigny-Bernon Museum and the Three Towers) can be visited with a single ticket. You can find out about the details at the tourist center or at the tour desk located on the hotel premises.

4. Local residents are characterized by a friendly and responsive attitude to visitors, holidaymakers should take into account a few common rules of conduct. At the entrance to a public institution be sure to greet those present, and for any service rendered to thank.

5. The locals are very appreciative of their native language and are reluctant to speak foreign languages, even if they are fluent in them. In order to win the favor of the townspeople, it is worth learning a few phrases in their native language, it is sure to have the desired effect. Copyright www.orangesmile.com

6. When choosing a gastronomic establishment, it is worth paying attention to the locals. The more visitors a restaurant or cafe has, the better its reputation. There are many restaurants open in the city, designed exclusively for uninformed tourists, the prices in them are greatly inflated.

7. In most restaurants the service charge is included in the total bill and is no more than 15% of the order. In small cafes and budget restaurants you should leave tips on your own, 5 – 10% of the menu will be enough.

La Rochelle will delight tourists with children a wide variety of entertainment, on a sunny day is worth a walk through the picturesque park Grande Roue La Rochelle. This amusement park is not far from … Open

8. Local stores open no later than 10 a.m. and take visitors until 6 – 7 p.m. Credit cards are available at the larger malls, while visitors to the smaller stores and outdoor markets will need cash. Most stores and supermarkets are closed on Sunday.

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9. Cabs remain a common form of transportation, which should be taken at special parking lots and called by phone. Despite the fact that all cars have meters, the cost of travel is better to clarify in advance.

This article about preparing for a trip to La Rochelle is protected by copyright. Full reprinting is permitted only if the source is cited with a direct link to www.orangesmile.com.

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2.In large cities, and especially in Paris, you should be wary of neighborhoods and areas where immigrants live. Because of high unemployment, some of them lead criminal lifestyles, and robberies are not uncommon in such areas at night. Visiting popular tourist destinations, such as the Louvre, the Champs-Elysées, the Eiffel Tower, the Latin Quarter, you should be extremely careful. Such places have the highest concentration of pickpockets. 4.Most museums offer a flexible pricing policy on some days they operate free of charge. 5.The older generation of French people speak almost no English, if you do not know French, it is better to communicate in English with the youth. … Open

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