9 places and things you can’t miss in Havana, Cuba

8 amazing places you can’t miss in Cuba

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The warm climate, friendly locals, unusual culture and colonial heritage make Cuba a place you want to return to every year. A trip to the “island of freedom” will provide a truly diverse experience – from bustling Havana to charming Trinidad here are 8 places not to miss in Cuba:

A walk through Havana

Cuba’s capital city deserves as much time as possible. Cathedral Square, the cobblestone streets surrounding it, the mythical Malecon promenade, the forts of San Carlos de la Cabaña and Los Tres Reyes del Morro and a long list of colonial buildings will leave no chance for indifference.

Classic Cars

After Fidel Castro came to power and the subsequent trade embargo, new cars stopped being imported into Cuba. The result: the dexterity and ingenuity of the locals have been able to keep the real gems of the 50’s auto industry at their best. Not only can you see the cars today, but you can also drive them around Havana.

Viñales National Park

Mogoths are a symbol of Viñales National Park in the west of Cuba. They are huge isolated blocks of limestone scattered across a valley with lush vegetation and tobacco plantations.

8 Stunning Places Not to Miss in Cuba

The park has an abundance of hiking trails, caves to explore, and several spectacular lookouts.


These ancient karst sinkholes, usually flooded with fresh water from underground rivers, are often found in the Caribbean, especially in Mexico. But they can also be found in Cuba. The only easily accessible Cuban cenote, La Cueva de los Peses, is on the south coast between Havana and Cienfuegos, just 200 meters from the Caribbean Sea. The water is salty but crystal clear and transparent.

The colonial towns of Camagüey and Cienfuegos

The wide and straight streets of Cienfuegos, with an abundance of neoclassical facades and art galleries, are a great location for a stroll. The city is built on the shores of a bay once guarded by an imposing fort.

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8 Stunning Places Not to Miss in Cuba

The center of Camagüeya has a more chaotic layout. Visitors will see numerous churches and colonial buildings, as well as the Tinahones, huge clay tanks that used to store water during droughts.

Small Islands

The small islands to the north of the Cuban mainland and usually connected to it by long bridges are idyllic places where you can still find beaches far from tourism. Cayo Coco is the most famous of the islands and a place that even has its own airport.

Coffee plantations.

Located in southeastern Cuba, near the city of Santiago de Cuba, coffee plantations literally transport you back to the 19th century. In addition to the giant houses from which the workers operated, you can see various tools and irrigation systems of the time.


Trinidad’s cobblestone streets are fringed with gardens, tall palm trees, and brightly colored buildings. That’s not all, as locals and visitors put on musical performances in the evenings, adding to the charm of the old colonial city.

8 Stunning Places Not to Miss in Cuba

Just 15 minutes away from Trinidad is the De los Ingenios Valley, composed of haciendas belonging to the sugar plantations of the 18th and 19th centuries. The best preserved is undoubtedly the Manaca Isnaga Estate with its farmhouse, slave barracks and an impressive watchtower 45 meters high that can be climbed.

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